9/8 Cynthis Mack Living Estate Auction

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Lippard Auctioneers, Inc.
Purchaser agrees above items were sold "AsIs, Where Is" and with all faults. No Warranty or Guarantee is expressed or implied and each item is the sole responsibility of the purchaser from the moment the auctioneer declared the item sold.Signature:_______________________________________________________________
4018 Twilight Ave, Enid, OK
Cynthis Mack Living Estate AuctionAppliances * Furniture * Household * Holiday Décor * DVDs * Books4018 Twilight Ave, Enid, Ok, 73703 Starts ending Wednesday Sept 8th 6PMPick up will be Thursday Sept 9th and Friday Sept 10th 3-6PM15% Buyers Premium will be added to final bid price.Winning Online bidder please take Note: your card on file will be charged unless you called ahead to make other payment arrangements. If you card did not go through we will be calling and/or emailing you.Any time you are experiencing issues you can have them call 844-775-4774 for help.Pickup only on items over 10 lbs, shipping available for items under 10 lbs that are not furniture; please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements - no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.Online Terms: All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factors. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Lippard Auctioneers Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Lippard Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.
Lot #: 1

Chest of Drawers-Ironbase and legs, 4 drawers

36"x18"x52" tall; Cherry Colored Wood finish
Lot #: 2

Plastic Tubs with Lids(4) Craftsman Brand

28"x20" top opening
Lot #: 3

Folding Tray Table-3 shoe Racks

1 Wooden-2 metal leg shoe racks
Lot #: 4

Iron Headboard-Full Size, Black w/bed rails

54" across X56" tall at center; items on bed not included
Lot #: 5

Hand Embroidered baby Quilt with angels-hand Tied

52"x39" dimensions-Orange Backing
Lot #: 6

Crochet Blankets-2; Pink/Brown; multicolored

Multicolored fits full size bed
Lot #: 7

Floral bedspread; Grey Sheets; Blanket-Full Size

Lot #: 8

Hangers-all kinds

2 large trash bags and a large box full
Lot #: 9

Round Table Cloth with Butterfly décor

Off white with fringe; Butterflies look to be handpainted
Lot #: 10

Ceramic Angels and Little Girl with Duck

11";11.5" Angels; 9.5" Ceramic Girl
Lot #: 11

Snow Globes; Nativity Plate; Dreamcatcher; chimes

Nativity Snow Globe; Doves; Angel; Carousel Globe
Lot #: 12

Stuffed Animals; Koalas; Tweety Slippers; Dog

Koala Coffee Mug; Stuffed Koalas; Koala Basket
Lot #: 13

Closet Organization Items; Drop down hangers

Hanging shoe rack; Clear Hanging rack
Lot #: 14

Sports Cards; Baseballs; Portable Radio

USA Olympic Items; Flags from Jerseys; in Wooden American Flag crate
Lot #: 15

Nighstand with iron base and legs; 1 drawer

21"x23.5"x26.5" tall
Lot #: 16

Framed Precious Moments Latchhook Rugs

31"x18" and 21"x29" approximately 3"deep
Lot #: 17

Purses and bags; Wallet; Hats in plastic tote

Sports Purse; Noah's Ark bag
Lot #: 18

Rolling Suitcases; 3 total; Fabric Sides

13.5"x22?x8"deep (2)
Lot #: 19

Religious Items; Crosses, Figurines

Candles; Jesus Figurine; Cross Box; tabletop decorations
Lot #: 20

Wooden Side table with 2 drawers; single leg base

11"x18.5"x23" tall; oak coloring with carved handles
Lot #: 21

Spun Glass Figurines (2); Butterfly; Swans

Approximately 4" tall each
Lot #: 22

Disney Snow Globe-Musical birthday WaterGlobe

Walt's 100th; "When you wish upon a star"
Lot #: 23

OSU University barbie-In Box; 2 Skipper Dolls

Skippers have been played with; OSU Barbie 1997
Lot #: 24

Wedding Day Barbie; Angelic Harmony barbie

Wedding Day Barbie 1996
Lot #: 25

Glass Jerelry Box; Beaded Cross Neklaces; charms

Saint Charms; 3 Beaded necklaces with crosses and stained glass box with angel on top and mirror bottom
Lot #: 26

Costume earrings; New and used; some singles

10 pair new earrings; several singles in box
Lot #: 27

Lapel Pins; ASA Softball Pins; Flags; Koala etc?

