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Sunday, April 16, 2023

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Terms and Conditions of Online AuctionBy placing a bid in this auction, you hereby confirm that you have read and agree to comply with the Auction Terms and Conditions, as stated in this document. If you have questions or need to make arrangements, the auction company may be reached at (877) 318-0438 or [email protected] Bidder/Buyer's Contract: Your bid(s) placed on the Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers website are a contract and you are responsible for paying all amounts due for items purchased in this online auction. If you cannot pay for and remove the items during the pick-up times specified, then please DO NOT BID on any items in this auction. Retention of Credit Card Information: By providing your credit card information, you authorize Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers to charge your credit card for the purchase amount of any successful bid (including Buyer?s Premium), any associated taxes, shipping costs (if needed), and Handling Fees (if needed). You also agree and acknowledge that Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers will keep your credit card information on file so long as you maintain an account with Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers. BY BIDDING, YOU HEREBY AUTHORIZE HERITAGE BROKERS & AUCTIONEERS TO CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR ANY OF THE FEES LISTED ABOVE IF NEED BE. Pick-Up Period & Location:Wednesday, April 19, 2023Pick-up location will be in Kansas City, Kansas 66106 (exact location given with invoice)Pick-up instructions and sign up will be sent via text &/or email, upon completion of the auction.All items MUST be removed on the Pick-up Period noted above. Any items purchased and not removed during the scheduled pick-up period (without prior arrangements made with the Auction Company) will be charged $20 disposal fee per lot to the winning bidder?s credit card on file. Please do not bid if you are not able to pick up your items.Bidder?s Responsibility for Pickup:- Bidder agrees to pay for all items prior to removing any items from the pick-up location.- Schedule pickup appointment online.- Show up during the scheduled time slot for pick up.- Bring adequate supplies and manpower necessary for the unmounting, disassembly, removal and loading of purchased items.- Remove off-site all items included in the purchased lot. Shipping Instructions: Only applies if shipping is available. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs associated with shipping the items they purchased in the auction. No shipping outside of the U.S. All items shipped are required to have shipping insurance at or above the purchase price paid by the buyer in the auction. Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers will assist in packaging and delivering the items to shipping service for a small fee. Shipments shall be made ONLY to the billing address of the credit card on file, no exceptions. A paid invoice will be required before any items are shipped and all shipping arrangements must be requested immediately upon completion of the auction. Sales Tax: 0% Sales Tax (estate sale). No sales tax is charged in an estate sale of one seller. Buyer?s Premium (15%): A buyer's premium of fifteen percent (15%) shall be added to the high bid price online, which will determine the final sales price for each auction lot. Participation Requirements: Name, address, daytime phone number, email address and a Valid Credit Card are required for registration and bidding approval. All participants must be at least 18 years of age. Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Payment Instructions: ALL accounts will be settled at the conclusion of this auction. We will immediately charge the credit card you have on file with Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers/HiBid for your purchases, including buyer's premiums. *** A $25 service fee will be charged to any account whose credit card on file is declined requiring additional time and telephone contact to establish payment for merchandise. Please respond to the Auction Company immediately by phone or email, if you KNOW that you need to use an alternate credit card. Payment Funds: All sales and bidding shall be in U.S. dollars only. Bidder is responsible for and agrees to pay all duties, custom, taxes, and any other fee associated with the purchase of any item.Liability: Safety of operation of any electrical or otherwise powered devices or items sold is not warranted or guaranteed in any way. Auctioneer recommends all electrical or powered items sold be checked, installed or operated by a licensed electrician or other appropriate technician. Items sold could, or could not, meet current or other safety standards. Bidder assumes any and all liability for any installation or operation of any item purchased. Bidder agrees, in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, to buy vintage items as collectibles for display purposes only. Bidder further agrees to assume all liability and responsibility, and to hold Seller and/or Auctioneer harmless in the event of injury, bodily harm, or death to anyone as a result of improper use of any item purchased at auction. Bidder agrees to indemnify, save, and hold harmless the Auctioneer and/ or Seller(s) from any and all accidents and/or injuries they may receive while attending the auction and/or during preview or pickup of auction items.Disputes/ Arbitration: Auctioneer and Bidder hereby agree to submit any dispute between Auctioneer and Bidder, arising out of, or relating to, this agreement, to an arbitration panel of three (3) neutral persons selected by the Auctioneer. If Bidder disapproves of the panel, Bidder shall, within ten (10) days after receiving notice of selection of the panel, initiate arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (AAA), using its rules for commercial arbitrations, with the exception that all AAA fees shall be paid by Bidder. If Bidder fails to timely initiate arbitration through AAA, or to pay AAA fees and costs, Auctioneer may resume arbitration through a neutral arbitration panel selected by Auctioneer. The decision of arbitration will be final and binding on all parties. This agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Missouri, and