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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Emporia, KS US
Auction 3 of 3 AVIATION PARTS INVENTORY, TESTING EQUIPMENT, REPAIR ITEMS & MORELiquidation Auction for Winter Aviation Inc.. Winter Aviation Inc. was a nationally known and respected aviation maintenance and repair center, at the Emporia, Kansas Municipal Airport, which unfortunately closed upon the untimely passing of John Winter, the owner. This outstanding auction offers a very large selection of premium hand and power tools along with tool chests and rolling toolboxes and all types of shop equipment featuring predominantly Snap On tools in addition to tools by Matco, SK Wayne, Proto and more.
Lot #: 1

Cessna Neon Sign

Lot #: 1a

Meyer A-5 Hydraulic Airplane Jack w/Tube

Lot #: 2

2 Meyer A-5 Hydraulic Airplane Jacks w/Tubes

Lot #: 3

2 Meyer A-5 Hydraulic Airplane Jacks w/Tubes

Lot #: 4

2 Meyer A-6 Hydraulic Airplane Jacks w/Tubes

Lot #: 5

2 Meyer A-6 Hydraulic Airplane Jacks w/Tubes

Lot #: 6

2 Meyer A-6 Hydraulic Airplane Jacks w/Tubes

Lot #: 7

Airplane Cradle & 2 Utility Stands

Lot #: 8

Airplane Tail Stand (Green)

Lot #: 8a

Meyer Tail Stand

Lot #: 8b

Meyer Tail Stand

Lot #: 9

Cessna 182RG Cradle

Lot #: 10

Pair of Portable Work Benches

Lot #: 11

Pair Mac Tools Portable Benches

Lot #: 12

Pair Mac Tools Portable Benches

Lot #: 13

Meyer Jack Tube

Lot #: 14

Pair of Meyer Jack Tubes

Lot #: 15

Pair of Meyer Jack Tubes

Lot #: 16

Pair of Meyer Jack Tubes

Lot #: 17

Pair of Meyer Jack Tubes

Lot #: 18

Pair of Meyer Jack Tubes

Lot #: 19

Pair Meyer Jack Tubes

Lot #: 20

Airplane Jack Tube Adapter

Lot #: 21

Pair Airplane Jack Tube Adapters

Lot #: 22

Pair Airplane Jack Tube Adapters

Lot #: 23

Pair Airplane Jack Tube Adapters

Lot #: 24

Pair Jack Tube Adapters

Lot #: 25

Jack Pads

Lot #: 26

Jack Cradle Attachment

Lot #: 27

Pair Bogert Aviation Landing Gear Stands

Lot #: 28

Jack Parts

Lot #: 29

Jack Parts

Lot #: 30

Lifting Attachments

Lot #: 31

Lift Jack Pad

Lot #: 32

Misc. Aircraft Hardware

Lot #: 33

Bogert Aviation Land. Gear Bungee Repair Tools

Lot #: 34

Shop Made Covered Jacking Beam

Lot #: 35

Assorted Shop Made Jacking Accessories

Lot #: 36

Bogert Aviation Prop Sling

Lot #: 37

Lot of Bogert Aviation Tools & Attachments

Lot #: 38

Black Jack 6-Ton Hydraulic Jack (New In Box)

Lot #: 39

Misc. Aircraft Hardware

Lot #: 40

Portable Hydraulic Pressure Testing Gage Kit

Lot #: 40a

Bendix Test System Analyzer

Lot #: 40b

Heathkit Electronics Test & Calibrating Set

Lot #: 41

Aircraft Kit

Lot #: 42

Marvel Mfg. Small Parts Precision Balancing Kit

Lot #: 43

Machida Battery Powered Flexible Bore Scope Kit

Lot #: 44

Large Heavy Duty Steel Rolling Cart Approx. 30X60"

