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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Wiggins Auctioneers
I hereby certify that I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions: 1.All bidders must be registered to bid, and will not be accepted without providing name, address, phone, and valid ID. By registering for the auction, bidder agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of the auction set forth herein. 2. FIREARM BIDDERS: By registering for this auction, Buyer certifies the following: (a.) I am 18 or more years of age to purchase a shotgun/ rifle. I am 21 or more years of age to purchase a handgun. (b.) I have presented a valid photo ID document (such as a driver's license or a government ID card), that listed my date of birth, residence, and a signature. (c.) I have never been convicted of a felony in any state, nor been military court marshaled, nor am I currently under indictment for any crime punishable as a felony, or court procedure that would limit me to the laws prohibiting me from possessing a firearm. (d.) I am the actual buyer and I am not acquiring the firearm on behalf of another person, commonly known as a "straw" purchase. (e.) I am not a fugitive from justice. (f.) I am not an unlawful user of illegal drugs, stimulants, or narcotics. (g.) I have never been adjudicated mentally defective or incompetent, nor have I ever been committed to a mental institution. (h.) I am a United States citizen and enjoy the full benefits as such. (i.) I am not otherwise prohibited from purchasing or possessing the firearm as identified above.3.All items are being sold "As-Is, Where-Is". All sales are final. Bidders are encouraged to inspect items being sold and are solely responsible to satisfy themselves as to any inspections, current condition, usability, etc. prior to bidding. Buyer is solely responsible for the item upon the auctioneer stating "sold" or the "close" of auction. 4.PREVIEW: Mon., August 15th, 2022, 1-3 PM 5.PAYMENT & TAX INFO: An 18% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid at auction to determine the purchase price. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, company/personal check, credit card, or wire transfer. A 3% Buyer's Premium discount will be given if invoice is paid in full by cash, check, or wire transfer. All invoices must be paid in full prior to removal AND on or by pick up/removal date. In the event Buyer has not paid on or by pick up/removal date, the registered credit card shall be automatically processed on any unpaid balances, unless other arrangements have been made. Purchases are subject to city, county, and state sales tax, where applicable, unless Buyer provides appropriate exemption permit. 6.PICK UP/REMOVAL: Buyer pick up/removal date(s) and time(s): Wed., August 24th, 2022, 9 AM-1 PM and Thurs., August 25th, 2022, 1-3 PM. No load out shall be provided by the Seller or the Auction Company (BRING HELP). Although we understand hardships and situations arise, we simply do not have the manpower or storage capacity for items which are not retrieved on designated pick up/removal date(s) and time(s). Please make every attempt to attend the above designated pick up/removal or send someone on your behalf. 7.FORFEITURE: In the event Buyer does not attend the designated pick up/removal, the Auction Company will make reasonable effort to arrange a separate scheduled date & time for Buyer to retrieve items; however, no guarantee is made by the Seller or the Auction Company. An additional fee may be assessed by the Auction Company for a separate scheduled pick up/removal. If items are not retrieved by 5 PM, Tues., September 6, 2022, then Buyer automatically forfeits items and the Seller and/or Auction Company may dispose of the items at their sole discretion with no further liability to the Buyer. 8.SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS (U.S. Only): Buyer is to notify Auction Company within 24 hours of close of auction, if shipping is needed. Upon payment in full, Auction Company will deliver items less than 30# to local shipping company for shipment. Instructions and payment to shipping company for packaging, insurance, and shipping are Buyer's sole responsibility. The Auction Company is not responsible or liable for any issues arising from shipment. 9. FIREARM SHIPPING: A $25 shipping fee will be charged to out of state Buyers, and the firearm will be shipped to an FFL dealer of Buyer's choice & at Buyer's sole cost, subject to approval by the representative of the Estate. FFL dealer license must be presented prior to shipment.10.UNPAID INVOICES: The Buyer agrees to pay all invoices and/or debts to Wiggins Auctioneers in accordance to the terms set forth herein. In the event such invoices and/or debts are not paid, there will be late charges accrued at the rate of 15% per year or the max interest allowed by law. Buyer also agrees to reimburse Wiggins Auctioneers for any attorney fees, collection fees, and/or costs incurred in order to collect any past due amounts or enforce the auction terms set forth herein. Venue for any litigation is agreed to be in Garfield County, Oklahoma.11.All information is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, no guarantee is made by the Auction Company nor the Seller. Buyer(s) shall satisfy themselves as to value, size, condition, etc. prior to auction day.12.The Auction Company, Seller or an Agent/Representative reserve the right to bid on behalf of themselves or a third party. Announcements made day of auction take precedence.13.For convenience, this auction is being broadcast online. Neither the Auction Company nor the Seller is responsible for delay of signal or loss of signal by either side.14.Bidder hereby agrees to sign/accept by electronic means, and that the electronic signature/acceptance shall have the same force and effect as an original signature.
2104 Breckinridge Road, Enid, OK
Guns | Furniture | Refrigerators | Collectibles | Boat | Trailer | Farm Equipment | Tractor | Tools | Home Décor | Household Items | Shop Items | & More! Enid, Garfield Co., OKONLINE ONLY AUCTIONTuesday, August 23rd, Begins Closing at 6:00 P.M.Preview Date: Monday, August 15, 1:00-3:00 P.M. Pick Up Dates: Wednesday, August 24, 9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. & Thursday August 25, 1:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M. Auction Location: 2104 Breckinridge Road, Enid, OK 73701- Guns & Ammo - Tools - Refrigerators - Washer - Tractor- Boat - Trailer- Collectibles - Toys- Home Décor - Dishware- Clothing - Glassware - Power & Handheld Tools - Welder- & Much More!Contact Deborah Eck, Auction Manager, 580.401.0500 for additional information Visit WigginsAuctioneers.com for full details & online bidding.Seller: Becky Thesman
Lot #: 1

