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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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4218 N 4th, Enid, OK
Tools ? Industrial ? Vintage ? electrical ? Glass ? Household ? Hardware ? Outdoor- D?corDoss Auction East ShopStarts ending June 12th 6PM4218 N 4th Enid OKPick up times: June 13th-14th 2-5:30PM15% Buyers Premium will be added to final bid price.Pickup recommendedShipping available on items under 10#s, no shipping on furniture items.Please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements ? no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.If auction company is required to make special trip for pick up there may be additional fees accessed.ALL Items must be removed within 1 weeks from auction, if not removed or arrangements made they will be deemed abandoned.Internet Bidding: will be available by clicking online bidding link to register. Neither the Auction Company nor the Seller is responsible in the event of loss of signal by either side.Any and All Items sold: Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise unless it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself. Neither Auction Company nor seller are responsible in the event of loss of internet signal, lagging internet service or any reason buyer misses a bid. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present to preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidder?s responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factor. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Lippard Auctioneers Inc or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. Auction Company reserves the right to bid on their own behalf, on the behalf of a bid left by other buyers.Online Terms: All property is sold ?AS IS?, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder?s responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factors. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Lippard Auctioneers Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Lippard Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.
Lot #: 1

Magturbo Bicycle Resistance Exercise Trainer

Minora collapsable missing parts
Lot #: 2

Central Hydraulics 5 wheel stool

padded seat, adjustment lifts but goes back down when sat on, base with wheels almost like a bowl to hold tools
Lot #: 3

Craftsman Deluxe Router Table 925481

4 legs bolted to wood boards has one blade, unknown working conditions
Lot #: 4

Dorma Listed Door Closer Body 6696

has templates, all parts, and never used
Lot #: 5

air gun nails shoe box full

heavy 1,500+ nails rows of 25 some rusted
Lot #: 6

Tecate mirror frame adv. Pussell 1878 print

silver colored frame with logo and "T", western picture no frame has water damage
Lot #: 7

2 vintage Behrens wash boards

both identical 2 legs good condition
Lot #: 8

R Hackney signed oil painting on canvas

named "Boats" on back cedar frame painting taped to back, good condition
Lot #: 9

MED painting wood frame, wood with pic. print

acrylic painting of mountain and river, wood board with a glued on picture of a girl and bird is textured on the front
Lot #: 10

Magnum 10A Electric Deep Water Downrigger

used unknown working condition heavy duty
Lot #: 11

2 empty tool/tackle boxes 1 Trophy 1 Plano

both have handles and in good condition Trophy red empty box Plano has compartments and tray with handle the fits inside
Lot #: 12

Boat Motor Bracket

used in good condition has compression range for ideal use
Lot #: 14

Homier Distributing Co. Sander 4" belt 6" disc.

has manual belt-disc sander/grinder comes with 120 grit sander belt and 80 grit disc both unopened unknown working conditions
Lot #: 15

vintage Turner Victorian Oval frame, art d?cor

2 chips on frame no signature taped on back gold color trim on oval frame, art d?cor wall canvas pair fashion design
Lot #: 16

blue irises canvas art, 92' painting with frame

no significant markings on canvas, 3 pears print painting signed B? 92' gold colored frame from University Art Company custom made frame
Lot #: 17

2 matching frames with floral pictures inside

distributed by Dolgencorp, Inc. 1 has daisies other is lavender
Lot #: 18

2011 Coca-Cola Company small chalk board

back board is coming off hinge on the back Hanover Products
Lot #: 19

Home Interiors & Gift vintage rooster plaque

wall hanging decor good condition, plastic
Lot #: 20

4 wooden arrows wall d?cor

blueish/gray burlap flowers, 1 missing the flower and slightly longer than other 3
Lot #: 21

2 vintage hand saws 1 Stanley hand saw

1-26" blade Superior Warranted handle is plastic and cracked 1-28" blade unknown rustic missing three bolts has slot for index ringer light wood 1-26" blade Stanley missing on bolt used in good condition
Lot #: 22

4 vintage Disston Hand Saws made in U.S.A.

1-26" blade little weathering by handle 1-26" blade wood chunk missing top of handle 1-26" blade missing two bolts has engraved design chipped on tip of saw blade 1-26" blade wood is burnt and splitting at bolts engraved design
Lot #: 23

2 vintage Disston hand saws

1-Superior Warranted 26" blade darker of the two good condition 1-Disston Phila 26" blade lighter brown good condition
Lot #: 24

2 vintage Superior Warranted hand saws

1-20" blade engraved design good condition 1-28" blade Disston engraved design good condition
Lot #: 25

2 Scotts Easy Hand-Held Seed Spreaders

both levels and gears work both in good condition
Lot #: 26

Central Pneumatic Clipped Head Nail Gun

Contractor Series item #91054 comes with 300+ nails and Machine oil about ? OZ
Lot #: 27

Marvin Space Heater with pull switch

2 settings unknown working conditions needs 2 heat bulbs
Lot #: 28

vintage Hanson Parcel Post Scale model 1515

needs to be leveled, missing clear cover some bent metal around arrow
Lot #: 29

Cut-Off Saw, mini wrench kit, metal hand saw

Harbor Freight Cut-off Saw Conversion Kit missing parts no saw, 4 Allen wrenches different sizes, 1 Disston no. 368 full metal hand saw
Lot #: 30

vintage Waco Casino King Slot Machine

does work, has money inside has bell sound unknown if bell works missing three screws good condition
Lot #: 31

Auto Sprinkler Fixtures and Fittings

sprinkler head pop ups, valve adapters, different circle patterns, various good different amounts
Lot #: 32

Eric Renk Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

large painting summer 1993 *Artist of the Quarter Signed 475/500 framing by The Volkerding Gallery & Framing
Lot #: 33

Barbara Felisky print painting Home Intentions

large gold colored frame, flower garden with statues leading to a body of water good condition
Lot #: 34

Kitchen ware lot metal hot trays, container

cupcake pan 24 regular size cupcakes metal pan, 2 metal wire serving trays, 1 vintage mesh metal serving tray, 1 portable dip and sides container with lid
Lot #: 35

measuring cups, mug, 2 vintage cheese graders

measuring cups still has original packaging never used ? tsp.- 1 cup, metal mug black with white speckles and handle, 2 Bluffton Slaw Cutter CO. cheese graders are the same but different size grades with handles
Lot #: 36

wooden letters all 6?" tall

1-A 1-D 2-E 1-F 1-G 3-I 2-N 2-O 3-R 1-S 1-T 1-U 1-W good condition
Lot #: 37

4 sets of drapery rod ends, 2 drape hooks, sign

white drape rod ends, black hooks, car decal sign "No Worry No Hurry Retired No Phone No Boss"
Lot #: 38

3 vintage frosted glass replacement shades

1 has slight chip on inside bottom rim others great condition
Lot #: 39

Grote Flameless Flare tin box 2 in box

originally set of 3 missing 1 9" tall some rust good condition
Lot #: 40

vintage lead crystal ash tray

no significant markings, heavy, no cracks or chips, good condition
Lot #: 41

Winston ash tray, Zelco mug 1 only the base

New Select Flavor Filter Winston Select metal ash tray, Zelco model # 16101 plastic base
Lot #: 42

2 vintage Gillette razors

1 with razor 1 without razor and has patina under the head
Lot #: 43

55 vintage Ralston Purina Co. Posters

12 that read "Ya gotta hunt for the good life" 43 that read "I hope the fish bite better than the mosquitos" most are in good condition
Lot #: 44

vintage bushel basket, wicker basket

no handles both in good condition
Lot #: 45

Rocky Patel 10th Anniversary wall plaque

made of wood . long good condition
Lot #: 46

vintage paper towel holder shelf

solid wood, has hanging slots on back 2 holes from front to back, loose rod
Lot #: 47

vintage handhelp vegetable cutter early 1900's

still shifts and is sharp no significant markings wood beginning to split on back side
Lot #: 48

various papers some vintage

Dennis the Menace clipping sealed, Bank of Crewe Nottoway County some sort of map, Liberian Stamps 10RIs Air Mail, South Dakota state bird post card blank, Tulsa OK. Post card of Golf Course from Bill to Carol June 22, 1949, 3 1907 State of Oklahoma Commemorative Bills made in 2008
Lot #: 49

2 vintage children books

Lucky and the Giant by Benjamin Elkin paperback cover torn but still intact yellow tint, The Little Boy who Lost his Name by Theresa Worman paperback fragile cover clean white pages
Lot #: 50

vintage Homemaker's Encyclopedia gardening

Indoor and Outdoor Gardening by Marie Read Smith with Illustrations damage to cover good conditions on the inside
Lot #: 51

vintage book Songs of the Sierras & Sunlands

by Joaquin Miller very fragile cover is broken but can be repaired gold color edges 309 pages
Lot #: 52

2 vintage educational books

The Normal Grammar The Science of the English Language Analytic and Synthetic by Stephen W Clark fragile duck taped cover, 1929 Popular Webster Dictionary Self-Pronouncing fragile condition cover still intact
Lot #: 53

vintage Three Musketeers 1901 edition

cover is damaged but is repairable says "inside is in great shape" sealed and taped shut
Lot #: 54

vintage farmers almanac 1982, Reckoner & Log

vol. 165 farmers' almanac for the year of the Lord 1982 some water damage but fair conditions, The Improved Ready Reckoner and Log-Book table of measurements and weights etc. very fragile conditions is falling apart
Lot #: 55

2 vintage New Testaments religious books

Oxford appointed to be read in church New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ cover is not attached gold colored trim very fragile, Christian Workers' New Testament the Theme of Salvation 1959 very fragile condition
Lot #: 56

GPX Stereo Double Cassette Recorder

with handle and antenna battery operated was well taken care of unknown working conditions
Lot #: 57

vintage early 1900's gopher trap

unknown working conditions seems to be missing the trap door
Lot #: 58

5 ft casting net 10 stear, meat fly repellant

net is dirty in good condition, 12 OZ hunting game meat fly and insect repellant no lid top sticky, 7 Victor original mouse traps 2 each still in packaging
Lot #: 59

collapsable shovel, 18 tomato trays

TexSport 23" shovel left side has teeth/ridges, Automator tray used for vine like plants like new, 7 Victor original mouse traps 2 each still in packaging
Lot #: 60

