Antique household collectibles coins precious moments

Thursday, November 12, 2020 08:30 AM

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    A U C T I O N





    Ft. Larned Lions Club Will Serve Lunch


    (Sells At Approx. 12 Noon)


    2009 Toyota Camry LE, 4-Door, 145,000 Miles

    1980 Honda Trail 101 Trail Bike w/Luggage Rack, 2,869 Mi. On Odometer

    1982 Honda Express 10WA Iowa Motorcycle, Automatic 2-Speed, 530 Miles on Odometer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      HondHo



    (Sells after Noon)

    Crown Him Lord of All (No Marking)

    1982 Hourglass: Blessed are the Peacemakers (no box); Jesus is Born; I'm Following Jesus

    1983 Fish: God's Speed; Love One Another; Be Not Weary in Well Doing; Eggs over Easy; The End is in Sight (no box); To a Special Dad; Bless you Two (no box); Put on a Happy Face (no box); Walking By Faith; Let`s Call the Club to Order (no box); Blessed are the Pure in Heart (no box)

    1984 Cross: Smile, God Loves You; O, How I love Jesus; His Burden is Light; Trust in the Lord to the Finish; The Hand that Rocks the Future; Part `O Me Wants to be Good (no box); To a Very Special Mom; Love Lifted ME (no box); Rejoicing With You; Collectors Club Dues; Precious Memories; Love is Sharing (no box); I Get a Kick Out of You; May Your Birthday Be a Blessing

    1985 Dove:  Seek and Ye Shall Find; I Love to tell a Story; Birds of a Feather Collect Together; Sending My Love; Wishing you a Season Filled With Joy; The Lord is My Shepherd; God Bless Our Home; Halo and Merry Christmas

    1986 Olive Branch: Loving You Dear Valentine Boy; Loving You Dear Valentine Girl; Grandma's Prayer

    1987 Cedar Tree: Wishing You a Happy Easter; In His Time; Wishing You a Basket Full of Blessings; Feed My Sheep; January; Heaven Bless Your Togetherness; I Picked a Special Mom; Sharing is Universal; The Good Lord Has Blessed Us Tenfold

    Music Box: Elephants Let's Keep in Touch

    1988 Flower: God Bless You for Touching My Life; You Just Cannot Chuck a Good Friendship; Puppy Love is From Above;  The Sweetest Club Around; Bunny; The Sweetest Club Around

    1989 Bow & Arrow:  Mow Power to You; Always Room for One More; You will Always Be My Choice; Have a Beary Special Birthday (no box); Peace on Earth

    1990 Flame: 10 Years and Still Going Strong; You are a Blessing to Me (no box); My Happiness

    1991 Vessel: Sharing the Good News Together; Thumbbody Loves You

    1992 Clef: The Club That's Out of This World; This Land is Our Land

    1993 Butterfly: To the Apple of God's Eye; Loving, Caring and Sharing Along the Way; 15 Happy Years Together - what a Tweet

    1994 Trumpet: Love Never Fails; Wishing You Were Here (Music Box)

    1995 Ship: Love Makes the World Go Round

    1998 Eye Glasses: Have a Cozy Country Christmas

    Birthday Train: May Your Birthday Be Gigantic (4); May Your Birthday Be Warm - For Baby; Set of 10 - no box

    2003 Crown: Thanks for a Quarter Century of Loving, Caring and Sharing (no box)

    Bells: Mother Sew Dear; God Understands

    Prec. Moment 3D Lighted:  Sugartown Christmas Plate 1996-05

    Thimbles:  Mother Sew Dear; Love Covers All

    Limited Edition Porcelain Bisque Dolls: Connie; Autumn Four Seasons; P.D. Open Edition; Debbie Collector's Doll

