Brown Town’s Blow Out Restaurant Auction

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
1501 W 12th St Kansas City, MO, 64101 816-756-4827
Not all items are able to be tested so keep that in mind when listed items do not have 'working' or 'not working' in the description, this simply means the item listed has not been tested by me. If you have questions about the items and can't make it to preview day then feel free to call during the listed preview times for I will be there to examine items with you on the phone. You can also text me simple questions to the same number listed and that is name is Cody
1501 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO US
NEW ITEMS ADDED! Welcome to another restaurant auction here in Brown Town, keep your excitement to a minimum while you scroll threw the short list of tall savings. We have 2 Micro Matic kegerators used for less that a year, a Taylor ice creme machine that has be cleaned and serviced regularly, An American under counter dish washer working when uninstalled, Turbo Chef Tornado and more!
Lot#: 9428

42" Wide x 29" x 39" H

Lot#: 9429

42" Wide x 29" x 39" H

Lot#: 9430


Lot#: 9431

MDD58 W-E with Dual Temperature zones, Capacity for up to 8 20 L wine kegs.
59.5"W x 28.25"Dx 37.25"H

Lot#: 9432

3 door cooling beverage station
8 taps
Keg taps included
78" W x 29.5" D x 37"H MMSRP:$7,986

Lot#: 9433

Model: C712-27
single phase
208-230 V

Lot#: 9434

Flavor burst w/ Control pad included

Lot#: 9435

Model: VFB12
208/240 Volts
3 Ph

Lot#: 9436

Model: TUC-27-LP 27" x 30" x 32" tall
MSPR 1722.02

Lot#: 9437

Model: ET-AF-M
120 V

Lot#: 9438

Model 616

Lot#: 9439

Model: HFW-12D
1 Ph
120 V

Lot#: 9440

No 919-80

Lot#: 9441

Model CB-30/1


In working order

Lot#: 9441B

Stainless and Approx 8 Head Cold Plate

Lot#: 9442

Model M-83


Bought new and barely used

Lot#: 9443


Lot#: 9444

Model TD-50-18

Lot#: 9445


Lot#: 9446

Wall Mount

Lot#: 9450


Lot#: 9450B

12in Blades

Lot#: 9451

Model TUC-48LP

Lot#: 9452

Prep lid not included
Model SSU-60-16

Lot#: 9453

Model DGR-15
Presses either need replaced or a deep scrub before I'd eat off it..

Lot#: 9454

Electric 220v
Thermostatically Controlled

Lot#: 9455

Good action

Lot#: 9456

24in x 24in x 54in Tall

Lot#: 9457

AKA Pelican Head
.5in Shaft
Comes with Slicing Blade

Lot#: 9458A

Uba Tuba' in color
24in x 30in
Wood core for easy base mount

Lot#: 9458B

Uba Tuba' in color
24in x 30in
Wood core for easy base mount

Lot#: 9458C

Uba Tuba' in color
24in x 30in
Wood core for easy base mount

Lot#: 9459A

'Uba Tuba' in color
24in x 30in
Wood core for easy base mount

Lot#: 9459B

'Uba Tuba' in color
24in x 30in
Wood core for easy base mount

Lot#: 9459C

'Uba Tuba' in color
24in x 30in
Wood core for easy base mount

Lot#: 9460

Uba Tuba' in color
30in Diameter
Wood core for easy base mount

Lot#: 9461

Sturdy construction

Lot#: 9471

Model S055NXPDN-7483
1 Ph
115 V

Lot#: 9472

Model: VFB12
208/240 Volts
3 Ph

Lot#: 9473

60" x 28" x 48" tall Model: FPD5

Lot#: 9474

Open Well 208/240V

Lot#: 9475

Franklin Industries
Model: F1M35
115 V
14.5:" x 23.5"x

Lot#: 9476

See photos for description of product

Lot#: 9477

Model: 6750-240
240 Volts

Lot#: 9478

24" x 12" x 16

Lot#: 9479

Sous Vid Supreme

Lot#: 9480

Model: CTA 7001

Lot#: 9481

(2) Apagado Propane Patio Heaters
85" tall

Lot#: 9482

(3) 87 in. (2) 80 in. length

Lot#: 9483

2100 PSI 1.9 GPM
Briggs and Stratton Brute

Lot#: 9484

1900 PSI
Power Stroke PS141912
120 v

Lot#: 9485

Adcraft model: SG811EB
220 V

Lot#: 9486

48" x 30"x31" Tall

Lot#: 9487

20 sheet Speed Rack
Sold as pictured

Lot#: 9488

See photos for items included
Great for organizing

Lot#: 9489

24" x 26" x

Lot#: 9490

230 V

Lot#: 9491

11 white and 2 smaller black cutting boards total

Lot#: 9492

Model: ESG-2
22" Flat top
120 V

Lot#: 9493

Vollrath Cayenne 40703
Model COA 7002
120 V

Lot#: 9494

Thunder Group
Model: SEJ 30000C

Lot#: 9495

Thunder Group
Model: SEJ 30000C

Lot#: 9496

True TBB-2 Back Bar Refrigerator
59" table
MSRP $2475

Lot#: 9497

Model NGC D6
Stainless Steel
1 Cubic foot
MSRP: $10,026.28

Lot#: 9498

Model KR18-53C
60" three compartment sink
Stainless Steel
MSRP: 1008.32

Lot#: 9499

Steamer Dispenser with 3 hoppers
120 V
MSRP $1,599

Lot#: 9500

True TD-50-18

Lot#: 9501

5 60" roller conveyors

Lot#: 9502

Stainless encased 9 head ice well
25" x 25" x 36" tall

Lot#: 9503

Perfect Fry Company
Model: PFA 7200
MSRP: $7,799

Lot#: 9514

17" x 15.5"
John Boos

Lot#: 9515

19" 15"

Lot#: 9516

29" x 30" with 14" deep sink bowl
comes complete with stainless steel legs(in box) and sink Faucet(in box)

Lot#: 9517

12 sheet Speed Rack
see photos for details.

Lot#: 9518

Kitchen floor mat
36" x 30"

Lot#: 9771


Works as should

Lot#: 9772

11in Diameter Pot


Works as should

Lot#: 9773

No time to test, come and check out for yourself...

Lot#: 9775

Model CWTF-35


Hot water tap on this one here

Comes w/ (2) unused pots

Lot#: 9776

See pictures for more details

Lot#: 9777



Lot#: 9778

Model ROA-P131-AA


Lot#: 9779


Lot#: 9780

Model 2CUV



Lot#: 9781

1/16 HP


Lot#: 9782

Hotel Pan Lids

Lot#: 9783


Lot#: 9784

Just wow

Lot#: 9785

Techni Brew Brand

Lot#: 9787

(2) Update Peacock Air Pots

Lot#: 9788

All in working condition

Lot#: 9789


In Great Shape

Check Pictures !


Lot#: 9790

Model 80/DEL 26R..


Includes everything you see here!

Lot#: 9791

In Great Shape

Lot#: 9792

Has a built in tamper


In working order

Lot#: 9793

See pictures for details

Lot#: 9799

1 Cubic Yard

Lot#: 9800

1 Cubic Yard

Lot#: 9801

1 Cubic Yard

Lot#: 9802

1 Cubic Yard

Lot#: 9803

1 Cubic Yard

Lot#: 9804

.5 Cubic Yard

Lot#: 9805

Makes a noise when turned on but doesnt spin and lights do not come on..


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