3 vintage crow bar tools

1 large flap and curved bar good condition, 1 curved bar with blunt end bar is bent upward, 1 hook iron bar possible hand wrought marked "W" has threaded end
Lot #: 61

vintage Crescent Sure Grip nail puller

No. 56 good condition
Lot #: 62

rough-in door chime kit, sink gear, mouse traps

Heath Zenith #LE-120 unknown working condition looks used, In-Sink-Erator 3 bolt mounted disposal shoot used, 12 ft sink and drain cleaner never used, sub 7 Victor original mouse traps 2 each unopened
Lot #: 63

1/2" Chicago hammer drill and side

drill does work no drill head accessories, electric drill handle good condition, 7 Victor original mouse traps 2 each unopened
Lot #: 64

B&D 17 pc. Drill bit kit, masonry drill, traps

Black & Decker kit unopened, ?" stone drill single attachment unopened, 7 Victor original mouse traps 2 each unopened
Lot #: 65

rotary tool 80 pc. Set, 20 brackets, mouse traps

Drill Master set unopened, metal brackets 3 hooks on each possible for industrial shelves, 7 Victor original mouse traps 2 each unopened
Lot #: 66

rotary tool . Set, wire cutters

Drill Master set unopened, Craftsman wire cutters good condition
Lot #: 67

rotary tool . Set ,wire stripper and cutter

Chicago set unopened, Gardner Bender tool good condition
Lot #: 68

vintage Casco Electromatic Power Tool Kit

25 accessories in a plastic case, lids broke off, cracked by power switch, unknown working conditions
Lot #: 69

3 Wooden Extension handles, glass lamp shade

handles 42" long when assembled unopened package never used, glass shade chipped on rim some paint splatter
Lot #: 70

Taylor Weather Guide, 2 wind speed measures

guide reads weather conditions degree unknown working condition battery operated 2 AAA has manual, 2 The Weather Channel wind speed readers long cords unknown working conditions
Lot #: 71

arista 12 Volt Solid State Power Converter

regulated model 477 does turn on unknown working condition, good condition
Lot #: 72

Sencore Align-O-Pak tv Bias Supply model BE3

vintage television service equipment, untested unknown working condition
Lot #: 73

submersible pump filter with replacement

smartpond Mechanical and biological pump filter and 1 filter replacement unused, Geoglobal Partners submersible water pump turns on unknown working condition
Lot #: 74

water nozzle patterns, Kasco irrigation timer

garden treasures nozzle kit no pump item # 060077, Kasco Marine, Inc. Unit Control portable timer with ground fault interrupter model C-25 unknown working condition
Lot #: 75

Dolby car radio cassette, Emerson radio

Dolby has rust Chrysler Corporation unknown working condition, Emerson under cabinet/table top electronic digital radio clock does work
Lot #: 76

23" across Christmas tree base

4 legs, collapsable, very dark green, good condition
Lot #: 77

1 ? rolls of roller tape, polymer elbow

rolls for electrical tape dispenser, plumbing type of elbow piece with base 7?" tall 9?" long including base
Lot #: 78

3 caulking guns

various brands 1 unmarked silver metal, 1 Newborn MDL66 silver metal, 1 MD made in Taiwan has special features
Lot #: 79

scripted home numbers, 4" metal letters

"Six" "0" "Five" "Forty" rust proof durable plastic unopened, metal letters 3 each RIOT holes for hanging
Lot #: 80

vintage Guildwood Direct 4?" mini TV

model BTR-101 does work in good condition
Lot #: 81

5 miniature picture frames

various styles, red metals back slides out, others in good condition
Lot #: 82

4 light wood picture frames

4-5" x 7" x 1 has 2-3" x 3" picture slots reads "Bundle of Joy, all good condition
Lot #: 83

3 vintage picture frames

5" x 7" dark wood good condition, large wood back sliding out loose ends wrote on Oct. 1985, side by side double 4" x 6" plastic frame
Lot #: 84

3 vintage gold colored metal

1 side by side triple 3" x 4?", 1 5" x 7", largest 7" x 9" all in good condition
Lot #: 85

5 various picture frames

2-4" x 6" the purse and black frame no back stands, 2-5" x 7" stand up silver colored frames, 1-2" x 3" stand up black frame, all good condition
Lot #: 86

2 metal picture frames

3" x 4?" heacy fairy frame good condition, 5" x 7" glass clipped in corner
Lot #: 87

vintage lead crystal picture frame

5" x 7" heavy frame back stand bent from weight
Lot #: 88

1 angel picture, 3 miniature picture frames

angel picture no back stand good condition, 2 vintage silver metal and felt, 1 miniature mirror with flower
Lot #: 89

3 vintage picture frames 2 have doors

3?" x 5" red wood no glass or back with double doors, 5" x 7" dark green double door 4 2" x 3" photo frames on inside of doors, 8" x 10" large dark solid wood heart shaped frame
Lot #: 90

3 vintage picture frames

1 plastic blue 8" x 10", 2 pressed floral frames clear glass 1-4" x 6" 1-double 3" x 5" double 2" x 3" all good condition
Lot #: 91

2 vintage portraits oval frames

"Peter" by Arthur Garratt not signed, "Charlotte" by Sydney Bell not signed both good condition stands no included
Lot #: 92

2 vintage portraits oval frames

1 Madonna-Partridge print metal frame fair condition, 1 unknown origin baby and mother 5?" x 8" good condition
Lot #: 93

2 vintage wall art frames

1 pen with watercolor call Summertime Jewel unknown signature, 1 oil painting signed Stephenson vase of flowers wood frame
Lot #: 94

3 nature theme resin picture frames

2 2" x 3" pine trees and bears both good condition, 1 3" x 4" antler with moose back broke off has been glued still broke
Lot #: 95

5-4" x 6" pocket photo brag books

photo albums 4 unopened all in good condition
Lot #: 96

3 vintage wooden cigar boxes

2 Baccarat Havana Selection both good condition, 1 La Native made in Honduras good condition
Lot #: 97

4 vintage wooden cigar boxes

1 is a scented candle box Bougie Parfumee, La Rosa Perfecta Havana, Brooks Co's Corona size good condition, Webster Tabacco Co, Inc. Albany good condition
Lot #: 98

vintage homemade folk art Time Out doll

Cowboy with boots hat and lasso sock like fabric denim jeans, good condition does not stand up on his own approximately 34" tall
Lot #: 99

Ericson Lighting Fixture magnetic hold

no bulb, no screws, does work holds on to a metal wall or ceiling, hook for hanging, 6ft cord, good condition
Lot #: 100

Ericson Lighting Fixture magnetic hold

no bulb, no screws, does work holds on to a metal wall or ceiling, hook for hanging, 6ft cord good condition
Lot #: 101

Ericson Lighting Fixture magnetic hold

has bulb and screws, does work holds on to a metal wall or ceiling, hook for hanging, 6ft cord, good condition
Lot #: 102

vintage Chinese woven Wedding Basket

wicker rattan, dome lid, broken on edge of handle, 16" tall almost 12" across
Lot #: 103

vintage Ceiling dome Light Fixture

unsure if it has all requirements, has stripped wires, unknown working condition
Lot #: 104

vintage Corning milk glass Lamp Shade

10" across replacement shade, waffle weave pattern, cracked and glued around rim
Lot #: 105

2 vintage Moe Lighting fixtures

1 has most parts and wires no bulbs unknown working conditions, 1 is the metal fixture no light fixtures both union made
Lot #: 106

2 pliers, 2 drill sets, stray tips, pet clipper

2 plier/wire cutters, Craftsman 7 pc. High speed twist drill set, 1 drill set 10 pc. Size 1/16-1/4", 4 power washer spraying tips with attachment, regular animal nail clippers
Lot #: 107

stainless Dart Knife Eagle on handle

has pouch for safe keep, sharp, good condition, design and a little rust on blade
Lot #: 108

vintage pocket knife, sharpening stone

markings Case XX 640045R 4 different features, some rust, fair condition, sharpening stone works
Lot #: 109

vintage C&W Co 9" Draw Knife

sharp blade, wood on handle spins, fair condition
Lot #: 110

vintage GREENLEE 10" Draw Knife

sharp blade, good condition
Lot #: 111

vintage Silver Lake 8?" Draw Knife

sharp blade slightly chipped, good condition
Lot #: 112

vintage Lakeside 8" Draw Knife

sharp blade some rust , good condition
Lot #: 113

vintage Van Camp 12" Draw Knife

shape blade, good condition
Lot #: 114

3 vintage various length Draw Knife

6" has loose handle and sharp blade, 9" sharp in good condition, 11" dule good condition
Lot #: 115

2 vintage door knobs and plates

1 knob milk glass PEXTO no keys good condition, 1 knob has character no keys, front and back gold colored metal door plates with key hole
Lot #: 116

3 vintage crystal door knobs and locks

all 3 single sided with glass knobs and lock switch on opposite side, each has one door plate, good condition
Lot #: 117

vintage hardware door knobs, plates, etc.

copper colored door plates, 3 knobs largest knob has patina 1 lock, 1 Von Duppin door handle Heavy
Lot #: 118

2 vintage gold toned door knob sets

2 knobs both have door plate locks knobs screws etc. 1 is made by Sargent & Co Easy Spring
Lot #: 119

2 vintage door knobs and plates

various knobs 1 red, back, silver, and rusted 2 bars, 2 front and back door plates, 2 lock pads, no keys
Lot #: 120

vintage black porcelain knobs 1 lock set

8 knobs all together 1 on a lock with plates rusting
Lot #: 121

2 vintage door knobs and locks

1 set of plates, couple screws, some rust, good condition
Lot #: 122

2 vintage Sargent gold toned door knobs

1 lock set, screws, 2 front and back door plates good condition
Lot #: 123

3 vintage brass door plates unique design

3 identical sets 6 plates total, good condition they are taped in pairs
Lot #: 124

vintage hardware door locks, bolts

3 lock boxes 1 dead bolt, 3 drawer handles has screws, some rust
Lot #: 125

24" crimp and cut tool

heavy duty splice-it, good condition
Lot #: 126

Zurn ?" Crimp tool QCRT3T Large Pex

good condition 17?" long
Lot #: 127

Alemite Grease Gun

14" long very greasy build up on the end of the hose, good condition unknown working condition
Lot #: 128

vintage 10?" cast iron wheel hitch pin

wooden wagon wheel wrench and hitch pin slightly bent, some rust good condition
Lot #: 129