any action or proceeding arising hereunder shall be brought in the courts of the State of Missouri. The invalidation of one or more terms of this agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms.Technology Disclaimer: Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers (Auction Company) is providing an online (Internet) auction as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that there is always a possibility that the technology service may or may not function correctly during the auction. Under no circumstances shall bidder have any kind of claim against the Seller, the Auction Company, it?s Agents or Representatives in the event the Internet service fails to work correctly during the online auction. The Auction Company will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid may be acknowledged in the event of technology failure, should use the ?maximum bid? feature and leave their maximum bid at least 24 hours before the auction closes. Auction Company reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction at any point prior to the end of the auction. The Auctioneer reserves the right, at Auctioneers sole discretion, to pause, cancel, and/or reopen the auction in case of system failures.Special Terms of Sale: 1. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and no sale shall be invalidated. YOUR BID IS A CONTRACT TO BUY should you be the winning bidder. You are responsible for paying for all purchases you are the winning bidder on. There are no returns or refunds, and credit card payments cannot be reversed.2. All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS?, with no warranty or guarantee, and without shipping, packing, and/or loading.3. No Returns: All sales are final. There are no returns, refunds or adjustments on price. 4. Any Bidder who does not pay in full upon presentment of an auction invoice is subject, at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer or its consignor(s), to being barred from any future participation in auctions conducted by Auctioneer.5. In the event ?forced collections? are needed, the purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and any other collection costs incurred by the Seller or Auction Company in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a fee of 18% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due the auction company and any other costs or losses incurred by the purchaser's failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be heard in Platte County, Missouri. 6. The Seller and/or Auction Company reserves the right to refuse service to any person or entity. 7. All announcements made prior to the close of the Internet bidding take precedence over any and all written or verbal statements.8. Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers attempts to describe the merchandise to the best of our abilities however we make no representations or guarantees. In no event shall Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise. 9. The Bidder agrees not to base a bid solely upon information provided by the Auctioneer, or its consignor(s). The Bidder assumes full responsibility to inspect and evaluate the property to Bidder?s complete satisfaction prior to any bid or purchase. The Bidder agrees to make an independent judgment about the items, their value, descriptions, or other information about the items, and to bid accordingly.10. Items in this auction are being offered and sold with ?no minimum bid or reserve price?. 11. Definitions-Staggered Close: Bidding BEGINS to close at a certain time. ALL items do not close together at that stated time. Items will close in the order listed on the site, (unless affected by the Soft Close as explained below). Our Auction was set up this way intentionally so that bidders can have time to evaluate their overall progress in a sale as individual items close. Within a 30-minute window of the auction beginning to close the first lots, you may also click on the "Live Catalog" (which should be flashing on your screen) to view, in real time format, the lots that have current activity and are the next lots to close. Soft Close: Additionally, if an item receives a bid within the last 3 minutes, then the close time will be extended 3 minutes from the time the bid is placed. The time will continue to be extended in 3-minute increments with each newly placed bid and the item will not close until the 3 minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity. This eliminates "snipers" from an Internet Auction and encourages a fair and impartial platform for all bidders to participate. Please be certain that we have taken every precaution to set the site up in a transparent manner that allows for the fairest environment for both buyers and sellers.Maximum Bid: The ?Maximum Bid? feature allows bidders that want to install a maximum bid price they are willing to pay for a lot, without having to continually watch the auction. By placing a maximum bid into the online bidding program, the system will place bids on your behalf each time you are outbid on a lot, up to the maximum amount you are willing to pay. The only way your bid is increased each time is if another bidder places a bid of the next bid increment or if they place a maximum bid, then the system will bid against them up to the competing bid amount they entered. For example: if you place a maximum bid of ($300) and the current bid is only at ($50), and the bid increment is set at ($10 per/bid), then the system would put you in the lead with a bid of ($60). Example 2: If another bidder places a maximum bid of ($350), then the system will increase your bids up to the amount they no longer compete, awarding the other bidder the current high bid of ($310), which is the next bid increment above your maximum bid of $300.12. By bidding on any item in this auction, the bidder is acknowledging and demonstrating their acceptance of the terms and conditions of the auction, as outlined in this document.
Online Only Bidding, Kansas City, KS US
From the Esate of David & Ova Lee Ellifrits, Lots & Lots of Vintage Items. Griswold & Warner Cast Iron Cookware, Coca-Cola Cavalier C12 Cooler, Vintage Cast Iron Banks, Collector Drinking Glasses, Milk Glass, Vintage Toys, Vintage Lanterns & Oil Lamps, Large Vintage Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection, Collectible Advertising Tins.
Lot #: 1

