Auction 3 – Estate VanDuyne

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Raytown, MO US
*** Preview Last Chance to SEE ITEMS BEFORE January 19th 4:30-5:30 Come see it then BID!!!!!!! 9903 E 80th Street, Raytown Auction 3 - Large Estate Sale Bill & Billie Van Duyne Please keep looking for VIntage Treasures they are here. Tools Tools & More Tools Auction Open Online January 7th- January 20th Vintage Clothing Auction to Follow We will be selling by the Pound. Have Fun Hunting
Lot #: 260

Costume Jewelry Set of silver and simulated

diamond necklaces, earrings,pins, and a bracelet
Lot #: 261

Goldstone jewelry and Earrings 2 multiple

length Goldstone necklaces and earrings
Lot #: 262

Necklace stand w/Necklaces 5 long necklaces

and 1 short necklace. Stand included
Lot #: 263

Silver jewelry container, Necklaces and

more Silver jewelry container for holding jewelry, necklaces and earrings
Lot #: 264

Empty jewelry boxes Various sizes of boxes

used for holding jewelry
Lot #: 265

Silver Necklace w/ simulated pearls and

more Simulated pearl set, various necklaces, earrings and bracelets
Lot #: 266

Shell & stone necklaces and more Shell

necklaces, stone necklace and bracelet and locket
Lot #: 267

Silver plated contact lens case, collectible

spoon and more Silver plated contact lens case, knife, collectible spoon, necklaces & earrings
Lot #: 268

Goldtone necklaces and earrings like

new Goldstone earrings, necklaces & bracelet
Lot #: 269

Earring variety Various beaded earrings in

multiple colors
Lot #: 270

Indian themed jewelry & variety 3 pairs of

Indian themed earrings, painted Indian cross necklace, other necklaces, label pin, and other earrings
Lot #: 271

Indonesian & Maui stone earrings and

more Green polished stone earrings from Indonesia and packaged in Maui, like new gold necklace, various earrings & some Xmas jewelry
Lot #: 272

White beaded necklace/earrings variety &

more Very nice & like new multistrand beaded necklace, 6 pairs of various styles of white earrings.
Lot #: 273

Various bemt buckles and Flip phone Men's belt

buckles: indian, fireman, CHIEFS, western & more
Lot #: 274

Jewelry box w/ jewelry box that comes w/

earrings, brand new bracelet,belt holder, and 1950's broken beaded necklace, needs to be restrung.
Lot #: 275

Simulated pearls, Avon shell necklace and

earrings Avon shell necklace & earrings, simulated pearl necklace, various styles of earrings
Lot #: 276

White shell necklace and simulated pearls and

earrings Very nice white pearly shell necklace and earrings to match, simulated long pearl necklace and earrings.
Lot #: 277

Men's jewelry box w/ cuff links Men's assorted

cuff links, Indian dream catcher, ladies earrings and misc. Items
Lot #: 278

Small ladies jewelry box w/earrings Ladies

jewelry box & earrings inside. Red clip on earrings, small silver earrings
Lot #: 279

Plastic Multilayered jewelry box w/ CHIEFS

jewelry Plastic jewelry box w/ CHIEFS colors earrings and speciality CHIEFS earringa
Lot #: 280

Plastic multilayered jewelry box w/ earrings

Plastic jewelry box with a variety of earrings, Goldstone, colored earrings, hoops and posts
Lot #: 281

Jewelry foldable case includes jewelry

Foldable travel jewelry case that includes pearl & silver tone earrings, hoops, & 2 necklaces
Lot #: 282

Black Jewelry w/ earrings Many styles of

earrings, some like new, all in good shape. Also includes numerous earrings backings
Lot #: 283

Working ladies watches 3 ladies watches &

bands one band needs to be fixed, one watch includes colored watch circles, one watch needs to be attached to band
Lot #: 284