3 vintage Adlake pad locks and chains

1 has original key, 1 pad lock has build up and rust
Lot #: 130

3 vintage hanging balance hand scales

2 John Chatillon & Sons 25 lb limit and 50 lb weight limit, 1 Landers Improved Balance 50 lb weight limit, all good condition
Lot #: 131

vintage Newton hand crank drill

12" drill red wooden handle good condition
Lot #: 132

vintage North Bros. MFG. Co. "Yankee" drill

11?" hand crank drill wooden handle good condition
Lot #: 133

vintage Stanley hand crank drill

Handyman 10?" drill good condition
Lot #: 134

vintage Stanley Type B hand crank drill

11?" drill dark teal color wheel wooden handle good condition
Lot #: 135

vintage ratcheting bit brace hand drill

13?" long 7" across 3" red wooden knob extended crank good condition
Lot #: 136

vintage Craftsman hand drill w/shoulder

16" hand crank drill larger than most with shoulder rest heavy duty good condition
Lot #: 137

vintage Hudson bug spray, keg valve pump

Bantam Hudson blue insect pump sprayer and clear glass bottle empty, threaded lid with valve on top and red handle for pumping
Lot #: 138

vintage Accu-Weight by Yamato scale

model PB-200 cracked plastic some build up, does work needs to be recalibrated, comes with manual, broken edge on accu-weigh base electric taped
Lot #: 139

vintage Minder "Foot" switch

type MDFS-1 Minder Co. amp cord unknown working condition, something loose inside possible screw 1 missing on bottom
Lot #: 140

vintage Sears Twin Speaker stereo

AM/FM SW VHF AIR/POLICE does work made in Hong Kong
Lot #: 141

25+ various cassette tapes in containers

some capsules blank cassettes, best of the 40's, 50's, 1 Elvis Presley, audiobooks, etc. some have cases most do not
Lot #: 142

Kinyo Cassette Rewinder, 2 Daisywheels

2-way rewinder untested, Maxwell disc. holder with 4 cassette tape capsules unopened, and 1 Daisywheel wheel XEROX letter Gothic 12, 1 Daisywheel wheel Diablo letter Gothic 15 both good condition
Lot #: 143

Gemini Stereo, Toro catch-all bag, filter

antenna Stereo G1000 UHF, VHF, FM, unknown working condition, Toro large back with attachment piece unknown, 2 Black & Decker dustbuster filters unused type 93-008A
Lot #: 144

vintage Webster Wilcox Silver Dish

7" bowl across the top, 1" deep, 3?" pedestal, "inspected 12" sticker on bottom, good condition
Lot #: 145

vintage Filigree Silver Plated Cruet Set

5 glass containers salt & pepper shakers, oil & vinegar castors, 1 other lid broke off, does not spin
Lot #: 146

vintage Hall's Leaf Ball Pitcher, ice-lip

Autumn Leaf ball jug, quality kitchenware, gold colored trim fading around lip, double sided design 8" tall 7" across bottom
Lot #: 147

Kenyield Ceramic Canister Set of 3

hand painted fruit sponge details, single sided design, small with grapes chipped inside lid, medium with pears good condition, large with apples good condition, all lids have a seal
Lot #: 148

metal candle holder, 3" resin bird house

candle holder has felt bottom 1 reindeer with 4 evergreen trees, top of bird house has a slot
Lot #: 149

vintage Tidbit Tray, depression glass

frosted peach colored glass serving tray with center handle 12 sides, no significant markings in good condition
Lot #: 150

10?" Jumbo Margarita glass 58 OZ.

clear glass, in good condition
Lot #: 151

vintage ceramic Cookie Jar Mother Goose

sitting goose with blue ribbon, no significant markings, slightly chipped under on lid, in good condition
Lot #: 152

vintage Hull Blushing Apple Cookie Jar

no green details, yellow inside, few chips on lid handle/stem otherwise good condition
Lot #: 153

vintage Empoli Mid Century blue vase

inverted dimpled Boubous Italian glass vase, good condition
Lot #: 154

handmade round orb jug pottery bowl

teal blue, no significant markings, in good condition
Lot #: 155

vintage Coleman Bota Bag, paint roller

tan suede leather bladder canteen 1 LT. missing plastic ring around lid baseline, vintage paint roller good condition some paint splatter used
Lot #: 156

vintage General Electric Automatic Iron

missing cord, has original papers, slightly over 9" long over 4?" wide 4?" tall
Lot #: 157

Vintage. Westinghouse Adjust-O-Matic Iron

does work , has some rust, fair condition
Lot #: 158

vintage Sanyei Travel Club Travel Iron

does work , in good condition 3 settings light weight, no bag
Lot #: 159

vintage General mill's Iron

comes with Whink Steam Iron Clearer removes clogging scale from steam and spray irons opened full bottle, iron does work in good condition
Lot #: 160

2 Heath Purple Martin single room Gourd

unopened original boxes, never used, pole not included, ready for hanging
Lot #: 161

2 Heath Purple Martin single room Gourd

unopened original boxes, never used, pole not included, ready for hanging
Lot #: 162

2 Heath Purple Martin single room Gourd

unopened original boxes, never used, pole not included, ready for hanging
Lot #: 163

2 Heath Purple Martin single room Gourd

unopened original boxes, never used, pole not included, ready for hanging
Lot #: 164

2 Heath Purple Martin single room Gourd

unopened original boxes, never used, pole not included, ready for hanging
Lot #: 165

2 Heath Purple Martin single room Gourd

unopened original boxes, never used, pole not included, ready for hanging
Lot #: 166

2 Heath Purple Martin single room Gourd

unopened original boxes, never used, pole not included, ready for hanging
Lot #: 167

Regent 9" Replacement Optical Assembly

Cooper Lighting model # 800-0713 box unopened, fragile light fixture
Lot #: 168

Regent 9" Replacement Optical Assembly

Cooper Lighting model # 800-0713 box opened, fragile light fixture good condition
Lot #: 169

Advance 120V 60HZ Rapid Start Ballast

HB-234-TP USED unknown working conditions
Lot #: 170

Advance 120V 60HZ Rapid Start Ballast

HB-234-TP USED unknown working conditions
Lot #: 171

Advance 120V 60HZ Rapid Start Ballast

HB-234-TP USED unknown working conditions
Lot #: 172

vintage grain auger cups on metal hanger

24 cups rusted unknown how used, wire hanger possibly used for smoke house meats
Lot #: 173

vintage cast iron Cobbler Stand +5 Molds

5" Stand 1 ft tall, various molds 5 ?"-7", some build up/aged good condition
Lot #: 174

vintage cast iron Cobbler Stand +4 Molds

7?" Stand 22?" tall, various molds 9"-10", some build up/aged good condition
Lot #: 175

ice scraper/brush, trailer jack, insulators

Subzero 26" Power Series brush and scrapper # 18520, CP Products stabilizing Trailer Jack only 2 in the box, 10 heavy duty high strain insulators (wrap around) electric fence system never used, all good condition
Lot #: 176

4 window spacers 18 ?" tall

2 right sides 2 left sides, slightly dirty, meant to fill space on sides of air conditioner, good condition
Lot #: 177

vintage Stearns adult life vest

adult life vest faded but good condition
Lot #: 178

vintage Stunt Kite Iron Eagle and duster

kite still in original packaging unopened color inside is sticking to plastic, bright yellow 31" linen-woven polyester & pp plastic duster
Lot #: 179

frog/fish Grabber on PVC pipe 74" long

catches frogs or fish, good condition
Lot #: 180

vintage fire flapper

6'6" long, used by firefighters, made in the U.S.A., good condition
Lot #: 181

vintage fire flapper

6'6" long, used by firefighters, made in the U.S.A., good condition
Lot #: 182

4 plate holder wall hanging d?cor

47" long 7" across, leaf design over plates, metal material in good condition
Lot #: 183

Hamilton Beach Meal Maker Multicooker

model # 35137, comes in original box, has manual, looks to be unused like new
Lot #: 184

yard d?cor lantern and candle holders

1 metal lantern or plant holder hold up to 30 lbs 22" long never used, 2 yard light candle holders look like tiki lights both 54" long including yard spikes
Lot #: 185

2 gold colored wall d?cor

small mantel 31" long 6" wide 5" tall brownish/tan color with gold color details good condition, wire metal gold themed vines loose on some points approximately 43" long 16" tall
Lot #: 186

2 vintage Corrugated sheet metal in wood

19" x 19" wood frames with sheet metal inside, possibly industrial farmhouse window covers, some rust, come with clothing line pins, both 2" wide
Lot #: 187

Quickset Tri-pod, Life-O-Gen oxygen unit

adjustable tri-pod 35?" long easy set up good condition, portable emergency oxygen unit, unused unknown working condition
Lot #: 188

Wayne Lawn Pump

original box, looks brand new, portable, ?" garden hose adapter, has manual and is heavy, does work
Lot #: 190

Toilet Tank with Lid and lever

full of components and replacement levers, seems in good condition, unknown working condition
Lot #: 192

Marsh TD2100 Electronic Tape Dispenser

Standard gummed tape dispenser, loose in some places, light comes on when plugged in, unknown working condition
Lot #: 193

2 iron metal wall handing d?cor

rustic metal 18" x 18" both in good condition
Lot #: 194

electrical box

unknown use, 11? L X 4" X 18" H, bolted shut unknown content
Lot #: 195

Underwriters Laboratories Inc control unit

household fire and burglary warning system control unit enclosure, 12?" L x 3 ? W x 15 H, has template inside and control panel
Lot #: 196

UL Inc. Class CTL Enclosed Panel Board

manual inside, Eaton, has a bag of screws, unknown working conditions, 7" L x 4" W x 14 ? L
Lot #: 197

vintage large Boiler/Wash Tub

has black painted wooden handles, no lid, farmhouse d?cor, 26" L x 13" W x 13" H measured with handles
Lot #: 198

vintage large Galvanized Boiler/Wash Tub

copper metal with wooden handles, has lid, farmhouse d?cor dented on bottom corner, 29" l x 14" W x 18" H measured with handles and lid
Lot #: 199

Federal Pacific Electric Main Breaker

new unused, 14 ?" L x 4 ?" W x 24" H
Lot #: 200

Motion Sensor Light Control and Bulbs

Heath Zenith single unit coverage unused still in original packaging unknown working condition, 2 Westinghouse Halogen 90 watt 120V standard base bulbs original packaging opened unknown working condition
Lot #: 201

various miniature light bulbs reflector tape

most still in original packaging 2-60W Tubular frosted Y-10 base 1-100W Halogen Lamp GY6.35 base 7- Westinghouse Miniature Light Bulbs 2-General Electric 40 CAM/F CD2 1-300W Halogen Lamps missing one from pack looks to be broken 1-out of package General Electric flood light 85W 120V unknown working condition
Lot #: 202

