Antique and Oddity Auction

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
1501 W 12th St Kansas City, MO, 64101 816-756-4827
Not all items are able to be tested so keep that in mind when listed items do not have 'working' or 'not working' in the description, this simply means the item listed has not been tested by me. If you have questions about the items and can't make it to preview day then feel free to call during the listed preview times for I will be there to examine items with you on the phone. You can also text me simple questions to the same number listed and that is name is Cody
1501 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO US
Everything starts at a dollar, pages of deals here!
Lot#: 5525

see photos for all included.
2 lunch wicker boxes,2 waste bins, 2 baskets.

Lot#: 5527

Wooden coffee table with inset table top. see photos. great for all homes.

Lot#: 5528

Cabinet has 2 small shelves on each side, wire door panel and 3 shelves inside, exquisitely rustic aesthetic.

Lot#: 5529

Toastmaster Bread Maker. see photos for further details.

Lot#: 5531

Tyler Matter Rubber/Nylon size 10 see photos for further details.

Lot#: 5533

Mustang style,complete with controller, and accessories, see photos for details. untested

Lot#: 5534

With extra wheels and charging unit. untested

Lot#: 5535

Very Cool and unique 50's style car phone.

Lot#: 5544

Rails Included
52in x 75in x 58in Tall

Lot#: 5548

stop fire
soda -acid

Lot#: 5551

Color Red, Visor included

Lot#: 5554

2 tier candy dish with snowflake pattern great for any dining table. see photos for more

Lot#: 5555

Large Monk reading book. Wooden figurines. hand made.

Lot#: 5559

Budweiser:Christmas delivery stein, and the endangered species Bald Eagle. Miller Birth of the nation stein

Lot#: 5560

Pitcher white design brass, candlesticks and tray unstamped no stickers

Lot#: 5561

Edwards with family crest.
Reforger 87 see photos for details.

Lot#: 5563

Avon Stein Handcrafted in Brazil Stein is in great condition with train available.

Lot#: 5564

2 antique metal nutcrackers, with wooden red mounts

Lot#: 5565

3 small beautifully detailed african wood carvings, see photos for description

Lot#: 5566

2 deers and 1 cat see photos for details.

Lot#: 5568

this alligator moves! very cool one of a kind and also comes with a gorgeous wooden ornament

Lot#: 5572

1 childrens prayer, and 1 bathroom ornament
see photos for further details.

Lot#: 5573

5 candles total. 2 identical, and 3 sun, moon,and star trio great for any room!

Lot#: 5574

fantastic antique candlesticks a group set of 8 candlesticks all metal fantastic centerpieces or mantle.

Lot#: 5575

6 Large free standing antique candlesticks.

Lot#: 5576

Gorgeous antique Candle holders and sticks see photos for more pictures 6 total

Lot#: 5577

2 Antique Medium candle holders.
A great accent for any room.

Lot#: 5578

2 beautiful Candle Bowls and 2 small antique candlesticks, all metal.

Lot#: 5580

beautiful large brass pot with design.
see photos for details with antique knife

Lot#: 5583

4 Unique knick knacks and ornaments

Lot#: 5584

A Large Set of Kayson silver lined China
Please see photos for quantities and better descriptions

Lot#: 5585

Different Brands of Chinaware lined in gold or Silver see photos for more details.

Lot#: 5587

Miscellaneous fun toys including a deck of Retro Bugs Bunny Card Game!
see photos for all included.

Lot#: 5588

Comes with film of the actual movie! complete with everything in the box.
see photos

Lot#: 5589

Fantastic for any home.
see photos for details

Lot#: 5590

Just Beautiful

Lot#: 5591

Green dress white apron, part of the Irish collections series. see photos for details

Lot#: 5592

Blonde hair Pink dress
see photos for details.

Lot#: 5593

Dark hair white and pink dress
see photos

Lot#: 5594

Dark hair Red and white dress
see photos

Lot#: 5595

Dark Hair White dress
see photos

Lot#: 5596

Red hair and a white dress
see photos

Lot#: 5597

Red hair and with red and blue plaid dress. see photos

Lot#: 5598

Stuffed bear
Great for gifts!
Boyds Bears verification tag.