Empty jewelry boxes Set of empty Jewelry

boxes and plastic containers
Lot #: 285

Rubbermaid containers & empty jewelry boxes &

Rubbermaid jewelry boxes
Lot #: 286

Jar misc jewelry Jar plus misc. Jewelry

necklaces, earrings & more. Great for crafting!
Lot #: 600

Vintage Schwin Fitness Equipment

Vintage Schwin Fitness Bike Works w/ Manuel
Lot #: 600a

Metal Squares Tool

Tool Squares
Lot #: 601

Metal Worker Mini Lathe

Lot #: 601b

TORPEDO Laser Level

Tool-Torpedo Laser Level
Lot #: 602

Chicago Low speed Drill tools

Heavy Duty Low Speed Machine Drill
Lot #: 602c

Shop lights

Lot #: 603


SHOP VAC /Wet & Dry Works Used
Lot #: 603d


Hammer Screw Drivers/ Wire Cullers/Cresent Wrench
Lot #: 604e

Tools- Miscellaneous Cables

Cables Steel Caper Clamp
Lot #: 605

Tools-Craftsman Table Saw

Craftsman 10' Table Saw USed Works
Lot #: 605f

5' x 2'x 34" workbench with 1 drawer

Lot #: 606g

SHop Lights ONly Not the Saw Behind

2 Drop Lights SHop Lights
Lot #: 607

Tools- Tradesman Miter Saw

Tradesman 10' Miter Saw
Lot #: 607h

Clamp Lights SHop Lights

Set of 3 Clamp Lights
Lot #: 608

Tools-Master Drill

Project Master 8' Drill Press
Lot #: 609

Tools-Craftsman Sander

Craftsman Belt & Disc Sander USed Works
Lot #: 609j

Tools-Craftsman Driver

Craftsmen Driver Light & Assosories
Lot #: 610

Wood with Metal Legs Work Station

Heavy Duty Work Station
Lot #: 610k

Tools- Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor Used Works
Lot #: 611

Tools Metal Cutting Saw

Horiziontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Saw
Lot #: 611l

INside Micro Meter

Micro Meter MIsc Tabs
Lot #: 612

Tools- Pro-Tech Band Saw 9 " Band Saw

Tools Pro-tech 9' Band Saw USed Works '
Lot #: 613

Tools-Chicago Bench Grinder

Bench Grinder 3' Multipurpose Used Works
Lot #: 614

Sylvar Digital Caliper

Tool- Digital Caiiper Good Condition
Lot #: 615

Tools-Chiacgo Battery Charge

Electric Battery Charger
Lot #: 616

Tools- Black N Decker Drill

Black N Decker Drill USed Works
Lot #: 617


Used Works Skil Saw
Lot #: 618

Tool- Swing Line Electric Stapler

Vintage Electric Stapler
Lot #: 618b

Duel Motion Sander

Lot #: 619

Sears Battery Charger

Sears Manual Battery Charger
Lot #: 621

Tools-Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpner

Chicago Chainsaw Sharpner
Lot #: 622

Tools-Craftsman Sabre Saw

Craftsman Sabre Saw Lot 622 Used Works
Lot #: 623

Tools-Drill Doctor

Lot #: 624

Metal Detector

Used - Works Treasure Hunter- Metal Detector
Lot #: 625

Propane Torch & Bottle

Propane Torch & Bottle
Lot #: 626

Auto Timing Light-Vintage

Vintage Tools
Lot #: 627

Tools- C-Clamps Assortment

C-C Clamps Assorted Size Large Lot
Lot #: 628

Tools Containers Plastic Organizers

Containers for Tools
Lot #: 629

Paint Brushes

Assortment of New Paint Brushes for Projects
Lot #: 630

Motors Electrical -Remotes

Assortment of Remotes for Electronics Etc
Lot #: 631

Airbrush Paint Set

Airbrush Paint Set for Models or other projects
Lot #: 632

Large Roll of Velco

Velco for various projects
Lot #: 633

Tool- Black N Decker Drill

Drill Black N Decker 3/8' Corded
Lot #: 634

Tools- Craftsman Nailer

Craftsman Industrial Electric Nail Gun _used
Lot #: 635

Wagnor Power Painter

Wagnor Power Painter In Box Like New
Lot #: 636

Schooner Boat Remote-Hobbie

Remote Controlled Boat Model
Lot #: 637

Tools-Drill press

Sherline Drill Press
Lot #: 638

Tools-Rotary Tumbler

Chicago Duel Drum Rotary Tumbler
Lot #: 639

Tools-Craftsman Chainsaw Adapter

Craftsman Chainsaw Adapter- Vintage
Lot #: 640

tool storage-Rolly Kit

Tool Storage Unite Rolly Kit
Lot #: 641

Large Lot of Misc Tools

Miscellaneous Tools Box with Chalking GUn Etc
Lot #: 642

Tool Table-Router Table

Router Table & More
Lot #: 643

Tools- Scroll Saw

Varible Speed 16" Scroll Saw
Lot #: 644

Tools- Milwaukee 14.4 Volt In Case

Milwaukee 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill USed Works
Lot #: 645