Cavalier C12 Coca-Cola Cooler

Lot #: 2

Vintage Coca Cola Cooler - Progress Refrigeration

17in H x 18in L x 13in W
Lot #: 3

Antique 1800's Gibson & Lee Cast Iron Kettle

Lot #: 4

Griswold No.8 Cast Iron Waffle Iron, No Base

Lot #: 5

Griswold No.9 Sm Logo Cast Iron Skillet 11" 710F

Lot #: 6

Griswold No. 8 Small Logo Cast Iron Skillet 10"

Lot #: 7

Griswold Large Logo #8 Cast Iron Skillet Cover

Self-Basting 468A Cover10"
Lot #: 8

Wagner Ware 1088A Cast Iron Deep Skillet 10"x3"

10in x 3in D
Lot #: 9

Wagner Ware No.5 8in Cast Iron Skillet

Lot #: 10

Wagner Ware No.1218 Square Cast Iron Skillet 9.5"

Lot #: 11

Griswold No.9 Small Logo 710E Cast Iron Skillet

Lot #: 12

Birmingham Stove Cast Iron Corn Bread Skillet

Lot #: 13

Wagner Ware No.1053A Cast Iron Skillet 6"

Lot #: 14

5QT Cast Iron Pot

Lot #: 15

Vintage Red/White Enamel Pots & Pans Lot

Lot #: 16

Vintage Black & White Enamel Pots & Pans Lot

Lot #: 17

Descoware #3 FE Belgium Cast Iron Enamel Pot

8in Dia x 6in H
Lot #: 18

Memco Vintage Metal Enamel Camping Coffee Pot

Lot #: 19

Vintage Enamel Coffee Pots Lot of 2

Title Correction: Only 2 Enamel Coffee Pots, the photos are correct in showing those two. The Pyrex Percolator is in Lot 21
Lot #: 20

Vtg Hall?s Superior 8-cup Drip Coffee Maker

Lot #: 21

Pyrex 6-cup Glass Percolator Coffee Maker 7756-B

Inner Stem Base has chipping, see pic
Lot #: 22

Vtg Guardian Cast Aluminum Cookware 3pc Roaster

Lot #: 23

Vtg Guardian Cast Alum Cookware Economy Trio

6pc cookware with lids, one lid has a chip, see pic
Lot #: 24

Vtg Guardian Cast Aluminum Cookware w/Lids

11" x 2-1/2" Deep Skillet, 8.5" x 3.5" pot 12" Octagon Croquet Broiler/Griddle
Lot #: 25

Vtg Guardian Cast Aluminum Cookware Pots w/lids

Lot #: 25a

Vintage "The Modern Range" Gas Cook Stove - Works

Stove Dimensions: 40in H x 36in W x 24in D. Cooktop is 36in H
Lot #: 26

Wilton Armetale Cast Aluminum 4qt Chili Pot

Lot #: 26a

Vintage Colgate Ocatagon Bar Soap Lot of 4

Lot #: 26b

Vintage Colgate Octagon & Fairsex Bar Soap Lot

Lot #: 26c

Vtg Tobacciana Lot: Pipes, Snuff, Tobacco, Lighter

Full pouch Bull Durham TobaccoAmerican Snuff Cans, some with snuff insidePipes:
Lot #: 26d

Vintage Dancing Black Wooden Caricature

Lot #: 27

Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Pepsi Glasses

1975 Superman1978 Wonder Woman & Shazam
Lot #: 27a

Superman Pepsi Collector Glasses 5pcs -1978

3pcs Kal-el Comes to Earth2pcs The Caped Wonder to the Rescue
Lot #: 28

Looney Tunes Pepsi Collector Glasses 1976

Lot #: 28a

Looney Tunes Pepsi Collector Glasses 6pcs - 1976

2- Daffy Duck/Tasmanian Devil2- Foghorn Leghorn/Chicken Hawk 2- Porky Pig/Petunia Pig
Lot #: 28b

Looney Tunes Pepsi Glasses 1973/1976 4pcs

1pc Daffy Duck 19732pcs Daffy Duck/Tasmanian Devil 19761pc Porky Pig/Petunia Pig
Lot #: 28c

Garfield McDonald?s Collector Mugs 8pcs 1978

2pcs Use Your Friends Wisely2pcs I?m easy to get along with when things go my way2pcs I?m not one who rises to the occasion 2pcs It?s not a pretty life but somebody has to live it
Lot #: 28d

Garfield McDonald?s Collector Mugs 10pcs 1978

3pcs Use Your Friends Wisely5pcs I?m easy to get along with when things go my way1pc I?m not one who rises to the occasion 1pc It?s not a pretty life but somebody has to live it
Lot #: 29

