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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Lot #: 1

Smith Miller Red Truck and Flatbed Trailer-24"

Truck has some areas of paint wear; Smith Miller California Decal on doors
Lot #: 2

Smith Miller Red Truck-No trailer

Has some Paint loss from age; Smith Miller California Decal on Doors
Lot #: 3

Smith Miller Yellow Truck-No Trailer

Has some Paint loss from age; Smith Miller California Decal on Doors
Lot #: 4

Smith Miller Silver Truck-No Trailer

Paint loss in areas due to use and age; Decal has worn off Passenger side
Lot #: 5

Smith Miller Truck & Trailer; Wood Flatbed

No paint, Approx 24" long; Decal "Smith Miller California" Decal on doors; Metal Sides full length of trailer
Lot #: 6

Smith Miller Cherry Picker Truck w/hand crank rope

White Cab w/red bed and accents; "Smith Miller California" decal on both doors
Lot #: 7

U-Haul Orange/White Truck and U-Haul Trailer

Nylint Stamped into truck; cracked window; Decal have some scratching: "Ford" stamped in tailgate
Lot #: 8

Smith Miller Hauler Truck-No Decals-Orange/Green

Marked Smith Miller on Frame of Truck-15" long 5½" tall; "Smitty Toys" stamped in truck
Lot #: 9

Unmarked Dump Truck-Painted Red; Stickers

Handles releases truck bed to dump; Hydraulic style; Letter stickers added "James Coal Co." on both sides; Scratches have blue paint underneath
Lot #: 10

Metal Structo Delivery Truck-Orange/White in color

"International" Painted in front of doors-No visible markings-15" long
Lot #: 11

Teal International Harvester Farm Truck w/decals

Tailgate fold down-12" long 5½" tall-Has some paint wear from age

in: 31

Lot #: 12

Teal International Harvester Farm Truck w/decals

Tailgate folds down 12" long 5½" tall-Possibly has been re-painted

in: 31

Lot #: 13

Red International Harvester Farm Truck-2 tone

White cab; IH Decal on hood but no other decals-No Markings; Tailgate folds down; 12" long

in: 31

Lot #: 14

Blue International Harvester work truck; Toolboxes

White Toolboxes w/2 Silver ladders, black steps and Decals on sides
Lot #: 15

Teal/White 2-Tone International Harvester Pickup

Has spare wheel on side of truck; Appears to have been re-painted-No Scratches
Lot #: 16

Red International Harvester Farm Truck-repainted

Wheels are actual rubber; IH Decals-12" long-No Scratches

in: 31

Lot #: 17

Teal International Harvester farm Truck w/decals

Wheels are plastic; Box included; Sticker on top from Manufacturer-12" long

in: 31

Lot #: 18

Teal International Harvester Farm Truck w/decals

Heavy Use, dirt and scratches; (Plastic Wheels); Tailgate lays down 12" long

in: 31

Lot #: 19

White Miller Ironson Corp Wrecker w/winch

16" long Says "Official Tow Car" "National Auto Club" Decals; Door Decals say "MIC"; Parts appear to be in working order
Lot #: 20

Smith Miller Red Delivery Vehicle w/Fenced Sides

Wooden Bed 14" long; Smith Miller Decals on Doors; "Smitty Toys" stamped underneath
Lot #: 21

Smith Miller Delivery Truck w/metal sides, chained

Wooden bed; Side have openings in the middle w/chain barriers 14" long Blue Cab; Has paint loss
Lot #: 22

Smith Miller Lumber Delivery Vehicle; Blue Paint

22" long all together; 12 Wood planks w/3 rollers
Lot #: 23

Smith Miller w/Fruehauf bi-level Trailer; Orange

26" long all together
Lot #: 24

Smith Miller Bekins Moving Truck; Blue Cab

Smitty Toys decal on doors of truck; 'Blinn's" Toys on truck; Trailer is 16" long; truck is 10' front to back
Lot #: 25

Tru-Scale Red metal Truck; Restored-Painted red

"International" Decal on Side of hood
Lot #: 26

Tru-Scale Orange/White Work Truck; TS Decals

Doors and tailgate on bed open; Plastic Windows intact; Black metal Bars attached
Lot #: 27

Tru-Scale Turquoise/White Truck; Paint Restored

Tru Scale and International Decals; No window plastic; wheels are plastic and have little wear
Lot #: 28

Metal Semi-Truck w/trailer; Thick Paper signs

Middle Atlantic Signs are heavy cardstock, Signs have been taped on cab of truck; Some paint chipping on cab
Lot #: 29

Miller Ironson Corporation Semi w/Trailer

Trailer has Hand painted "KMB Lines" painted on both sides; Paint wear on Semi-truck; Trailer missing a door
Lot #: 30

Smith Miller Yellow Delivery Truck w/wooden bed

Smith Miller California Decals on both sides
Lot #: 31

Smith Miller Red Painted Dump Truck; "Pokey"

Some chipping and worn paint all over truck; Smith Miller Decals on both sides
Lot #: 32

Structo Toys Metal wind-up Truck; Red w//Blue bed

Has some paint wear; Wind up mechanism works
Lot #: 33

Structo 66 Toyland Oil Co Tanker Truck; Paint Wear

Red paint w/yellow and black lettering; Wind up-Mechanism works
Lot #: 34

Orange/White Toyland Garage Wrecker Service

Various Wear and Tear-Some Rust-Wind up-Mechanism works
Lot #: 35

Structo Fire Dept. Emergency Ambulance-White

Some paint wear; Decals have some scratching
Lot #: 36

Smith Miller Flat Bed Truck; Green w/wooden Bed

Some paint wear on Cab
Lot #: 37

Structo Toys Truck; Metal Bed w/metal rails

Freeport Motor Express-Orange Cab w/gray metal Bed; Some wear from play and age
Lot #: 38

Smith Miller Dump Truck; white w/gold accents

accessories, Appears to have been re-painted; Has wooden barrels on pallet and 4 bags of feed for farm animals; Dumping Mechanism works; Door on back swings freely

in: 31

Lot #: 39

Smith Miller Truck w/wood bed; "Arden Milk" Decal

Bed painted red/white; Truck is painted Red; Appears to have been re-painted
Lot #: 40

Smith Miller Yellow Cab Truck w/Wooden Flat bed

Wooden sides w/round holes and metal accents; Some Paint Wear on cab
Lot #: 41

Structo Toys City of Toyland Trash Dump truck; Red

Yellow Dump Trailer; Parts move and Dump Mechanism works
Lot #: 42

Smith Miller Delivery Truck w/wood Bed; Coca Cola

20 Wooden Block stamped Coca Cola to look like cases of Coke; Coca Cola lettering on truck; Decals glued on sides
Lot #: 43

Miller Ironson Corporation Delivery Truck

w/bed gate, Red w/black railing; one rail doesn?t quite fit down in bed; Tailgate does not move with the arm on side of bed; Doors open on Cab
Lot #: 44

Mobiloil Oil Tanker Trailer; age/use paint wear

Storage compartment on one side-No truck, trailer only
Lot #: 45

Green Smith Miller Bank of America Armored Truck

Appears to have been re-painted and new decals added; Lock w/keys attached
Lot #: 46

Structo Grain Company Truck and Trailer; Some Rust

Wear and tear from use and age; Structo Toys Decal on side of white truck
Lot #: 47

Smith Miller Mack truck w/wooden bed/metal accents

Accessories-4 wooden barrels and bag of cow feed (handmade); Truck has wear from age; Paint chipping
Lot #: 48

Watson Brothers Semi-Truck and trailer Red Decals

Yellow Truck w/black wheel wells; Red lettering on Truck and Trailer
Lot #: 49

Pacific Intermountain Express Semi Trailer

2 sets doors, Doors are unattached; One set embossed doors and 1 set smooth chrome like doors
Lot #: 50

Structo Farms Cattle Trailer & Truck-Yellow Truck

Brown Painted Trailer, yellow ramp-all together with ramp Truck and Trailer 36" long; Some paint scratching

in: 31

Lot #: 51

Ny-Lint Military Vehicle; Rocket Launcher N-2400

Gauge on back, 1 Rocket in launch tube
Lot #: 52

Ny Lint guided Missile Carrier travel Loader

Rocket on fork lift; Extra Projectiles; all wheels turn and mechanisms work
Lot #: 53