Lot #: 45

Accu-Cycle Charger, Conditioner & Analyzer

Lot #: 46

Aero Test Fuel Injection Porta-Test

Lot #: 47

Cessna Field Calibration Unit

Lot #: 48

Dead Weight Testing Unit

Lot #: 49

Silvertronic Lead Adapter Kit

Lot #: 50

Airborne 343 Vacuum Pressure Test Kit

Lot #: 51

Dwyer Mark II Manometer

Lot #: 52

T-400 Fuel Nozzle Cleaner

Lot #: 53

Aces 2020 ProBalancer Analyzer

Lot #: 54

Airborne 343 Vacuum Pressure Test Kit

Lot #: 55

AVI 74D-81T Fuel System Pressure Tester

Lot #: 56

Tensitron ACX Digital Cable Tension Meter

Lot #: 57

Lasar T-300 SynchroLasar

Lot #: 58

Raynger ST Non-Contact Thermometer w/Case

Lot #: 59

Cold Cylinder Indicator Assembly

Lot #: 60

Bendix Timing Kit

Lot #: 61

Leica DC70 Coolant & Battey Tester

Lot #: 62

Pacific Scientific Cable Tensiometer

Lot #: 63

ProTech 702 Super Charger

Lot #: 64

Enhanced Flight 2860A Ground Power Unit (Like New)

Lot #: 65

Associated Jumper Cable w/3-Pin Cessna Plug

Lot #: 66

Associated Jumper Cable w/3-Pin Cessna Plug

Lot #: 67

Teledyne TDMC Dual Mode Charger

Lot #: 68

Teledyne TDMC-85 Dual Mode Charger

Lot #: 69

Whelen Strobe Check

Lot #: 70

Shimpo FGE-100X Digital Force Gage

Lot #: 71

Radio Shack Sound Level Meter

Lot #: 72

Kell Strom Pro 360 Aero Angle

Lot #: 73

Smart Tool Angle Meter

Lot #: 74

Tru Tach Digital Mini Tachometer

Lot #: 75

Sonin Multi-Measure 60 Pro Distance Measurer

Lot #: 76

ACME Army Type Swing Sight Compass

Lot #: 77

Cylinder Head Temperature Gage

Lot #: 78

McFarlane Aircraft Wheel Balancer

Lot #: 79

Pair of TP102 Timing Indicators w/Boxes

Lot #: 80

Gear Puller Set

Lot #: 81

Aircraft Repair Kit

Lot #: 82

Hi-Line Aircraft Hardware Parts Cabinet w/Contents

Lot #: 83

Hi-Line Aircraft Parts Box w/Contents

Lot #: 84

Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand

Lot #: 85

Starline SL-300 Mini Hydraulic Power Unit

Lot #: 86

Owatonna Dualmaster 2-Speed Hydraulic Pump

Lot #: 87

Powerhouse A/N Wrench Set (New In Box)