Walt Disney 2000 McDonald?s Mickey Mouse Glasses

Lot #: 29a

Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Glasses

Lot #: 29b

Smurfs 1982-1983 Collector Glasses 5pcs

Lazy 1982Harmony 1983Baker 1983Handy 1983Clumsy 1983
Lot #: 29c

Various Collector Glasses 9pcs

Lot #: 29d

Flintstones Collector Glasses 7pcs

Lot #: 30

Peanuts / Smurfs Collector Glasses 9pcs

Lot #: 30a

Various Collector Glasses

Lot #: 31

Rare Vtg Hazel Atlas 1940?s Alice in Wonderland

Lot #: 32

Vintage Jeanette Pink Milk Glass 10" Cake Plate

Lot #: 32a

Vintage 50?s Fenton Milk Glass Daisy & Button Bowl

Lot #: 32b

Vintage Milk Glass Teardrop 7" Stemmed Bowl

Lot #: 32c

Kemple Milk Glass Toltec Pattern 3-footed 7" Bowls

Lot #: 32d

Anchorglass Milk Glass Compotes Lot of 7

Lot #: 33

Milk Glass Lot of 6. Cake Plate, Oval Dish,

Lot #: 33a

Grapevine Milk Glass Set of 6 Glasses, 1 chip

Lot #: 33b

Misc Milk Glass Lot

Lot #: 33c

Moriyama Vintage Porcelain Elephant Sake / Tea Set

Made in Japan1 cup has small chip & 1 cup has a hairline crack, see photo
Lot #: 34

Uranium / Vaseline Glass Platter & Serving Tray

10in Platter & 6in serving tray with handle. No chips or cracks
Lot #: 34a

Uranium/Vaseline Glass Creamer, Sugar, Condiments

Creamer Pitcher, Sugar Bowl, Condiments Dish w/lid. Lid has some chipping, see photo
Lot #: 34b

Uranium / Vaseline Glass Compotes & Creamer

Various Patterns. 3 small compotes identical pattern with matching 6in saucer
Lot #: 34c

Uranium / Vaseline Glass Salt & Pepper, Sugar Bowl

Lot #: 35

Antique L. F. & C Cast Iron Coffee Grinder

Lander, Frary & Clark Coffee Grinder, New Britain, Conn
Lot #: 36

Antique Cast Iron & Wood Coffee Grinder

Lot #: 37

Vtg Rayo Brass & Hobnail Milk Glass Hurricane Lamp

Kerosene Lamp
Lot #: 38

Vtg Rayo Brass & Hobnail Milk Glass Hurricane Lamp

Kerosene Lamp
Lot #: 39

Barler Ideal #5 Metal & Cast Iron Kerosene Heater

27in Tall x 12in Dia at Frame
Lot #: 39a

Antique Perfection Oil Heater #1525 Shell Only

24in Tall
Lot #: 39b

Vtg Perfection and Barler Oil Heater Burner Units

Perfection Heater #500 burner unit and Barler Ideal burner unit, unknown model
Lot #: 40

Defiance Lantern No. 0 Railroad Inspectors Lamp

Lot #: 40a

Dietz Acme Railroad Inspector Lamp

Lot #: 41

Nier Feuerhand No. 260 Kerosene Lantern - Original

All Original, Made in Germany, 14in tall
Lot #: 41a

Vintage Dietz No. 2 Blizzard Kerosene Lantern 14"H

Lot #: 41b

Richards & Conover No.2 Air Pilot Kerosene Lantern

Pair of Lanterns
Lot #: 41c

Vtg Dietz No.2 Kerosene Lanterns D-Lite & Crown

D-Lite has rust pin holes in Bottom Crown Globe not sure that it?s original
Lot #: 41d

Antique Railroad Lanterns Handlan, Dressel, Adams

Handlan Lantern: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF) RailroadDressel Lantern: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF) RailroadAdams & Westlake Lantern: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad
Lot #: 41e

