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Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Wiggins Auctioneers
I hereby certify that I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions: 1.All bidders must be registered to bid, and will not be accepted without providing name, address, phone, and valid ID. By registering for the auction, bidder agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of the auction set forth herein. 2.All items are being sold "As-Is, Where-Is". All sales are final. Bidders are encouraged to inspect items being sold and are solely responsible to satisfy themselves as to any inspections, current condition, usability, etc. prior to bidding. Buyer is solely responsible for the item upon the auctioneer stating "sold" or the "close" of auction. 3.PREVIEW: Fri., May 3rd, 2024, 1-3 PM or call Deborah Eck, Auction Manager, at 580.401.0500 for an appointment. 4.PAYMENT & TAX INFO: A 15% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid at auction to determine the purchase price. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, company/personal check, credit card, or wire transfer. A 3% card convenience fee will be added to the invoice if paid by credit/debit card. No credit/debit cards will be accepted for items needing shipment. All items needing shipment must be paid in full by wire transfer only. All invoices must be paid in full prior to removal. In the event Buyer has not paid accordingly, the registered credit card shall be automatically processed on any unpaid balances, unless other arrangements have been made. Purchases are subject to city, county, and state sales tax, where applicable, unless Buyer provides appropriate exemption permit. 5.PICK UP/REMOVAL: Buyer pick up/removal date(s) and time(s): Thurs., May 9th, 2024, 9 AM-3 PM & Fri., May 10th, 2024, 10 AM-2 PM. No load out shall be provided by the Seller or the Auction Company (BRING HELP). Although we understand hardships and situations arise, we simply do not have the manpower or storage capacity for items which are not retrieved on designated pick up/removal date(s) and time(s). Please make every attempt to attend the above designated pick up/removal or send someone on your behalf. 6.FORFEITURE: In the event Buyer does not attend the designated pick up/removal, the Auction Company will make reasonable effort to arrange a separate scheduled date & time for Buyer to retrieve items; however, no guarantee is made by the Seller or the Auction Company. An additional fee may be assessed by the Auction Company for a separate scheduled pick up/removal. If items are not retrieved by 5 PM, Fri., May 24th, 2024, then Buyer automatically forfeits items and the Seller and/or Auction Company may dispose of the items at their sole discretion with no further liability to the Buyer. 7.SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS (U.S. Only): Buyer is to notify Auction Company within 24 hours of close of auction, if shipping is needed. Upon payment in full by wire transfer only, Auction Company will deliver items less than 30# to local shipping company for shipment. Instructions and payment to shipping company for packaging, insurance, and shipping are Buyer's sole responsibility. The Auction Company is not responsible or liable for any issues arising from shipment. 8.UNPAID INVOICES: The Buyer agrees to pay all invoices and/or debts to Wiggins Auctioneers in accordance to the terms set forth herein. In the event such invoices and/or debts are not paid, there will be late charges accrued at the rate of 15% per year or the max interest allowed by law. Buyer also agrees to reimburse Wiggins Auctioneers for any attorney fees, collection fees, and/or costs incurred in order to collect any past due amounts or enforce the auction terms set forth herein. Venue for any litigation is agreed to be in Garfield County, Oklahoma.9.All information is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, no guarantee is made by the Auction Company nor the Seller. Buyer(s) shall satisfy themselves as to value, size, condition, etc. prior to auction day.10.The Auction Company, Seller or an Agent/Representative reserve the right to bid on behalf of themselves or a third party. Announcements made day of auction take precedence.11.For convenience, this auction is being broadcast online. Neither the Auction Company nor the Seller is responsible for delay of signal or loss of signal by either side.12.Bidder hereby agrees to sign/accept by electronic means, and that the electronic signature/acceptance shall have the same force and effect as an original signature.
26550 E County Road 40, Ringwood, OK
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Lot #: 1

Preview Video & Auction Info

Preview: Friday, May 3, 1-3PM. Pick Up: Thursday, May 9, 9AM-3PM & Friday, May 10, 10AM-2PM.
Lot #: 1a

Antique 1938 Allis-Chalmers Model B Tractor

1400 R.P.M., 2 WD, gas, PTO, shedded. It does run and the PTO does work.

in: 31

Lot #: 1b

Two Bottom Pull Plow

Lot #: 1c

Antique Allis-Chalmers 42" Rear Discharge Combine

W/ bundle topping bar, shedded. Trailer dolly is not included.

