Antique Auction

Saturday, February 17, 2018 10:00 AM

Flint Hills Auction
    646 Road 180, Emporia, KS US
    Saturday, February 17, 2018  10:00 am
    Flint Hills Auction at Bluestem Hall
    646 Road 180, Emporia, KS
    Liquor decanters:  Wheat Shockers & Jayhawker
    Collection of teapots
    Beer steins
    Harry Potter Christmas ornaments
    24 China cups & saucers
    3 Flats of Occupied Japan
    Double headed cookie jar
    3 Apple stove sets & 2 Cookie jars
    Egg beaters
    2 Churn tops w/paddles
    Churn jar-glass
    Wooden churn
    Oil jar
    Large lion wall tapestry
    Several tin types
    2 Indian hammer heads
    Swastika pennant
    Salt & Pepper shakers- several flats
    Old ad thermometers: Lebo, Topeka & Emporia
      Lots of German photos – war
      Post cards: Charles Lindbergh collection
        1915 album, Native American album & 100's more
      Collection of U.S. Navy ZR-1 Blimp
      Family photo album
      War ration books
      1850-1937 Certificates
      Movie stars pictures
      Books & Sheet music
      Baseball cards
      Cabinet card photos
      10-12 Actual photos of 1948 airplane wreckage
      Lots of political pins & bumper stickers
      Sm display of Civil War relics
      Vintage magazines: 1940's Football, Life, Look, 
        Time, Tip Top Weekly, etc
      Set of “The Saint” paper backs
      Lots of mid 1800's letters, bank statements, 
        1857 ledger, etc
    5 Gal Redwing Union stone churn
    3 Gal Western stone jar
      McCoy: Planters- Spinning wheels, Old mill,
        9 Wishing wells, 40 Saucer planters, 30+ misc, etc
        & 5 pieces unmarked
      Hull: Planters-some figural
        Vases: 16- W8-7½, W2-5½, 2-W4-6½, W9-8¼,
           W10-11, W5-6½, W2-5½, ?01-6, 13-4¾, L2-5½,
           B18-5¾, L5-6½, L21-13½, L1-5½ & 2-L4-6½

    Pedestal bowl
      Shawnee: 14 pieces
      Weller7 pieces
      Rookwood vase: XXII-2109
      Roseville: 768-8, 2-600-4, 882-6, 146-6, 742-6,
        132-7, 122-8, 88-6

      Wood bed frame
      Pie crust table
    Enamel top table
      Other small tables
      Sheet music cabinet
      2 Vanity dressers
      8 Shelf units (not old)
      Black amethyst
      Ruby red
      Castor set
      Pedestaled cake plates
      Set of blue bubble dishes
      Clear sandwich glass
      Lg Counter candy jar
      Sunshine coffee jar
      Lg glass whiskey bottles
      Milk glass
      Beater pitcher jars
      Perfume/Kerosene lamps
      Coors pitcher & 4 glasses
      Fenton: green lace, hobnail, carnival, etc
      5+ Covered powder boxes w/animal lids
      Refrigerator dishes-clear & green
      Dozens of Cartoon various glasses
      Depression: 20 pc Pink, 20 pc Green, 20 pc Marigold,
    4 Cookie jars, etc
      Punchbowl set w/12 cups & ladle
      14 Sets of Creamer & Sugar
      & MUCH MORE

    Gail Hancock, Auctioneer

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