Tools-Craftsman Airless Sprayer

Airless Paint Sprayer-Used Craftsmen
Lot #: 646

Adjustable Table

Tool table -adjustable Stand
Lot #: 647

Tool Boxes

2 Tool Boxes 1 Plastic
Lot #: 648

Vintage Metal Tool Box

Small Vintage Metal Tool Box
Lot #: 649

Vintage Tool Box

Metal Vintage Tool Box
Lot #: 650

Red Tool Box

SMall Red Tool Box Total of 2 In Lot
Lot #: 651

Tool Box

Min $6
Lot #: 652

Tool-Lathe II Micro

Micro Lathe II Min $9
Lot #: 653

Tool Boxes=Hard Plastic

qty 2x Tool Box Hard Plastic
Lot #: 654

Large Box of Hand Tools

Miscellaneous Hand Tools Large
Lot #: 657

Hand Tools

Hand Tools
Lot #: 659

Tool- Wrench Metal

Impact Wrech Metal Work
Lot #: 660

Tool- Rviter

Metal Riviter 3/16 Air Hydrolic Riviter
Lot #: 661

Hand Tools

Large Box of Hand Tools- Square
Lot #: 662


Large Box of Hand Tools
Lot #: 663

Tools-Hand Tools

Large Box of Hand Tools
Lot #: 664

Hand Tools

Large Box of Hand Tools
Lot #: 665


Large Box of Tools & Equipment
Lot #: 666

Electrical Items

Box of Electrical Items- Houseing Wiring Etc Some New
Lot #: 667

Bin full of Nuts & Bolts

Storage Bins FUll of Nuts & Bolts
Lot #: 668

tools- Wood Lathe Tools

Wood Lathe Tools
Lot #: 669

Tools-Hammer Drill

Chiacgo 1/2' Hammer Drill-used
Lot #: 670

Tools-Craftsmen 1/4 HP Split Bench Grinder

1/4 HP Craftsmen Split Phase Bench Grinder
Lot #: 671

Allen Wrenches Full Bag

Miscellaneous Allen Wrenches & Punches-Metal
Lot #: 672

Tools-Drill Bits & Drill Bit Set

Miscellaneous Sizes Drill Bits and Drill Set -Metal
Lot #: 673


Miscellaneous Pullys
Lot #: 674

Tools -Nail Gun

Reminton Nail Gun
Lot #: 675

Foot AIr Pump

FOot Air Pump for Manually airing up Pool
Lot #: 676

Space Heater

Space Heater
Lot #: 677

Tool Drimel Tool & Foot Pump

Drimel Tool & Foot Pump USed
Lot #: 678

Tools Calipers & Compass FUll Box

Assorted Caliper & Compass Metal Iron Workers Dream
Lot #: 679

Tool-Drimel metal

Dremel Set -Metal Worker
Lot #: 680

LArge Box of Hardware

Miscellaneous Hardware
Lot #: 681

Shop Stuff-tape Etc

Miscellaneous SHop Stuff - tape ETc
Lot #: 682

Hardware-Tool MIsc Shop Stuff

Miscellaneous Hardware=Bos of Lights etc
Lot #: 683

Screw Drivers

Miscellaneous Screw Drivers_In Metal Storage Box
Lot #: 684

Screw Drivers

Miscellaneous Box of Screws & Bolts
Lot #: 685


Duel Element Respirator
Lot #: 686

Plastic InjectionMolding

Lot #: 687

Bench Vice-Heavy Metal

Lot #: 689

5 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

5 Drawer Metal File Cabinet 24 x 28 x 42
Lot #: 690

2 Drawer File Cabinet-Metal

Drawer 30 x 15 x 6
Lot #: 691

Small Shop Vac

Tools Shop Vac-Small Works
Lot #: 692

Tools Belt Sander

3" Belt Sander USed-Works
Lot #: 693

Tool Screw Gun

Hand Held Screw Gun
Lot #: 694

2 Drawr File Cabinet

6 Ft 2 Drawer Metal File Cabinet
Lot #: 695

Tool chest

Metal Chest
Lot #: 696

Tool Chest-Craftsman Metal Chest

Metal Craftsman Chest With Rollers
Lot #: 697

Carpet Trim & Door Sweep

Carpet Trim 26 1/2 x 17 1/2 x 38
Lot #: 698

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher
Lot #: 699

Husky Tool Belt

Tool Belt
Lot #: 1200

Large Vintage Luggage

Large & Small Vintage Luggage Total 5 pcs
Lot #: 1200a

Vintage Luggage

Total 5pcs
Lot #: 1200b

Various Luggage

Total 6 Pcs
Lot #: 1201

Cheese Serving Sets

Vintage Cheese Serving Set
Lot #: 1202

Vareity of Avon Men's Aftershave

Jewelry storage stackers Avon Mens Vintage Bottles & More
Lot #: 1203

Wind Chime Set and jewelry boxes

Wind Chime Set & Table Decor
Lot #: 1204

CB HAND RADIO & Componets

CB HAnd Radio _Vintage
Lot #: 1204a

Small 33 1/2 Records & cassettes

Assorted Records No Record Player Vintage Case with Cassettes
Lot #: 1205

Golf Clubs & Bag_vintage

Vintage Golf Bags with Clubs Set 2 Womens & Mens
Lot #: 1206

Hot Basket and serving plate set

Vintage Basket & Glass Coaster Set
Lot #: 1207

Glassware set

Brand new and used glassware set
Lot #: 1208

Air purifier and Metal bowl set

Mixing Bowl -Like New
Lot #: 1209

Novelty Ceramic Wine Bottle- Democrate

VIntage Wine Bottle -Democtraic & Wine Glasses
Lot #: 1209a

Ceramic Vintage Horse Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle Vintage & Glasses
Lot #: 1209b

Elephant Republican Wine Bottle Vintage

Elephant VIntage Cantere Set
Lot #: 1210

fireman horsehoes and vases

Fire Man decor, Antique Iron, 2 Vases, letter opener, antique horseshoes
Lot #: 1211