Shamrock; Nativity; Mickey and Minnie Mouse; Angel; Costume Jewelry
Lot #: 28

Religious Pendants; VisorClip; Stamped Pennies

Mother Teresa Pendant; Bookmark; Plastic Knife
Lot #: 29

Jewelry Odds and Ends; Pumpkin Earrings;Keychains

Breast Cancer Items; St. Patricks Pins; Candy Cane Pin
Lot #: 30

Pendants and other items; Arrowhead; Coins

Angel; Crosses; Koala; Horseshoe etc?
Lot #: 31

Bracelets; gold tone Braceletsl Bangle; 10+ items

No Visible Markings
Lot #: 32

Pins; Angel; Native American; Hearts; Rose

Cancer Pin; Rose with Cross
Lot #: 33

Small gold tone rings-6 total; No Markings

1 missing a stone; Ring holder; Pewter finish Heart Shape
Lot #: 34

Ladie's Watches; Sports Watches; Pin; Fossil

Rose Gold Tone watch; Baseball Band Watch
Lot #: 35

Various Chains; Some Broken; Some Pendants

1 Marked 14K Gold; 12+ items; I necklace with charms and beads
Lot #: 36

Glass Jewelry Dishes;Leaf & Holly;Gold tone chains

Cross and bar Necklaces have tag that say "charged"; small red pendant has no visible markings
Lot #: 37

Button Covers 15 total; Blue stone set; Brass tone

2 Fabric Covered and 1 Concho; All Have Button Cover clip on back
Lot #: 38

Earring Backs; Nightlight; Dish; Heart Box

Watch extra links; watch batteries
Lot #: 39

Vintage Jewelry Set;2sets earrings&Heart Necklace

No Marking on chain
Lot #: 40

Crate with Various earrings-Styles and sizes Vary

30+ pair and some singles; Studs, Hoops, Hanging, costume, Gold tone etc?
Lot #: 41

Vintage Jerelry Board with Owl Decoration

Lot #: 42

Dresser wit Metal base and Legs; 7 Drawers

Mirror attatched; 60"x17"x38" tall plus mirror
Lot #: 43

Plastic Tub w/nutcrackers; lip balm, tissues etc..