in: 31

Lot #: 1d

Grain Auger

Briggs & Stratton motor, type no: 203087, serial no: 189839.
Lot #: 1e

Hustler Raptor 52 Zero Turn Mower

Kohler 24 Hp engine, model: 935759, serial: 16101800, 52" deck.
Lot #: 1f

Industrial Lathe on Stand

Stand approx. 3' tall, 6' long. Westinghouse AC motor, 3/4 HP.
Lot #: 1g

Marburg Brothers Inc. Industrial Drill Press

Buyer is responsible for removal.
Lot #: 1h

Small Metal Lathe

General Electric motor 1/3 HP.
Lot #: 1i

Craftsman Lathe on Workbench

1/2 HP.
Lot #: 1j

30 Ton Hydraulic Press

Lot #: 1k

Vintage Cast Iron Fireplace

Comes w/ extra tin. Approx. 50" tall.
Lot #: 1l

Shop Made Wood Burning Fireplace

Made out of a barrel.
Lot #: 1m

Workbench on Casters & Contents

Approx. 36" tall, 34" X 34". Contents include: wrenches, screw driver, pipe wrench, files.
Lot #: 1n

Foldout Vehicle Ramp

Approx. 4' wide, 66" long.
Lot #: 1o

Tru-Cut Gas Edger

3.5Hp. Unknown condition.
Lot #: 1p

Vintage Walk Behind Cultivator

Lot #: 1q

Vintage Walk Behind Cultivator

Lot #: 1r

Vintage Walk Behind Cultivator

Lot #: 1s

Vintage Reel Cart

Lot #: 1t

High Lift Jack, Bumper Screw Jack

Lot #: 1u

Antique Cast Iron Cauldron

Lot #: 1v

Vintage Tools

2 pulleys, tire patch clamp, Rigid pipe clamp, hammer.
Lot #: 1w

Vintage Anco Wiper Blades Cabinet

On casters. Approx. 44" tall, 25" deep, 22" wide.
Lot #: 1x

Pallet Jack

2500 GS.
Lot #: 1y

Shop Made Workbench on Casters

Approx. 38" tall, 34" deep, 7' long.
Lot #: 1z

2 Vintage Metal Tractor Seats

in: 31

Lot #: 2

2 Vintage Metal Tractor Seats

in: 31

Lot #: 2a

John Deere Radiator, John Deere Seat

Lot #: 2b

Vintage Cast Iron Hand Water Pump

Approx. 17.5" tall.
Lot #: 2c

Set of Metal Car Ramps

Approx. 35.5" long.
Lot #: 2d

18+/- Vintage Oklahoma License Plates,

1 wooden crate.
Lot #: 2e

2 Large Vintage Metal Ammo Boxes

Lot #: 2f

2 Vintage Milk Cream Cans

Lot #: 2g


Gas cans, creeper, funnel.
Lot #: 2h

Vise on a HD Stand

Approx. 6.5" wide.
Lot #: 2i

Approx. 5" Standard Vise

Lot #: 2j

Vintage Thompson Cast Iron Lawn Sprinkler

It is missing the sprinkler part.
Lot #: 2k

Shop Made Grinder on Stand

Lot #: 2l

1000lb Hand Crank Winch

Lot #: 2m

Wire Rack

Approx. 41" tall, 13" deep, 23" wide.
Lot #: 2n

Tiffany Metal Drop Leaf Shelf on Casters

Shop rolling chair. Shelf approx. 27" tall, 15" deep, 20" wide w/ leaves dropped.
Lot #: 2o

Parts Bin Shelf on Casters

Approx. 22" tall, 19.5" wide.
Lot #: 2p

Craftsman Toolchest on Casters & Contents

Approx. 34" tall, 27" wide, 18" deep. A couple of the drawers are very hard to open and shut. Contents include: wire connectors, Allen wrenches, wrenches, misc. hardware, files, grinding wheel tooling, storage tray, & more. A couple of the drawers are very difficult to open.
Lot #: 2q

2 Shop Shelves & Contents

The green shelf has wheels on the back. Green shelf approx. 62" tall, 33" wide, 18" deep. Contents include: lubricants, grease, fuel filters, oil filter, motor oil, gear oil, bits, copper plugs, faucet heads, lightbulb grabber attachment, hardware, & more.
Lot #: 2r

Auger Feeder

Lot #: 2s

12+/- Buckets, Electric Fence Posts,

Electric fence insulators, misc. wire.
Lot #: 2t

3 Ton Hydraulic Hand Crane

Lot #: 2u

Vintage Manual Grinding Wheel,

6 grinding plates.
Lot #: 2v

3 Craftsman Battery Operated Tools

Drill, multi-purpose saw, detail sander.
Lot #: 2x

2 Small Press Vise

Lot #: 2y


Metal storage bin, small clamps, bits, sockets, screw drivers, putty knife, screws, misc. hardware.
Lot #: 2z