Candles and Candle Holders

Vintage Candles & Holders 8 Items in Lot
Lot #: 1212

FIling Cabinet

Metal 3ft Tall Filing Cabinet
Lot #: 1213

Electric BBQ

Lot #: 1214

Wall paintings & Decor

Wall Paintings Lot 7 pcs
Lot #: 1214b

Wall Paintings

Lot #: 1214c

Various Vintage Wooden Mirrors

Mirrors Various Sizes and Shapes & centerpieces 9 Items in Lot
Lot #: 1214d

Art Decor

Butterfly decor, vairous wall paintings
Lot #: 1215

Glass serving dishes

Total 6 pcs
Lot #: 1217

Cheifs' Foot Locker Plastic & CHiefs Lunch Box

Chiefs 2ft Long Foot Locker & Chiefs Lunch Box
Lot #: 1218a

Dinner Place Set

Entire Dinner Place Set Service
Lot #: 1218b

Large and small stock pots cookware

Cook Ware
Lot #: 1218c

Large Small Stock Pots

Cooking Stock Pots Total 6 items
Lot #: 1218d

Large Serving Trays

Serving Trays Various SIzes Total 7 Items
Lot #: 1220

Vintage Waffle Maker

FLower decor item, Jewelry necklace holder
Lot #: 1221

Fabric Paint box

Box Of Fabric Paint _craft Paint Some New
Lot #: 1222

Knowles Painted Places

Knowles Total 7 pcs
Lot #: 1222a

Knowles Painted Plates

Knowles Painted Plates Total 6
Lot #: 1222b

Painted Plates- Vintage Collectable

Collectable Painted Plates
Lot #: 1222c

Painted Plates

Lot #: 1223

VIntage AM/FM Radio

AM/FM Radio
Lot #: 1225

Antique safe W Key Ironing Board & More

Antique safe, Ironing table, bed assist.
Lot #: 1226

Wooden Chest/ With Camping Items

Chest with chairs, and various extention cords
Lot #: 1227

Overhead Light Fixtures

2 Long Brass /Bronze VIntage Over Head Light Fixtures
Lot #: 1228

Vintage Assortment of State Plates

State Plates
Lot #: 1229

Eagle Statue & Large Canter Molding Craft

EAGLE Statue Molding Ready for Paint Large Stein Total 6 pcs
Lot #: 1230

Bird Paintings

Italian Milltary Pictures Total 9 pcs
Lot #: 1232

crockpot glassware tea cups

Glass Ware Vintage Tea Cups and More
Lot #: 1233

Beach chair and coaster

Gifts and More/ New In Box Vintage and Collectables
Lot #: 1234

Cantor set and Mini firgureines

Glass Cantor Set Vintage
Lot #: 1235

Indian Beaded Head Handmade

Indian Drum Headed Beaded In Case Hand made
Lot #: 1236

Indian figurines and Indian Books

Native American Collectables
Lot #: 1237

Caddy set and serving bowl set

Collectables/Vintage New in Box
Lot #: 1238

Assorted hand bags

Purses Hand Bags And More
Lot #: 1239

Large Yarn basket and crafting materials

Yarn & More
Lot #: 1239a

Large yarn basket and crafting materials

Crafter Yarn Basket and More
Lot #: 1239b

Large yarn basket and crafting marterials

Yarn & More
Lot #: 1240

Small Stool and Camping Chair

Large bowl and dumbell Indian Bowl for Mixing