Vap-o-rub; baset; tissue holder and other like items
Lot #: 44

Plastic Tub with band-Aids and tape items

Band-Aid Boxes of various sizes and shapes
Lot #: 45

Plastic Tub with band-aids, ace bandages, cremes

Benadryl, aspercreme, Thermometers, Band-Aids of various sizes etc?
Lot #: 46

Plastic Tub with cotton dressings and Pain Crème

Lot #: 47

Toilet tissue, Kleenex, Sunscreen, bug spray; etc

Peroxide, Rubbing Slcohol, personal care items
Lot #: 48

Ace Bandages, joint braces and Command Strips

2 Boxes with Various Braces and Stretch Bandages and several Command Strips
Lot #: 49

Blood Pressure Cuff; Stethoscope

Medline Brand all parts are present
Lot #: 50

Basket and Box of Home repair items; light bulbs

Small project home repair items; glues, tapes bulbs etc?
Lot #: 51

Flie Cabinets (2-2 Drawer)Metal

I crème, 1 Black;Locking but no keys; Both 15"x18"x26" tall
Lot #: 52

Thread Storage and sewing tote-6 pieces total

Lot #: 53

Wall Pictures- 2 Boxes-Clocks

Precious Moments Crosstitch
Lot #: 54

Religious Wall Art; Crosses; Bronze. Ceramic

Inspirational Quotes
Lot #: 55

1994 and 1995 Stamp collector books; Marbles

Tea Pot; Water Balloons; Vintage Hand mirror
Lot #: 56

Craft Cutting Boards and rulers

Cardboard measuring board
Lot #: 57

Batting and Tapestry Fabric; Several rolls

Various sizes of material and batting
Lot #: 58

Plastic Tubs material; Various types and lengths

2 Plastic Tubs
Lot #: 59

Plastic Tubs material; Various types and lengths

2 Plastic Tubs
Lot #: 60

Crafting Books-2 boxes; Simplicity patterns

Buttons; Qilting Book; Elastic ad some crafting suppilies
Lot #: 61

Religious Books-3 Boxes; Catholicism; For Dummies

Bible Timeline etc?
Lot #: 62

Small Picture Frames, easels and figurines

1 Box
Lot #: 63

Cards, Yoyos.Thimble,puzzle,small balls,FlagMounts

Small Storage Bag, neck coolind bandana
Lot #: 64

Office Supplies-2 Boxes;Construction paper;Folders

Metal Paper tray; Papercclipsl etc
Lot #: 65

Pens/Markers Office Itms

Notepads and desk items
Lot #: 66

"The Bobbsey Twins"; Huckelberry Finn;Helen Keller

"Old Yeller; "Big Jake"-5 Books total Bobbsey Twins is Hard Cover
Lot #: 67

Kenmore sewing machine-Cord missing; Thread

Sewing Basket with Crosstitch on top; Sewing Mcahine missing storage compartment
Lot #: 68

Crochet items and paints in tub; Mead-Folder

Carry style Crochet tote; Paint by nember books and paints; yarn
Lot #: 69

First Alert Safe with Key;Survivor Shirts for Quil

T-shirts already cut and ready for t-shirt quilts
Lot #: 70

Tall Particle Wood Shelf; 4-Drawer File Cabinet

Contents not included; Shelf 30"x72"x12"deep
Lot #: 71

Childresn's and YoungReader Books;Precious Moments

King Lear; "Love you Forever"; Library books
Lot #: 72

Books-3 Boxes; Birds, Atlases; Medical Books

Medical Guides; Disctionaries etc?
Lot #: 73

Lamps (3); Touch lamp with Angels; Floral Ceramic

Maroon Lamp with Primitive Shade
Lot #: 74

Bookshelves/Printer stand for office

Particle wood bards-3 two shelf bookshelves
Lot #: 75

Christmas ornaments; Hallmark; Trays; Soaps

Flower Vases; Christmas Figure
Lot #: 76

Portable Radios; Ten-Key; Power Strip;Smoke

Lot #: 77

Cameras. Batteries, Glass Dishes

Polaroid 600; Small Fuji Film; Battery Charger Camera in Case
Lot #: 78

HP Deskjet Printer and Box of Office Supplies

HP DeskJet 2652-Printer, Scanner and Copy; Pencils; Adding machine paper Rolls
Lot #: 79

WoodenOffice Desk with Glass Top & 2 Office Chairs

Metal Handles on Drawers; Drawers have Carved design; Chairs-1 Metal and Fabric; 1 Metal and Wood; Contenets on Desk Not included
Lot #: 80

Baskets and containers 6+

Wicker and Woven Baskets for organizing and gift giving
Lot #: 81

Crop In Style Rolling Storage for Scrapbooking

Black rolling case with telescoping handle; 20"x15"x19"tall plus handle
Lot #: 82

Crafting items; Embroidery Hoops; Paints

Stickers, Letters, crafting supplies -1 Box + 1 Tub
Lot #: 83

Personal Care Products; Watrepik; Toothpaste

Gloves; Femenine Hygiene; Listerine etc?.
Lot #: 84

Blank Cards abd Thank you Notes; Christmas etc..

In Boxes Various styles-1 Box
Lot #: 85

Black Leather Vest-Navarre Leather Size Large

Lot #: 86

Wooden Chest of Drawers-5 Drawers

Cherry Coloring Wood Finish-Metal Handles; 38"x52"x18" deep
Lot #: 87

Fan, Stand Light; Shower Chair; Scale; Trashcan

Fan and Light Power on
Lot #: 88

Personal Care products and Cleaning products

Shampoo, Conditioner, curling Iron, Scrubbing Brushes, windex; bathroom cleaning supplies
Lot #: 89

Sanyo Box TV with remote 13"

Lot #: 90

Acoustic Guitar; Needs stringing; Has some damage

Lot #: 91

Towels, Wooden Quilt Rack; Wood hanging rod

Quilt Rack is unfinished wood
Lot #: 92

Bedding Set(Penney's);Sheets with Blanket

Blanket is soft backing with top that matches grey and white sheets; Full size
Lot #: 93