Large Lot of Drill Bits

Lot #: 3

Antique Cast Iron McFarlan Stove Door,

Vintage U.S. Mail mailbox door.
Lot #: 3a

Vintage Galvanized Mop Bucket

Lot #: 14d

1 Vintage Barn Door

Tin backing, rollers, approx. 76" X 89".
Lot #: 14e

1 Vintage Barn Door

Approx. 76" X 89", rollers, tin backing.
Lot #: 29

Shop Workbench, Wall Storage Containers & Contents

Workbench approx. 76" tall, 2? deep, 6? wide. Contents include: scissors, hardware, cutoff wheels, light bulbs, wheels, funnel, hook, bolts, washers, belt, & more. Buyer is responsible for removal from the wall.
Lot #: 30

10+/- sets of gloves, 2 Tubs, Paint Supplies

Lot #: 31

Large Lot of Vintage Glass Lens Covers,

1 headlight.
Lot #: 32

2 Ammo Boxes, Vintage Bayonet Knife

Knife approx. 9" long.
Lot #: 33

Mino Bucket, Zebco Fishing Pole, Slab Seeker Reel

Lot #: 34

Browning Storage Shelf & Contents

Approx. 40" tall, 13.5? wide. Contents include: bearings, sprockets, bushings.
Lot #: 34a

Large Lot of Used Tires

See pictures for various sizes.
Lot #: 34b

Contents of 3 Sided Barn

Hitch attachment, pulley, plant cages, broom, pitch fork, wire, metal pipe, metal spiral ducts, fence post driver.
Lot #: 35

2 Vintage Framed U.S. History Pictures

President Coolidge taking oath March 4, 1925. Camp Dodge June 29, 1916, Iowa National Guard.
Lot #: 39

Doubletree Yoke

Approx. 27" long.
Lot #: 39a

Fashion Jewelry

18+/- necklaces, 18+/- bracelets, 6 watches, 7 earring sets, 10 rings, picture frame, vintage lipstick box.
Lot #: 39b

Fashion Jewelry

37+/- necklaces, 5 bracelets, 3 watches, earring sets. 1 jewelry box.
Lot #: 39c

13+/- Country Stars Keychains,

Misc. buttons & pins.
Lot #: 39d

Fashion Jewelry

33+/- necklaces, 12+/- bracelets, 6 watches, 9 earring sets, misc. pins.
Lot #: 39e

Fashion Jewelry

32+/- rings, 23+/- necklaces, 7+/- bracelets, 24+/- earring sets, 3 cuff link sets, 1 cuff links only, baby spoon, pocket knife.
Lot #: 39f

Fashion Jewelry

Necklaces, pins, 6 watches, earring sets.
Lot #: 39g

Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry boxes & cases, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins.
Lot #: 39h

14K Gold Chain

Lot #: 39i

14K Gold Earring & Bracelet Set

Lot #: 39j

14K Gold Necklace, 10K Gold Ring

Lot #: 39k

Sterling Silver Bracelet, Garnets Set in Silver

Lot #: 39l

(2) 18Kt Gold Filled Rings

Lot #: 40

Flower Painting on Canvas

Approx. 35.5" X 4'. Unknown artist.
Lot #: 40a

Tiara Blue Glass Elephant Trinket Box

Lot #: 41


2 rocking recliners, 1 sofa (it is torn in places), 2 cabinets. 1 of the cabinets does lock.
Lot #: 42

Electronics & Household

2 table lamps, floor lamp, shop light, VHS player, phone, sleeping bag, 2 pillows.
Lot #: 43

Household Items

Whirlpool dehumidifier, box fan, Lasko heater, Eureka vacuum.
Lot #: 44

20+/- Books, 18+/- CDs, Garth Brooks CD Set

Lot #: 45

40+/- Shop & Tractor Manuals

in: 31

Lot #: 46

The Word in Life Study Bible

Lot #: 47

(2) 50 States Quarters Books,

20+/- quarters.
Lot #: 48

3 Elvis Collectibles

Coffee mug, Pepsi artist of the century bottle, shot glass. Avon guitar perfume bottle (not Elvis themed).
Lot #: 49

Automobile & Tractor Collectibles

Fairview State Bank car bank, John Deere thermometer, 1930 Roadster, miniature cars & tractors.

in: 31

Lot #: 50

Household Decor

Wall clock, wall thermometer from Sutherlands, table lamp, the Lords prayer, sports cube picture frame, picture frame, sailboat, angel, decorative plate.
Lot #: 51