Structo Ready-Mix Concrete Truck

Green/Black/Orange, Trailer release mechanism works; Green Truck-no windows some rust in areas
Lot #: 54

Barber Greene Scale Model; Portable Conveyer Belt

Track Wheels Bucket Conveyer; Chain intact; Wheels and mechanisms turn
Lot #: 55

Barber Greene Portable Conveyer belt; Model Toys

Auger on back; Round Wheels
Lot #: 56

Ford 8N New Holland 1/8 Scale tractor in box


in: 31

Lot #: 57

John Deere 1939 Model "B" 1/8 Scale in box

Lot #: 58

John Deere 4010 1/8 Scale Tractor in Box

in: 31

Lot #: 59

John Deere Model "B" Tractor

in: 31

Lot #: 60

Oliver Grain Wagon-Green w/red wheels

Lot #: 61

John Deere 1939 Model "D" in box 1/8 scale

Has Signature on Back Bumper step in Black magic marker; Unknown
Lot #: 62

New Holland Ford 4000 1/8 Scale in Box

Lot #: 63

IH McCormick 1/8 Scale Red Conveyer Wagon

Lot #: 64

John Deere 4 Bottom Plow 1/8 Scale in Box

Lot #: 65

John Deere ERTL Prestige Collection 45 Combine-Box

Model is in box and Styrofoam Packaging
Lot #: 66

Oliver 1800 Tractor; Hydra Power Drive

Green 2 tone, No scratches visible; light green plastic seat; Metal stack-rubber wheels

in: 31

Lot #: 67

Oliver 1850 Tractor; Hydra Power Drive

Green 2 tone, No scratches visible; light green plastic seat; Metal stack-rubber wheels

in: 31

Lot #: 68

McCormick Farmall Tractor; Red; 400 Series

Marked June 1999; Rubber Wheels; Decals intact, no visible scratching

in: 31

Lot #: 69

Allis-Chalmers WD 45 Tractor; Rubber Wheels

Decals intact and no visible scratching

in: 31

Lot #: 70

McCormick IH 1/8 Scale Red Conveyer Wagon

Decal missing some areas; Some paint wear in areas
Lot #: 71

McCormick IH Discing Plow-4 sets of 7 discs

For use pulling behind a tractor-no visible scratching; discs are silver/metal colored
Lot #: 72

Smith Miller Car Pulling Camper w/wooden furniture

Top Missing on car; Extra set of front and back bumpers; wear on both pieces; camper furniture is worn and soiled; Top of camper comes off and has area of paint flaked/coming off
Lot #: 73

Smith Miller Car Pulling Camper w/wooden furniture

Extra set of front and back bumpers; wear on both pieces; paint wear on car but top is present; Furniture is in fair condition in camper; top of camper comes off
Lot #: 74

Smith Miller Moving Trailer w/truck; Lyon Van Line

Blue Cab truck; "Let Lyon guard your goods"; Back doors open; Some Dents and small amount of wear for age
Lot #: 75

Smith Miller Moving Trailer w/truck; Lyon Van Line

Orange Cab Truck; Quite a bit of wear on orange paint; Trailer has some rust and worn areas as well; Back doors open on trailer
Lot #: 76

Smith Miller Firetruck w/ladder that raises

open cab, Decals indicate number 21 on truck; ladder wheel mechanisms work and raise and lower the ladder
Lot #: 77

IH McCormick-Deering Farmall Tractor (Unknown mod)

Rubber wheels; red paint, good condition, no paint wear or scratches

in: 31

Lot #: 78

Smith Miller Mack Truck w/wood hauler bed/Trailer

Green metal truck; Wood chained on bed w/rolling loading logs; Trailer w/wood and chains as well
Lot #: 79

Metal Dump Truck; Wheels marked Structo Toys

Hood opens; Rusty Hood, Truck appears to have been painted; has some rust areas; Red metal bed; Dump bed moves up and down and locks into place
Lot #: 80

Blue Metal Buddy L Airforce Supply Truck

Fabric Covering over bed; some rusting and paint loss
Lot #: 81

Buddy L Sinclair Wrecker Truck; Green/White

Winch mechanism turns freely
Lot #: 82

Tonka truck Red Firetruck w/hosing; No 5

Has Hose and 2 long rubber hose pieces on side; Light on top, needs work
Lot #: 83

Smith Miller Mach Truck w/Red Dump Bed

White Truck w/black wheel wells
Lot #: 84

Smith Miller Red Truck with Red Dump Bed

Wheel Turns freely to dump bed; Some paint wear on both cab and bed
Lot #: 85

Mack Truck Semi-Red Dump bed-not attached

No Decals or names
Lot #: 86

Structo Toys Red Truck w/blue metal bed; Wind up

wind up mechanism works; paint wear on vehicle and bed
Lot #: 87

Hollywood Film Ad Light Truck; Mac Truck

w/Rotating, Light; Light needs batteries; Red Truck, red light; decals-Some paint wear
Lot #: 88

Hollywood Film Ad Light Truck & Trailer

extra light, White cab red bed, White lights and decals; Extra light has broken plastic-Lights need batteries
Lot #: 89

Orange IH Dump Truck-paint in good condition

Dump mechanism works
Lot #: 90

Green IH Grain Truck, bed folds down to ramp

Some dent and paint wear from age
Lot #: 91

Buddy L Light Green Truck w/wooden bed cover

windows, No Scratches visible
Lot #: 92

Farmall IH Crème/Red 2-tone truck

Lot #: 93

Red Structo Cab Truck, no bed;

Lot #: 94

Structo Toyland Garage; Winch on Metal Bed

Red truck, Wind up key missing
Lot #: 95

Red Structo Towing Truck Decals Rusty & scratching

Paint loss and wear from age and use
Lot #: 96

New Holland windrower Toy Tractor-Vintage (2)

One in Box-one has paint wear from age; Sperry-Rand and New Holland Decals (ERTL)
Lot #: 97

New Holland Toy Combines-Red w/yellow accents (2)

One has a little more paint wear than the other; Sperry Rand and New Holland Decals (ERTL)
Lot #: 98

New Holland Windrower Toy Windrower Red/Yellow (2)

A couple small paint chips, Sperry Rand and New Holland Decals (ERTL)
Lot #: 99

New Holland Toy Combines (2); 1 light paint wear

Both Have Plastic Arms; Sperry Rand/New Holland Decals (ERTL)
Lot #: 100

New Holland Toy Combines (2); Paint Wear both

One has faded and chipped paint, other has chipping and wear; Both have plastic arms (ERTL)
Lot #: 101

New Holland Toy Combines (2); Paint Wear/Use on 1

New Holland/Sperry Rand Decals (ERTL); One with use has replacement plastic arm
Lot #: 102

New Holland Toy Combines (2); Paint Wear/Use both

New Holland/Sperry Rand Decals (ERTL); Plastic Combine Arms

in: 31

Lot #: 103

New Holland Toy Combines (2); Paint Wear both

New Holland/Sperry Rand Decals (ERTL); Plastic Combine Arms

in: 31

Lot #: 104

New Holland Toy windrower; International Truck

Pickup is Plastic (yellow) w/ metal accents and "International" decal
Lot #: 105

Tru-Scale tractor &plow implement toy; paint wear

Fair amount on wear from use on both; Red w/yellow accents on tractor; implement also Tru-Scale

in: 31

Lot #: 106

Tru-Scale tractor & manure spreader; Paint wear

Both have paint wear from use; Red w/crème accents

in: 31

Lot #: 107

Tru-Scale Manure Spreader and Conveyer toys

Manure spreader paint no scratches; Conveyer has some wear from use
Lot #: 108

Tru Scale Implement toys-3; Hand Plow; Disc Plow

Spreader/Plow combo?; All have some paint wear from use-Tru-Scale Brand
Lot #: 109

Tru-Scale Model Pick-up toy; Paint wear form use

Red/White; tru-Scale Decals; Some paint chipping and rusting in areas
Lot #: 110

Tru-Scale Model implements (2); wear from use on 1

One looks newer
Lot #: 111

Tru-scale implement-fabric belt; metal arm

Some wear form use on toy
Lot #: 112

Cari-Car Lumber lover Vehicle; Paint Wear from use

Planks included and metal plate that lays on the bottom
Lot #: 113

Hyster Drudge Straddle Truck, lumber mover

Mechanics of toy work and move freely
Lot #: 114

Hyster Drudge Straddle Truck, lumber mover

Lever doesn?t move bottom pieces up and down
Lot #: 115

Hyster Drudge Straddle Truck, lumber mover; rust

Wheel turns wheels; lever doesn't move bottom pieces up and down; Paint wear in places and paint fade with some rusting
Lot #: 116