Lot #: 1241

Horse Race Analyzer, Flyu Shooter

Bet on This to win the Next Race =Horse Bet Analyzer
Lot #: 1242

Wicker Wreaths & More

Wicker Wreaths & Vintage Pictures
Lot #: 1243

Large ship Models

Large Ship Model Collection Models / SHips Sail Boats and More
Lot #: 1244

Wooden Rocking Chair- Vintage Great Condition

Wooden Rocking Chair Vintage Early American
Lot #: 1245

3 Wooden Bar Stools

3 Ft Tall Wooden Bar Stools $ 3.00 each
Lot #: 1246

Excerise Equipment

VIntage Exercise Equipment I
Lot #: 1247

Mid century mondern cabinet

Cabinet- Old Some stains _Orginal Mid Century Cabinet
Lot #: 1248

Small wooden writing desk

Wooden Desk -
Lot #: 1249

Headboard and Metal Trundle set

King Wooden Vintage Headboard Rails and More
Lot #: 1250


Queen Comforter
Lot #: 1250a


Queen Comforter
Lot #: 1250b


Indian Pattern Comfoter Set
Lot #: 1250c


Comforter Sets Pluch Peach
Lot #: 1251

Boots and shoes

black knee high boots, size 7m Brown cowboy boots size 7m tan knee high boots size 6 1/2 red velvet flats size 7 open toe heels size 7 brown snake pattern heels size7
Lot #: 1251a


White tennis shoes black heels tan and blue sandles sizes 61/2 to 7
Lot #: 1251b


white tennis shoes and flats gold heels, black boots, and neutral colored heels, sizes 7
Lot #: 1252

Cigarette boxes, soda can holders

VIntage Cigarette Boxes
Lot #: 1253

VIntage Sausage maker

Sausage Maker
Lot #: 1255

Shag Round Rug 60's Round Room Rug

White Round Room Rug 60's
Lot #: 1256

Full Body heating pad

Blue Body Heating Pad
Lot #: 1257

Snow Cone Maker

Vintage Plastic Snow Cone Maker
Lot #: 1258

Pro Form 390 PI Power Machine

Exercise Pro Form 390 Tread Mill
Lot #: 1259

Assorted Fabrics

Asoorted Fabrics - Various Material
Lot #: 1259a

Assosrted Fabrics-Various Material

Assorted Fabrics- Various Material
Lot #: 1260

Ceramic duck, chicken basket, vintage jester doll

Vintage Jester Doll and More
Lot #: 1261

Glass drinkware set

Glass Drinkware Set
Lot #: 1263

Box of Medical Dry Pads For Beds

Pads in Box for Bed Protection
Lot #: 1264

"As Seen on TV" Items

Various As Seen on TV Items In Box
Lot #: 1266

Various indoor/ outdoor cleaning supplies

Cleaning Supplies Outdoor Bug Spray and More
Lot #: 1267

Plaster Pieces

Plaster Pieces Ready for Paint
Lot #: 1267a

Plaster Scuplutures

Ready TO Paint
Lot #: 1267b

Two Dog Sculptures and 2 signs

Lot #: 1268

Kenmore Dryer

Kenmore Dryer
Lot #: 1268b

Washing Machine

Whirlpool Washer W/Model Book
Lot #: 1269

TIer Curtains

Window Curtains
Lot #: 1270

Inflatable pool 3ft Deep

Used Small Swimming Pool Used to float Boats in Back Yard one Season.
Lot #: 1271