    SUGAR TOWN: Lighted School House (6 Pc. set); Sugar Town Square Clock; Doctor's Office Nightlight (6 Pc. set); Sam's House Nightlight (6 Pc. set); Chapel Nightlight (6 Pc. set); Lighted Train Station (6 Pc. set); Sugar Town Mall Taxi (5 Pc. set); Silent Night Christmas Tree and Family (6-Pc. Set); Skating Pond - 8 Pc. set; Christmas Fireplace - 5 Pc. Set; Lighted post office - 5 Pc. Set; Lighting Warming Hut - 6 Pc. Set; Set Accessories: Single tree, mailbox; double tree, dog and kitten bench; Street Sign, Bird Bath, Bus Stop Sign; Straight Sidewalk, Curved Sidewalk; Cobbled Bridge, Lighted Christmas Tree



    (Sells After Noon)


    Undivided Mineral Interest in and to the NE/4 15-10-18, Rooks Co., KS including .01171875 Royalty Interest in Flagler Lease producing thereon, Rooks County, KS.



    (Sells After Noon)


    1.     (18) Wheat Cents

    2.     (4) Rolls 1940-1950 Cents

    3.     (6) Indian Head Cents

    4.     1986 Half-Dollar, Proof

    5.     U.S. Bicentennial Silver Unc. Set

    6.     1975 U.S. Proof Set

    7.     1985 U.S. Proof Set

    8.     1976 U.S. Proof Set

    9.     (20) Indian Head Cents

    10.   Mixed Lot U.S. & Foreign Coins (Rough)

    11.   (6) $1 Silver Certificate Bills & (1) Hawaiian $1 Bill

    12.   (7) $2 Bills (Red Seals & 1976)

    13.   Bag of Foreign Coins

    14.   1944 Mercury Dime; 1906 Liberty Head Nickel; 1927 Buffalo Nickel; 1945-P Jefferson Nickel; 1931 Lincoln Cent