Lot #: 88

Slick Ignition T109 & T200 Installers

Lot #: 89

Slick Ignition T200 Installer

Lot #: 90

Blue Point Piston Ring Compressing Pliers

Lot #: 91

Aluminum Protractor

Lot #: 92

Bendix 11-8627 Spring Seating Kit

Lot #: 93

Deep Reach Safety Wire Plier Kit

Lot #: 94

Napa Helicoil Installation Kit

Lot #: 95

Blind Hole Bearing Puller

Lot #: 96

Aircraft Tools

Lot #: 97

Lot of Assorted Tools

Lot #: 99

Slide-Hammer Tool Kit

Lot #: 100

Lot of Misc. Aircraft Tool Accessories

Lot #: 101

Pair of Angle Protractors

Lot #: 102

Pratt & Whitney Radius Gage Set

Lot #: 103

Parker Rolo-Flair Tool w/Additional Tubing Tools

Lot #: 104

Lot of Assorted Tools

Lot #: 105

Cooling System Pressure Gage & Hose Set

Lot #: 106

Cooling System Pressure Gage & Hose Set

Lot #: 107

Snap On Compression Gage Set

Lot #: 108

Schrader Aircraft High Pressure Tire Gage Set

Lot #: 109

Aircraft High Pressure Tire Gage Set

Lot #: 110

Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester Gage Set

Lot #: 111

Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester Gage Set

Lot #: 112

Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester Gage Set

Lot #: 113

Lot of Assorted Gages

Lot #: 114

Lot of Assorted Tools

Lot #: 115

Aircraft Tool

Lot #: 116

Lot of Assorted Spanner Wrenches

Lot #: 117

Color-Keyed Connector Installation Tool

Lot #: 118

Wire Connector Crimp Tool

Lot #: 119

Lot of 2 Crimping Tools & Electronic Pin Remover

Lot #: 120

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Tools

Lot #: 121

Lot of Assorted Tubing & Wiring Tools

Lot #: 122

Mac Tools Gasket Cutter Set

Lot #: 123

Matco Tools Scraper Set

Lot #: 124

Snap On Aluminum MIG Welder Gun w/Hose

Lot #: 125

Lot of Assorted Tool Parts

Lot #: 126

Kent-Moore Aircraft Push-Rod Spring Compressor

Lot #: 127

Eastern Tech. Magneto Synchronizer

Lot #: 128

Cable Tester

Lot #: 129

Eastern Electronics Cable Tester

Lot #: 130


Lot #: 131

Magneto Synchronizer

Lot #: 132

Cable Tester

Lot #: 133

Magneto Timer

Lot #: 134

PIAB Vacuum Pump

Lot #: 135

Vacuum Pump

Lot #: 136

Parker Research Magna-Flux Contour Probe w/Box

Lot #: 137

Road Runner Aircraft Electronic Scale Kit w/Box

Lot #: 138

Heavy Duty 2-Bottle Welding Cart (Without Bottle)

Lot #: 139

Large Aviation Oxygen Bottle w/Caps

Lot #: 140

Lot of Pop Rivet Tools

Lot #: 141

Pair Blue Point Pop Rivet Tools

Lot #: 142

Pop Mod. PRG540 Pneumatic Pop Rivet Puller

Lot #: 143

Pop Mod. PRG510 Pneumatic Pop Rivet Puller

Lot #: 144

Lot of Assorted Rivets & Rivet Gun Tips & Parts

Lot #: 145

Lot of Assorted Sheet Metal Rivets & Trays

Lot #: 146

Tool Bag of Assorted Rivet Bucking Bars

Lot #: 147

Large Lot of Cleco Fasteners & Clamps

Lot #: 148

Lot of Assorted Sheet Metal Working Tools

Lot #: 149

Pneumatic Vacuum, Grease Gun & More

Lot #: 150

Pair Manual Rivet C-Squeezes & Assort. Tools

Lot #: 151

Piston Wrist-Pin Remover

Lot #: 152

Lot of Assort. Aircraft Pluming Connectors

Lot #: 153

Lot of Assorted Size & Type Cotter Pins

Lot #: 154

Lot of Assorted Plumbing & Wiring Install. Parts

Lot #: 155

Slick M-1820 Ignition Harness Kit

Lot #: 156

Lot of Assorted Drill Bits & Associated Items

Lot #: 157

Lot of Assorted Abrasive Sheets & Discs

Lot #: 158

Lot of Cleco Pliers, Clamps & Wrenches

Lot #: 159

Lot of Assorted Tools, Pins & Hardware

Lot #: 160

Lot of Assorted Rollers, Tape, Adhesives, Etc.

Lot #: 162

Box of Oil, Weather Stripping & Misc. Items

Lot #: 163

Gates V-Belt Tension Gage

Lot #: 164

Box of Assorted Filter Pliers, Gloves & Tools

Lot #: 166

Airplane Alternator Airworthiness Approved

Lot #: 167

Delco Alternator Airworthiness Approved

Lot #: 168

Prestolite Airplane Starter

Lot #: 169

Prestolite Alternator

Lot #: 170

Prestolite Airplane Starter

Lot #: 171

Delco Remy Airplane Starter

Lot #: 172

Garwin 4000 Airplane Compass

Lot #: 173

Aircraft Part

Lot #: 174

Champion CH12364 Ignition Cables

Lot #: 175

Bendix PS-5C Airplane Carbeurator

Lot #: 176

Airplane Manifold Pressure Gage

Lot #: 177

Standard Precision Cessna Gyro

Lot #: 178

Eclipse-Pioneer Gyro Flux Gate Compass

Lot #: 179

Lot of Assorted Airplane Instruments

Lot #: 180

Weston Electric Airplane Cylinder Temperature Gage

Lot #: 181

Mitchell Aircraft Recording Mechanical Tachometer

Lot #: 182

Carb. Temperature Gage & Pressure Gage

Lot #: 183

Air Path Airplane Compass

Lot #: 184

Prestolite Starter

Lot #: 185

Prestolite Starter

Lot #: 186

EMI Airplane Alternator

Lot #: 187

Prestolite Airplane Alternator

Lot #: 188

Delco Airplane Alternator

Lot #: 189

Prestolite Airplane Alternator

Lot #: 190

Airplane Brake parts (Cessna 425?)