Vtg Kerosene Lanterns Paulls, Richards & Conover

Lot #: 42

Justrite Mfg Little Giant Carbide Lamp - Rare Find

Lot #: 43

1963 Pepsi Crate -Jonesboro, AR Great Color

Lot #: 43a

Vtg Pepsi, Coke, Vess, Sunkist Pop Bottles Lot

Lot #: 44

Antique Judd Mechanical Doghouse Cast Iron Bank

Handle broken on crank
Lot #: 44a

Vintage Coca Cola Sprite Boy Cast Iron Bank

Lot #: 44b

Vintage Cast Iron Boxer & Cat Bank

Lot #: 44c

Vintage Cast Iron Cow & Donkey Banks

Lot #: 44d

Vintage Cast Iron Lion & Lamb Banks

Lot #: 44e

Vintage Astro Mfg Gold Metal Rocket Ship Bank

Lot #: 45

Uncle Sam Cast Iron Bank

Lot #: 45a

Vintage Hubley Cast Iron Toy Motorcycle

Stamped 26T
Lot #: 45b

Rumpelstiltskin Vintage Cast Iron Bank

Lot #: 45c

Antique Cast Iron Elephant Cigarette Dispenser

Lot #: 46

Pyrex Amish Butterprint 1-1/2 qt #503 Fridge Dish

Lot #: 46a

Vtg Pyrex Refrigerator Bowls & Lids #501 & #502

3pcs #501 1-1/2 cup bowls w/lids 1pc #502 1-1/2 pint bowl w/lid, with small chip on bottom of lid, see pic
Lot #: 46b

Vtg Pyrex 1-1/2qt #503 Oven / Fridge Bowls & Lids

1-1/2 qt Spring Blossom & Yellow BowlsSpring Blossom Lid has a small sliver chip shown in photos, lids are interchangeable
Lot #: 46c

Vtg Pyrex & Corning Ware Bowls & Plate Lot of 3

-Pyrex #404 4qt Yellow Mixing Bowl-Pyrex # 10in Pie Plate-Corning Ware 10in Le Romarin Casserole Dish
Lot #: 46d

Vtg Pyrex 1.5 cup 501-C & 1.5 pint 502-C Lids

501-C Full Rib Design 502-C Semi Rib Design
Lot #: 47

Hen on Nest (2) Carnival Glass

Lot #: 47a

Vintage Hen on Nest (5)

Lot #: 47b

Vintage Milk Glass Hen on Nest (4)

Lot #: 47c

Vintage Hens on Nests (4), green & amber

Lot #: 47d

Vintage Clear Hens on Nests (4) and glass chicken

Lot #: 47e

Vintage Avon Hen on Nest, Milk Glass Hen on Nest

& Roosters
Lot #: 48

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, ceramic and wood

Lot #: 48a

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, Cats & Birds

(blue set missing head & spoon)
Lot #: 48b

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, animals

Lot #: 48c

Vtg. Salt & Pepper Shakers, fish, horses,

squirrels, pigs
Lot #: 48d

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers (6)

Lot #: 48e

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers (8), clowns,

cowboys, people, jugs
Lot #: 49

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, (12) foods items

Lot #: 49a

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers (8)

Lot #: 49b

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers (10) metal

Lot #: 49c

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers (19) plastic

Lot #: 49d

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers (11) glass

Lot #: 49e

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers (9)

Lot #: 50

Cast Iron Horse & Carriage and Lumber Wagon

Lot #: 50a

Vintage Marbles Lot

Lot #: 51

Wyandotte Dump Trucks (2), restored

Lot #: 52

Vintage Wells Fargo Metal Stagecoach

Lot #: 53

Vintage Cast Iron Pieces (3) Horse & Fire Wagon?

Lot #: 54

Vintage Metal Trains, Forty Niner and Bell Ringer

Lot #: 55

Die-Cast Banks, Monkey Bank & Trick Pony

Lot #: 56

Cast Iron Police Horse/Wagon & Horse/Fire

WagonPolice Wagon Driver is broken
Lot #: 57

Vintage Metal Trains (2), Western & New Western

Choo Choo
Lot #: 58

5 Cast Iron Pieces, Wagon, Horse & 3 Trucks

Lot #: 59

5 Cast Iron Horse & Carriages

Lot #: 60

Cast Iron Horse Drawn Beer Wagon NIB

Lot #: 61

Cast Iron, Horse & Carriage, Fire Truck & Cars

Lot #: 62

Coca-Cola Die Cast & Buddy L Trucks

Lot #: 63

A. H. M. Scale Model Train items

Lot #: 64

Yellow Cars, Pair

Lot #: 65

Lionel 100th Ann Alarm Clock in Box, missing cord

Lot #: 66

Evel Knievel Sturdy Play Suit in Original Box

Jumpsuit with Cape (red cape may have been added).Additionally 2 Evel Knievel Action Figures Included
Lot #: 67

Vintage Fisher Price & Illco Toys

Lot #: 68

Super Hero Figures & Comic books

Lot #: 69

Vintage Toys, Sooper Gooper & Tops

Lot #: 70

Metal Toys Assortment, 8 pieces

Lot #: 71

3 ERTL Cars, 1st National Bank of Platte County,

Graham Panel Van NIB, and Texaco Maxwell Touring Car NIB
Lot #: 72

3 Liberty Classics Car Banks

Lot #: 73

3 Cars, two are radios

Lot #: 74

Peterbilt Die-Cast Semi and Trailer

Lot #: 75

ERTL Amoco Tanker NIB, Dillions Tractor Trailer

NIB and Dinky Toys Esso Tanker

in: 31

Lot #: 76

4 Tractor-Trailer Rigs

Lot #: 77

Wooden Barn/Corral Set NIB sold by J.C. Penney

Lot #: 78

Buses (7), Greyhound, Branson Touring, Double

Decker, Buddy L School Buses & Streetcar
Lot #: 79

Wreckers and Car Haulers (5)