    15.   1943 Steel Cent

    16.   1893 Columbian Exp. Half-Dollar

    17.   (3) Indian Head Cents

    18.   Bag of Lincoln Cents

    19.   Partial 1962 Mint Set

    20.   (5) Nickels, Buffalo & Jefferson

    21.   Bag of Canadian Money

    22.   (7) 1964 Kennedy Half-Dollars

    23.   1986 Silver Walking Liberty

    24.   1986 Silver Walking Liberty

    25.   1-Troy Oz. Silver Round

    26.   (2) 1888 & (1) 1889 Morgan Silver Dollars

    27.   (2) 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars

    28.   (3) Peace Silver Dollars

    29.   (2) Morgan Silver Dollars

    30.   Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar

    31.   1897 Morgan Silver Dollar

    32.   $1.05 Face in Silver Coins

    33.   Misc. Tokens, Foreign & U.S. Coins

    34.   1969 U.S. Proof Set

    35.   (5) 1983 U.S. Proof Set

    36.   (5) 1984 U.S. Proof Sets

    37.   (5) 1985 U.S. Proof Sets

    38.   (3) 1986 U.S. Proof Sets

    39.   (3) 1987 U.S. Proof Sets

    40.   (1) 1979 U.S. Proof Set

    41.   (5) 1981 U.S. Proof Sets

    42.   (5) 1982 U.S. Proof Sets

    43.   (1) 1976 U.S. Mint Set

    44.   (1) Bicentennial U.S. Mint Set

    45.   (5) 1981 U.S. Mint Sets

    46.   (3) 1987 U.S. Mint Sets

    47.   1984 Olympic 3 Silver Dollar Set

    48.   1984 Olympic 2 Silver Dollar Set

    49.   George Washington Silver Half-Dollar

    50.   (4) George Washington Silver Half-Dollars

    51.   U.S. Liberty Coin Set, Gold & Silver

    52.   1983 Prestige Olympic Set

    53.   1954 Stamp Set

    54.   Dime Book: (75) Dimes, Some Silver Mixed in 1965-on

    55.   Kennedy Half-Dollar Book: (9) Coins

    56.   Buffalo Nickel Book: (52) Coins

    57.   Lincoln Cent Book: 1941-on (Missing 3)

    58.   Jefferson Nickel Book: (21) Coins

    59.   Flying Eagle Book: (6) Coins

    60.   Lincoln Cent Book: 1909-1940 (not complete)

    61.   State Quarter Book: (24) Coins

    62.   Eisenhower Dollar Book: (32) Coins

    63.   (10) Franklin Halves

    64.   (10) Franklin Halves

    65.   (10) Franklin Halves                                                                                                                                                                                     

    66.   (10) Franklin Halves

    67.   (10) Franklin Halves

    76.   (10) Franklin Halves

    77.   (8) Franklin Halves

    78.   (10) Walking Liberty Halves

    79.   (10) Walking Liberty Halves

    80.   (7) Walking Liberty Halves

    81.   (67) Washington Quarters

    82.   (10) Mercury Dimes

    83.   (12) Mercury Dimes

    84.   (2) Kennedy Silver Halves

    85.   (7) Kennedy 40% Halves

    86.   (12) Kennedy Clad Halves

    87.   (16) Silver Washington Quarters

    88.   (18) Bicentennial Quarters

    89.   1854 Seated Liberty

    90.   1916 Barber Quarter

    91.   1925 Stone Mountain Half-Dollar

    92.   1941 Mercury Dime

    93.   1911 Barber Dime

    94.   1916 Barber Dime

    95.   1908 Barber Dime

    96.   1914 Barber Dime

    97.   1911 Barber Dime

    98.   Mixed of Foreign & U.S. Coins




    Large Modern China Hutch

    Floral Sofa

    Small Buffet

    4-Pc. Qn. Sz. Oak Bedroom Set

    Hutch; Drop-leaf Table & Chairs

    Old Drop-Front Secretary

    Several Nice Occasional Chairs

    (2) Victorian Corner Chairs

    Chests of Drawers

    Several End Tables

    Tall Narrow Lighted Showcase

    Lighted Corner Hutch

    Cedar Chest

    Jewelry Armoire

    Plate Display Rack

    Wood Desk & Chair

    Old Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

    Vintage Singer Sewing Machine in Cabinet

    Oak Floor Model Jewelry Case

    Child's Rocker

    Umbrella Stand




    McComb Crock; Crock Jars

    Brown 3-Gal. Saturday Night Crock Jugs

    5-Gal. King's Crown Crock

    3-Gal. 1/2-Brown/Cream Saturday Night Crock

    Roseville & McCoy Pottery

    Majolica Barn Vases

    Van Briggle Butterfly Lamp

    Soap Stone Vases

    Carnival Bowls w/Fluted Tops

    Newer Carnival Fruit Bowl

    Opalescent Celery Dish (Stippled Ray)

    Quadruple Plate Creamer & Sugar

    Shirley Temple Glass

    Pink Depression Stemware

    Hand Painted Limoges

    Crystal Cruets

    J & G Meakin Ironstone Pitcher & Bowl, White

    Anglesey Pitcher & Bowl, Cov'd Soap Dish, Toothbrush Holder & (2) Chamber Pots

    Revere China Bowl & Pitcher, Ohio, Pink Flowers & Leaves

    (9) Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Plates: Congress July 4, 1776; 200th Anniv. 1775-1975; Hunter & Dog 1977; Sled Driver & Dogs 1978; Owl 1974; Soldier 1975; Watermill 1976; Train 1973; Rabbit 1971

    RS Poland Bud Vase

    Green Wedgwood Bell & Jar

    (9) Mirrored Stands

    Pressed Glass w/Yellow Glass Vase & Goblet

    Fenton "75" Bill Fenton Pink Pitcher w/White Handle

    Fenton H.P. White Design by D. Certshaw

    Pink Vase "Bow"

    Fenton Small Pink & White Diamond Pane Vase, 4"

    Fenton Pink & White Diamond Pane Fluted Top w/Sticker, 6"

    Fenton, Pink w/Leaves around Bottom, 8"

    Fenton Tall Vase, 11"