Hyster Drudge Straddle Truck, lumber mover

no wheel, steering wheel missing; some fluid leaking from each hydraulic area
Lot #: 117

Hyster Drudge Straddle Truck, lumber mover

steering wheel doesn?t turn wheels; Some paint wear from use and age
Lot #: 118

Caterpillar D6 Bulldozer metal toy; some rust

Seat is rusted; paint wear and has some wear from use all over
Lot #: 119

Smith Miller Orange Flatbed Truck w/wooden bed

SM on front of truck; No Decals on Truck; No scratches
Lot #: 120

Yellow/Blue 2-Tone metal pickup w/trailer

Some scratching along the sides
Lot #: 121

Tru-Scale Pickup bed trailers; Green/Blue/white

Both no scratches
Lot #: 122

Tru-Scale Pickup; Blue/White 2 tone

Plastic windows, No Scratches visible
Lot #: 123

Tonka toys Truck; Red/White 2 tone; no scratches

"Tonka Toys Mound Minn" decals on doors; Chrome type accents
Lot #: 124

Vintage Clark "Model toys" Airport Forklift Tugger

Toy, Some wear on edges; "Model Toys" Decal on back
Lot #: 125

Vintage Clark "Model toys" Airport Forklift Tugger

Toy 2, Both have severe paint wear-no decals; one has bent and slightly rusted clip for trailer on back
Lot #: 126

Vintage Tonka Airlines luggage tractor w/cart

Some rusting and wear; Turquoise in color w/decals in areas

in: 31

Lot #: 127

Vintage Airport Luggage wagons; 1 Flat bed

Green Flatbed; one blue and 1 white pull wagons-Some Red suitcases (plastic) included
Lot #: 128

Vintage Tonka Airlines Tractor (Red); Trailers (2)

Flat bed trailer is green; Luggage trailer w/sides is Blue; all 3 pieces have some rusting and wear form age

in: 31

Lot #: 129

Vintage airport luggage wagons; Flat bed w/box

Metal box side built for the flat bed; White Wagon w/white suitcases (Plastic)
Lot #: 130

Vintage Metal Tonka Truck; Orange/Black

Has been played with a little; decals are "Tonka Toys" Decals
Lot #: 131

Vintage Metal Tonka Toy Truck-Bed has sides/rails

Green in color, has some rusting and has been played with
Lot #: 132

Vintage Tonka Truck Red/White 2 tone; Rusting

Small spots of wear, Tailgate missing; Appears to have been clear coated and touched up in places
Lot #: 133

Blue Tonka Truck (Metallic) w/metal accents

No scratches
Lot #: 134

NYLINT Bike Buggy Pickup; Lime Green/Red, Graphics

Small amount of scratching 12" long
Lot #: 135

Pedal Tractor; 1954 Oliver Super 88 Toy

(Per seller) , Some Fading and Rust in areas; Parts appear to be accounted for; Has a hitch to attach a pull wagon or trailer

in: 31

Lot #: 136

John Deere Pedal Tractor; Has some rust

faded paint

in: 31

Lot #: 137

Massey Ferguson Pedal tractor; Rust in areas

Decals present-wear from use

in: 31

Lot #: 138

Jenkins Bros. Pedal Tractor-Red-chippy paint

Some rust in areas, wheels in particular
Lot #: 139

Western Flyer Pedal Tractor-Red Paint Decal Engine

Rubber on wheels and chain drive seem to be intact
Lot #: 140

McCormick Farmall Pedal tractor-Fade and Wear

Back Wheels are brighter red painted "FSKA Tractor cycle" Decal on back

in: 31

Lot #: 141

Vintage Pedal Tractor-Red Paint Fading

Wheels look newer
Lot #: 142

McCormick Farmall Pedal tractor-Fade and Wear

Rubber on wheels broken apart in places; fading, paint wear etc?
Lot #: 143

BMC Tractor Deluxe; Red w/white accents

about 36" long and about 29" tall

in: 31

Lot #: 144

Massey Ferguson Pedal tractor; Rusty areas

Paint fade, Wheels are intact but rubber is hard; parts appear to all be present

in: 31

Lot #: 145

Children's Toy Metal Pedal Tractor-Blue

No Markings, Paint chipping in some areas; Wheels are white or crème. All tires are present; Missing one of the plastic pedals
Lot #: 146

Allis-Chalmers Pedal Tractor-Red w/chippy paint

Some rust in areas; Knob for shifting arm is missing
Lot #: 147

Cast Iron Pedal Tractor w/Coca-Cola Decals

Red/White, Some pitting and paint wear on tractor

in: 31

Lot #: 148

McCormick Farmall Pedal tractor-Fade and Wear

Parts and Decals appear to all be present-Tractor is painted red and has wear on edges
Lot #: 149

John Deere Body for pedal tractor; 2 main pieces

Some fading and paint wear lots of parts not present

in: 31

Lot #: 150

Ford TW-20 Pedal Tractor-Blue (Fading)

Cream Wheels, Paint and condition issues and Decal is on one side only
Lot #: 151

John Deere Pedal Tractor; Has some rust

faded paint, Wheels have some issues; Green w/yellow accents and decals; Wheel has been broken

in: 31

Lot #: 152

John Deere Pedal Tractor; Has some rust

faded paint, Rubber on wheels is hard and falling off in places; Wheels are painted yellow

in: 31

Lot #: 153

John Deere Cast Iron Pedal Tractor (Missing Seat)

Rusty and paint chipping in places

in: 31

Lot #: 154

Green Pedal Tractor; No Decals; Rust in areas

Chippy, Missing foot pedals; Steering wheel oval metal piece; Wheel rubber cracking and torn in places

in: 31

Lot #: 155

Red Metal Pedal Tractor some chippy paint

no decals, Plastic Foot pedals missing; Tires are stiff and cracking rubber

in: 31

Lot #: 156

Green Die Cast Pedal Tractor; No markings/decals

Paint is chippy in areas; Rubber on wheels has hardened

in: 31

Lot #: 157

John Deere Pedal Tractor; Rust on wheels

Plastic Seat, Some Scratching on paint

in: 31

Lot #: 158

Pedal Tractor Bodies (2) John Deere & Case IH 7250

Both need parts, missing wheels, chains, steering wheels etc?

in: 31

Lot #: 159

Pedal Tractor Parts-disassembled; Mostly green

Steering wheel, wheels rods etc?included; Goes all together per seller

in: 31

Lot #: 160

John Deere 8400T Track Tractor; Very Heavy

No Paint issues, decals look great

in: 31

Lot #: 161

Caterpillar Track Wheel Tractor Pedal Car

No Paint issues or decal issues; Very Heavy

in: 31

Lot #: 162

Cockshutt 1850 Red/Mint Green Tractor in box

Plaque says:"101st PA Farm Show January 2017 029 of 150

in: 31

Lot #: 163

International Tractor Turbo 1066; Box included

No scratching/paint issues

in: 31

Lot #: 164

International Tractor 1/8 Scale 966 Red/White

Has box included

in: 31

Lot #: 165

Case 730 farming Tractor; Yellow/Red

w/black accents, Has box included 1/8 Scale

in: 31

Lot #: 166

International 966 Farmall Tractor-Red 1/8 Scale

Has box included ; Decals and Paint look good
Lot #: 167

The Oliver Super 99 Tractor in Styrofoam/cardboard

All Parts appear to be present-from the Franklin Mint

in: 31

Lot #: 168

Oliver 1800 Tractor 1/8 Scale w/box; Green/Green

All parts appear to be in great shape; Box has been damaged; Plaque 101st PA Farm Show No. 051/150

in: 31

Lot #: 169

Soft Side Jeep Doors (Tan); Mid 1960's-Early 1970s

Per seller; No tears or holes; Plastic windows zip
Lot #: 170

Lionel Trainmaster Transformer; Powers on

Lights up, Cord appears to have been repaired but it does work when turned on
Lot #: 171