Polyester Squares Quilt; Blankets(2)

in Plastic Tub
Lot #: 94

Sheet Sets-various sizes and colors in tub

Handmade Pillowcases
Lot #: 95

Pillowcases and various sheet sets-2 Boxes

Crochet items (Doilies)
Lot #: 96

Blankets and Sheets Various Sizes-Mostly Full

2 Boxes with Various Braces and Stretch Bandages and several Command Strips
Lot #: 97

Full Size Sheet Sets; Mattress Cover; Jersey Sheet

Jersey Sheets are Full Size and Gray in color
Lot #: 98

Blankets; American Flag Print;Christmas etc

Florals, Brown
Lot #: 99

Crochet Blankets and Various Pillows

4+Crochet Blankets; Angel pillow, Green Pillows
Lot #: 100

Native American Style Blanket w/Colorful Stripes

Lot #: 101

Polyester Quilts in Bag-2 Quilts made of squares

Lot #: 102

Twin Size Headboard and Frame

Contenets on Bed not included; Particle Wood Style Headboard
Lot #: 103

Kenmore Refridgerator;side by side;ice/water-door

Very Clean; powers on and stays cold
Lot #: 104

Pampered Chef Gadgets; Coffee Mugs; Corelle Dishes

Dish Set not complete; Pampered Chef, some new in Box/Bag
Lot #: 105

GE Turntable Microwave-Powers on

Lot #: 106

Cleaning Supplies-4 boxes; Laundry Items; Swiffer

Various Cleanings supplies, some new, some used
Lot #: 107

Glass Pyrex Dishes; Round and Rectangle w/lids

11 Dishes with some lids; 1-Box
Lot #: 108

Glass Wine Glasses and Drinking Glasses

5 wine glasses; 8 smaller juice Glasses; 6 Drinking Glasses
Lot #: 109

Glass Kitchen Items; Jars; Milk bottle; Bowls

Vasesl Butter Dish-1 Box
Lot #: 110

Silverware; Ice Bucket; Teapot; Trivets;spoon dish

Everyday silverware
Lot #: 111

Utensils; Knives; Measuring spoons ets?

Utensil Holder; Rolling Pin Spoons etc?1 Box
Lot #: 112

Small Kitchen Gadgets; Food Mill; Strainers;juicer

Small Kithcen items; Bowls etc? 2 Boxes
Lot #: 113

Pilsbury Dough Box Cookie Jar, napkin holder

Braums Glass; Oreo bowl, Decoratie Plates; Inspirational Quote items
Lot #: 114

Plastic Ziploc Storage Bag-Several partial Boxes

1 Box
Lot #: 115

Kitchen Towels and Placemats-kitchen Linens

1 Box
Lot #: 116

Pots with lids (6); Silver Finish

Most are Farberware; 1 has no Brand
Lot #: 117

Maytag Centennial Washer-Powers on

Lot #: 118

Maytag Dryer-Powers on

Lot #: 119

Round Wooden Pedastal Table with 4 chairs

Lot #: 120

Display Cabinet; Particle wood style shelf with gl

Glass doors; 29.5"x53.5"x16"deep
Lot #: 121

Harvest bowl Set (2); Serving Bowls

Lot #: 122

Decoratively Porcelein Bowl; Silvestri Brand

marked on bottom 9" diameter
Lot #: 123

Iron Crosses(2); "Ten Commandments Plaque"