Galileo Thermometer

Approx. 24.5" tall.
Lot #: 52

Household Decor

Oilfield music box, dream catcher, nutcracker, rain gauge, thermometer, wind chime, wall plaques, pottery vase, & more.
Lot #: 53

Vintage Mid Century Modern Swag Lamp

Hanging lamp w/ plug and chain.
Lot #: 54

M.J. Hummel 10th Annual Plate 1980

Lot #: 55

Cleaning Supplies & Household Items

Dish detergent, Clorox wipes, Windex, Handi wipes, disposable gloves, matches, screw drivers, flashlight, sandwich bags, car backseat organizer, trash bags, & more.
Lot #: 56

Kitchen Table, 6 Chairs, 1 Wooden Chair

Table approx. 29" tall, 41.5" deep, 59" long.
Lot #: 57

Culligan Water Cooler Dispenser

(2) 5 gallon water jugs.
Lot #: 58

Household & Shop Items

Plastic tub, hard hat, crate, paint supplies, OU magnet, power strip, yard stick, oil filters, tarp, & more.
Lot #: 59

4 Vintage Avon Collectible Beer Steins

Lot #: 60


Jesus framed picture, hen on a nest, 2 ceramic roosters, ceramic lion, ceramic cat bank.
Lot #: 61

2 Persian Cat Ceramic Statues

3 small cat ceramic figurines.
Lot #: 62

5 Cross Stitch Patterns, Lap Desk

Lot #: 63

2 Partial Children's Tea Sets

4 Corelle plates, 5 Corelle salad plates, 1 saucer.
Lot #: 64

Doll Desk, 2 Doll Rocking Chairs,

2 chairs, basket, picture frame, 2 ornament & collectibles display shelves.
Lot #: 65

29+/- Children's Books

Lot #: 66

Build A Bear, Cindy Doll

The Wimbledon Collection hand painted, hand sewn porcelain collector doll. 1 basket.
Lot #: 67

4 Vintage Games, 1 Card Set

Lot #: 68

Vintage Metal Tonka Front End Loader

Miniature cast iron toy lathe, Tonka loader tractor.

in: 31

Lot #: 69

15+/- Vintage Dolls & Barbie Dolls,

Misc. Barbie doll accessories.
Lot #: 70

Vintage Laurel & Hardy Dolls

Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation.
Lot #: 71

Vintage Toys

4 Mash action figurines, 4 wooden puzzles, plastic magnetic letters, Fisher Price corn popper, 2 Tinkertoy sets, Fisher-Price phone, rooster, Walt Disney book.
Lot #: 72

Holiday & Household Decor

Indoor lights, miniature nativity figurines, bottles, glasses, OU ornament, holiday pens, Quartz clock, candle, soap.
Lot #: 73

Men's Items

Neck tie, 4 Avon bottles, decorative pipe, 2 wallets, pocket knife, 2 watches, beer mug, pencils, & more.
Lot #: 74

Contents of Built In Cabinet

Cabinet is NOT included. Glasses, anniversary plates, miniature Coca-Cola bottles, candle holders, mugs, salt/pepper shakers, 2 Pillsbury Dough Boys, candle, glass bell, serving bowl, & more.
Lot #: 75

23+/- Vintage Collectible Buttons

Most are Major County, Oklahoma buttons.
Lot #: 76

5 Walt Disney Masterpiece Toys,

2 vintage Hot Wheels in the package.
Lot #: 77

40+/- Vintage McDonald's Toys

Lot #: 78

38+/- Vintage Fast Food Restaurant Toys

Lot #: 79

Vintage Children's Toys

Anastasia dolls & trains, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders figurines, small dolls, marbles, Furbies, miniature Mr. Potato Head, pencils, misc. toy vehicles.
Lot #: 80