Lionel Transformer Type SW; Powers on/Lights up

in cardboard box
Lot #: 172

Mark 1095 Locomotive, Sunoco Tanker Car; Caboose

MKT Katy Animal Car (Red) -4 Cars total
Lot #: 173

Santa Fe Locomotive; ASTF Box Car; Santa Fe Car

3 Cars total-"O" Gauge
Lot #: 174

Marx-666 Locomotive w/tender-Both Black

tender Marked Santa Fe
Lot #: 175

Older Mark-Tin Train w/Engine-4 Cars and Caboose

6 pieces total, some rusting in areas and paint issues as well as a few holes
Lot #: 176

Battery Operated Silver Rail Express, engine

tender, 1 Car, Caboose and Tracks
Lot #: 177

Marx Locomotive w/tender car; Black/silver accents

2 items total
Lot #: 178

Plastic Railroad Accessories for O-Gauge Track

Electrical Poles; Fence Panels; Gate
Lot #: 179

Monon Hoosier Line tin Train Set (7 pcs)

Red/Tan in color
Lot #: 180

O scale Piers for railroad bridge; 20+

Various sizes
Lot #: 181

Marx 666 Engine w/tender, 2 cars, caboose; Track

Transformer included
Lot #: 182

Marx-666 Engine w/tender, 2 cars, caboose; Track

Transformer included; 2 small cars sitting on flatbed train car
Lot #: 183

Marx-Work Train 666 engine w/3 cars, caboose

Plus 1 extra engine shell
Lot #: 184

1992 Santa Special Car and Elves Rail Car

Elves go up and down on rail car
Lot #: 185

Marx Locomotive Engines (4); Locomotive shells (3)

Some extra parts included
Lot #: 186

Train Cars (5); Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car

Baby Ruth Tin Car; Yellow Train Car; 2 orange Cars
Lot #: 187

North Pole Central 3 Pc Train

Cracker Jack Box Car, 4 pieces total
Lot #: 188

Marx-400 engine w/tender + 4 Cars and Caboose

7 items total
Lot #: 189

Lionel 671 Engine + tender Car; Very Heavy

tender Car marked "Pennsylvania"-Both Black in color
Lot #: 190

Marx 490 Locomotive w/2 cars, tender and Caboose

5 items total' Tanger Car Marked "Chemical Rocket Fuel"
Lot #: 191

Lionel 1060 Locomotive and tender; Marx 2 Cars

Yellow Marx Tin Caboose and Boxcar; Lionel locomotive and tin tender are heavy
Lot #: 192

Marx Locomotive-Black; Merchandise Service Boxcar

Grain Car and Caboose; All tin vehicles-tender has "New York Central" on side of car
Lot #: 193

Lionel 666 Locomotive and tender (Black); 2 Cars

Silver Cars are passenger Cars
Lot #: 194

Marx-400 Engine w/tender, 4 cars and caboose

7 items total
Lot #: 195

Lionel 8042 engine w/tender, 4 cars and caboose

T.A.&G.; Lionel PC (2); Lionel Red Caboose; Pennsylvania tender
Lot #: 196

Mark 666 engine, tender, 2 Cars; Caboose, Tracks +

Transformer included; All State Motor Oil Car; Pacemaker NYC Car
Lot #: 197

Marx-1666 engine w/tender, 2 cars, caboose, tracks

Transformer included; Pacific Fruit express; Union pacific; Erie; Union Pacific tender
Lot #: 198

Lionel 8042 engine w/tender, 2 cars and caboose

Atlantic Coast Line tender; Conrail; PC9033; Atlantic Coast Line 9341 Box Car
Lot #: 199

Marx-666 Locomotive w/tender, 4 cars, and caboose

LV Cars; NYC Caboose; Baltimore and Ohio; Pennsylvania car; Penn Central tender
Lot #: 200

Marx-Baltimore and Ohio Tin Train Cars (5)

locomotive, Dummy, 2 Cars and Caboose; Merchandise Service Pennsylvania Boxcar; Wabash Car
Lot #: 201

Marx-62 Locomotive w/dummy engine (Diesel)

Wabash Car and Baltimore and Ohio Caboose; 4 tin cars total
Lot #: 202

Marx-1095 Locomotive w/Dummy engine (Diesel)

w/1 Car (Rock Island) and Caboose
Lot #: 203

Marx-tin train cars; 2 Dummy Engines; 17 Cabooses

8 Cars; Various names on cars and cabooses
Lot #: 204

Marx-666 engine w/tender; 3 Cars and caboose

Santa Fe Boxcars; Southern Pacific Caboose; Southern Pacific Lines tender
Lot #: 205

Marx-1666 Engine w/tender, 3 cars and caboose

Southern Pacific tender; Baltimore and Ohio Boxcar; Pacemaker NYC; Pennsylvania open top car
Lot #: 206

O and O27 Gauge Control Switch; Whistling Shed

2 Pcs w/boxes
Lot #: 207

Lionel-Blue Comet #9537; #9540; #9000

Combo Car, Observation Car; Dining Car-O27 Gauge-3 pcs total
Lot #: 208

Chessie System 8470 Engine; Southern 8956 Engine

2 individual engines
Lot #: 209

Lionel Northern Pacific Engine 6-8857

Santa Fe U36B-6-8755
Lot #: 210

Lionel O-27 Gauge Santa Fe Engine #8755+Dummy

Dummy (non-powered engine) #8873
Lot #: 211

Train tender Cars (12); Tales of Wells Fargo

Santa Fe, New York Central (Tin); Penn Central; Most are plastic, 1 tin
Lot #: 212

Model Train Cabooses-5, Southern Pacific; Santa Fe

Penn Central-All plastic
Lot #: 213

Marx-6000 Locomotive and Dummy w/2 Cars, caboose

Track and Transformer-Complete set per seller
Lot #: 214

Marx - Locomotive, tender, +2 Cars and 2 Trucks

Nylint, Cruise Cartage Company
Lot #: 215

Marx 1666 engine w/tender, 4 cars and caboose

NY Central System Caboose; Pennsylvania open top cars (3-different colors); New York Central tender
Lot #: 216

Marx-490 Engine w/tender, 3 cars and caboose

Penn Central tender; Baltimore and Ohio Boxcar; Pennsylvania open top car; Erie flat bed car; Penn Central Caboose
Lot #: 217

Marx #112 Work Train LeHigh Valley Engine; 3 cars

Pacemaker Caboose; Marx Crane flatbed; Pennsylvania and LV Open top car
Lot #: 218

Marx 1095 Locomotive Dummy-engine 2 pass cars

All cars are Santa Fe
Lot #: 219

Modern Toys Tin Train; Lifesavers & Campbells tins

Tin Train shaped candy and soup themed box tins; Unknown condition metal train
Lot #: 220

SW Transformer 130 Watts-120 Volts Lionel

Powers on
Lot #: 221

Marx-490 engine w 4/cars and caboose

New York Central tender; UTLY Tanker; Central NYC Caboose; CWEX4566 flatbed
Lot #: 222

Lionel-8902 engine w/tender, 2 cars, and caboose

Complete w/tracks, Transformer +extra pieces
Lot #: 223

O and O27 Gauge Hershey's train; Lionel Santa fe

Lionel Electric Trains Box Car; Katy boxcar; and MKT Flatbed Train Car
Lot #: 224

Lionel 312 Locomotive w. tender-2 cars & Caboose

Lot #: 225

Lionel O gauge Tracks; Curved and Straight pieces

Lightweight per seller
Lot #: 226

Straight Lionel O Gauge Tracks; box is full

Lightweight metal tracks per seller
Lot #: 227

Lionel O-Gauge Straight and Curved Tracks

Lightweight metal tracks per seller
Lot #: 228

Lionel Tracks curves and Straight Pieces-39 total

Lightweight metal tracks per seller
Lot #: 229

Lionel Straight and Curved Track pieces; tub full

Lightweight metal tracks per seller
Lot #: 230

Lionel O gauge Tracks; Curved and Straight pieces

Box full
Lot #: 231

Lionel Heavy Duty O-Gauge Tracks & Straight pieces

Box Full Heavy Pieces
Lot #: 232

Santa's Musical Train Christmas Set in box

All pieces are present and train works per seller
Lot #: 233

K-Line Classic Steel O-Scale Passenger Cars (2)

In Boxes; K-Line Electric Trains; Thomas E. Dewey on side of one; K-Line on side of other
Lot #: 234

Lionel O and O27 Gauge Locomotive and Tender

In Packaging; Gray w/Union Pacific markings; Box has copyright 1989 on it
Lot #: 235