    Fenton "Burmese" Candy Dish w/Lid

    Block Led Crystal Trifle Bowl

    Pink Rose RS Prussia Plate

    Pink & Green Carnation RS Germany Plate

    Royal Rudolstadt Rose Bowl

    PT Germany Bowl

    Pink Candy Dish w/Clear Lid

    Pink Long-Stemmed Goblet, 13"

    Pink Lamp w/Flowers

    Pink Lamp (Crackled Glass)

    Dark Pink & Clear Glass Heavy Flower Vase

    Pair Crystal Candlesticks & Globes

    Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail Candy Dish w/Lid

    Large & Small Westmoreland Grape Leaf Design Ashtrays

    Westmoreland 10" Dia. Scalloped Bowl w/5" Pedestal, Grape Leaf Design

    Pedestal Lace Work Fanned Plate, 13" x 10", 7" High

    (2) Hobnail Bud Vases

    Bountiful Harvest Emmett Kay Farming the Heartland Danbury Mint Plate #H901

    Serving Bowl w/Grapes & Leaves, Marked KPM

    Depression Glass

    Shawnee Corn Pottery Ware




    Edison Oak Table-Top Phonograph

    Cylinder Rolls for Edison

    Portable Singer Sewing Machine

    Silhouette Domed Pictures

    Display Cases

    Oak Wall Telephone

    Antique Violin & Case

    Celluloid Green Hair Set

    Military Hats

    Military Collectibles; Old Civil War Items

    US & Other Belt Buckles

    Tiger Chewing Tobacco Tin

    Oak Antique Encyclopedia Book Holder

    Antique Shipping Trunks

    Rams Head Table Lamps

    Coal Oil Ceramic Lamp

    Spears; Arrowheads

    Duck Decoy

    Costume Jewelry

    George Brett Wood Bat & Louisville Slugger No (125)S

    Brass Animals

    Lots of Nice Old Vintage Christmas Collectibles

    Whirley Popcorn Popper

    (6) Antique Motion Lamps

    Indian Style Wicker Vessels

    Hammered Copper Shovel

    Hay or Ice Tongs

    Antique Jack

    American Home Magazines

    Barn Wood Frames

    Miniature Sad Iron

    Pewter Collectibles

    Antique Burroughs Adding Machine Shipping Crate

    Old Meadow Gold Milk Bottle

    Antique French Provincial Phone

    World Globe

    Bread Tins

    (2) Cuckoo Clocks

    Wood Spigots 

    Lots of Fabric, Materials & Yarn

    Small Old Trunk

    Lightning Rods

    Antique Coffee Grinder

    Antique "Daisy" Butter Stamp & Paddle

    Pocket Watches & Knives

    Railroad Date Nails

    Elvis Liquor Decanter




    Child's Rocking Horse

    Battery Op Charlie Weaver Bartender & Monkey Blowing Bubbles

    Antique Dolls & Vintage Toys

    Tinker Toys

    Doll Size High Speed Toy Wagon

    Marx Metal Doll House

    Doll Furniture

    Child's Tricycle

    Older Barbie Doll

    Snoopy & Red Barron Game

    Children's Games

    Wood Toy Box

    Old Cast Iron Truck & Other Misc. Toys

    "The Boys' Favorite" Tool Chest

    Yard Long & Other Pictures

    Old Tins




    (2) Werner Fiberglass Ladders 8' & 5'

    Werner Aluminum Step Ladder

    Craftsman Push Lawn Mower

    Fishing Poles

    Roscoe Wheel Chair (Like New)