9 Westpointe 40W A15 120V light bulbs

frosted meant for appliances, 1 out of package, 8 still in packaging unknow working conditions
Lot #: 203

General Electric Indicator 6S6/W 6W 120V

7 packages all unopened 2 bulbs per package, 14 total unknown working condition
Lot #: 204

5-24RP/1133 24W 6V, 2-150W 120V

5 General Electric high Intensity bulbs 4 in packaging 1 looks used, 2 Phillips Incandescent Lamps 2 larger bulbs, unknown working conditions for all
Lot #: 205

vintage Fedtro Deluxe Battery Charger

has original poster with it, is bent and tearing works for transistor, pen lite, 'C' size, 'D' size, charges up to five at a time, light does come on when plugged unknown working condition
Lot #: 206

Square D Panel Enclosure used

red paint splatter, has content loose inside, 7?" L x 4?" W x 10?" H, weathered but good condition
Lot #: 207

7 Sylvania Bug/Floodlight 75W 120V bulbs

all in original packaging, type BR38, unknown working condition, good physical condition
Lot #: 208

7 various bug/Floodlight bulbs

4 Sylvania 75W 120V type BR38, 1 House Garden GE says blue but is yellow 85W 120V floodlight, 2 GE yellow 85W PAR38, all in original packaging, unknown working conditions, good physical conditions
Lot #: 209

10 vintage Sylvania 120-130V 60W bulbs

unknown working condition, used, large white bulbs
Lot #: 210

2UL Portable Luminaires 3 extra bulbs

unknown working conditions, YGLLA102 16W 120V 60HZ 180mA, for under cabinet use only
Lot #: 211

UL Lithonia Gas Tube Luminaires

fluorescent luminaire model C 2 17 120 TUBIHP, suitable for damp locations, min 90 degrees supply conductors, unknown working condition
Lot #: 212

6 Sylvania T12 tube bulbs 24" 20W 1?" d.

6 Designer cool white fluorescent bulbs good conditions, still in original package, look unused
Lot #: 213

12 various F40T12 luminaire tube bulbs

48" long including prongs, in good condition, out of packaging, Regency Lighting, Sylvania, Phillips
Lot #: 214

10 various F40T12 luminaire tube bulbs

48" long including prongs, in good condition, out of packaging, Regency Lighting, Sylvania, Phillips
Lot #: 215

5 light fixture acrylic luminaire covers

some cracked from aging, 47?" long, unknown origin
Lot #: 216

29 Phillips tube bulbs F20T12/CW 20 W

all brand new, never used, in good condition, 24" long
Lot #: 217

2 gold colored wall light fixtures

each holds 8 bulbs, some rust on 1, unknown working conditions, no significant markings
Lot #: 218

15 Sylvania tube bulbs F96T12/CW/VHO

sealed in box approximately 7'9", unknown working conditions
Lot #: 219

8 various F40T12 luminaire tube bulbs

48" long including prongs, in good condition, out of packaging, Regency Lighting, Sylvania, Phillips
Lot #: 220

19 various tube bulbs not 1 the same

unknown working condition, look used but in good conditions
Lot #: 221

7 various tube bulbs F30T12/50U/RS

4 Phillips 3 Alto, 35?" long, in good condition like new
Lot #: 222

15 tube bulbs F56T12/DS/GN50

original packaging Sylvania brand, in good condition never used, approximately 93" long, taped shut box
Lot #: 223

15 tube bulbs F96T12/CW/HO-O/ECO

look new, in good condition, approximately 93" long, taped in box
Lot #: 224

15 tube bulbs F96T12/CW/WM

taped shut box, approximately 93", unknown conditions
Lot #: 225

23 Sylvania Cool White F60T12/CW/HO

taped shut box, approximately 57", unknown conditions
Lot #: 226

12 Height Density Shield Light Fixtures

white, cone shaped, fixtures come with shields 15 ?" tall 20" across bottom same length with shields, 3 slightly dented around edge, good condition
Lot #: 227

12 Height Density Shield Light Fixtures

unable to pull apart white domes, cone shaped, fixtures come with shields 15 ?" tall 20" across bottom same length with shields, 2 slightly dented around edge, good condition
Lot #: 228

UL Fluorescent/Gas Tube Luminaire

8 ft long model C 2 96 120 GEB suitable for damp locations, mid 90 degrees, C supply conductors
Lot #: 229

100 Electric Wire Shields

wrap-around shields, approximatly 5 ft long 1"diameter, all good condition
Lot #: 230

2 clear acrylic light fixture shield covers

has plastic wrap still stuck on pealing off on corners, both in good condition
Lot #: 231

ceramic Easter d?cor

bunnies and chicks inside egg inside a hat "Happy Easter"
Lot #: 232

vintage Papa Jumper with Albert Jr.

Victorian Collection 1995 no box, good condition
Lot #: 233

vtg Merrick's six cord thread spool case

oval in shape, 32"L x 18"W x 25"H, there are 2 turn knobs on top, spools spin in comparments, grab from the bottom, put spool back in through the top, glass window, good condition
Lot #: 641

set of 3 Candlesticks

3 different heights standing straight
Lot #: 642

2 decorative wall hanging shelves

heavy gold colored with hints of green
Lot #: 643

decorative wall hanging shelf

plastic gold color shell like pattern 6" tall 11" across, top platform not attached
Lot #: 644

set of 2 metal planters

yellowish brown footed containers with handles
Lot #: 645

Garden Light Kit of 10

not put together, there's a cut cord low voltage
Lot #: 646

PDQ Spirit Series Cylindrical Locksets

1 double sided door handle 5?" long with instructions unknown if all the pieces are there
Lot #: 647

PDQ Spirit Series Cylindrical Locksets

1 sided door handle 5?" long with instructions unknown if all the pieces are there
Lot #: 648

PDQ Spirit Series Cylindrical Locksets

1 double sided door handle 5?" long no instructions unknown if all the pieces are there
Lot #: 649

PDQ Spirit Series Cylindrical Locksets

1 sided door handle 5?" long with instructions unknown if all the pieces are there
Lot #: 650

PDQ Spirit Series Cylindrical Locksets

1 double sided door handle 5?" long with instructions unknown if all the pieces are there
Lot #: 651

National 4 Flush Chest Handles

still in packaging 5?" all zinc plated
Lot #: 652

4 handrail brackets 3 caf? door hinges

2 bright brass plated brackets 1 epoxy coated bracket 3 National Swing N' Stay Caf? Door Hinges
Lot #: 653

anchors, washers, nuts, cable clamps, and more

?" zinc nuts, hex nuts machine washers, plastic and metal anchors, large canopy lever and more
Lot #: 654

canopy lever, hinge kit, swivel gliders, and more

3 half inch swivel gliders 1 5/8" swivel glider 2 furniture casters wall board anchors 1 vintage shower head
Lot #: 655

5 metal wall attachment hooks

3" long double hook all the same, no screws
Lot #: 656

31 mail box locks with keys

5 pin tumbler, replaces Bommer spring hinge locks still in bags
Lot #: 657

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 658

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 659

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 660

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 661

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 662

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

not in package item #J0072
Lot #: 663

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

not in package item #J0072
Lot #: 664

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

not in package item #J0072
Lot #: 665

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 666

2 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 667

1 Kurt S. Adler Cowboy boot ornaments

still in package item #J0072
Lot #: 668

11 garden protection nets

4 white frost protections nets 7 black net guards to keep unwanted critters out
Lot #: 669

3 pool/pond protective nets 8 garden nets

3 floating nets for water 4 white frost protection nets 3 black net guards to keep unwanted critters out, 1 camo mesh net
Lot #: 670

4 cast iron skillets

1-6?" 1-8" 2-10?" all have handles no lids some rust
Lot #: 671

5 light brown leather straps

crafts various sizes longest one almost 3 ft
Lot #: 672

3 cowboy belts

5 gems on each 2 snappable buttons 34" long unisex 1 signed Mark Fanning
Lot #: 673

2 thin leather belts

1-45" long light brown belt 1-3 ft long dark brown leather belt some weathering
Lot #: 674

1 cowboy belt 1 beaded belt

black leather belt 35" long snappable buttons beaded belt 33" long good condition
Lot #: 675

red painted wooden oval container 9" x 6"

lid with handle locks onto two handles coming up off the top, would keep little kids out
Lot #: 676

roaster ornament and wooden sign

11" long ornament sign reads "I can't be overdrawn! I still have checks!"
Lot #: 677

3 wax burners

2 electric burners both work, 1 Yankee candle company candle wax warmer
Lot #: 678

vintage pitcher and basin

pitcher approximately 7?" tall 15" across bowl leaf and cherry patterns gold toned edges and handle
Lot #: 679

vintage pitcher and basin set

floral pattern with blue details good condition
Lot #: 680

vintage pitcher and basin set

gold colored trim signed IRON WARE
Lot #: 681

wooden wine chest holds 4 bottles

handles on two sides and top, some detailing is lifting 9?" x 9?" x 14"
Lot #: 682

2 wood base and metal holder

2 metal sticks sticking up from one side they seem to connect somehow
Lot #: 683

large cigar box 14?" x 9" x 4?"

handles on sides La Corona
Lot #: 684

book lot

first aid, holy bible, fortune formulas, gold dollar collection holders
Lot #: 685

7 metal wire picture holders

6 are the same and black
Lot #: 686

3 picture frames

two kids with black frame, Santa Claus with gold colored frame, flower with wood frame
Lot #: 687

3 wooden picture frames

2 go together houses on lakes, 1 heartfelt sentence
Lot #: 688

bird cage flower decoration

16" tall false flowers and hoop on top for hanging
Lot #: 689

2 red tractor seats

"TEXAS" "OKLAHOMA" 1945-55'

in: 31

Lot #: 690

white tractor seat

17" long 13'' wide w tiny dents and some rust

in: 31

Lot #: 691

2 kitchen serving dishes

cake plate and cover, is plastic, metal serving tray, wooden handles footed glass dish w leaf design
Lot #: 692

gardening gear lot

several bird-scaring balloons, protective nets, sprinklers attachments, hose menders
Lot #: 693

wicker tray, basket, and container with lid

basket has a handle and lid, tray is uneven and container is weathered
Lot #: 694

vintage serving tray and measuring glass

serving tray has a pedestal and handle on top, Lilly measuring glass measures oz. and ml.
Lot #: 695

decorative dip dish and snack display

dip dish had a handle made in the U.S.A. No.370
Lot #: 696

spinning cake display and clay teapot

Royal Canadian Art Pottery deep brown, cake display is a wood material
Lot #: 697

insect zapper and stainless steel gravel-guards

2750 max volts of power press button to zap unopened needs 2 AA batteries unknown working condition, one pair gravel-guards for pick up trucks fits 1973 and up chevy, GMC pick ups and JIMMIES and BLAZERS
Lot #: 698