Lionel-8857 Locomotive diesel w/2 Cars and Caboose

Katy Boxcar; Lionel Lines; New York Central System
Lot #: 236

K-Line Diesel Engine, Boxcar, Caboose; Transformer

Caboose Marked Lehigh Valley; Diesel Engine O-O27 Gauge; Katy Husky Freight Car
Lot #: 237

K-Line Streamliner Passenger Cars (6) in boxes

Car Names; "Kansas City"; "Omaha"; "Falls City"; "Weeping Water"; "Union"; "St. Louis"
Lot #: 238

K-Line Electric Train Cars (6) Boxcars/Tankers

O-O27 Gauge; The Katy Tanker; Phillips 66; Santa Fe Boxcar; Eagle Boxcar; The Southern Bell Boxcar; Quaker open top car
Lot #: 239

11 Cabooses; 1 Tin Tender Car w/box; Lionel Scout

Cabooses are all plastic; Various Railroad lines; Lionel; Atlantic Coast Lines; Pennsylvania etc?
Lot #: 240

Novelty Engine Clock; Horn sounds at every hour

Needs batteries per seller
Lot #: 241

Lionel Metal Train Tins (2); Oval Tin

Lionel Lunchbox; 7½" x 9" x 13½"
Lot #: 242

Marx; Older Marx Engine and Tender Cars/Caboose

Tin Train; Santa Fe Tanker-Middle States Oil; Seaboard open top car; Union Pacific Livestock Car; Union Pacific Caboose

in: 31

Lot #: 243

Lionel Switch Tracks; Various Tracks and shapes

No. O22 O Gauge Switch pieces
Lot #: 244

Marx Complete Steam Electric Set; Tin Train

w/Track, In original box Complete per seller
Lot #: 245

Marx Diesel Type Electrical Train Set-No Tracks

In Original box; Complete Train Per seller; Baltimore and Ohio Markings; Red/White/Blue Boxcar
Lot #: 246

Hallmark Train related ornaments; Lionel; various

15 items total; One McDonalds Ornament; Foghorn leghorn Pez Dispenser; Other 12 are train Related
Lot #: 247

Marx 666 Engine w/tender, 3 Boxcars and 1 Caboose

SFRD; Baltimore and Ohio; Union Pacific Caboose
Lot #: 248

Lionel MPC Mt. Clemens Michigan; Airex Boxcar

2 Open top cars; PC Caboose-5 Pcs total
Lot #: 249

Lionel O-Gauge Tracks, curved and straight pieces

Lionel Light weight track per seller
Lot #: 250

Lionel O-Gauge Straight and Curved Tracks

Lionel heavy Weight Track per seller
Lot #: 251

DeWalt Chop Saw on stand w/extra blades

Powers on
Lot #: 252

Portable Water Pump 3½ Horsepower

Briggs and Stratton Engine
Lot #: 253

Lincoln Arc Welder 225 Amp W/clamps

Lot #: 254

Rivel Clamp tools in Metal Lunchbox w/rivets

Lunchbox is black metal
Lot #: 255

Extension Cord; Shop Lights funnels (2)

One Box
Lot #: 256

Decorative Lionel themed Plates; Various pics

3 large Plates 1 smaller plate; One in Black and White
Lot #: 257

4 Tins; Train theme Card Tin; Doral Across America

Carry a Spare Wizard Kit Bulb Tin; WM Mason Tin
Lot #: 258

Railroad nails w/various numbers stamped on top

47s-57s (14 total)
Lot #: 259

ERTL Metal Die Cast Trucks; 1931 Hawkeye-Atwood's

1926 Firetruck ERTL; Christmas ERTL Truck; Wooden Firetruck w/dalmatians
Lot #: 260

Plastic Farm Animal Toys, fending in tin

Roosters, Horses, chickens fencing etc?

in: 31

Lot #: 261

Buggy Battery Op Car; Coca-Cola Train Accessory

Phillips Petroleum Model T 1917 Car; Studebaker Cars (2)
Lot #: 262

Deere and Company 1950 Chevy Delivery vehicle

Allis Chalmers Model C; Road Champs 1953 Chevy (Orange); Road Champs 1953 Chevy Pickup (Rust Colored)
Lot #: 263

Fatal ocean and Boat Hauler Trailer w/speedboat

Lot #: 264

Road and Track Vehicles (7 total) all in Boxes

Friction truck; Pull Back Vehicles
Lot #: 265

Collectors Cars in Boxes (4);½4 Red Metal Diecast

Dallas Cowboys Semi; Black Farm Truck 1:24 Scale; How Wheels Racing #10 Car

in: 31

Lot #: 266

Die Cast Metal Cars (7) total; O'Reilly Truck

Ruger 50 Years Delivery Truck; 2 smaller wrecker trucks and Ford Model A and Ford Deluxe Roadster
Lot #: 267

1941 F-1 Truck; Die Case Metal Truck

2 Die Cast trucks total
Lot #: 268

3 Hot Rod Cars; WIX Filters Truck; Lionel Truck

Yellow 1955 Bel-Air
Lot #: 269

Plastic Tub Marx 400-490 2 Engines, tender (2)

Caboose and 3 Cars w/tracks
Lot #: 270

Lionel-Locomotive O-Gauge 8061 w/8560

w/2 Cars and Caboose and Chessie System Track
Lot #: 271

Vintage Tractors; John Deere Tractors

Train Cast iron, 4 Tractors, 1 Train and Vintage manure Spreader toy implement

in: 31

Lot #: 272

Marx-666 Engine w/tender 2 Cars and Caboose

5 Cars total
Lot #: 273

Marx-666 engine Tender w/3 Cars, transformer/track

Sant Fe Boxcar; Allstate open top car; Flatbed Car; Heavy engine; Allstate Tender; Allstate Transformer
Lot #: 274

Lionel 8142 Locomotive w/Tender, 4 Cars/Caboose

Southern Pacific Box Car; Canadian national; Lionel Caboose and Open top car
Lot #: 275

Lionel Train Depot; Santa Fe Station Platforms

FP Raise Lower toy
Lot #: 276

Lionel 6037 w/tender, 2 cars, caboose, track,

trans, Sunoco Lionel Tanker Car; Lionel Caboose Car; Lionel 6032 open top car
Lot #: 277

Marx O-Gauge Track-Tub Full

Lot #: 278

Marx O-Gauge Track-Tub Full

Lot #: 279

Lionel 8268 Quicksilver express 5 pcs

blue/Silver Train
Lot #: 280

Marx 6000 w/locomotive and Dummy, 2 Cars/Caboose

Transformer and Track; Complete Set per seller
Lot #: 281

O and O27 Gauge Model Train Cars in Packaging

Lionel Freight Carrier; Lionel Caboose; Nabisco Freight Car; Lionel nickel Rate Road Semi Hauler Flatbed
Lot #: 282

O and O27 Gauge Model Train Cars in Packaging

Lionel Burlington Northern Boxcar; Lionel Electric Trains; Lionel CSX Yellow Boxcar; Lionel Nickel Plate High Freight Carrier
Lot #: 283

Lionel Illuminated Penn Bunk Car; Lionel NYC

Lionel NYC Freight, Lionel Pacific Bay Window Caboose-Green; 3 Cars total in packaging
Lot #: 284

Lionel Lines Bunk Car; M St. L Specialty Car; (4)

Northwestern Western Refrigerated Line White Boxcar; NY Central Extended Vision Caboose
Lot #: 285

ECHO battery Operated Locomotive #3318

Lot #: 286

Marx 1666 engine w/tender, 3 cars and Caboose

Southern Pacific Tender; Car Hailer; Pacific Fruit Express Boxcar; Baltimore and Ohio Train Car; Southern Pacific Caboose
Lot #: 287

Marx 1666 Engine w/tender, 4 cars and Caboose

Car Hauler, Flatbed w/spotlight, flatbed, Blue Baltimore and Ohio Boxcar etc?
Lot #: 288

1997 Coca-Cola Christmas Bottles-6 pk; 8 oz bottle

4 Different Santa Photo Bottles
Lot #: 289

1998 Furby in Packaging Model 70-800

All White Furby
Lot #: 290

NFR Belt Buckles; 1975-1991 Consecutive years

Plus 1 Rio Grande RR Belt Buckle; in wooden box
Lot #: 291

Universal: Landers Frary Clark Drop Door Toaster

Vintage; Brass like coloring; Powers on, heats up almost instantly
Lot #: 292

Metal Tins w/various old products

Firestone Cleaner, Falcon motor oil; Camel Vulcanizing strips; Metal Master Funnel w/cap
Lot #: 293