Lot #: 80

Vintage Die-Cast Lot

Lot #: 81

ERTL Looney Toons Collection

Lot #: 82

Small Cars and Pickups

Lot #: 83

John Deere Tractor & Farm Collection

in: 31

Lot #: 84

Fire Trucks & Police Car

Lot #: 85

Rubber Toys

Lot #: 86

Construction Equipment & Fordson/Ford Tractors

in: 31

Lot #: 87

Vintage Squirt Jackpot, Danger Centipede,

Philmore Jr. Microphone, 2 Harmonics
Lot #: 88

Random Toys, Cars, Trucks & Pieces

Lot #: 89

Paul Frank Blue Crush Scooter NIB

Lot #: 90

Hulk Hands, Magic Doodle, Paddle Ball, Chalk

Basketball Net, Bicycle Seat and Snack Dispenser
Lot #: 91

Hugabee?s Riverboat NIB

Lot #: 92

Vintage Metal Doll House & Doll House Items

Lot #: 93

Toy Pedal Cars, Campbell?s Soup and Skippy Fire

Chief - Both broken
Lot #: 94

Police Patrol Wagon, Texaco Sky Chief Car & Radii

Flyer Sled
Lot #: 95

Vintage & Modern Board & Card Games

Lot #: 96

Vintage Puzzles, Barbie & Ken, & Mickey & Minnie

Lot #: 97

Vintage Books, Comic Books, Coloring Books &

Paint by Number
Lot #: 98

Vtg 1979 Wonder Woman Underoos, Sz. Sm, NOS

Lot #: 99

8 Replica Cars, NIB

Lot #: 100

Collection of LLEDO 4 Trucks, NIB

Lot #: 101

Vintage Children Toy Dishes & Bake Set

Lot #: 102

Baseball & Football Superstar Collectibles, NIB

Lot #: 103

2 Vintage Trucks, restored

Lot #: 104

Vintage ERTL International Tractor & Cart

in: 31

Lot #: 105

Hubley Kiddie Toy Dump Trucks (2)

Lot #: 106

Vintage ERTL International Tractor & Cart

in: 31

Lot #: 107

Vintage Tonka Mighty Dump Truck

Lot #: 108

Vintage Truck Lot (7)