Misc. Gun Accessories

Gun cabinet, gun cleaning kit, gun case, wooden shelf, safety glasses, hat. Gun cabinet approx. 54" tall, 10" deep, 21" wide.
Lot #: 1a

Savage Axis 30/06 Rifle

Springfield Caliber w/ Scope. Serial Number: H401103.
Lot #: 1b

Westernfield Model M815 .22 S-L-LR

Lot #: 1c

Mossberg 410 GA 26 full choke Shotgun

Chambered for 2.5 & 3in shells. Serial number: 30259 B
Lot #: 1d

Misc. Ammo

Lot #: 1e

Misc. Coins Various Regions

13 Coins, 5 Austria, 3 Hungary, 1 Netherlands, 1 Germany, 3 France.
Lot #: 1f

Misc. One Cent & Half Penny

1896 Canada one cent, 1892, 1931, 1942, 1959 half pennies.
Lot #: 1g

Misc. Lincoln Cents

1919, 1925, 1938, 1951, 1953, 1960 Lincoln Cents. 1 Wheat Penny.
Lot #: 1h

Misc. Proof Coins

1960, 1961, 1964 proof nickels, 1968, 1971 proof half dollar, 1962, 1963, 1964 proof pennies.
Lot #: 1i

Misc. Nickels, Dimes & Half Dollars

1943, 1945 war nickel, 1839 dime, 1845 quarter dollar, 1898 barber dime, 1906, 1909, 1933, 1941, 1942 half dollars.
Lot #: 1j

Misc. Half Dollars & One Dollars

1943, 1946, 1958, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 half dollars, 1885, 1972 one dollar.
Lot #: 1k

Misc. One Cents

1827, 1846, 1858, 1862, 1888, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 one cents.
Lot #: 1l

Misc. Cents

1864 two cents, 1866, 1867 three cents, 1858 half dime, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1911, 1912 five cents, 1936, 1937 five cents.
Lot #: 1m

Great Britain One Penny Coins

11 coins in years: 1903, 1913, 1921, 1929, 1938, 1939, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1964, & 1961.
Lot #: 1n