Lionel Talking Coin Sorter in packaging

Has scene w/working Train
Lot #: 294

Lionel 100th Anniversary Train Clock 1900-2000

In Packaging
Lot #: 295

Lionel 100th Anniversary Alarm Clock

In Packaging
Lot #: 296

John Deere Yellow Heavy Toy Equipment-5 Pieces

Various scales/sizing
Lot #: 297

Vehicle Models (2) 1950 Ford Pickup

1957 Ford Fairlane, Both are in packaging and still wrapped in plastic
Lot #: 298

John Deere Home Décor items; Utensil holder; Bank

Metal Dome top lunch box; Dry-erase whiteboard; wall clock; Tin tray; Tin sign; Picture Frame-8 items total
Lot #: 299

Box of mini Toy Die Cast Tractors; Approx. 30

1 Box

in: 31

Lot #: 300

John Deere Home Décor; Tins; License Plates

Toy Tractor w/farm implement; small License Plate; Tin w/drawers; 12 items total

in: 31

Lot #: 301

John Deere Toy Tractors, Wagons; Flatbed Trailer

1/16 Scale Tractor made by ERTL in box; 6 pcs total

in: 31

Lot #: 302

Lionel Trains Gold Pricing Books; World Guide

Warbonnet Photo; Wooden Train Whistle; Various Paperback copies of train manuals
Lot #: 303

Lionel 1900 Engine w/Tender-New w/Book

Information per seller
Lot #: 304

Lionel 1645 Engine and Tender-New Per seller

W/book and Smoke Fluid
Lot #: 305

Lionel 1900 Engine w/tender-New w/Book

W/smoke fluid; Information per seller
Lot #: 306

Lionel 1900 Engine w/Tender-New w/Book

w/smoke fluid; Information per seller
Lot #: 307

Lionel 1900 Engine w/Tender-New w/Book

w/smoke fluid; Information per seller
Lot #: 308

Bachmann HO Gauge Tracks/Transformer/Loco

Locomotive and Caboose Combo in packaging
Lot #: 309

HO Gauge Bachmann Santa Fe Engine, 4 cars/caboose

Track w/transformer; Used per seller
Lot #: 310

Bachmann HO gauge Tracks-Full 6 qt tub w/lid

Various pieces
Lot #: 311

Bachmann #307 Santa Fe Engine, 2 Cars, Caboose

Tracks, and Transformer; W/BNSF's Strategies chart
Lot #: 312

HO Gauge Hobby Transformers (2)

Lot #: 313

TYCO HO Gauge Transformers (2)

Lot #: 314

TYCO Transformers (2) Ho Scale

Lot #: 315

HO Gauge Hobby transformers (2)

Lot #: 316

Life-Like Ho Gauge transformers (2)

Lot #: 317

HO Gauge Transformers (2) 1-Hobby 1 Life-like

Lot #: 318

HO TYCO Engine; Chattanooga 5628 4 Cars/Caboose

Track and Transformer; HO Nickel Silver Rail Joiners; AATF Brown Boxcar "The Grand Canyon "Union Pacific Boxcar
Lot #: 319

HO Scale Santa Fe Engine, Dummy, 3 Cars, Caboose

Track and Transformer; Santa Fe Turquoise Boxcar; Shell Orange Tanker Car etc?
Lot #: 320

Bachmann HO Gauge Train Set; Santa Fe #307 Engine

5 Cars; Caboose/Track/Rails/Transformer and 2 man pumper car figure
Lot #: 321

Bachman and Tyco Cars, engines, parts, cabooses

HO Gauge Cars and some parts for model trains
Lot #: 322

Bachmann Santa Fe #307/4 Cars/Caboose/Tracks

Transformer; Used per seller-HO Scale
Lot #: 323

Bachmann HO Scale Model Cars-7 in boxes

Burlington, Milwaukee Road; Flatbed w/rocket; Erie Lackawanna; IBP; Netherlands Overseas Mills
Lot #: 324

Athearn ATSF Caboose; Chattanooga Caboose

Way of the Zephyrs Boxcar; DuPont Freon tanker Car; HO Engine #4073
Lot #: 325

HO Santa Fe Engine, 5 cars, caboose, tracks

transformer, Great Northern Boxcar; Delaware and Hudson open top cars (2); Laramie Blue/Orange Boxcar
Lot #: 326

HO Scale Plastic Train tracks; Various shaped pcs

1 small tub full
Lot #: 327

HO Gauge Plastic Tracks, Bridge Supports; Tracks

Rock Island Engine; The Rock Boxcar; Wells Fargo and Company; Conrail open top car; NY Central Caboose; Western Maryland open top car
Lot #: 328

HO Gauge Bachmann Santa engine; dummy

4 Cars, caboose, Tracks and Transformer; Chessie System Boxcar; U.P.R.R. 3 Tank truck; Bay Window Boxcar; Flatbed; SF Boxcar
Lot #: 329

Railyard Accessories w/bridges, building, signs

Telephone poles, little people, grass and trees-1 Box
Lot #: 330

Power-Loc track for HO Gauge w/Life-Like

Transformer, Curved and Straight track-1 Box
Lot #: 331

HO Scale Locomotive w/tender #2126; Santa Fe Loco

CP Rail Box Car; TYCO Chattanooga Engine and Tender-HO Scale
Lot #: 332

Union Pacific Engine; Santa Fe Locomotives

UP Caboose-4 Pcs total
Lot #: 333

HO-2 Engines Santa Fe #5628; #2799; Caboose, 4 Car

Caboose/Track and Transformer-Old Dutch Cleaner Boxcar; Milwaukee Rd Boxcar; Santa Fe Engine; Shock Control Boxcar; Santa Fe Boxcar
Lot #: 334

Sant Fe 3600 Engine, Dummy, 4 Cars, Caboose, track

Transformer; Northwestern CNW 15040; Bangor and Aroostook Boxcar; Santa Fe Boxcar and Santa Fe Caboose
Lot #: 335

Chattanooga Steam Engine w/tender #638; 4 Cars

Caboose; Virginian Coal Car; B&O open top car; Texaco Tanker Car; Yellow Milwaukee Road Boxcar
Lot #: 336

HO Santa Fe Engine #1102, 4 cars, and Caboose

Car Hauler car; Louisiana Pacific Boxcar; Santa Fe Boxcar; Virginian Open top car; Santa Fe Bay Window Boxcar
Lot #: 337

EZ Track Expander Set Ho Scale in Box

Different shapes of tracks
Lot #: 338

Railyard Accessories w/building bridges, people

light, Crossing, hookups etc; 1 Box
Lot #: 339

HO Scale Tracks, curved/Straight; Transformer

1 Box
Lot #: 340

New HO Gauge Santa Fe Engine w/3 Passenger cars

2 Marked "Regal Arms" and 1 "Vista Club"-4 items total
Lot #: 341

HO Gauge Life-Like Santa Fe Engine, 4 car, Caboose

Allied Chemical Tanker Car; Koppers Chemicals Tanker; Santa Fe Engine, car hauler, Caboose, L and N Boxcar
Lot #: 342

HO Gauge Life-Like Amtrak Engine w/4 Pass. Cars

Engine #106; Silver Vision; Silver Inn; Silver Vista
Lot #: 343

HO Rock Island engine; 6 cars; caboose 8 Pcs total

The Rock; Trailer Train; the Rock open top boxcars (2); Texaco Tanker Car; Exxon Tanker Car
Lot #: 344

HO Kansas/Coo. Durango #5628; UP Dummy #866

7 Cars-Mostly union Pacific and Caboose #267-Cities Service 2 Tanker Flatbed Rail Car
Lot #: 345

HO Central Pacific w/tender #105; 5 Cars & Caboose

CP 2141 Log Flatbed Railcar; CP Caboose; Union Pacific Boxcar; CP Water Service Railcar Tanker
Lot #: 346

HO Burlington Northern #5628, 5 Cars and Caboose

White House Apple Cider Vinegar Tanker Railcar; Burlington Route Silver Caboose; Potlatch open top coal Car
Lot #: 347