    Pasta Maker

    Keller Convertible Ladder

    Wallpaper Wetter

    Winbest Metal Detector

    Old Spiral Racket Screw Driver in Wood Case

    Old Wood Draw Plan in Wood Case

    Stair-Step Wicker Basket

    Quilted Rope

    Samsonite Luggage

    Garden Tools, Chains

    Packer-60 Delta Tool Box

    Mower Jack

    Coleman Coolers; Cook Stove & Lamps


    Igloo Dog House

    Kenmore Water Purifier

    Camera Equipment

    G.E. Convection Toaster Oven





    Antique Doors

    Barn Doors

    Bradley Hubbard Cast Iron Lamp

    Vintage Bike, Fair Condition

    "Dad’s Orignal Scoth Cookie” Cookie Jar

    Vintage Small Fan

    Vintage Stuffed Animals

    Old Ornate Concrete Planters

    Antique Drying Rack, Wooden

    Antique Swinging Baby Cradle

    2 Antique Handmade Wooden Airplanes


    Antique “Farm House Coffee” Advertising Barrel

    Vintage Toys

    Kaiser Baby Doll

    American Beauty Doll By American Arrow, 1924

    Doll Display Case

    1928-1930 Tickle Tots Doll By Ideal

    Victorian Doll

    Porcelain Doll, Soft Body

    Arrow Doll, Rubber Head Cloth Body, Open/Close Eyes

    Elf Doll, Rubber

    27” Ideal Baby Doll W/ Cryer

    Vintage ’70s Doll With Open/Close Eyes

    Effanbee Gentleman Doll In Box

    Old Gotz (German Made) Girl Doll In Box

    Eegee Doll, Open/Close Eyes, Rubber Body

    Texaco Bear “Ace” In Box

    Vintage All Cloth Doll With Button Joints

    Antique Large Ideal  Boy Doll Open/Close Eyes

    Vintage Mickey And Mini Stuffed Toys

    Lots Of Vintage Paper Advertising

    Misc. Figurines/Music Boxes

    Vintage Stuffed Dog, Pull Toy

    Tourist Potter (Ozark)

    Old Advertising Bottles, Boxes

    Vintage “Pizza Inn” Telephone Older

    Antique Kitchen Utensils

    Glass Door Knobs

    Route 66 Gas Pump Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Vintage Hankies

    Vintage Chalk Ware, Dogs, Pig, Cats, Sunflower

    Antique Advertising Food/Splice Containers

    Antique Victrola Hand Crank And Original Needles

    Vintage Greeting Cards And Stationary

    Antique Umbrella Holder

    Antique Silver On Copper Tea Set W/ Tray

    Vintage Container Advertising

                    Medicines, Planter’s Peanuts, Unique Coffee Tins, Vegetable Cans

    Humi Jar

    Pewter Collection

                    Coffee Pots, Water Pitchers, Trays Candlestick Holders, Cream/Sugar, Bell, Cup, Salt And Pepper Shakers, Wine Cup, Tea Pot, Tumbler

    Folk Art Pieces

                    Log Church Building, Barn Building, Cabin W/ Porch

    Misc. Pictures

    Antique Mirrors

    Misc. Ornate Picture Frames

    Needle Point Of USA

    Several Antique Boat/Ship Models

    Antique Wooden Guitar

    Vintage Clothing Patterns

    Vintage Teddy Bear, Rubber Face And Feet

    Old Canvas Picture

    Antique Picture Girl Training Dog

    Gas Station Numbers, Large

    Vintage Christmas

                    Small Trees

                    Lighted Large Santa

                    Tree Garland, Some In Original Boxes

                    Paramount Candoliers In Orignal Boxes

                    Ornaments, Most In Original Boxes

                    Bobble Hear Santa

                    Lights With Replacement Bulbs

                    Christmas Tree Stands, In Box

                    Angel Hair

                    Several Santas, Plastic (1950s And Older)

                    Plastic Santas With Snow Globe Belly

                    Stuffed Santas (1950s And Older)

                    Light Up Santa In Sleigh

                    Moving Santa, Battery Operated

                    White Reindeer And Sleighs, Plastic

                    Mini Brush Trees

                    Wrapping Paper

                    Several Brush Wreaths

                    Large Santa “Candy Cart” With Reindeer Pulling, Plastic

                    Large Stuffed Santa, Rubber Face And Hands

                    Large Stuffed Reindeer

    Antique Disc Blades, For Decor

    Rotary Hoes, For Decor

    Antique Cast Iron Sewing Machine Base Table With Concrete Top

    Old Chairs

    Vintage Metal Chair

    Wind Mill Blades

    Wind Mill Tails






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