Ford Tractor

Lot #: 1o

Log Splitter

Lot #: 1p

Chevrolet Truckbed on Trailer & Contents

WELDER NOT INCLUDED. Contents include scrap metal.
Lot #: 1q

Haybale Chariot

Lot #: 1r

Iron Wheel Drill

Lot #: 1s

3 Section Spring Tooth

Lot #: 1t

2-Point Tandem Disc

Lot #: 1u

John Deere 2 Bottom Plow

Lot #: 1v

Small Trough & Small Haybale Rim

Lot #: 1w

Vision Bass Boat & Trailer

Tires to side of boat not included. It was ran years ago, condition unknown.
Lot #: 1x

Contents of Small Barn

Boat & Trailer not included. Contents small dump trailer (no wheels), misc. tires, CubCadet Tiller, posts, barbed wire, misc. metal, misc. lumber, lubricants.
Lot #: 1y

Flatbed Trailer w/Ramps

Contents on the trailer not included except the ramps.
Lot #: 1z

Scrap on Trailer

Trailer, ramps, toolbox, and machines not included. Contents include broken water heater, swing metal, misc. metal & wood.
Lot #: 2

Pipe Stand & Pulley

Other contents seen are not included. Only the stand.
Lot #: 2a

Large Toolbox & Misc. Shop Items

Nuts, bolts, tie downs, chain, light, gloves, & other misc. shop items. Toolbox does not stay open.
Lot #: 2b

Shop Table & Contents Including

batteries, rope, misc. scrap metal, vise, & more.
Lot #: 2c

Shop Table & Contents Including

Chainsaw, misc. scrap metal, parts, horseshoes, oil bucket & more.
Lot #: 2d

Large Lot of Misc. Scrap

metal & wood
Lot #: 2e

Lincoln Bulldog 5500 Welder

It hasn't been ran in years, condition unknown. Welder only included.
Lot #: 2f

Kohler Magnum 10 Air Compressor

It was ran years ago, condition unknown.
Lot #: 2g

2 Jacks, 3 Crowbars

Lot #: 2h

Misc. Hand Tools & Chain

Hand tools include wrenches, pliers, sockets, measuring tape, screwdriver & more.
Lot #: 2i

Misc. Power Tools & Hand Tools

Craftsman impact wrench, craftsman drill (no charger), hammers, socket wrench & other parts.
Lot #: 2j

Livestock Panel & Misc. Wood

Lot #: 2k

Miller Arc Welder Generator

Trailer, truck bed and other contents are not included. Last ran several years ago, condition unknown.
Lot #: 3

Contents of Chicken Coop

Parts, scrap metal, chain, car fluids, sprayers, black sheeting, rope, saddle, tie downs, and more. Chicken coop not included.
Lot #: 3a

Electric Microfiber Couch

Lot #: 3b

Bosch Washer

Lot #: 4

Whirlpool 1.9 CU.FT. Microwave Hood

Lot #: 5

Gold?s gym stride trainer

Lot #: 6

Headboard, Wooden Shelf

Lot #: 7

Wooden Dresser W/Mirror

Approx. 58" long, 19" deep, 32" tall without mirror
Lot #: 8

Frigidaire Refrigerator w/ Freezer

It does cool.
Lot #: 8a

Franklin Mint Jackie's Pearls

Lot #: 8b

Premier Designs Necklace

Lot #: 8c

1 Pin, 2 Bracelets

Lot #: 8d

Minnie Mouse Small Watch

Lot #: 8e

3 Women's Watches

Lot #: 8f

Men's Quartz Watch

Lot #: 8g

Marcel Pocket Watch

Lot #: 8h

Basket & Bead Necklaces

Lot #: 8i

Fashion Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings

Lot #: 8j

Jewelry Box & Fashion Jewelry

Lot #: 8k

Misc. Fashion Jewelry

Lot #: 8l

Jade Bracelet

Lot #: 8m

2 Fashion Necklaces

Lot #: 8n

1 Fashion Necklace & 1 Cross

Lot #: 9

Vintage Chopsticks & Misc. Glassware

Lot #: 10

Dish Set

Lot #: 11

Misc. Kitchen Items Including

Bread knives, Robinson Ransbottom mixing bowls & Picture, baking pans, silverware set, Coleman thermos
Lot #: 12