Marx 1666 Engine Tender, 3 Cars, Caboose/Tracks

Extra ; trees; etc?Lionel Uncoupler/Unloader; 1 Tub
Lot #: 348

Rail Yard Accessories; Buildings; Grass; sand; Car

Storage Tanks; Towers; Various buildings yet to be built-1 Plastic Tub
Lot #: 349

Greater American Express Tender; Denver Express

Boxcar, Sequoia Open top car; Bridge Support Pieces; Unsure of scale sizing
Lot #: 350

Lionel 2020 Locomotive w/Tender; 2 Cars/Caboose

Santa Fe Boxcar; Burlington Open top car; Southern Caboose; Lionel Engine and Tender Car
Lot #: 351

New Bright D&W Denver Express Locomotive Tender

3 Cars; Caboose and Track included; 4 pcs total
Lot #: 352

Large Scale Plastic Model Train Track

1 Box
Lot #: 353

Lionel Santa Fe Caboose; Oklahoma Sooner Box Car

ATSF Boxcar
Lot #: 354

Lionel Disney Rail cars-5; Mickey's; Goofy Caboose

Donald Rail Boxcar; Goofy boxcar; Mickey Seed Co Boxcar
Lot #: 355

Lionel Disney's Mickey Mouse Express

U36B D. Engine, Dumbo Boxcar; Donald Duck Boxcar; Mickey Mouse Boxcar
Lot #: 356

Polar Express Locomotive, Tender, Passenger Cars

Lionel Locomotive 1225, Tender Car; 3 Passenger Cars all Labeled Polar Express
Lot #: 357

Lionel Electric Trains Locomotive & Tender

Cabooses, 3 Cabooses (2) Santa Fe; Spokane, Portland and Seattle RY; All in Boxes
Lot #: 358

Lionel Locomotive/Tender Set; Cabooses (2)

Chesapeake and Ohio; NYC 17716 Burgundy Caboose
Lot #: 359

Heavy O Gauge Track approx. 30 pieces

1 Box ; Various Shaped, curved/Straight pieces
Lot #: 360

Heavy O Gauge Track approx 40 pcs; Some rusting

1 Box; Short, curved and straight pieces
Lot #: 361

Heavy O Gauge Track 40-50 pcs; All Straight Track

1 Box; a few short but mostly straight track pieces Heavy gauge per seller
Lot #: 362

Gold Rush Express train Set w/18' Track

Takes 6 "c" Batteries; includes 4 Pine Trees
Lot #: 363

Vintage Toy cars and Trucks Varying in age

Diecast Cars, Cast Motorcycle varies sizes and styles of cars and conditions 30+
Lot #: 364

Toy trucks; Die Cast; Firetruck; Nursery truck

Delivery Vehicles
Lot #: 365

1931 Ford 1/24 Scale Purple in color Model

No. 90648
Lot #: 366

Vintage Die Cast Cars/Trucks; Various Brands

Different sizing; 25+ Cars
Lot #: 367

Signature Wooden antique cars

1 front wheel missing, 2 Cars in Box
Lot #: 368

Toy Cars; '57 Pink Chevy; '57 Blue Chevy

Yellow Coupe
Lot #: 369

Road and Tracks Semi Trucks (3); Highway hauler

Mt. Dew Tanker; Mt. Dew Semi
Lot #: 370

Maisto Transport Haulers (3); 2-Mt. Dew; 1 U-Haul

All in boxes
Lot #: 371

Plastic-Kenworth Tractor and Texaco Trailer

Batteries not included

in: 31

Lot #: 372

Model Mustangs (3) w/box of 3 Little Cars

yellow, red and black convertible mustangs
Lot #: 373

MIRA 1950 Chevrolet Carryall Suburban-Yellow

Model Car
Lot #: 374

Assortment of Toy Cars/Trucks-New and Used

Per seller; Flatbed Trailer; Monster Truck; Firetruck; ERTL Duesenberg
Lot #: 375

Toy Car assortment; Ambulance, Taxi; FedEx etc?

Some Hallmark Ornaments
Lot #: 376

Toy Car Assortment; Motorcycles; Train; Plane

Firetruck; John Deere Semi-25+ Trucks
Lot #: 377

Model Cars all 1:18 Scale Ford Pickups (4)

1934 (Yellow) 1934 (Brown) 1998 (Red) 1948 (F-1 Blue)
Lot #: 378

Model Cars all 1:18 Scale Vehicles (5 total)

1932-3 Window Ford; 1941 Willy's Competition Coupe; 1932 Roadster; 1934 Pickup; F-100 Wrecker
Lot #: 379

1/24 Scale Die Cast Sprint Car-6, Racing Champions

Pennzoil Outlaws Series
Lot #: 380

Ford Hot Rod makes Sounds/Lights up

32 Ford Replica on Base
Lot #: 381

Allis-Chalmers WD-45 W/wagon; ERTL

Die Cast Metal Tractor

in: 31

Lot #: 382

Schylling Tractor and Trailer in Box; Box is taped

Collector Series Tractor

in: 31

Lot #: 383

ERTL and others die cast metal banks-5; 1:64 Semi

Semi is "Hamilton Motorsports"; Road Champs ¼ 3 Union Pacific Yard Crew Struck
Lot #: 384

1940 Ford Coupe (2) 1:24 Die Cast Replica

Coca Cola Die Cast Metal Bank; 1:24 Racing Champions '40 Ford Coupe
Lot #: 385

1:24 Die Cast Replicas 1940 Ford; 1950 3100 Chevy

1937 Customized Version Ford Pickup ½ 4 scale
Lot #: 386

1:18 Collection Models; 1956 Chevy Bel Air

1932-3 Window Ford Model; Both in display boxes
Lot #: 387

Mira 1:18 Buick Century; 1:18 1955 Ford Fairlane

1:18 Collection 1955 Ford Thunderbird Car; Parts move and top removes
Lot #: 388

5 Vintage Model Cars; All Approx 4" long each

Lot #: 389

International Tractor and Chisel Plow Die Cast


in: 31

Lot #: 390

10 Misc. used race cars; all have been played with

All have wear
Lot #: 391

Misc. Die Cast tractors and Road equip vehicles

Massey Harris 55 in package (ERTL and AGCO)

in: 31

Lot #: 392

Misc Farm and Road Construction Plastic/Die Cast

Vehicles; 1950 Chevy Grain Truck in Blister Pack; 8 other Toy vehicles

in: 31

Lot #: 393

Toy Farm Equipment Assortment-Plastic

Sprayers; attachments; Trailers; small Blue Tractor etc?

in: 31

Lot #: 394

Racing Go Cart; Suzuki Motorcycle-2 helicopters

4 items total
Lot #: 395

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear (8); Jaguar

Talbot; Lagonda; Stutz; Hispano Suiza; Rolls Royce; MG-TC; Rolls Royce
Lot #: 396

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear (7); Jaguar

Riley; Simplex; Stutx Roadster; Mercedes SS Coupe; Lagonda Coupe; Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Lot #: 397

Road Champs F-100 Ford; 1957 Ford Fairlane

Both in Blister Packaging
Lot #: 398

Speed Wheels Series XIII Vehicles 2 each of 2 Cars

All in Blister Packaging
Lot #: 399

Racing Champions motor Trend Die Cast in Blister

1950 Chevy Impala; 1950 Ford Couple; 1949 Mercury Sedan
Lot #: 400

Matchbox Cars (4); Racing Action Steve Smith Car

Fantasy Collection Sprint Booster (6 Cars total)
Lot #: 401

Matchbox Cars; Peterbilt Cement Truck; Dump Truck

School Bus; Shovel tractor; '57 Chevy Bel Air

in: 31

Lot #: 402

Matchbox Cars-4; Tractor Cab; '33 Ford Street Rod

Mercedes Benz; 4 Wheeler

in: 31

Lot #: 403

Matchbox Used Cars; Mountain man Truck

Lightning 34 Race Car; Hot Rod etc? (7 total)
Lot #: 404

Hot Wheels Used Cars (12); 1970's Per seller

Pink Hot Rod; Red Race Cars (2) etc?
Lot #: 405

Hot Wheels Used Cars (8); 1990's Per Seller

43 Race Car; Hot Rods etc?
Lot #: 406

Hot Wheels Used Cars (4); 1980's Per seller

Truck; Race Car; Roadster; Belly dump Truck
Lot #: 407

Toy Tonka Equipment in Blister Packs (4)