Singer Hand Vac. And insect zapper

vacuum does work needs to be plugged in, button powered zapper requires 2 D batteries unknown working condition unopened
Lot #: 699

black house numbers and Uni-Line gas valve

3 number fives 5 number sevens 1 number nine 5" numbers single bimetal gas valve Y-30128-AF8
Lot #: 700

Cam buckles and ratchet tie downs, power cord

2 heavy duty 6' 400 lb working load limit 1 Cal-Hawk 1" x 15' 1000 lb working load limit 1 12' 1500 lb working load limit power cord extender just over 2 ft does work
Lot #: 701

8 handheld flashlights and 2 mini lanterns

compass on top of lanterns unknown working condition 5 normal flashlights and 1 with radio and siren call unknown working condition
Lot #: 702

3 vintage goods wipes, coffee can, mail flap

Butternut coffee grinds can, mail time flap flips up when mail is delivered (never used) and Bon Voyage 40 Indispensable aids for the traveler
Lot #: 703

8 oil skimmer mesh scoops

good condition, all the same size
Lot #: 704

wooden box with 3 cubbies

tag says made in Russia misc. things inside cassette tapes, bulbs
Lot #: 705

vintage pair tow side mirrors

mirrors 5?" x 7?" extensions approximately 16" good condition has the screws but no nuts
Lot #: 706

5 metal securing straps and tighteners

various lengths good condition
Lot #: 707

office/business supplies lot

CD-R discs, staplers and staples, memo slips, vintage receipt holder, PPE, ink and pens, and more
Lot #: 708

masking tape painters tape

23 full rolls each 1" wide
Lot #: 709

2 vintage Colman Lanterns

brown model 275 unknown working condition green model 220K unknown working condition
Lot #: 710

fishing goods lot

fishing reals, floating trot lines, trot lines with hooks, fillet knives, Fly Tying Vice fish spear and more
Lot #: 711

fishing goods

crappie rigs, various weights, Powerbait, suspendots, and more
Lot #: 712

fishing goods

swivels, regular hooks, weighted hooks, various sized, Powerbait, and plastic beads
Lot #: 713

fishing goods

hooks in various sizes, weighted hooks, bite light strobes, bobbers, swivels, suspendots
Lot #: 714


graphite body, rotor, and spool right/left handle good condition
Lot #: 715

6 clip on or hanging doves decoys

gamebird decoys each 11" long
Lot #: 716

Alaskan ULU Knife and Cutting Board

stainless steel blade ergonomic handle and wooden board wilderness eagle still in package
Lot #: 717

Alaskan ULU Knife and Cutting Board

stainless steel blade ergonomic handle and wooden board wilderness eagle still in package
Lot #: 718

beer tap piece and various connectors lot

washer , faucet, lavamanos, toilet, twin weld hose division some new some used couple of the hoses have rust
Lot #: 719

vintage firefighter brass hose nozzle

almost 10" tall some build up inside heavy
Lot #: 720

vintage firefighter brass hose nozzle

10" tall some build up inside heavy
Lot #: 721

vintage Elkhart brass fire hose nozzle

5?" tall it does open and close heavy
Lot #: 722

NAPA Echlin fuel selector valve, mini clamps

part 2-2057 unknown part signed POLLACK clamps 2" long 9 total 2 black
Lot #: 723

tire chains

has hooks approximately 6' long 13" wide
Lot #: 724

various chains

5 total light weight 2 chains are circular
Lot #: 725

3 pc gold chain 48 ft

1-23' 1-19' 1-6' gold color
Lot #: 726

Barska Binoculars

yellow magnification 10x lens 30mm original packaging
Lot #: 727

Barska Binoculars

yellow magnification 10x lens 30mm original packaging
Lot #: 728

2 cigar box with misc items inside

El Trelles 10 decorative wall pieces and old door latches, Roi-Tan various springs brush set
Lot #: 729

Pelouze scale model Y10

needs to be recalibrated April 1988
Lot #: 730

raw/cut jade in Tiparillo cigar box

various sizes some raw edges some cute edges
Lot #: 731

Aladdin's Stanley thermos Quart size

14" tall 1973 original box
Lot #: 732

various sized toggle bolts

100+ many sizes all with screws
Lot #: 733

rod ends, unopened door nobs, drill stand

10 shower rods in original packaging, Kwikset non-locking handles, electric drill stand converts drills into bench motors
Lot #: 734

lock box locks with keys

80 total 30 alike 50 alike all have keys
Lot #: 735

North Side Seltzer Bottle

some damage to lid 11" tall 4" wide
Lot #: 736

North Side Seltzer Bottle

11" tall 4" wide labeling on jar is faded
Lot #: 737

2 decorative clocks

unknown working condition both battery powered 1 footed 10?" tall 1 hourly sounded "Small World" rhythm 14" tall
Lot #: 738

Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line ad. Clock

unknown working condition June 5, 1996
Lot #: 739

Crystal Clear Emerald 4" Clock

#324155 24% lead good condition
Lot #: 740

2 plano portable organizers

24 compartments impact resistant
Lot #: 741

vintage marbles in jar

Atlas jar various sizes and colors
Lot #: 742

vintage marbles in jars

2 Atlas jars regular marbles various colors
Lot #: 743

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 744

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 745

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 746

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 747

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 748

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 749

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 750

100+ vintage marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 751

50+ vintage Marbles

various sizes and colors
Lot #: 752

20 large vintage marbles

various colors
Lot #: 753

20 large vintage marbles

various colors
Lot #: 754

50+1 Hi-Flier marbles

since 1922 vintage original packaging
Lot #: 755

footed chest with latch and wheels

loose wheels do to weathering
Lot #: 756

laminated greeting cards

30+ sheets of cards
Lot #: 757

table cloths home helpers omelet maker

retro table cloth 46" x 70" 2 ironing board covers 1 hanging clothespin bag and unopened microwave egg omelet maker
Lot #: 758

table cloths plastic covers home helpers

2 plastic table covers 1 class of 2009 all table clothes are 52" x 70" home helpers ironing board cover and clothespin bag hanger
Lot #: 759

Holstein Empanada Maker

still in packaging never used
Lot #: 760

Holstein Empanada Maker

still in packaging never used
Lot #: 761

Holstein Empanada Maker

still in packaging never used
Lot #: 762

Holstein Cookie Maker

still in packaging never used
Lot #: 763

Miracle thaw Defrosting Tray

metal alloy tray original packaging never used
Lot #: 764

military grade tool box

U.S. government property various tools
Lot #: 765

military grade tool box

U.S. government property various tools missing a few
Lot #: 766

military grade tool box

U.S. government property various tools missing over half
Lot #: 767

military grade tool box

U.S. government property various tools majority there
Lot #: 768

red Stack-On tool box

tapped shut, tools inside heavy
Lot #: 769

nylon fishing net, air mattress

300 ft worth of fishing net used once, red/blue air mattress single person sleeper
Lot #: 770

Peerless Monogram Press leaf sides

comes with instructions many damages does not work heavy
Lot #: 771

Waterloo black tool box with handle

full of new tools good condition
Lot #: 772

Waterloo black tool box with handle

full of new tools good condition
Lot #: 773

Stack-On red tool box

open top and three compartments (I could not open) but is full of tools good condition
Lot #: 774

Porter Cable Oscillating saw and sander

Ridged case has required pieces and fresh sanding pads, does work
Lot #: 775

used faucets and shower heads

2 shower heads with hoses, 1 kitchen faucet, water pump, and connecting hoses
Lot #: 776

Waterloo black toolbox with handle

full of new tools good condition
Lot #: 777

Stack-On red tool box don't pick up by handle

damaged bottom missing one latch can't lift from handle left side by latch isn't connected fair conditiontools are included.
Lot #: 778

antique Model T car jack

does rotate heavy
Lot #: 779

Walker 520 series F Model T car jack

does rotate heavy
Lot #: 780

BUNN Silent Air Compressor

BA400A unknown working condition
Lot #: 781

oval ceramic white sink

good condition heavy
Lot #: 782

Weed Eater GBI 22V gas powered blower/vac

old box never used unknown working condition
Lot #: 783

round ceramic white sink

good condition heavy
Lot #: 784

heavy wood jewelry box

opens at top with mirror, double door, 8 hooks, 2 pouches, 9 drawers 1 pull out ring holder
Lot #: 785

wooden portable baby eating tray

legs at 6" long tray is 8?" x 15?" leather straps
Lot #: 786

vintage brass footed planter with 2 handles

dent on the side made in India and a stainless steel dish bowl on tray made in Denmark
Lot #: 787

vintage footed jewelry box

missing two nobs light wood green/yellow soft fabric lining
Lot #: 788

3 Extendible Sphagnum Moss-Filled Totem Pole

plant supports to climb still in packaging each 2 ft long
Lot #: 789

The Diamond Iron by The Akron Lamp Co.

heavy vintage unknown working condition
Lot #: 790

vintage sad flat iron handles

2 upper attachments just the handles some rust
Lot #: 791

vintage sad flat iron with handle

unknown if the handle is the original doesn?t clamp
Lot #: 792

vintage Mrs. Potts sad iron flat

door stomp heavy
Lot #: 793

vintage Howell sad iron flat

door stomp heavy
Lot #: 794

vintage unknown sad iron flats

door stomp heavy
Lot #: 795

Nelson Rain Train Tractor Ramp

only the ramp little over 8" long

in: 31

Lot #: 796

3 purses The Sak

over the shoulder bags 2 tan 1 black
Lot #: 797

2 Makowsky bags 1 no label

3 purses good condition 1 unused
Lot #: 798

2 vintage lock boxes

dark box does not latch no key for the pink box
Lot #: 799

electronic rotisserie

does work, most parts still in packaging
Lot #: 800

International Silverplate set of 8

serving utensils full set
Lot #: 801

WM Rogers Silverware latch broke on chest

10 spreaders, 5 butter knives, 8 teaspoons, 6 soup spoons, 6 regular spoons, 3 salad forks, 5 regular forks, 8 mini forks
Lot #: 802