Lot#: 5599

6 different dolls of various sizes
see photos.

Lot#: 5602

Trial of the century, brand new unopened.
see photos.
b52 fortress model plane, and board only of Looney tunes board game.

Lot#: 5604

Lilvana women's shoes see photos

Lot#: 5605

see photos for brand and style

Lot#: 5606

Active EQ
Dolby Digital, DTS
Pro-Logic II
Built-In Subwoofer Amp

Lot#: 5608

Salt and Pepper shaker, Santa Claus, money box, and more!
see photos for details.

Lot#: 5609

Justin's Boots, and Luichiny size 8s
see photos

Lot#: 5611

Marlboro see pictures for best description
All in protective sleeve

Lot#: 5613

German magazine with JFK and Mrs. Kennedy On Front cover in a protective sleeve. see photos

Lot#: 5619

Antique square footed bowl, silver plated, still in box

Lot#: 5620

Fantastic Plates and glass candle stick holders
3 Large Plates and 3 smaller plates
4 candlesticks and blue glass

Lot#: 5624

Set includes plates and cups including Nasco Canterbury Gold made lined with 22 KT Gold and made in the USA.
see photos for details and quantities

Lot#: 5626

Sugar bowl,syrup dispenser, candy dish and 1920's electric line insulators.

Lot#: 5627

Vintage Stetson Roadrunner summertime cowboy hat,
see photos for more details.

Lot#: 5628

Made in Mexico
fantastic summertime cowboy hat, see photos for more details

Lot#: 5629

3 different antique glass aftershave bottles and cologne(see photos for more details)
Golfer's flask made of pewter.(see photos for more details.

Lot#: 5630

Coat made in Hungary Tailors mark on breast pocket.
see photo for details.

Lot#: 5631

Large Cherokee jacket in great condition, see photos for more details

Lot#: 5632

3 sets of Marlboro Playing Cards in box.see photos

Lot#: 5633

Box includes shirts and duster Jacket, Leather coat with faux fur inline
see photos for more details.

Lot#: 5636

Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Defender, Asteroids, River Raid, and Air Raiders

Lot#: 5639

Multiple Childrens books, great for a gift!
see photos for titles and quantity

Lot#: 5640

Many Large - XL, Greys anatomy:2 tops and 1 pair of bottoms,
many other styles and patterns of various brands,
see photos for description of patterns

Lot#: 5642

Unmarked Leather Purse with Purse multiple compartments and adjustable shoulder strap.

Lot#: 5645

Kodak Colorburst Instant Camera. with neck strap.

Lot#: 5646

Wine bottle Holders, that look like butlers, Candles: Grapes, cheese, Large wine bottle and small. candles do not smell like their shape.
see Photos.

Lot#: 5648

includes all items Pictured!

Lot#: 5649

Poker table and Poker set, Felt top with carrying case(Black), and steel poker set carrying case. Perfect for the speak easy or man cave, with its portability and function.

Lot#: 5652

Jesus Christ Superstar Vinyl complete with Jenos Pizza Music to eat Pizza By featuring The Duluth Accordionaires.

Lot#: 5653

Animal designs vary by bag, Small basket, red, hand made.

Lot#: 5654

Wicker basket filled with Beads and other Arts and Crafts items.

Lot#: 5655

Basket includes items pictured.

Lot#: 5656

Wicker basket/Suitcase.

Lot#: 5657

Wicker basket with Picnic items, includes items pictured,(Plates, Cups, and Foodware.

Lot#: 5658

2 Large Wicker Baskets, see photos for styles.

Lot#: 5659

Large Wicker Basket, 1 hanging Wicker Basket, Hanging Iron Birdsnest style Basket.

Lot#: 5660

4 Wicker Doll Chairs. various sizes. see photos for styles.

Lot#: 5661

Over 2 feet tall fantastic ornament,
see photos for details.

Lot#: 5662

Great Condition, Fantastic aesthetic.
see photos for more details.
Stamp Of Authenticity and origin.

Lot#: 5663

Made In Kenya, Fantastic Piece, Great Decoration for any room, centerpiece or mantle.
see photos.