Coffee pot maker, Coffee pod stand, Plates

Lot #: 13

2 coffee pots, baking dish, Coke Bottle

Doll stands
Lot #: 14

Misc. Pans & Pot

Muffin pan, misc. cooking pans, presto pressure cooker pot
Lot #: 15

Misc. Kitchen Housewares

Muffin pans, cooking pot, mixing bowls, West Bend Electric cooking skillet
Lot #: 16

Misc. Kitchenware

napkin holder, large coffee mug, strainers, 2 RTIC drinking cups, liquid measuring cups, Coffee cups
Lot #: 17

Misc. Kitchen Items Including

Glass plate, salt and pepper shaker, glass pitcher, Coffee mugs, Glasscake stand
Lot #: 18

Misc. Kitchen Containers

plate set, plastic food storage containers, bowls
Lot #: 19

Drinking Glasses

Lot #: 20

Jar, Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Glass bottle
Lot #: 21

Weston pasta machine, steam cooker

Lot #: 22

Oster 18 Qt.-24-Lb Turkey roaster oven

Lot #: 23

Numave Pro infrared oven with extender ring kit

Lot #: 24

Misc. Kitchen Housewares

Christmas cookie cutters, set of 3 springform pan?s, Glass bowl container, misc. Christmas snack bins
Lot #: 25

Misc. Kitchen & Household Items

Silverware tray, Trashbags, Ziploc bags, cleaning utensils, hand towels, flyswatters
Lot #: 26

Misc. Kitchenware

Fall glass food tray, snack dipping tray, 2 vases aluminum foil cooking pans, heart shaped cake pan.
Lot #: 27

Crockpot, Bowls

Lot #: 28

Misc. Kitchen Items Including

large pitcher, cupcake holder, Halloween food tray
Lot #: 29

Children's Clothes & Items

Little kids overalls, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, Little kid belt buckle, binoculars
Lot #: 30

Misc. Household & Shop Items

Tools, flashlight, lanterns, binoculars, weather tech cupfone, step stool, Work gloves
Lot #: 31

Flower vases, fake flowers, fake rocks

Lot #: 32

Mason jars

Lot #: 33

Misc. Paint Supplies

Valspar storm coat, interior satin finish, interior matte finish, contact cement, flying insect killer, charcoal lighter, bleach, bug stop, caulking gun and caulking, duplex receptacle
Lot #: 34

Horse pictures and decorations

Lot #: 35

2 lamps

Lot #: 36

Cowboy decorations

Lot #: 37

Mirror, wooden wall shelf

Lot #: 38

Pictures/picture frames, Wall decorations

Lot #: 39

Misc. shelf decorations

Lot #: 40

Misc. books

car books, motorcycle book, cookbooks
Lot #: 41

DVD/ VCR Home theater system

Lot #: 42

Garment rack with wheels, wooden desk organizer

Lot #: 43

Holiday decorations, Christmas ornaments

Lot #: 44

Misc. Christmas Decorations

Christmas lights, lawn Christmas decoration 48" watching reindeer
Lot #: 45

Misc. Christmas items

Lot #: 46

Christmas decorations, Christmas cookie plate,

Santa mug, Santa bowl, Christmas gift bags/gift tags
Lot #: 47

Misc Christmas items/decorations

wrapping paper and gift bags
Lot #: 48

Filing cabinet and trashcan

Lot #: 49

Entertainment stand, Coleman Storage container

Lot #: 50

Lots of baby girl clothes,shoes and socks

(size 3-6 months old)
Lot #: 51

Sewing manikins, sewing Materials

Lot #: 52


Lot #: 53


Lot #: 54

2 Sleeping bags

Lot #: 55

Large Metal star, hammock

Lot #: 56

Misc. Outdoor Items

Baskets, ice chest, wind chime, outside porch decorations
Lot #: 57

Harley Davidson motorcycle decor

Lot #: 58

Wooden shelf, wooden jewelry box, mirror

Lot #: 59

Curtains, curtain rods

Lot #: 60

Men?s jeans, women?s clothing

Lot #: 61

Canon printer

Lot #: 62

Vera Bradley bags

Lot #: 63

Lots of Hats

Lot #: 64


Lot #: 65

Misc. Household Items

Kenmore comfort humidifier, razors, weight meter, warmer, belts
Lot #: 66

Misc. Office Supplies

Lot #: 67

Misc. Household Items

Unicorn humidifier, happy light compact energy lamp, Duracrft ionizer
Lot #: 68

Conair relaxing spa foot bath, raised toilet seat

Lot #: 69

Misc. Electronics Including

Remotes, radios, cameras, video camera, VHS player, HP laptop, misc. cords. headsets.
Lot #: 70