Disinfection and sterilization stick

LED deep Ultraviolet light needs to be charged, like new good condition
Lot #: 803

vintage Sears Best 2 speed electric scissors

original case both light and scissors work
Lot #: 804

vintage Sears 2 speed electric scissors

original case both light and scissors work green stick on electrical cord
Lot #: 805

vintage Singer Buttonholer wooden spools

unknown working condition some nylon thread large and small wood spools
Lot #: 806

shouxing chime balls The Select Shaver

red box is damaged near hinge "Travel Size" battery powered 1 type "C" battery unknown working condition
Lot #: 807

Ryobi Detail Sander 2000

with extra sanding pads and buffer pads long cord does work both speeds
Lot #: 808

vintage 1968 Ezra Brooks Grizzly Bear Decanter

empty cork is lodged into the lid won't stay shut "12 years old 90 proof Real Sippin' Whiskey"
Lot #: 809

vintage metal footed tray

rim is discolored 13" across the top 2?" tall heavy metal
Lot #: 810

2 door wreaths 1 metal tray with handles

off green colored tray heavy 2 wreaths twig styled 1 looks like berries some are pealing
Lot #: 811

vintage pitcher and basin set

yellow butterfly and pink flower pattern pitcher 7" tall basin 9?" across
Lot #: 812

vintage Knowles Utility Ware Pitcher

top has an ice lip fruit design one sided, comes with history papers
Lot #: 813

2 vintage Bernardin styled mason jars

1 has the handle neither have lids bottom reads DES.PAT.86712
Lot #: 814

vintage 6 piece Mepoco Ware spices

Ginger, Cloves, Allspice, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg German Lusterware Pearl tint
Lot #: 815

rare vintage sad flat iron holder

old metal tray in fair condition
Lot #: 816

4 green glass handcrafted bottles

hand decorated bottles 2 Gallo Flavor Guaro Glass
Lot #: 817

2 handcrafted glass bottles

"Lady Marian Toilet Water Salux Perfumer St. Louis U.S.A."
Lot #: 818

12 handcrafted glass bottles

various colors and styles couple matching
Lot #: 819

13 handcrafted glass bottles

some angel styled various all clear glass white pink red colors
Lot #: 820

Vintage Casadis Milano Fruit pink glass bottle

hinged lid does open and close "JUS DE FRUITS"
Lot #: 821

vintage plum purple gas decanter

Lot #: 822

vintage ceramic d?cor box

trinket box, cookie jar 8" across good condition
Lot #: 823

4 glass decorative glass bottles

1 with hinged lid, 1 handcrafted, 1 smaller pinkish tint, 1 white candle holder
Lot #: 824

vintage DOODS Alderney Dairy Milk Glass

good condition no lid
Lot #: 825

Coca-Cola collectable Classic bottle

unopened exp. April 29, 1996
Lot #: 826

mini decanter and 5" tall pink bottle

James Madison decanter made in Taiwan and texted bottle
Lot #: 827

2 vintage Straubmellers Elixir Tree of Life

Nectar of the golden life health and vitality with corks
Lot #: 828

vintage purple Canister jar bubble lid

plum purple glass 5" tall
Lot #: 829

3 vintage ball and claw bitters bottles with corks

1 bottles cork is stuck in the neck 3 different shades of purple
Lot #: 830

4 vintage Xia Xiang Revlon perfume bottles

empty no lids 2 have gold colored rim and other 2 are just glass rims
Lot #: 831

3 Genuine Phillips cobalt blue glass bottles

vintage medicine bottles 9" 7" 5" no lids
Lot #: 832

4 Genuine Phillips cobalt blue glass bottles

vintage medicine bottles 1-7" 3-5" no lids
Lot #: 833

5 vintage cobalt blue old medicine jars

2 Vick's 2 Nox Ema various sizes no lids
Lot #: 834

4 vintage Bromo-Seltzer cobalt blue bottles

1-6" 1-5" 2-4" no lids
Lot #: 835

3 vintage cobalt blue glass bottles

"M" on bottom of 2 no lids
Lot #: 836

4 vintage cobalt blue glass bottles

7" 6" 4?" 3?" larger 2 more round in shape, smaller 2 are squared off no lids
Lot #: 837

vintage Indiana glass cobalt blue vase

5" tall beaded rim 8 edges
Lot #: 838

vintage Bourjois Perfume cobalt blue bottle

almost 4" tall scuffed on 1 side no lid
Lot #: 839

vintage Bromo Seltzer Emerson Drug Co. Jar

Baltimore, MD 4" tall damage to the E in Emerson no cork
Lot #: 840

vintage Crownford China Co. 1965 cobalt jug

Thatcher's Dairy Bottle Patent 1884 1QT with lid
Lot #: 841

vintage clear blue depression Virgin Mary

with handle, hand-blown marked PTE R. 62?1 Marzod 1932 Guadjal, Mexico
Lot #: 842

vintage Wheaton Liberty Bell blue glass bottle

empty no cork almost 8" tall
Lot #: 843

vintage Arthur Singer Pileated Woodpecker

Clevenger Brothers Blue glass bottle no lid 7" tall 5" wide no cork
Lot #: 844

vintage Wheaton's 1775 Paul Revere blue bottle

8" tall almost 4" across house shaped glass bottle no cork
Lot #: 845

2 vintage ROOT BITTERS 1 horseshoe bottles

1 has a cork all made in Taiwan 2-almost 4" 1-6" bubbled bottom doesn?t stand straight
Lot #: 846

2 vintage Wheaton's blue Bitters, Whiskey flask

no corks 6?" and 3" tall
Lot #: 847

vintage Avon glass , Here's my heart cologne

blue glass bottles no lids
Lot #: 848

vintage John Dewar & Sons Co. Scottish liquor

deep green glass bottle 9?" tall Perth Scottland no lid
Lot #: 849

2 vintage mini Benedictine glass bottles

2 different shades of green 1 brand Charle Anquera Co. other signed DOM
Lot #: 850

3 vintage Liberty Bell bitters

2-3" 1-2" 1 of the taller glasses has a cork inside the bottle no other corks
Lot #: 851

vintage Chief Wanoo Electric Tonic bottle

Walbridge Co. Dunsmuir Cal. Cathedral Brand Celebrated Remedy 6" tall no cork
Lot #: 852

vintage J.B. London England Liquor Bottle

deep green glass no lid over 8" tall
Lot #: 853

vintage Palmer Perfume textured glass bottle

green under 5" tall bottle no cork
Lot #: 854

2 vintage Wheaton's green glass jars

J.C. Booz Whiskey bottle 3", 8 sided bottle over 5" tall no corks
Lot #: 855

vintage deep green perfume bottle

over 3" tall no lid elegant cut
Lot #: 856

2 vintage green glass bottles

tallest 4" shortest over 2" tall no lid or cork
Lot #: 857

vintage green glass French Boat Decanter

liquor bottle Fleur De Lis no cork
Lot #: 858

vintage Wheaton's Doctor Fisch's Bitters green

glass bottle 8" tall no cork
Lot #: 859

vintage Wheaton General Washington Decanter

green glass bottle no cork eagle on backside
Lot #: 860

vintage Mid Mod Green Diamond cut decanter

10" tall with lid 7?" without lid lid, has plastic seal that is breaking
Lot #: 861

vintage decanter green glass lid

no matching bottle
Lot #: 862

4 vintage green tinted glass jars

1 domestic dyes Reed & Co. 1 hair dye bottle no corks
Lot #: 863

4 vintage green tinted glass jars

1 Major's Cement Co. Rubber Cement chip on bottom, 1 reads 4FL OZ. no corks
Lot #: 864

3 vintage high iron clear glass

violin shaped glass bottle 7?" tall 2 mini vases no corks
Lot #: 865

vintage glass bottle decanter no lid

Carafe aqua green 9?" tall textured glass
Lot #: 866

vintage liquor bottle

with lid 10" tall green tinted glass
Lot #: 867

vintage John Wyeth & Co amber Molt bottle

Philadelphia Liq Ext. Malt empty no lid
Lot #: 868

vintage JNO Wyeth & Co amber Malt bottle

Philadelphia Liq Ext. Malt empty no lid
Lot #: 869

vintage amber brown Malt bottle

empty no lid marking on bottom R. & Co. crack on the side
Lot #: 870

vintage amber brown Bowler Bro, Limited

Worchester, Mass chip on the lip empty no lid
Lot #: 871

Vintage. Wheaton's cranberry Ben. Franklin glass

glass house textured glass on back no cork
Lot #: 872

vintage purple Eagle & Grapes glass decanter

empty no cork no markings
Lot #: 873

vintage Enterprise Brewing Co. amber bottle

empty no cap
Lot #: 874

2 vintage mini cranberry Bitter bottles

Alan Casters Indian Vegetable Jaun Dice Bitters dated 1852 no cork, Nectar of the Golden Life of Health and Vitality with cork
Lot #: 875

Vintage Welz & Zerweck amber brown bottle

High Ground Brewery Brooklyn, N.Y. pretty scuffed
Lot #: 876

vintage Anheuser Busch amber brown bottle

Anheuser logo across the top empty no lid
Lot #: 877

vintage American Bottle Company amber glass

A B Co. no lid empty
Lot #: 878

vintage amber brown pint whiskey flask bottle

bottom markings Crown symbol "W Mark" no lid
Lot #: 879

vintage amber brown pint whiskey flask bottle

no significant markings empty no lid
Lot #: 880

vintage amber brown pint whiskey flask bottle

no significant markings empty no lid
Lot #: 881

vintage amber brown beer bottle

no significant markings empty no lid
Lot #: 882

vintage amber brown Apothecary Bottle

empty no cork marked 259
Lot #: 883

vintage amber brown Apothecary Bottle

empty no cork 3" across the bottom
Lot #: 884

2 vintage amber brown glass bottles

1-6?" tall whiskey flask 1-5" tall squared medicine bottle both empty no corks
Lot #: 885

vintage amber brown H.K. Mulford, Co. bottle

Chemists bottle Philadelphia bottom marking "L. C. S." empty no cork
Lot #: 886

3 vintage amber brown snuff bottles

3 different heights and makers empty no corks
Lot #: 887

3 vintage amber brown snuff bottles

3 different heights and makers empty no corks
Lot #: 888

2 vintage amber cylinder Apothecary bottles

miniature different heights and makers empty no cork
Lot #: 889

3 vintage amber cylinder Apothecary bottles

miniature different heights and makers empty no cork, tallest PD&CO cracked down the side
Lot #: 890