Lot #: 124

Art Supplies with small painting easels

Paints, brushes, cloths etc?
Lot #: 125

Pink Tea Dishes; 3 sizes of plates 4 teacups

4 of each size plate and 4 teacups
Lot #: 126

White dishes, odds and ends; several pieces

1 Box
Lot #: 127

Scentsy Items. Scents, pots

baseball scent warmer, Crème colored sent warmer; bulbs
Lot #: 128

Picture Frames and hanging décor

Brass Florals; "m" Frames and sayings-2 Boxes
Lot #: 129

Dreamscicles; Precious Moments; bell Angels

Decorative Figurines
Lot #: 130

Bird Figurines; Girl Figurine

Trinket Boxes and elephant planter
Lot #: 131

Christmas items; Pie Plate; Bell, Hanging sign

Christmas Décor
Lot #: 132

Household repair items; Extension Cords; baskets

Window Kit; Drain Cover; Scarf Loom 2 Boxes
Lot #: 133

Wooden Magazine Storage-Opens on top

Lot #: 134

Americana Décor; Purse; Flag Blankt; Signs

2 Boxes
Lot #: 135

Singer Sewing machine with Cover-Pedal and cord

Wooden Lap tray
Lot #: 136

Wall Art and Decorative Items-Crochet

Shelf; Religious Art; God Bless This Home Crochet
Lot #: 137

Silk Floral; Lamp, Rose in a water Globe

Box plus silk plants
Lot #: 138

Religious Decorative Items; Praying Vase; Jesus

Wall Art, Shelf decorations religious
Lot #: 139

Americana Eagles (2); Waving Flag, needs battery

3 items
Lot #: 140

Magnavox VHS and DVD Player with Remote

Lot #: 141

Wooden Entertainment Center-Missing Glass

Drawers underneath; Contents not included; 52"x45"x17"
Lot #: 142

The Last Supper WallTapestry

31"x24"; Cross Hangers
Lot #: 143

Long Wooden table; 2 Benches

I has iron legs; table-45"x11"x30"
Lot #: 144

Concrete Angels; Resin Angels-Garden items

OU Painted Brick; Graden Heart Resin Stepping Stone
Lot #: 145

Nativity Scene Globe-Lighthouse figurine

Bethlehem Depicted around globe
Lot #: 146

Ceramic Tiles; Painted on and Drawn on for paint

Lot #: 147

Metal Fireplace Screen 4 Folding Panels

Approx 31"X50"
Lot #: 148

Round Coffee table with iron legs

38" diameter and 20" tall
Lot #: 149

New England Clock-Farmington Conneticut; has key

Wooden Case Pendulum Clock
Lot #: 150

VHS Tapes 2 Boxes;Air Force 1; Old Yeller

While you were sleeping; Scent of a Woman; Charlottes's Web
Lot #: 151

Painted plates and bowls-Plain ceramic drawn on

2 Boxes; 1 Box is White ceramics that mostly have been painted; 1 Box is white ceramics that have been drawn on to paint
Lot #: 152

Dvd's-2 boxes; John Wayne, Camp Nowhere, Fluke

Annie Oakley; Mash, About a Boy etc?
Lot #: 153

Precoius Moments Items; Coffe Mugs, Frame, etc

Ornament, Figurines; Bulova Table Clock; 1 Box
Lot #: 154

Angel Figurines and Décor; Various sizes and style

1 Box
Lot #: 155

Vases and Glass Flowers; Shell Necklaces

Table Cross; Glass Dome
Lot #: 156

Butterfly Décor-hanging Glass Piece; Frames

Plate; Metal butterfly
Lot #: 157

easels-25+ Various Colors and styles

Meta, Wooden, Plate Hanger-1 Box
Lot #: 158

Ceramic Dolls;Porcelein Doll; Girl and Boy Doll

Porcelein Doll with Stand
Lot #: 159

Metal Shelves (2); Display Shelves

Decorative Shelf with 2 shleves-5 shelf metal shelf
Lot #: 160

DVD's 2 Metal DVD Holders with DVD's-Full

Each hold 35; Moondance; Sandlot-Stand By Me; Big Fat Liar
Lot #: 161

Home Workout Equipment-Slimmer Belt; Ankle Weights

Jump rope; Jillian Michaels Slimmer Belt
Lot #: 162

Throw Pillows-Chair Cover-Jesus and Children

Chair Cushion, Various Throw Pillows
Lot #: 163

Floral Couch with pull out bed and 2 Throw pillows

88"x34"x25"tall at the arm
Lot #: 164

House Floor Rugs 7; Various small Rugs

Livingroom Rug-68"x48"
Lot #: 165

Metal Display Shleves-2 Corner, small plant stand

Rectangle display shelf with 5 levels; Corner Shelves 61"tall 12" sides
Lot #: 166