Misc. Workout Equipment Including

Weights, bands, ball, twist board, chair massager, palm massagers, foam roller.
Lot #: 71

2 Chairs & Small Fan

Lot #: 72

TV Stand, TV, 2 Suitcases

Approx. 37" TV, TV stand approx. 26" tall, 18" deep.
Lot #: 73

Misc. Puzzles & Games

Lot #: 74

Misc. Toys & Children's Furniture

Dollhouse, rocking chairs, bats, balls, Nerf guns, sprayers, etc.
Lot #: 75

Misc. Blankets & Comforters

7+/- blankets/comforters
Lot #: 76

Misc. Cleaning Supplies

Bissell steam cleaner, dusters, mops broom
Lot #: 77

Misc. Crafting Supplies & Décor Including

wagons, tipi, brushes, embroidered letters, decorations, books, maps, other misc. décor.
Lot #: 78

Misc. Bath Supplies

Body wash, candle warmer wax, bath set, hand soap.
Lot #: 79

Misc. Bath Items

hair dryer, hair rollers, body wash, blood pressure monitor.
Lot #: 80

Entertainment Center, Fish tank, Stereo

Entertainment Center approx. 49" long, 40" tall.
Lot #: 81

Misc. Books

Lot #: 82

Metal Shelf, Gun Rack, Heater

Metal Shelf approx. 99" tall, 2' wide.
Lot #: 83

Misc. Children's & Adults Costumes

Lot #: 84

Misc. Electronics & VHS/CDs

1 TV, 1 Speaker box, 1 speaker.
Lot #: 85

Video camera, Picture frames

Lot #: 86

Easel, paintings

Lot #: 87

Collectible stuffed bears

Lot #: 88

Collectible motorcycle displays

Lot #: 89

Misc. Household Decor

Lot #: 90

Eagle painting, eagle blanket

Lot #: 91

Misc. items including

knifes, tools, gun related items
Lot #: 92

Misc. shoes

mens (size 9) women?s (size 9)
Lot #: 93

Biker jacket, Trench Coat, scarf's

Lot #: 94

Shark pool floaty, 2 deluxe swim set

Lot #: 95

Picnic table, char-Broil grill

Lot #: 96

Wood Rocking Bench, Metal Shelf

Water hose not included
Lot #: 97

2 Ladders, 1 Step Ladder

Lot #: 98

Misc. Household & Garden Items

Metal Dolly, Metal cots (without mattress), Broadcast spreader, Garden tools
Lot #: 99

Remington Heater, Simpson Pressure Washer

Lot #: 100

Wake and knee board

Lot #: 101

Misc. Household & Outdoors Items

Five ice chests, Old radio, deer antler hat holder
Lot #: 102

Misc. Metal

Lot #: 103

Misc. Scrap Wood

Lot #: 104

2 Metal Shelves & Contents Including

Hardhat, power sander, welding supplies, hand tools, safety bag. Red shelf approx. 20" wide, 18" deep, 40" tall. Brown shelf approx. 20" wide, 16" deep, 35" tall.
Lot #: 105

Misc. Welding Supplies, Nails, Screws & Nuts

Lot #: 106

Misc. Power Tools

Hitch, jigsaw, sander, chop saw
Lot #: 107

2 Shelves & Contents

Bike chain, filter, brush, 2 bottles, Black & Decker buffer, Wen buffer, 2 other buffers, helium tank, sprayer, other misc. shop items.
Lot #: 108