Vintage George Dickel Sour Mash Whiskey bottle

empty with lid "Dickel 1870 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey" 375 ML
Lot #: 891

vintage G.H. Graves & Sons Co. pint bottle

distillers since 1845 Boston glass empty no lid
Lot #: 892

vintage liquor bottle clear glass

marked DES.PAT. 92901 made in U.S.A. empty no lid
Lot #: 893

3 vintage clear glass bottle

no significant markings empty no lids
Lot #: 894

vintage clear glass bottle with vines and grapes

750 ML (25.4 FL OZ.) empty no lid marked 5250
Lot #: 895

vintage Rivers Quart glass bottle with stars

empty no lid double sided
Lot #: 896

2 vintage liquor bottles

1 clear glass Beam half pint flask no lid, 1 Bay Rum? marked "PAT. APR. 3, 1889 W.T.CO. with lid
Lot #: 897

2 vintage pink tint clear glass bottles

empty no corks short one chipped on the side
Lot #: 898

2 vintage clear glass bottles

empty with corks medicine bottles no significant markings
Lot #: 899

2 vintage glass condiment bottles

empty no lid short bottle HEINZ tall bottom marked A
Lot #: 900

4 vintage clear glass bottles

empty no corks medicine bottles no significant markings various heights
Lot #: 901

3 vintage clear glass bottles

empty no corks medicine bottles no significant markings various heights
Lot #: 902

1 frosted bottle 2 vintage clear glass bottles

frosted glass Balsamic Vinegar Fini bottle, 1 vintage Larkin Co. glass bottle, 1 vintage medicine bottle no lids or corks all empty
Lot #: 903

4 vintage clear glass bottles

empty no corks tallest one chipped on lip marked The Queen's Cream Of Roses W.E. Terrill & Co., no significant markings various heights
Lot #: 904

2 vintage clear glass bottles

empty no corks tallest 2 FL. OZ. no significant markings
Lot #: 905

2 vintage Larkin Co. Buffalo glass bottles

empty no corks
Lot #: 906

2 vintage clear glass bottles

empty no cork tallest marked A&P EXTRACTS broke on top corner medicine bottles
Lot #: 907

3 vintage cylinder clear glass bottles

empty no corks medicine bottles no significant markings various heights
Lot #: 908

3 vintage cylinder clear glass bottles

empty no corks medicine bottles no significant markings various heights
Lot #: 909

2 vintage iridescent colored glass bottles

empty no corks tallest chip on lip marked Shedd German Cologne, shortest marked Shaker Fluid Extract Valerian
Lot #: 910

3 vintage mini clear glass bottles

empty no lids or corks tallest marked Foley & Co., shortest marked John Wyeth & Bros Co.
Lot #: 911

3 vintage clear glass ink holder jars

1 marked Carteris chipped on the side empty no lids cylinder shaped
Lot #: 912

2 vintage clear glass ink holder jars

both 2 OZ. square shaped no markings empty no lids
Lot #: 913

2 vintage clear glass jars

1 ink holder squared shape other marked Waterman's 2 oz. Pat.D 98958
Lot #: 914

vintage glass gallon liquid container

empty no lid Hawk's South Side Dairy bottle still has metal handle
Lot #: 915

vintage Hawk's South Side Dairy glass gallon

empty no lid container still has metal handle double sided
Lot #: 916

3 vintage clear glass jars

various sizes and shapes octagon shaped jar is RIVERS no lid, other have no significant markings and no lids
Lot #: 917

vintage clear glass Sunshine Brand Coffee

Springfield, MO empty no lid sun and lion design
Lot #: 918

vintage Duraglas glass Coffee Jar

ribbon textured bottom and top empty with lid
Lot #: 919

2 vintage canning jars 1 KNOX

both with lid quart size Knox jar, pint size on other unmarked reads "BAIL HERE" at top
Lot #: 920

4 vintage Ball Ideal Aqua Bicentennial Eagle

various heights set of 4 good condition with lids and bail wire
Lot #: 921

2 vintage Ball jars Aqua glass

1 mason jar chipped on lip 4 large bubbles in glass no lid 1 perfect mason jar oil spout lid marked "2"
Lot #: 922

2 vintage Ball jars Aqua glass

1 mason jar chipped on lip chipped inside at bottom of bottle no lid 1 ideal jar with wire bail and no lid wire's rusted
Lot #: 923

vintage aqua glass Ball Perfect Mason

bowtie window lid with rubber 10" tall good condition
Lot #: 924

vintage Ball Ideal clear glass jar no lid

has bail wire squared glass almost 10" tall
Lot #: 925

vintage Ball Perfect Mason Aqua glass

quart size has bowtie window lid with rubber
Lot #: 926

vintage Ball Perfect Mason clear glass

metal lid rigid edges all around
Lot #: 927

vintage Ball Ideal clear glass jar no lid

has bail wired cylinder shaped PatD July 14, 1903
Lot #: 928

vintage Ball Ideal clear glass jar

with lid and bail wire good condition
Lot #: 929

vintage Ball Ideal clear glass jar

with lid and bail wire good condition
Lot #: 930

vintage The Mason Jar aqua glass

no lid few bubbles 9" tall half gallon
Lot #: 931

2 vintage Kern Self-Sealing Mason jars

clear glass 1 discolored with lid has rust 1 cylinder shape clean and clear no lid
Lot #: 932

vintage Atlas Strong Shoulder clear Mason jar

half gallon 10" tall clear glass with Atlas lid good condition
Lot #: 933

vintage Atlas clear glass Whole fruit Jar

with bail wire and lid good condition
Lot #: 934

vintage Atlas "Good Luck" clear glass jar

with bail wire and lid good condition wire is broke on back side with attempts to be fixed
Lot #: 935

vintage Atlas E-Z Seal aqua glass jar

with rusted bail wire and no lid "Trade Mark Reg."
Lot #: 936

vintage Atlas E-Z Seal aqua glass jar

with bail wire and lid some rust good condition
Lot #: 937

vintage Atlas E-Z Seal aqua glass jar

with bail wire and lid "Trade Mark Reg." good condition
Lot #: 938

Denver Mattress Co. Stain Removal System

cleaning products 2 aftercare treatments 3 fabric protectors 2 Mattress cleaners 1 for everyday soiling
Lot #: 939

wood crafts and powder paint

2 wooden pole brackets and 6 wooden pole toppers, slip-resistant additive powder and pearl colored powders 2 empty bottles
Lot #: 940

Wahl animal grooming Electric Clippers

4 attachments, clipper oil, and mini brush to clean does work comes in small black bag
Lot #: 941

house maintenance items lot

gas hose, rain gutter cover trap net, hardwall attachment hooks, laundry dryer shoot for outside
Lot #: 942

B&D Finishing Sander, Bracing for T-posts

Black & Decker 1 sanding pad (on the sander) short cord turns on but doesn't work, 2 Wedge-Loc pat# 205 Diagonal corner or double in-line brace
Lot #: 943

Portable Air Compressor, Hydrogen Sulfide Det.

Allied air compressor 220 lb Pressure does work, GasTech personal Monitor model HS-82 unknown working conditions battery operated
Lot #: 944

hand flashlight, vintage adjustable wall Sconce

orange Eveready NO.1259 flashlight unknown working conditions, 1950's Union Made hangable, adjustable wall lamp unknown working conditions
Lot #: 945

light radio headset, QFX speaker

ear muff headphones with cord unknown working condition like new, light & sound on the go Bluetooth speaker
Lot #: 946

vehicle maintenance goods

serpentine belt # K070975 15/16" x ?", IPA grease joint rejuvenator, transmission fluid, brake components, 2 headlight bulbs
Lot #: 947

travel lantern, thread a hole kit

Eveready Travel Gear Multi-Function Lantern uses 4D batteries unopened unknown working condition, How to Thread a Hole with a Tap kit unopened
Lot #: 948

Gander Bender 50' Stream Line

does work, stiff steel tape 50' x 1/8"x.060"
Lot #: 949

vintage RCBS JR2 single stage reloading press

with shell holder heavy cast iron
Lot #: 950

V8 Tools Wrench set of 11 missing 3 No.9111

in roll-up bag has hole for hanging sizes 11,12,14,16,17,18,19,20
Lot #: 951

Allied Pneumatic Impact Wrench

1/2" unknown working conditions no additional attachments
Lot #: 952

vintage S-K Tools green metal box and sockets

set of 8 sockets various sizes good condition some rust on box
Lot #: 953

Craftsman Sander-Polisher DeWalt grinding pad

sander does not work crack on top handle, DeWalt 6 metal grinding pads different types
Lot #: 954

multi purpose mini glass bottle containers

metal center holds 16 bottles only has 11 4 on each side currently holding nails, springs, nuts, and bolts
Lot #: 955

2 ratchet tie-down

1 still in package 1" x 15" holds 1500 lbs both have anti-scratch hooks
Lot #: 956

5 hand-held garden tools

2 spear & jackson shovels 1 TT shovel, 2 vintage garden claws
Lot #: 957

vintage ring display box holds 72 rings

latches shut, wear and tear on the corners
Lot #: 958

Galv. Shingle nails, roofing nails

various sizes and all different amounts some tacks
Lot #: 959

nails 16D 20D and misc. nails

various sizes and lengths
Lot #: 960

drywall nails wire nails and more

various sizes and lengths and colors
Lot #: 961

finishing nails Grip Rite Fas'ners

8d 2-1/2" bright common and duplex, 10d 3 bright finish various amounts
Lot #: 962

Galv screws and staples

various sizes and lengths
Lot #: 963

finishing nails

many various sizes and lengths
Lot #: 964

Wood screws

various sizes and lengths
Lot #: 965

misc. handy man goods

screws, bolts, nuts, cable staples, mending braces, plastic anchors, screen tacks, holders, brass upholstery nails
Lot #: 966

misc. Handy man goods

concrete anchors, rivets, masonry nails, misc. wood screws
Lot #: 967

8d finishing nails

2 plastic containers filled with nails
Lot #: 968

3d duplex nails, 16d Galv nails

2 plastic containers full of nails
Lot #: 969

hinges, drawer knobs, and safe box locks

12 pairs of hinges and more in large bag with various knobs different sizes and materials, 5 safety lock boxes locks with two keys each
Lot #: 970

house maintenance goods

300 T&P guides, 50 Fasteners toggle bolts flat head 3/16 x 4" (5x100mm), snap fastener zinc plated 2-1/8" x 1", and Foot bolt zinc plated
Lot #: 971

Shelf Clips and Knobs

100+ shelf clips various sizes, 20+ vintage drawer knobs all white and gold colored details 3 discolored yellow tint
Lot #: 972

cabinet door handles and roller catch guides

various sizes and types of handles some sets all metal, 20+ roller guides
Lot #: 973

wardrobe rollers & guides, hinges, anchors etc.