Wall pictures/Art; Metal Crosses; Cross Pictures

20+ items; Mirror Tray etc?
Lot #: 167

Display Clocks with PressureGauges(2);Commandments

Crack in 1 Glass on Weather Gauge; 10 Commandments Wall Picture
Lot #: 168

Chalk Wall Hanging, Man/Woman in room

All one Color-Paint is Chipping; 20.5"x9.5" dimensions
Lot #: 169

Side Tabel with metal legs and base

12"x24"x24" tall
Lot #: 170

Wall Clocks and Refridgerator Magnets

3 Clocks-20+ Magnets
Lot #: 171

Dishes-Odds and Ends Several pieces15+

Gravy Boat-Several Small plates
Lot #: 172

Plastic Utensils;Paper Plates; Toothpicks etc?

Cupcake Papers; Solo Cups various throw away dishes
Lot #: 173

Office Supplies-1Box;Cordless Phones; notepads

Pens, Koozies, office Supply items
Lot #: 174

Pampered Chef Items; Chopper, Cheese Grater

Small Stones; Plastic Baking Sheet
Lot #: 175

baking Dishes with glass lids; Oven Bake

Lot #: 176

Kitchenaid immersion blender; hand Mixer

Lot #: 177

Baking Stones; Pampered chef pieces

4 items
Lot #: 178

Regal electric Knife; Hamilton Beach Elec. Knife

In Boxes; Storage Box
Lot #: 179

Bowls; Small White Plates; Clear smoky Oven Glass

10 Pieces
Lot #: 180

Cheese Slicer; Cutting Boards; Alum. Pans; baking

9 Pieces
Lot #: 181

Metal baking Pans-4 Rectangle; 4 Wavy Pans

Farberware and unmarked
Lot #: 182

Plastic Trashcans2-folding stepstool-Metal basket

4 Pieces total
Lot #: 183

Various Wall Crosses-1 box;

Red, silver, yellow, white, White with roses
Lot #: 184

Plastic Cups15+; Several different colors silver

Lot #: 185

Woven Picnic Basket-Hinged Lid w/handles

Lot #: 186

Metal Baking pans; Cipcake tins, Bowl Set

15+ Pieces
Lot #: 187

Copper Skillets (2); Copper baking Sheet

Copper Chef and no markings
Lot #: 188

Recipe Boxes 6 total in 1 Box

Lot #: 189

Recipe Books and Cards; Binders (5)-2 Boxes

Lot #: 190

Hamilton Beach Crock Pot; Rival Small Crock Pot

Red finish and silver finish
Lot #: 191

Hamilton beach Breadmaker with Manual

Powers on
Lot #: 192

Oil lamps(2)Gold Bottoms; Glass Chimneys

Lot #: 193

Blender w/ Manual;George foreman Grill w/cookbook

Lot #: 194

Glass Bowls; White Bowls; baking dishes-Round

Glass Bowl has Wheat pattern; Tall Vase
Lot #: 195

Casserole Dishes Several; some lids; Glass bowl

Lot #: 196

Glass Pyrex Baking Dishes/w silicone Lid

3+ 1 in Cooling/heating Carrying Case; Carrying Basket
Lot #: 197

large Casserole Dish with Lid-Blue Cornflower

Lot #: 198

Toaster Oven; Pan for stovetop with Lid

Metal Round baking Pan
Lot #: 199

Bread Slicing Guide; bag Sealer; Apple Corer

Rolling Chopper-all in Boxes
Lot #: 200

Texas native nutcracker-Has Directions

Needs to be put together
Lot #: 201

Foodsaver sealer; Slice-O-matic-in box

Lot #: 202

Oreck Air Purifier with Manuals

Powers on
Lot #: 203

Vaporizer in Box; Swiffer Refill Pads and Bottles

32 Pads-2 Bottles-Unopened; Vaporizer-Walgreens
Lot #: 204

Air Purifier with Hepa and Carbon Filter

Powers on;Arm and Hammer
Lot #: 205

Oscilating Fan-Flowpro-Multiple Settings

Powers on
Lot #: 206

Decorative Baskets (2)

Checkered Pattern and Metal
Lot #: 400

Shelf Unit

72"h x 30" x 12"; one damaged area
Lot #: 401

Plant Stands, metal (2)