Lot #: 109

Corvair Custom 1969 Model (3) NIB

Lot #: 109a

4 Model Kits: Coors Courier, Cinder, 1928 Model A

Ford, 1955 Chevrolet & Cinder Bug
Lot #: 109b

vintage Models, Yellow Submarine, Indy 500, Pyro

Brass Car & Ford Roadster
Lot #: 110

4 Vintage Toy Truck Parts

Lot #: 111

ERTL Dukes of Hazzard "General Lee" and More

Dukes of Hazzard- ERTL 1981 1/25 ScaleHighway Patrol Cars, Red Pickup
Lot #: 112

The A-Team Helicopter & Mr. T

Lot #: 113

Nylint Dinty Moore Ranger & American Muscle 1957

Ford Thunderbird
Lot #: 114

2 B-25B Michell Models, One NIB, wooden Model,

NIB & Mini Plane
Lot #: 115

Sinclair Aircraft Bank, NIB & Liberty Classics

1929 Travel Air Bank, NIB
Lot #: 116

ERTL Campbell?s Lockheed Air Express Bank, NIB

Lot #: 117

Coca-Cola 1932 Northrop Gamma Bank, NIB

Lot #: 118

ERTL Wings of Texaco Northrop Gamma Bank, NIB

Lot #: 119

ERTL Wings of Texaco 1931 Stearman Biplane Bank,

Lot #: 120

ERTL Wings of Texaco 1940 Grumman Goose Bank, NIB

Lot #: 121

ERTL Wings of Texaco 1932 Northrop Gamma Bank,

Lot #: 122

ERTL Wings of Texaco 1931 Stearman Biplane Bank,

Lot #: 123

ERTL Wings of Texaco 1932 Northrop Gamma Bank,

Lot #: 124

ERTL Wings of Texaco 1931 Stearman Biplane Bank,

Lot #: 125

Liberty Classics Stearman Biplane Bank, NIB

Lot #: 126

Ty Beanie Collection & The Beanie Baby Handbook

Lot #: 127

McDonald?s Ty Beanie Babies (40+) NIPMultiples

of several
Lot #: 128

Dolls and Stuffed Toys

Lot #: 129

Vintage Toy (cap) Guns

Lot #: 130

Ninja Set (plastic) NIB

Lot #: 131

Vintage View Masters, Fisher Price Picture Story

Camera & Wood Blocks
Lot #: 132

Solar Animal Bobble Heads

Lot #: 133

Vintage Hot wheels, cars, trucks & trains

Lot #: 134

Action Figures, Disney Figures, Toys, girls

Lot #: 135

Character Toy Figures

Lot #: 136

Action Figures, boys

Lot #: 137

Fast Food Toys on Wheels

Lot #: 138

Fast Food Toys, NIP and Unwrapped

Lot #: 138a

McDonalds Barbie Dolls

Lot #: 139

MvDonald?s Collectible Plates (11), plastic, 2

Lot #: 140

Mismatched Toys & Things

Lot #: 141

Handheld Pinball Games & Other Toys

Lot #: 142

PEZ Dispensers, Oscar Mayer Whistles, & More

Lot #: 143

Ceramic Animals (& other) with Vintage Tin

Lot #: 144

Vintage Fisher Price Barn, Parking Garage, and

Other Toys
Lot #: 145

The California Raisin Lunchbox & Vintage PVC

Lot #: 146

Walt Disney Lunch Boxes, Micky Mouse, Snoopy &

Lot #: 147

Lone Ranger Lunch Box, Alarm Clock & Keepsake

Lone Ranger Lunch Box, Alarm Clock & Keepsake Ornament
Lot #: 148

2 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Lunch Boxes

Lot #: 149

3 John Deere Lunch Boxes

Lot #: 150

John Deere Lunch Boxes (3)

Lot #: 151

John Deere Airplane Bank NIB

Lot #: 152

John Deere Cookie Jar, NIB

Lot #: 153

John Deere Lamp & Musical Snow Globe, NIB

Lot #: 154

John Deere Travel Mugs (2), Coffee Cups (2),

Ceramic Coasters (2)
Lot #: 155

John Deere Wall Shelf, NIB & Clock

Lot #: 156

John Deere Door Stop, Paper Towel Holder, a

bottle Opener & Keychain NIB
Lot #: 156a

ERTL Miniature John Deere Die Cast

Lot #: 157

John Deere Kitchen Items - Bread Box,Match box

holder, Toothpick holder, Salt & Pepper, Hot Plate Holder, Bottle Opener & Coffee Cup
Lot #: 158

John Deere Trays (2)

Lot #: 159

John Deere Tins (7)

Lot #: 160

John Deere Hitch Plugs, License Plates & Holder,

Steering Wheel Speed Knob
Lot #: 161

John Deere keyholder, doorstop, ceiling fan pull

, bandanna, shot glass, and playing cards
Lot #: 162

John Deere Wood Crate, 18.5x15x13.5

Lot #: 163

John Deere Pocket Watches (2), Belt Buckle &

Clock (broken)
Lot #: 164

2 John Deere Airplanes NIP

Lot #: 165

John Deere Thermometer, Signs & License Plates

Lot #: 166

John Deere Signs & Poster

Lot #: 167

Metal Tractor Signs (5)

in: 31

Lot #: 168

Metal Gas & Service Signs (5)

Lot #: 169

Metal Roy Rogers & Cattle Signs (4)

Lot #: 170

Metal Lionel Train Signs (2)

Lot #: 171

Vintage Oil Lamps (2)

Lot #: 172

2 Vintage Oil Lamps

Lot #: 173

Vintage Decorative Oil Lamps (2)

Lot #: 174

Vintage Oil Lamps (6)