Lot #: 191

Lot of Assorted Airplane Gages & Parts

Lot #: 192

McFarlane Safe Heet Kit (New In Box)

Lot #: 194

Lot of Assorted Grommets

Lot #: 195

Lot of Assorted Clips, Fasteners & Hardware

Lot #: 196

Pair of Pneumatic Sealer Guns w/Extra Barrels

Lot #: 197

Aircraft Filter Element

Lot #: 198

Cessna Aeroflash Signal Element

Lot #: 199

Electrodelta Airplane Voltage Regulator

Lot #: 200

Slick Magneto

Lot #: 201

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts New & Used

Lot #: 202

Lot of Assorted Tubing Covers

Lot #: 203

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts New & Used

Lot #: 204

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts New & Used

Lot #: 205

Eastwood Vibratory Tumbler Cleaner & Accessories

Lot #: 206

6ea. Topcap Engine Covers Lycoming & Continental

Lot #: 207

New Continental Airplane Cylinder

Lot #: 208

10 Bags Dupon Sontara Window Wipes

Lot #: 209

Partial Box New Pig Oil-Absorbing Pads

Lot #: 210

Pair Airplane Exhaust Headers

Lot #: 211

Lot of Airplane Fittings New

Lot #: 212

Lot of Radios, Headphones, Etc.

Lot #: 213

Aluminum T-Square & Yard Sticks

Lot #: 214

2 Patriotic Wind Socks (New)

Lot #: 215

Bracket Aircraft TH53 Tow Bar (Like New)

Lot #: 216

Airplane Wheel Chock

Lot #: 217

Lot of Airplane Tow Bars

Lot #: 218

Lot of Airplane Tow Bars

Lot #: 219

Lot of Airplane Tow Bars

Lot #: 220

Lot of Airplane Tow Bars

Lot #: 221

Lot of Airplane Tow Bars & Misc. Items

Lot #: 222

Vintage Wood Airplane Propeller

Lot #: 223

Vintage Wood Airplane Propeller

Lot #: 224

Pair Vintage Wood Airplane Propellers

Lot #: 225

Vintage Wood Airplane Propeller

Lot #: 226

Pair Swivel Casters (New)

Lot #: 227

Pair Pneumatic Tires & Rims 4.10/3.50-4

Lot #: 228

Pair Steel Airplane Rims (Rejected)

Lot #: 229

Pair Airplane Tubes

Lot #: 230

Lot of Assorted Hoses & Items

Lot #: 231

Propeller Adapter Kit in Wood Box

Lot #: 232

Lot of Assorted Hose Clamps

Lot #: 233

Lot of Paint Buckets

Lot #: 234

Box of Airplane Repair Flags & Misc. Items

Lot #: 235

Lot of Misc. Flashlights, Knife, & Novelty Items

Lot #: 236

Lot of Flashlights, Knives & Novelty Items

Lot #: 237

Lot of Flashlights & Novelty Items

Lot #: 238

Lot of Flashlights & Novelty Items

Lot #: 239

Lot of Tradeshow Giveaway Items

Lot #: 240

Box of 8 Heavy Continental Motors Coffee Mugs

Lot #: 241

Shop Built Airplane Weight Stand w/Tube Sand

Lot #: 242

Shop Built Airplane Weight Stand

Lot #: 243

Shop Built 4-Wheel Dolly

Lot #: 244

4-Wheel Shop Dolly

Lot #: 245

ATS Deluxe Brake Bleeder

Lot #: 246

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Parts & Hardware

Lot #: 247

Crest Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Lot #: 248

Jet Spot Sand Blaster w/Media (New In Box)

Lot #: 249

AAT Touch-Up Paint Gun (New In Box)

Lot #: 250

Devilbiss FinishLine Paint Gun

Lot #: 251

Lot of Various Size Aircraft Tubing

Lot #: 252

Large Lot of Scrap Aluminum & Steel

Lot #: 253

Lot of Assorted Airplane Brake Liners & Items

Lot #: 254

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 255

Flight Jacket Airplane Clean & Polish Kit (New)

Lot #: 256

Lot of Aircraft Chemicals

Lot #: 257

Case Lot of Rubachem Citrus 3000 Degreaser

Lot #: 258

Lot of Assorted Adhesives, Sealants & Chemicals

Lot #: 259

Box of Tube Grease, Wax, Refrigerant, Etc.