Plastic Wall Mirror

Approx. 31" X 19".
Lot #: 81

Seaweed 1996 Beanie Baby,

32+/- Beanie babies.
Lot #: 82

50+/- Beanie Babies

Many of them are McDonald's Beanie Babies.
Lot #: 83

12+/- Year 2000 Teenie Beanie Babies,

18+/- Beanie Babies.
Lot #: 84

70+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 85

70+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 86

80+/- Beanie Babies

Many of them are McDonald's Beanie Babies.
Lot #: 87

60+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 88

54+/- Beanie Babies, 4 Taco Bell Dogs

1 Kraft Singles Dairy Fairy, Oscar Meyer Weiner, Kellog's Toucan Sam.
Lot #: 89

14+/- Large Ty Babies,

36+/- Beanie Babies.
Lot #: 90

9+/- Large Ty Babies,

45+/- Beanie Babies.
Lot #: 91

56+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 92

8+/- Large Ty Babies,

34+/- Beanie Babies.
Lot #: 93

55+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 94

55+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 95

55+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 96

14+/- Large Ty Babies,

17+/- Beanie Babies.
Lot #: 97

60+/- Beanie Babies

Lot #: 98

2 Large Ty Babies, 46+/- Beanie Babies

Most of them are the Beanie Baby bears.
Lot #: 99

9+/- Collectible Beanie Baby Bears

Each have individual display cases.
Lot #: 100

9+/- Collectible Beanie Baby Bears

Each have individual display cases.
Lot #: 101

10+/- Collectible Beanie Baby Bears

Each have individual display cases.
Lot #: 102

Misc. Beanie Baby Collectibles

4 membership totes, official club member ship kits, calendar, Beanie Babies collector's cards, Beanie Babies pins, Beanies wooden box. 3 Ali Salvino's Bammers.
Lot #: 145

Corelle by Corning Dish Set

Serving platter, 7 mugs, 6 cups, 12 bowls, 14 dessert plates, 6 plates.
Lot #: 146

Baking Dishes

Muffin pan, bread pans, glass casserole dishes, pot, pie plates.
Lot #: 147

12+/- Drinking Glasses w/ Roses

Lot #: 149

7 Pieces of Misc. Artwork

Lot #: 150

Large Framed Mirror

Approx. 33.5" X 38". It appears it went with a dresser.
Lot #: 151

Large Framed Flower Artwork

Approx. 35" X 29".
Lot #: 152

Waterbury Mantle Clock

Domed glass, approx. 10" tall, 20.5" long. It does not have the key. Condition unknown.
Lot #: 153

4 Metal Desks, 3 Chairs

Largest desk approx. 30" tall, 34" deep, 5' wide. Buyer is responsible for removal.
Lot #: 154

Rustic Wooden Bench

Approx. 15" tall, 22" deep, 46" long.
Lot #: 155

Vintage Rolltop Desk

We could not find a maker. Approx. 48" tall, 2' deep, 54" long.
Lot #: 156

Retro Wooden Multi Shelf

Part of it is coming apart. Approx. 22" tall, 10" deep, 51" long.
Lot #: 157

Vintage Waterfall Highboy Dresser

Approx. 51" tall, 17" deep, 32" wide. It is on wheels but the wheels do not turn very good.
Lot #: 158

Vintage Dough Box End Table

Approx. 22" tall, 22" deep, 15" wide.
Lot #: 159

4 Bistro Chairs

Wooden cane back, rattan seat. Approx. 34" tall, 16" X 16". One of the markings says Romania.
Lot #: 160

Caldwell Furniture Co. 5-Piece Bedroom Set

Full size bed frame, Dresser w/ mirror approx. 33" tall, 19" deep, 5' long, chest of drawers, nightstand, vanity w/ fold up mirror & chair.
Lot #: 161

Dresser w/ Mirror, Nightstand, Chest of Drawers

Dresser approx. 61" tall w/ mirror, 18" deep, 52" long.
Lot #: 162

2 Non-Matching End Tables

Taller end table approx. 26" tall, 13.5" deep, 16.5" wide.
Lot #: 163

2 Metal Desks, 1 Metal Table

1 heavy duty footstool. Table approx. 30" tall, 28" X 29.5".
Lot #: 164

TV Stand, 2 Small Shelves on Wheels

TV stand approx. 28" tall, 20" deep, 35.5" wide.
Lot #: 165

Vintage Stepstool Chair, 4 TV Trays w/ Stand

Lot #: 166

Chest of Drawers

Approx. 51" tall, 21" deep, 44" wide. Top two small drawers are attached.
Lot #: 167

Vintage Chest of Drawers

We do not have a key but the drawers are unlocked. It does have 4 wheels but they are not attached. Approx. 47" tall, 18" deep, 33" wide.
Lot #: 168

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine & Cabinet

Sewing box, sewing machine attachments, pins, thread, buttons, patch, misc. crafting items. Sewing cabinet approx. 30" tall, 16.5" deep, 34" long w/ cabinet closed. Singer sewing machine model: AG714993.
Lot #: 169

Vintage China Cabinet

The glass is broken. Approx. 63.5" tall, 13.5" deep, 35.5" wide.
Lot #: 170

Vintage Trunk

Approx. 13" tall, 21.5" deep, 3' long.
Lot #: 171

Vintage Trunk

Approx. 13" tall, 21" deep, 3' wide.


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Wiggins Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.