Set of tea cups-Plaster Cups Xmas

Xmas Tea Cups reADY TO PAINT
Lot #: 1272

Sewing organizer

Sewing Organizer with Thread and More
Lot #: 1273

Bag of Arts and Crafts

Craft Items and More
Lot #: 1274

Assorted cleaning supplies

Cleaning SUpplies
Lot #: 1276

Women's thermals and thermometer

Womens Thermals
Lot #: 1304

WWII bayonet Authentic WWII bayonet. Great for

Bayonet WWII
Lot #: 1305

Collector Bell doll Ma Bell collector doll

designed for Telephone Pioneers of America. Dressed in green jacket with phone-modern.
Lot #: 1306

Collector Bell Doll Doll designed for

Telephone Pioneers of America. 1950's operator doll in poodle skirt
Lot #: 1307

Collector Bell Doll Doll designed for

Telephone Pioneers of America. 1890's operator.
Lot #: 1308

Chief's sweatshirt and tee-shirt Kc chiefs

nice sweatshirt and Dante's Inferno 82 teeshirt
Lot #: 1309

Chiefs shirts #7 Jersey and long sleeve mock

turtle neck #88 tee
Lot #: 1310

Chiefs shirts 2 KC Chiefs teeshirts

Cheifs Shirts XL
Lot #: 1311

KC Chiefs signed Hat 1 pair if KC shorts & i

signed KC Chiefs baseball hat
Lot #: 1312

KC Chiefs shorts 3 pairs of Chief shorts

KC Chiefs Shorts Large Womens Shorts
Lot #: 1313

Chiefs teeshirts (specialty NFL) 2 Chiefs

teeshirts. One says National Football League.
Lot #: 1402

Woman's pants size 10-12

Womens Pants
Lot #: 1403

Women's pants size LG-XL & size16

Lot #: 1404

Women's long sleeve tops LG-XL

Red Long Sleeve
Lot #: 1405

Women's shorts Basket of women's shorts size

Lot #: 1406

Womens short sleeve tops size LG-XL

Lot #: 1407

Womens sweaters and jacket size medium

Jacket Size Medium
Lot #: 1408

Womens sleeveless tops A bunch of women's

sleeveless tops size LG-XL
Lot #: 1409

Womens short sleeve tops size LG-XL

Lot #: 6870

Fish Finder

Fish Finder
Lot #: 6871

6 drawer tool/file cabinet

Lot #: 6872

Miscellaneous bolts, door light and more Bolts

chain, don't lights and more
Lot #: 6873

Miscellaneous bolts and other hardware

Lot #: 6874

Briefcase filled with file and hardware

Bolts & More
Lot #: 6875

Horizontal & Vertical rotary table

Rotay Table
Lot #: 6876

3 pcs Step drills & angle block set

Lot #: 6877

Nuts & bolts and more Nuts & bolts and other

Lot #: 6878

Electrical cord h machine shop dye rids w/sizing

Machine Shop Tools
Lot #: 6879

Box fan, metal trashcan and more Box fan,

metal trashcan, tin with ceramic plaster powder, and vinegar
Lot #: 6880

O ring assortment, follow rest, meaurer, calibur

Ring Assortment
Lot #: 6881

Heavy duty vice, machine tool dyes and other

Lot #: 6882

Air hose

Air Hose
Lot #: 6883

Lucky Strike tins and holder Lucky Strike

tins, most tins are empty but 2 tins have hardware
Lot #: 6884

Humorous wall hanging!

Shop Fun
Lot #: 6885

Vintage SHop Chair

Vintage Shop Chair
Lot #: 6886

Stencil letters for wood Stencils for wood

various sizes small and medium
Lot #: 6887

Stencil letters for wood size medium

Lot #: 6888

Stencil letters for wood Size large and medium

Lot #: 6889

Ampro clamp T 74104

Lot #: 6890

Stanley 18" wire cutter

Bolt Cutter
Lot #: 6891

Pro Bow 14" Styrofoam cutter

Lot #: 6892

Craftsman 7" adjustable fine finish cutting blade

and molding set
Lot #: 6893

Craftsman clamp guide and fence guide system

Lot #: 6894

Craftsman router double insulated and bits

Lot #: 6895

Craftsman derail sander

Lot #: 6896

Southwestern Bell Stromberg-Carlson telephone

Lot #: 6897

Magnavox mini TV

Mini TV
Lot #: 12361

Arrowheads and collectible plates

Arrowhead Plates
Lot #: 12362

Pictures and shirt books a d Indian bead Craft

Craft Head Dress Set


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