Lot #: 260

Lot of Assorted Paints, Finishes, Sealants & Chem.

Lot #: 261

Box of Degreaser, Paint, Lubricant, Etc.

Lot #: 262

Lot of Assort. Aircraft Cleaners & Solvents

Lot #: 263

Lot of Spray De-icer & Ice Melt

Lot #: 264

Lot of Aluminum Angle, Straps, Tubing & More

Lot #: 265

Vektek Electric Pump

Lot #: 266

Rexroth Electric Pump

Lot #: 267

Electric Motor

Lot #: 268

Lot of Assorted Size Electric Wiring & Cable

Lot #: 269

Lot of Assorted Size & Length Hose & Tubing

Lot #: 270

Lot of Assorted Chemicals

Lot #: 271

Lot of Assorted Chemicals

Lot #: 272

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Oil & More

Lot #: 273

Lot of CamGuard Oil & High Temp Adhesive

Lot #: 274

Lot of Aviation Engine Enamel Paint & More

Lot #: 275

Case Lot of AeroShell W15W50 Airplane Oil

Lot #: 276

Case Lot of AeroShell W15W50 Airplane Oil

Lot #: 277

11ea. Bottles AeroShell W100 Plus Airplane Oil

Lot #: 278

Lot of Silicone Sealants & Chemicals

Lot #: 279

Akro Cart w/Bins & All Contents

Lot #: 280

Akro Cart w/Bins & All Contents

Lot #: 281

Akro Cart w/Bins & All Contents

Lot #: 282

Akro Cart w/Bins & All Contents

Lot #: 283

Akro Cart w/Bins & All Contents

Lot #: 284

Lot of Assorted Akro Bins

Lot #: 285

Lot of Supreme Air Gaskets w/Display Board

Lot #: 286

Wood Shop Cabinet on Wheels

Lot #: 287

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Gaskets

Lot #: 288

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Gaskets

Lot #: 289

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Gaskets

Lot #: 290

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Gaskets

Lot #: 291

Drawered Storage Bin & Included Contents

Lot #: 292

Drawered Storage Bin & Included Contents

Lot #: 293

3 Rolls 3M Cargo Bay Tape

Lot #: 294

Michelin 5.00 - 5 Airplane Innertube (New)

Lot #: 295

2ea. 6.50 - 10 & 1ea. 6.00 - 6 Airplane Innertubes

Lot #: 296

2ea. 19.5-6.75-8 & 1ea. 17.5-6.25-6 Innertubes

Lot #: 297

2ea. Timken LM67010 Bearings (New In Box)

Lot #: 298

2ea. Timken LM67048 Bearings

Lot #: 299

3ea. Timken Bearings

Lot #: 300

Lot of Slick Ignition Components

Lot #: 301

Lot of Cessna Airplane Parts

Lot #: 302

Donaldson Airplane Filter & Filter Bracket

Lot #: 303

2ea. Tempest AA48103-2 Aircraft Filters

Lot #: 304

3ea. Champion CH48104 Oil Filters

Lot #: 305

2ea. Tempest AA48108-2 Airplane Oil Filters

Lot #: 306

Champion CH48109 Filter

Lot #: 307

2ea. Champion CH48111-1

Lot #: 308

6ea. Tempest AA48109 Airplane Oil Filters

Lot #: 309

Parker D9-14-5 Airplane Air Filter

Lot #: 310

Lot of 2 Airplane Filter Elements

Lot #: 311

2ea. Rapco RA-D-9-14-5 Pneumatic Filters

Lot #: 312

Lot of 2ea. Airplane Filters

Lot #: 313

AC Delco GF481 Airplane Fuel Filter

Lot #: 314

2ea. Rapco 100-Hour Kits

Lot #: 315

2ea. Kit

Lot #: 316

Lot of Airplane Ignition & Electronics Parts

Lot #: 317

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 318

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 319

2 Boxes-6ea. SA631991 Engine Shafts (New)

Lot #: 320

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Fasteners & Hardware

Lot #: 321

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Fasteners & Hardware

Lot #: 322

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts

Lot #: 323

Lot of Assorted Airplane Filters (New)