Lot#: 5665

Awesome wooden statue,with great detail.
see photos.

Lot#: 5667

Beautifully Made, wooden art fixture.

Lot#: 5669

Clown Pen Holder, Antique Doll from mexico, Handmade totem item, Antique Avon Aftershave Car bottle, Antique cowbell, And more,
see photos.

Lot#: 5670

3 Budweiser Collector Cups, With Great detail.
see photos for more details.

Lot#: 5675

Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmations, Aristocats, The Little Mermaid, The Fox and the Hound, Oliver and Company, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Finding Nemo.

Lot#: 5676

Lion King, Lion King 1 1/2, Lion King 2, A Goofy Movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Little Mermaid 2, Oliver and Company, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, The Return of JaFar, The Tigger Movie, Pooh's Grand adventure.

Lot#: 5677

The Goonies, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, Tom and Huck, James and the Giant Peach, The Princess Diaries, The Shirley Temple Story, The Lion King, Inspector Gadget 2.

Lot#: 5678

Babe, Anastasia, The Prince of Egypt, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Pocahontas, Pocahontas 2, Mulan, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Stuart Little, The Mighty Kong, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. and More!

Lot#: 5679

See Photos for Titles.

Lot#: 5681

Collectible Antique Bottles and Glasses as well as a Barbie Britney Spears Doll with Pepsi Commercial attire.
see photos.

Lot#: 5683

Beautiful Stain Glass Pepsi Cola Pitcher.
see photos.

Lot#: 5684

Coca Cola Novelty Pencil, Coca Cola Bottles, Coca Cola Mug, Coca Cola Polar bear Glasses, Polar Bear Figurines, all Vintage antiques, or Collectibles, see photos for more details.

Lot#: 5686

Antique Coca Cola Bell Shaped Glasses, Authentic marking on bottom of Glasses.
4 Glasses.
see photos.

Lot#: 5689

2 Vintage Full Wrap Coca Cola soda Cups

Lot#: 5690

2 Vintage Pepsi Cola Glasses.

Lot#: 5691

6 Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Collectibles.
See photos.

Lot#: 5692

Southeastern Conference coke bottle from 1985 and Coca Cola Playing cards with Tin.

Lot#: 5701

Antique Mason Jars Tall Cylinder and Drinking Cup,
See Photos.

Lot#: 5703

Bottle seals, Antique Green bottle.

Lot#: 5704

Antique Stereoscope Keystones.
see photos

Lot#: 5705

Candle set includes Wicker Basket.

Lot#: 5706

Antique Kerosene Lamp,
see photos.

Lot#: 5707

Antique Kerosene Lamp,
see photos.

Lot#: 5708

Antique Kerosene Lamp,
see photos.

Lot#: 5709

Antique Kerosene Lamp, With Antique Atlas Mason Jar.
see photos .

Lot#: 5710

Antique Liquor Pour bottle with stopper, a Bottle of Tab soda Unopened and a whip cream canister.

Lot#: 5712

Antique Travel case with 2 antique Coke bottles and everything pictured

Lot#: 5713

Large antique wicker chair with wicker basket.

Lot#: 5714

Large Antique Wicker Chair.
see photos.

Lot#: 5715

Large Antique Wicker Chair and wicker basket, matching style,
see photos.

Lot#: 5716

Valencia China and others, see photos for more details, complete with a small sewing machine.

Lot#: 5720

Campbell Hausfeld Brand Pneumatic Paint Gun.

Lot#: 5721

Various sizes of vintage pins, see photos.

Lot#: 5722

Vintage Bible stories Slideshows. see photos for more details.

Lot#: 5749

See Pictures

Lot#: 5750

See Pictures

Lot#: 5751

See Pictures

Lot#: 5753

See Pictures

Lot#: 5755

See Pictures

Lot#: 5756

See Pictures

Lot#: 5757

See Pictures

Lot#: 5759

See Pictures

Lot#: 5760

See Pictures

Lot#: 5761

See Pictures

Lot#: 5762

See Pictures


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Equip-Bid Auctions Inc, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.