21"h, 32"h
Lot #: 402

Décor/Yard Art (5+)

Lot #: 403

Storage Shelf

54"h x 46" x 22"
Lot #: 404

Athletic Trophies - 3 tubs, Bat

mostly baseball, softball; 1950's - 2000's
Lot #: 405

Rubbermaid Storage Shelf

54" x 36" x 18"
Lot #: 406

Rubbermaid Storage Shelf (no contents)

54" x 36" x 18"
Lot #: 407

Fall Décor, Yard Art

decor only, not shelving
Lot #: 408

Step Ladders (2)

Lot #: 409

Cleaning Tools - mops, brooms, etc.

Lot #: 410

Chest Freezer

running, cold; 32"h x 29" x 21"
Lot #: 411

Craftsman 17" Toolbox

with contents
Lot #: 412

Screwdrivers, Hammers - 1 box

Lot #: 413

Paint, Cleaning Supplies, Bucket - 2 boxes+

Lot #: 414

Yard Supplies, Tools - 2 boxes

Lot #: 415

Christmas/Holiday - Variety - 3 tubs

Lot #: 416

Christmas/Holiday - Variety - 3 tubs +

content in boxes is not as pictured on box
Lot #: 417

Easter/Spring/Crosses -Variety - 2 tubs +

Lot #: 418

Rubbermaid Trash Can, Wood Pieces

Lot #: 419

Mailbox Post, Mailbox - in boxes

Lot #: 420

Yard - tools, pots, watering can

Lot #: 421

Décor/Yard Art - Patriotic, July 4 (10+)

Lot #: 422

Black & Decker Cordless Drill in box

no drill bit
Lot #: 423

Craftsman Evolv Screwdriver in box

Lot #: 424

Power Tools, Bits (2)

no charger/battery
Lot #: 425

Cords, Tech Cords, Nails, Misc - 2 boxes

Lot #: 426

Trophies - Pageant, Cattle, More (10)

Lot #: 427

Décor - 2 boxes

Lot #: 428

Oklahoma License Plate

Lot #: 429

Grand Champions Toy Horses (7)

Lot #: 430

1975 Imperial Toy Horse (3)

Lot #: 431

Toy Horses (4)

Lot #: 432

1971 Illustrated Library of Nature (16)

in tub
Lot #: 433

Wood 3-Leg Basket with Lid

21"h x 12"; some stains
Lot #: 434

Binders - mostly 1" (10+)

in tub
Lot #: 435

Tubs - Variety - most have lids (8+)

Lot #: 436

Tupperware Blue Canister Set (4)

with lids - largest lid is cracked
Lot #: 437

Farberware Electric Broiler, with cord

didn't seem to power on
Lot #: 438

Yard Ornaments (6)

seated girl is cement, standing girl is wood, others are composite material
Lot #: 439

Christmas/Holiday Wreaths, Yard Art (10+)

yard art is tin
Lot #: 440

Christmas/Holiday Art/Yard Art (4)

Lot #: 441

Food Plasticware, including Tupperware

2 tubs
Lot #: 442

Yarn - variety - 2 tubs

Lot #: 443

Gift Boxes, Bags - partial tub full

1 tub
Lot #: 444

Shower Seat, adjustable

Lot #: 445

Folding Tables (3) (no contents)

72" x 30" x 30"
Lot #: 446

Yard- Chemicals, Products, Hose, Hangers

shelf not included
Lot #: 447

Plastic Storage Shelf (no contents)

72"h x 35" x 18"
Lot #: 448

Yard Chairs (3), Camp Stool, Laundry Rack

Lot #: 449

Composite Shelf Unit

48"h x 30" x 12"; worn condition
Lot #: 450

Glasfloss Disposable Filters (8)

20" x 30" x 1"
Lot #: 451

Metal Shelf Unit, Composite Shelf (2)

72"h x 34" x 14"; the composite shelves are broken, warped
Lot #: 452

Biessell Vacuum, Powerforce Helix

powers on
Lot #: 453

Rakes, Saws, Sprinklers (8)

Lot #: 454

Flooring, Tile, Supplies

two unopened boxes of laminate flooring - different brands


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