Lot #: 324

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 325

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 326

Lot of Assort. Airplane Parts/Hardware New & Used

Lot #: 327

Lot of Assort. Chemicals

Lot #: 328

Dye Penetrant Inspection Black Light & Chemicals

Lot #: 329

Partial 5gal. Can Turco 5884 Compressor Wash

Lot #: 330

2ea. 5.00-5 Airplane Tires

Lot #: 331

Goodyear 15X16.0-6 Airplane Tire

Lot #: 332

Condor 6.00-6 Airplane Tire

Lot #: 333

2ea. 6.50-8 Airplane Tires

Lot #: 334

Aviator Breathing Oxygen Cylinder

Lot #: 335

Breathing Oxygen Cylinder w/Mask & Hose

Lot #: 336

Lot of Aircraft Repair Flags & Covers

Lot #: 337

Set of Airplane Tie-Downs

Lot #: 338

Lot of Airplane Intercoms & Headsets

Lot #: 339

6ea. Airplane Intercom Headsets

Lot #: 340

Lot of Assorted Magnetos & Cables

Lot #: 341

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts

Lot #: 342

Lot of Airplane Hoses

Lot #: 343

Pilot's Oxygen Mask & Hose

Lot #: 344

Lot of Misc. Aircraft Parts & Hardware

Lot #: 345

3ea. Airplane Seatbelt Sets (New)

Lot #: 346

ACK Emergency Locator Transmitter (New In Box)

Lot #: 347

Pair Rosen Fold-Up Sun Shades

Lot #: 348

Slick Ignition Harness (New In Box)

Lot #: 349

Precise Flight Speedbrake Kit(?) (New In Box)

Lot #: 350

Grimes 41-0839-2 Light Assembly

Lot #: 351

Continental 7510-360 Cylinder Assy.

Lot #: 352

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts, Tools & Hardware

Lot #: 353

Lot of Oil-Can Nozzles & Funnels

Lot #: 354

Lot of Oil & Bottle Nozzles & Funnels

Lot #: 355

Cessna Leading-Edge Section (New)

Lot #: 356

Damaged Hartzell Propeller

Lot #: 357

4ea. McCauley Propellers

Lot #: 358

4ea. Airplane Wing Struts

Lot #: 359

2ea. Airplane Wing Tips

Lot #: 360

3ea. Aircraft Posters

Lot #: 361

Controller Magazine Rack

Lot #: 362

Cessna Jet Shield/Cover Set

Lot #: 363

Sensenich Propeller 76EM8S5-0-60 (Used)

Lot #: 364

Lot of Aircraft Repair Flags (New)

Lot #: 365

Aircraft Wrench

Lot #: 366


Lot #: 367

Safe Heet Kit (New In Box)

Lot #: 368

2 ea. Safe Heet Cables (New In Box)

Lot #: 369

Lot of Precision Airmotive Parts (New In Box)

Lot #: 370

Davtron 655 Beechcraft 5-Function Indicator (New)

Lot #: 371

Anywhere Airplane Altitude Indicator Kit

Lot #: 372

Box of Piper Aircraft Cables (New In Box)

Lot #: 373

Lot of Airplane Cylinder Piston Rings & Misc. Part

Lot #: 374

Cessna Gage Panel

Lot #: 375

Piper P32 FWD. Fresh Air Vent

Lot #: 376

Lot of Assort. Aircraft Radios, Indicators & Gages

Lot #: 377

Lot of Assorted Aircraft Parts

Lot #: 378

Lot of Electrical Wire & Cable

Lot #: 379

Lot of Lycoming Covers (New & Used)

Lot #: 380

Cessna 172 Left Rear Wing Spar Repair Kit

Lot #: 381

Lot of Aircraft Rubber Tubing

Lot #: 382

Airplane Vent

Lot #: 383

Lot of Aircraft Tubing & Cable Shielding

Lot #: 384

Aircraft V-Belt (New)

Lot #: 385

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 386

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts& Hardware

Lot #: 387

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts& Hardware

Lot #: 388

Lot of Assorted Airplane Weather Stripping & Seals

Lot #: 389

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts& Hardware

Lot #: 391

6ea. Westach Type J 48" Thermocouples & More (New)