10 wardrobe rollers and guides 2 pars of hinges (heavy metal) hollow wall anchors
Lot #: 974

door maintenance goods

2 door closers, 3 extension hang rods, 2 dead bolt locks with keys and new door handles
Lot #: 975

drawer knobs, handles, wardrobe roller guides

wooden knobs and handles also metal handles 10 sets of rollers & guides still in packaging
Lot #: 976

light switches, wall fixtures, halogen bulbs, etc.

4 wall light switches extra metal attachment pieces, 2 mini light wall fixtures unknown working conditions, 7 150 watt halogen bulbs still in package, 5 snap-off blades,
Lot #: 977

drape hooks wall plates treading kit detectors

3 sets of 2 drape hooks black still in packaging, phone jack & plate cable plate, thread repair kit unopened, and 3 smoke detectors unknown working conditions
Lot #: 978

3 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System

hand power drill attachments 1 unopened, 1 missing rubbing compound
Lot #: 979

liquid spray goods

Resolve pet oxi advanced, Lassie indoor outdoor repellent keeps animals away, Rawlings glovolium glove dressing, water and stain repellent spray, Gemini Masterpiece dried floral preservative, Eurotan tanning spray
Lot #: 980

softener cleaner, filter replacement, ice maker

Sears water softener cleaner sealed never used, SmartWater refrigerator filter replacement cartridge, Ametek ice maker disposable filter
Lot #: 981

vintage Aromance 2100 Disc Player

comes with original packaging, manual, and aroma scented disc. "Chocolate Mint" still sealed does turn on
Lot #: 982

Audiovox Car Speaker System, QFX headphones

unknown working conditions still in original packaging speakers have manual headphones still has plastic wrap some damage Bluetooth has charging cord
Lot #: 983

Kenwood car radio, Audiowox Sirius car radio

unknown working condition, Kenwood comes in case and manual
Lot #: 984

8" 200 Allied Three Jaw Gear Puller S45C

good condition heavy
Lot #: 985

4" 100 Allied Three Jaw Gear Puller S45C

loose bolts but good condition
Lot #: 986

Imperial Pipe Flaring Tool

some rust reads 295F 45 degree Flare
Lot #: 987

Ritchie Yellow Jacket 60280 Flaring Tool

Hunt Wilde Corporation
Lot #: 988

2 razor scrapers Adhesive Sealant mini wrenches

vintage scrappers, adhesive unopened, set of 6 wrenches 050-5/32
Lot #: 989

Whitaker Terminal Wire Connector Kit

No. 1800 various amounts includes zip ties
Lot #: 990

5 electrical fuses 3 electrical connectors

used 2 vintage 1 Royal Electric Co. 1 Fusetron FRS 10
Lot #: 991

Sure Shot Sprayer refillable red pressurized can

unknown working conditions no attachments
Lot #: 992

Eldelbrock valve cover, gold color eagle topper

1 valve cover gasket open package resin eagle has hoop for clip
Lot #: 993

unmarked organizer cabinet misc. content

50 drawers each 1 has something in it nails, screws, a marble, tacks, nuts, etc.
Lot #: 994

Akro Mils Metal 36 drawers misc. content

has handle on top missing 3 drawers some have a movable divider screws, nails, anchors, tacks, etc.
Lot #: 995

2 multi purpose easy liner different designs

1-24' x 18" 1-5' x 20" still in packaging
Lot #: 996

24 feet of tool box liner, trailer bed mat

3 separate packages of liners, unknown length of mat
Lot #: 997

1 large bag, Ridgid tool bag, HOG oil hat

might be military bag unknown history missing straps but has handle, tool bag has no straps, Hooey Oil Gear baseball cap size L-XL
Lot #: 998

Safe-T-Belt, Sierra Tool Pocket Belt

FLA safety belt size M tool belt is adjustable both in good condition
Lot #: 999

2 Auto Pilot Travel Guide with buttons

unknown working conditions come with manual and original packaging
Lot #: 1000

1 mini address book, 4 calculators

4" book with gold colored trim no markings inside, Datarex does not work, Little Giant has notepad and pen holder doesn't work, Victor doesn't work, Texas Instruments does work
Lot #: 1001

vintage Sharp compet QS-2770A calculator

desktop printing calculator item counter, does work
Lot #: 1002

vintage Sharp compet VX-2652A calculator

12 digit desktop printing calculator, looks to have a new cord, does work
Lot #: 1003

vintage Sharp compet VX-2652B calculator

12 digit desktop printing calculator, no paper, does work
Lot #: 1004

vintage Sharp compet VX-2652B calculator

12 digit desktop printing calculator, no paper, does work
Lot #: 1005

vintage Sharp EL-2192GII 2 color calculator

2 color printable desktop calculator, no paper, does work
Lot #: 1006

vintage Shape EL-1192G 10 digit calculator

GT function printing desktop calculator no paper, does work
Lot #: 1007

contractor, ball pump, ruler, traffic light d?cor

contractor opens and holds goods, ball pump still in packaging, Westcott ruler in plastic holder, plastic traffic light once a light and or once attached to something
Lot #: 1008

square ruler, hooks, flashlights, multi-tester

combination square ruler metal ruler plastic attachment, 2 Bell storage hooks 6" long including screw, 2 3?" mini flashlight still in packaging, Craftsman pocket sized Multi-tester unknown working condition
Lot #: 1009

100+ sewing patterns lot

Simplicity, See&Sew, Bucilla, Butterick, McCall's mostly clothing patterns for all kids and adults
Lot #: 1010

16 diamond shape mirrors, 4 candle holders

mirror tiles 1 chipped sticky on back side, 4 glass candle holders scuffed on the bottom
Lot #: 1011

vintage Hemingray-10 clear Insulator 0-4:

made in U.S.A. chipped on top
Lot #: 1012

vintage Hemingray-17 clear Insulator 6-58

made in U.S.A. chipped on edge
Lot #: 1013

vintage Hemingray-42 clear Insulator 8::::

made in U.S.A. chipped in three places
Lot #: 1014

vintage Hemingray-42 clear Insulator 0

made in U.S.A. good condition high lead glass has green tint
Lot #: 1015

vintage Hemingray-10 clear Insulator 3-38

chipped on top
Lot #: 1016

Vintage Hemingray No.12 aqua Insulator

Patent May 2, 1893 chipped rigid edge
Lot #: 1017

vintage Hemingray-21 aqua Insulator

made in U.S.A. cracked by "A"
Lot #: 1018

vintage Hemingray-42 aqua Insulator

made in U.S.A. tiny chip
Lot #: 1019

vintage Hemingray-42 clear Insulator 24

made in U.S.A. chipped on edge and rim
Lot #: 1020

vintage Hemingray No.21 aqua Insulator

few chips
Lot #: 1021

vintage Hemingray No.12 aqua Insulator

good condition
Lot #: 1022

vintage Hemingray-21 aqua Insulator

made in U.S.A. chipped on insides rim
Lot #: 1023

vintage porcelain hanging lamp shade

hand painted chip on top rim, marked 135/809 flower design
Lot #: 1024

2 vintage wooden wall shelves

1-22 1/3" tall three vertical shelves, 1-15 1/3" tall single display shelf
Lot #: 1025

1 metal leaf tray, 1 resin candle display holder

both bronze color tray 19" long 14" wide 2+" tall candle holder 13?" tall holds 3" wide candle
Lot #: 1026

waterbed kit, furniture sliders, frame d?cor

waterbed drain and fill kit original packaging has all pieces, Tool Bench furniture sliders unopened package pack of 4, dark teal wooden frame has buttons with metal chicken wire and clothes line clips for hanging things
Lot #: 1027

Scuba Diving Genesis Mask, Dry Snorkel

mask tapped shut used original packaging has manual purple, hot pink snorkel Wintecintech not a matching set
Lot #: 1028

Dacor Suba Diving Travista Mask, Snorkel

used original packaging silicone with clear blue rim matching snorkel set of 2
Lot #: 1029

Dacor Suba Diving Min-Vista Mask, Snorkel

used original packaging silicone with lilac rim, clear snorkel
Lot #: 1030

Fathom Scuba Diving Ankle Shoes

water shoes size large made in Taiwan red insides
Lot #: 1031

2 handmade silverware windchimes

black and white and butterfly beads both approximately 13" long
Lot #: 1032

2 handmade silverware windchimes

wooden, gold colored beads 1 has metal top and other is a type of wood both approximately 13" long
Lot #: 1033

2 handmade silverware windchimes

1 pink top various colored beads and bells 19" long 1 metal top wooden and various colored beads 14" long
Lot #: 1034

ResistAll NG car care kit, sunglass door for car

both still in original packaging car care kit all bottles are still sealed never used, part no. 63659-AA010 cover, roof console box for sunglass-storage door
Lot #: 1035

glue gun, 2 remotes, 8 dinning chair wheels

heavy duty hot glue gun with 2 sticks unopened, 1 FOX 300 EX remote with manual unknown working condition, 1 Phillips Universal Replacement remote unknown working conditions, 4 Shepherd gold and silver toned wheels 4 Bassiok gold and silver toned wheels
Lot #: 1036

Uline tape dispenser, Ruger "Shot Lock"

multi-core H-813 tape dispenser original packaging never used no tape, Sturm, Ruger, and Company, Inc. firearm lock
Lot #: 1037

Sound Clock, retro headphones, design-a-mug

Stylistic Sound Clocks battery operated seagull sounds original packaging like new, Nove-36 fold up weightless stereo headphones original packaging like new, Design-A-Mug original box only the mug
Lot #: 1038

OU Cap & yard sign, poncho, dog leash & collar

Stevens Caps OU red Flat cap worn 7 ?", weathered OU Sooners fabric yard sign, blue heavy duty rain poncho one size, Bond & Co collar with hearts and red leash with metal spikes
Lot #: 1039

vintage paper ads., Looney Tunes greatest hits

Borden's Coffee Ad. backside Dr. Wests toothbrush Ad., "American Beauties" Northern Tissue Ad. backside no-frost Whirlpool IceMagic Ad., Greatest Stars 20 Greatest Tunes Looney Tunes record disc.
Lot #: 1040

Chef's torch, awning knobs, 7?" tripod, nut gun

Chef-Master torch original packaging never used, 2 awning knobs unopened, mini tripod, nutcracker machine with manual unknown working conditions


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