Lot #: 175

2 Vintage Oil Lamps, clear

Lot #: 176

3 Vintage Oil Lamps, Clear

Lot #: 177

Oil Lamps, Stainless & White, Vintage

Lot #: 177a

Small Oil Lamps (8) white, Hobnail

Lot #: 177b

Small Oil Lamps, (7) clear, blue & other

Lot #: 177c

Small Oil Lamps (7) Red, Pink, Multi Color

Lot #: 177d

Small Oil Lamps (12), Green, Amber

Lot #: 178

Vintage Lamps, need new cords

Lot #: 178a

Vintage Lamps, matching night table lamps & bed

Lot #: 179

Vintage Lamp

Lot #: 180

2 Vintage Night Table Lamps

Lot #: 181

Aladdin Flutes (5), Hurricane Flutes (5), Small

Hurricane Flutes (4), Mini Hurricane Flutes (2)
Lot #: 182

Vintage Cast Iron Stoves, Salesman Sample Sets

and More
Lot #: 183

Child?s Tea St (missing 1 cup) & More

Lot #: 184

Porcelain Toy Tea Set, Rosebud Pattern, NIB

Lot #: 185

Tea Service Set, Roses NIB

Lot #: 186

Fine Porcelain Toy Tea Set

Lot #: 187

China Tea Set, white & Gold, missing 2 saucers

Lot #: 188

Toy China Tea Set, NIB

Lot #: 189

Deluxe Aluminum Baking Set (toy) and other set

Lot #: 190

Precious Moments Tea Set & More

Lot #: 190a

Misc. Children's Tea Sets

Lot #: 191

Assortment of ceramic/porcelain figurines

Lot #: 192

Coca Cola Glasses Lot of 16 pcs Various Styles

Lot #: 193

Soda Pop Glasses - Pepsi, Coke, A&W, 7-up Lot of

Lot #: 194

Vtg Coke Pitcher & 6 Glasses Lot, Great Condition

Lot #: 195

Coca Cola Collectibles Lot

Lot #: 196

Vtg Colgate, Toothache, Aspergum, Lip Balm Lot

Lot #: 197

Vintage Vaseline, Vick?s & More Bottles Lot

Lot #: 198

Vintage Glass Syringe, Pain Relief Tins & Bottles

Lot #: 198a

Vintage Band-Aid & Curad Bandages Tins Lot

Lot #: 199

Coca Cola Collectibles Lot

Lot #: 200

Coca Cola Tin Tray Collectibles Lot

Lot #: 201

Coca Cola Collectibles Lot

Lot #: 202

Vintage Cigar Boxes Lot of 12

Lot #: 203

Vintage Cigar Boxes Lot of 12

Lot #: 204

Vintage Cigar Boxes Lot of 11

Lot #: 205

Vintage Cigar Boxes Lot of 9

Lot #: 206

Vintage Seth Thomas 11 Jewels Mantle Clock w/key

Runs, but then stops
Lot #: 207

Seiko Westminster Mahogany Wall Clock - Works

Working, Keeps Time and Chimes Properly Model QXH022BLHBattery Operated
Lot #: 208

Vintage Colgate Shaving Mug Soap - NOS Full

Lot #: 209

Vintage Gillette 19753 Shavers Lot

Lot #: 210

Vintage Gillette Shavers & Blades Lot

Lot #: 211

Vintage Shaving Brushes & Mugs Lot

Lot #: 212

Vintage Razor & Grooming Lot

- Dorko German No. 00 Manual Hair Clipper- Gillette Brass Safety Razor- Schlick Eversharp Razor- Maher & Grosh Straight Razor - German Straight Razor, Broken Handle- Metal Folding Travel Mirror- Rolls Razor Whetstone, missing cover
Lot #: 213

Vintage St Louis Spectacle House Wire Rim Glasses

Lot #: 214

Vintage Black Coates Wire Rim Glasses 1/10 12k

Lot #: 215

Coca Cola Vendo Metal Musical Bank - Works

Handle Missing On Pop Door
Lot #: 216

Old Tyme Coca-Cola Cooler Radio Cassette Player

Model OTR-1949Powers On and Works, Volume Only Works on High
Lot #: 217

Coca-Cola Bottles, Crate, Prints & Tin Bucket Lot

Coke Crate that has 24 bottles has 1 broken bottom slat and cracked side.Other crate looks repainted
Lot #: 218

Miscellaneous Piggy Banks Lot

Lot #: 219

Vintage Pair of Americana Banks

Lot #: 220

Vtg Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile, Apollo 11 Banks

Lot #: 221

Vtg Cast Iron Safe Banks w/Combination

Lot #: 222

Vtg Plastic & Ceramic Dog Banks

Lot #: 223

Vintage Ceramic Clown Bank

Lot #: 224

Pair of Cast Iron Rabbit Banks

Lot #: 225

Cast Iron Black Cat & Pot Metal Panda Banks

Lot #: 226

Vintage Oversize Glass Butter Dishes

No chips or cracks
Lot #: 227

Vintage Ash Trays Lot of 11pcs

Lot #: 228

Vintage Coffee & Tobacco Tins Lot

Lot #: 229

Vintage Velvet & Prince Albert Tins (Full) Lot of

Lot #: 230

Vintage Sta-Flo & Linit Starch 1/2 gallon Jars

Lot #: 231

Vtg Colgate Advertising Personal Care Tins/Bottles

Lot #: 232

Vintage Shoe Polish Advertising Tins & Bottles

Lot #: 233

Glass Coin Banks, Campbell?s Soup & Clown Banks

Lot #: 234

Camel Lighters & Collectibles Lot


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