Lot #: 392

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 393

Lot of Assorted Gasket Materials

Lot #: 394

Lot of Assorted Airplane Parts & Hardware (New)

Lot #: 395

Lot of Airplane Seatbelts (Used)

Lot #: 396

Slick 4370 Magneto

Lot #: 397

Slick 4371 Magneto

Lot #: 398

Lasar 4770 & 4771 Magnetos

Lot #: 399

Whelen 90206 Anti-Collision Light

Lot #: 400

Lot of 4509 Sealed Beam Lights

Lot #: 401

GE 4587 Sealed Beam Light

Lot #: 402

GE 4591 Sealed Beam Light

Lot #: 403

GE 4594 Sealed Beam Light

Lot #: 404

4596 Aircraft Landing Light

Lot #: 405

4522 Aircraft Landing Light

Lot #: 406

Lot of New Light Lenses

Lot #: 407

Used Aircraft Flasher

Lot #: 408

Voltage Regulators

Lot #: 409

Lot of Aircraft Fittings

Lot #: 410

Emergency Beacon

Lot #: 411

Cessna Voltage Regulator

Lot #: 412


Lot #: 413

Check Valve Assy. & Seal

Lot #: 414

Lot of Light Bulbs

Lot #: 415

Lamar Raytheon Voltage Regulator

Lot #: 416

Strobe Beacon Flash Tubes & Check Unit

Lot #: 417

Lot of Airplane Parts

Lot #: 418

Lot of Aircraft Bulbs

Lot #: 419

Lot of Aircraft Lamps

Lot #: 420

Purolator Airplane Filter Element

Lot #: 421

Aircraft Lamps

Lot #: 422

Real Lycoming & Continental Aircraft Gaskets

Lot #: 423

W1284G Light Lens

Lot #: 424

Lot of Light Bulbs

Lot #: 425

Metal Storage Cabinet

Lot #: 426

Champion RM40HE Spark Plugs

Lot #: 427

Autolight UHRM40E Spark Plugs

Lot #: 428

Tempest UHRM38E Spark Plugs

Lot #: 429

Champion REM38E Spark Plugs

Lot #: 430

RHM38S Spark Plugs & CH34187AJOB Igniter

Lot #: 431

Lot of Aircraft Gaskets

Lot #: 432

Piper Trim Panel

Lot #: 433

Lot of Airplane Cables & Dipstick

Lot #: 434

Lot of Piper Trim Pieces

Lot #: 435

Aircraft Motor & Electric Fuel Pump

Lot #: 436

Cessna Wheel Balancer Service Kit

Lot #: 437

Lot of Assorted Clips & Fasteners

Lot #: 438

Pair of Interior Rests 425-219

Lot #: 439

Lot of Assorted Hoses, Springs & Encoder

Lot #: 440

Lot of Assorted Airplane Visors

Lot #: 441

Lot of Assorted Parts

Lot #: 442

Lot of Assorted Airplane Seals & Gaskets

Lot #: 443

Lot of Cleveland Institute Electronics Items

Lot #: 444

Lot of Piper EGT Gage & Airplane Parts

Lot #: 445

Lot of Aircraft Repair Videos, Logbooks & Clipboar

Lot #: 446

Lot of Assorted Locktite Adhesives

Lot #: 447

Lot of Aircraft Seals & Chafe Strip

Lot #: 448

Lot of Assorted Parts

Lot #: 449

Lot of Rivet & Fastener Trays

Lot #: 450

Pair Swivel Locking Casters - 5"

Lot #: 451

Lot of Used Swivel Casters

Lot #: 452

Lot of Misc. Parts & Hardware

Lot #: 453

Metal Workbench w/Drawer & Pegboard Back

Lot #: 454

Rolling Cart for Test Equipment w/Elect. Outlets

Lot #: 455

Bendix King Handheld Radio w/Charger

Lot #: 456

Pair of Airplane Wheel Skirts (Cessna?)

Lot #: 457

Airplane Repair/Replacement Panel Section

Lot #: 458

Lot of Assorted Airplane Spinner Domes

Lot #: 459

Cessna 182 Windshield

Lot #: 460

Cessna 182(?) Tinted Windshield

Lot #: 461

Lot of Assorted Gages, Tire Gages & Assembly

Lot #: 462

Upright Airplane Fuselage Scaffolding


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