2 Shop Vacs

Lot #: 109

Metal Lockers & Contents Including

Belt, extension cords, wiring, pvc pipes, pipe wrench, paint supplies, caulk gun. Approx. 36" wide, 18" deep, 78 tall for all shelves combined.
Lot #: 110

Trunk & Contents Including

Misc. hand tools, small table saw, saw blades.
Lot #: 111

Ping Pong Table Top & Sheet Rock

No legs or stand with the ping pong table top.
Lot #: 112

Misc. Ratchets & Chains

5 ratchets with hooks, 1 chain, 1 chain with hook.
Lot #: 113

Misc. Welding Supplies

2 welding hoods, 1 glasses, 1 goggles, fire starter, gloves.
Lot #: 114

3 Jacks

Lot #: 115

Misc. Shop Supplies Including

3 grease guns, 4 rods, misc. bolts, screws, nuts, wooden box with nails.
Lot #: 116

Misc. Shop Sprays & Equipment

Misc. degreasers, 2 gas cans, tool caddy, cans, tire sealant, light cover, clamps, hand tools, rotating jar holder, misc. books.
Lot #: 117

Misc. Shelves & Contents

2 Metal Tools Shelves, Wooden Shelf, Metal Caddy
Lot #: 118

Shelf & Misc. Shop Items

Radio, car radio, 3 heaters, chain saw parts, broken battery charger, shop light, tool buckets on wheels, extension cords, wiring, grease guns, rope, hand tools.
Lot #: 119

Misc. Toolboxes & Contents

9+/- toolboxes, wiring, tubing, engine analyzer, heat gun, hand tools, grinder accessories, buttonholers, other shop equipment.
Lot #: 120

Misc. Stools & Shop Equipment

2 creepers, 1 stool on casters, 1 folding stool, bag of multi absorbent, wood chair, bird feeder, paint tools, grease gun, plunger,
Lot #: 121

Misc. Metal & Shop Items

gas can, basket of springs, rods, tin bucket, misc. scrap metal.
Lot #: 122

Chainsaw & Misc. Parts

Lot #: 123

2 Car Wheels & Misc. Finders

Lot #: 124

Adventure 150 CC Moped

Does not start. VIN: LFGTCKPM861000856
Lot #: 125

Metal Lockers & Contents Including

wiring, oils, refrigerant, filters, air filters, misc. car fluid. approx. 36" wide, 18" deep, 77" tall.
Lot #: 126

Wood Shelf & Contents

2 jugs of deicer, misc. bolts, nuts screws, 3 vintage motorcycle helmets, car battery charger, spray bottles, garden supplies, vise.
Lot #: 127

Shop Table & Contents Including

Vise, grinder, drill press (hums but doesn't work when turned on) 2 bike tubes, 1 bike wheel, sprayer, misc. shop & car parts, peg board attached is included.
Lot #: 128

2 Peg Board, 1 Shelf & Contents

Bike chains, chainsaw chains, clamps, & electrical.
Lot #: 129

2 Chainsaws, & Misc. Garden Tools

Lot #: 130

Stack-On Tool Box & Contents

Misc. hand tools, sockets, & other misc. shop items.
Lot #: 131

Workbench Contents

workbench not included. Vise, watering pale, wire, electric wire, misc. hand tools, oil seals, & other misc. shop items.
Lot #: 132

Twentieth Century Welder

Heavy duty 296 amp welder with contents. It was ran years ago, condition unknown.
Lot #: 133

Cutting torch, gear oil

Lot #: 134

Kenmore refrigerator/ freezer, two trash cans

It does cool.
Lot #: 135

Misc. Power Tools & Shop Items

Direct drive 8" Saw table, craftsman saw, wooden work cabinet on casters, and contents of cabinet.
Lot #: 136

Troy-Bilt Push Mower & Misc. Items

fire extinguisher, gas cans,
Lot #: 137

2 Chainsaws & Dolly

Lot #: 138

Tire Rack & Misc. Tires/Rims

Air tanks not included.
Lot #: 138a

2 Air Tanks

Condition unknown
Lot #: 139

Misc. Outdoor Equipment

Fishing equipment, water skis, ski ropes, propeller, sleds
Lot #: 140

Misc. Shop & Outdoor Items

small trailer, misc. tin, Old air conditioning unit, Metal outside campfire, extension ladder. Fire pit and small trailer have dents and holes.
Lot #: 141

Misc. Tools & Parts

6 gallon Shop vac. Black and Decker buffer, tools, toolbox, planters
Lot #: 142

Misc. Shop Items Including

Air hoses, hand tools, shop sprays, insect killer, fan, parts, tool bags & other shop items.
Lot #: 143

Misc. Shop Items Including

Craftsman Sawzall (it works), plastic storage bin, nails, misc. hand tools.
Lot #: 144

Misc. Household & Shop Items

Misc. hoses and jumper cable, cowboy decoration, license plates, oil lamp, extension cords, air hoses.
Lot #: 145

Misc. Shop Items Including

ramps, toolboxes, belts hoses, sockets, oil can, parts, manual air pumps, jack.
Lot #: 145a

3 Broken Bikes

1 Schwinn, 1 Murray, 1 Raleigh
Lot #: 146

Air Compressors

Jetstream Air compressor, kobalt two stage pump, Kobalt comes with long hose and hose holder. Kobalt is like new.
Lot #: 147

Kenmore Freezer

Does not appear to cool
Lot #: 148

Vintage Toys & Household

Rocking horse, vintage children?s bike, dog food container & bowl.
Lot #: 149

Gardening items

Glass vase, gas can, Kobalt edger, seeder, planters, handheld tools, & other misc. garden items.
Lot #: 149a

Misc. Power Tools & Parts

Craftsman drill, Craftsman sander, chargers, tool bags, stud finder, misc. car parts. Storage tub is included.
Lot #: 150

Misc. Insulation

Lot #: 151

Bike, wheelchair, Walker

Lot #: 152

Misc. Wood & Household

card tables, steamer, glass, large metal cross w/lights. (bike not included)
Lot #: 153

2 Shelves & Contents

Contents include tile, garden equipment, oil, hoses, misc. fluids, air wrench.
Lot #: 153a

2 Gun Racks, 1 Table

Lot #: 154

Misc. Household & Automotive

3 batteries, Honeywell fan, misc. chemicals
Lot #: 155

Misc. Seats & Household

Car seat, bleacher seats/ lawn chairs, CDs, weights, misc. shop items.
Lot #: 155a

Misc. Records

107+/- records
Lot #: 156

Misc. Household & Shop Items

Clay shotgun targets, Coleman campgrill, printer, shoe polisher, heat rock, filters, sleeping bag, hand tools.
Lot #: 156a

Misc. Jars & Glasses

mason jars, plastic storage bin, pepsi-cola box w/ coca-cola bottles, wooden box, light fixture.
Lot #: 156b

Misc. Kitchen Housewares

mugs from different regions, keurig, ice-cream maker (may not work), cooler, pots & pans, thermo bottle.
Lot #: 157

Horse Supplies & Household

Horse rope, lace, leather, hole punch, hose, misc. decor, shoe shining kit, anchor, saddle soap, spurs.
Lot #: 157b

Misc. Vintage Toys

2 tractors, 2 trucks
Lot #: 157c

Misc. Outdoor Items

3 Coleman lanterns, 1 cantina.
Lot #: 157d

Misc. Toys & Books

books, toys, crossbow, bowling ball, basketball, misc. board games.
Lot #: 157e

Misc. Helmets

welding helmet, motorcycle helmets, hardhat, goggles
Lot #: 158

Misc. Household & Outdoor Items

Trophies, movie camera, premium underlayment insulation, cobra sound tracker, cb radios, tile, tent, misc. toy cars
Lot #: 159

Tool Rack on Casters

Including storage bins, pins for rack. Also includes car caddy & misc. tools.
Lot #: 160

Misc. wood

Rafters are not included. Buyer must bring down from the ceiling.
Lot #: 161

Misc. Firewood, Lumber, Scrap Metal

Lot #: 162

1 Coin Case

Lot #: 163

High Lift Jack

Fence is not included.


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Wiggins Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.