Lot #: 408

Plastic Race Car Hauler w/men, accessories

Semi Hold racecar in trailer
Lot #: 409

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

Bugatti Veyron; Tire Fryer; Anglia Panel; Shoe Box; SOOO Fast; HW Prototype
Lot #: 410

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

Shift Kicker; Power Sander 1932 Ford Vicky; Lamborghini; 1932 Ford Vicky; '09 Modified
Lot #: 411

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

Crooze Bedtime; Tee'd Off; Deuce Roadster; 1940 Ford Coupe; 1963 T-Bird; '31 Oozie
Lot #: 412

Hot Wheels Cars in Blister Packs (7)

8 Crate 10/42; Swoop Coupe; 1941 Ford Pickup; Deuce Roadster; 1956 Ford; Chevy Belaire; Deuce Roadster
Lot #: 413

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

Merc 1949; Chevy Fleetline 1947; 1941 Ford Pickup; Midnight Otto; Sweet 16; Corvette 1963
Lot #: 414

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

69 Pontiac; '71 Buick Rivera; Midnight otto; Cadillac V-16; 20001 B Engineering Edonis; '40 Woody
Lot #: 415

Hot Wheels Cars in blister packs (8)

Tire Fryer; '32 Ford; Deuce Roadster; '33 Ford Roadster; Midnight Otto; 1956 Ford; '40 Fat Fendered; 1940 Ford
Lot #: 416

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (5); One has damage

Tractor; Peterbilt Dump Truck; Backhoe Digger; Wheel Loader; Gasoline Tanker

in: 31

Lot #: 417

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (8); 1991 Ford Pickup

Track T; Deuce Roadster; '33 Ford Roadster; 'Hooligan; Tee'd Off; Flat Racer; Swoop Coupe
Lot #: 418

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (5) Rail Rodder

Ice Breaker; dairy Delivery; Rail Rodder etc?
Lot #: 419

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

Shift Kicker; '40 Ford Coupe; Tire Fryer; 18 Angels; '32 Ford; Midnight Otto
Lot #: 420

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

53 Custom Chevy; Bone Shaker; Passin' Gasser; '32 Ford Sedan Delivery; Team Rat Rod; '34 Ford 3 Window
Lot #: 421

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

Midnight Otto; 1958 Corvette; Thunder Streak; '40 Ford Pickup; '32 Ford Hot Rod; '58 Corvette
Lot #: 422

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

Two 2 Go; Ford Vicky 1932; Ford Tat Rod 1932; Hooligan Tat Rod; SOOO Fast; HW Hot Rod
Lot #: 423

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

Shift Kicker; '32 Ford Delivery; '32 Ford Hot Rod; Deuce Roadster; 1932 Ford Tat Rod; Cunningham Car
Lot #: 424

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

Midnight Otto; Chevy Belair 1959; Oscar Mayer Wienermobile; Mercedes 540K; Super Modified Ford Bousquette
Lot #: 425

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

Hot Rod; Tail Draggers #3; 41 Willy's '40 Woody; '32 Ford Delivery; Express Lane
Lot #: 426

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

32 Ford Delivery; Big Chill Final Run; 1958 Corvette; '40 Ford Pickup; Mazda MX-5 Miata; '96 Mustang Convertible
Lot #: 427

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

1969 Dodge Charger; '32 Ford Delivery; '40 Fat Fendered; Hydro Jet; Radio Flyer; '56 FlashSider Hot Rod
Lot #: 428

Racing Champions World of Outlaws (3)

Jac Haudenschild; Danny Lasoski; Dave Blaney
Lot #: 429

Kid Connection Die Cast 2-Pack (2)

1948 Ford Pickup; 1934 Ford Hot Rod; Dump Truck; Tractor Shovel

in: 31

Lot #: 430

Racing Champions; '50 Chevy; '40 Ford

1932 Ford; 1934 Ford Coupe
Lot #: 431

Misc Cars-6; Otasco Truck; Happy Home Bread truck

Pickup; Racecars
Lot #: 432

Hot Wheels Cars in Blister Packs (4)

1960's-'62 Corvette; '30's-'32 Ford and Sedan; '60's-'62 Corvette
Lot #: 433

Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary Cars (2)

1965 Mustang Convertible; 1987 Sharkruiser Purple Passion
Lot #: 434

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (5)

Power Sander; ATV; Tat Rods Deuce Roadster; Anglia Panel; Shelby Cobra 427
Lot #: 435

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

32 Ford; Go Cart; (2) Express lane; '32 Ford; Tail Dragger
Lot #: 436

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (6)

33 Ford; Shock Factor; '57 Chevy; '58 Corvette; Radio Flyer Wagon; Radio Flyer
Lot #: 437

Hot Wheels 15 Car Gift Set-Speed Fleet

2000 Mattel Inc
Lot #: 438

Racing Champions World of Outlaws (3)

Bobby Allen; Johnny Herrera; Andy Hillenburg
Lot #: 439

Racing Champions World of Outlaws (3)

Andy Hillenburg; Mike Peters; Steve Kinser
Lot #: 440

Johnny Lightning Truckin' America 1940 Ford;

Truckin' America 1929 Ford Model A; Johnny Lightning 1950 Ford F-1 USPS Truck w/Endangered Species Bird
Lot #: 441

Johnny Lightning Stock Rods (2); '32 Ford Coupe

1934 Ford Coupe; Classic Gold Collection (2) 1941 Willy's Couple
Lot #: 442

World Of Outlaws Racing Champions; Stevie Smith

1 Blister Pack
Lot #: 443

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

Super Smooth Truck; '40 Ford Coupe; Flight '03; 1932 Ford "Vicky"; Swoop Coupe; La Troca
Lot #: 444

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

1998 '32 Ford First Editions (2); 1999 First Edition '56 Ford Truck; 2000 '50 Ford; Deuce Roadster; Metrorail
Lot #: 445

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

33 Ford Roadster; Shoebox; 3-Window '34; '32 Ford Coupe; Neet Streeter; 3-Window '34
Lot #: 446

Hot Wheels Wing Cars (6) in Blister Packs

Mad Maniax Series; Waste Lander Slide; 1998 First Editions; Slide out; Muscle Mania
Lot #: 447

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6) -Wing Cars

Waste Lander; Slide Out; Slide out; Mad maniax Series; Slide Out
Lot #: 448

Hot Wheels Ultra Hots in Blister Packs (4)

2-1964 GTOs; '50's Chevy Truck; '37 Ford Woody
Lot #: 449

Hot Wheels Cars in Blister Packs (6) 1998 1st Ed.

63 T-Bird; '32 Ford; Tail Dragger; '40 Ford; Cat-A-Puilt
Lot #: 450

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

Shelby Cobra 427; Flat 500c; '33 Ford Roadster; Baja Bug; Shelby Cobra 427; Dog Fighter
Lot #: 451

Hot Wheels in Blister Packs (5)

63 Corvette; La troca; Midnight Otto; Tat Rods; La Troca
Lot #: 452

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

33 Ford Roadster; Auburn 852; Shock Factor; '40's Woody; '32 Ford Coupe
Lot #: 453

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

Midnight Otto; 1963 Corvette; Tail Dragger; 1932 Ford Vicky; Hooligan; 1936 Cord
Lot #: 454

Hot Wheels Cars in blister Packs (6)

La Troca; Shift Kicker; Mustang Funny Car; Sting Ray; Bugatti; Deuce Roadster
Lot #: 455

Hot Wheels 1979 Vintage matchbox Model A

Kellogg Rice Krispies (1 Car)
Lot #: 456

Vintage Hot Wheels Redline Silhouette 1967

Gold/Green Coloring-Used, has some wear
Lot #: 457

Hot Wheels Trucks (4) Otasco Truck

Snow Movers; Plastic Wrecker
Lot #: 458

Various Home Built Model Cars; Different Model

Parts, some incomplete; accessories, pieces, some have been painted (1 Box)
Lot #: 459

Various Home Built Model Cars; Different Model

parts, some incomplete; accessories, pieces, some have been painted (1 Box)
Lot #: 460

Metal Toy Vehicles; Used; Bus, Tonka Trailer

Dump Truck; Texaco Semi Truck (No Trailer)
Lot #: 461

larger Metal Model Cars (8); Pepsi Cola Truck

Bandit Racer; Plastic Racecar on trailer; monster truck, plastic trailer
Lot #: 462

Great Railroad Empire Train Set in Box #3733

30 Piece Empire w/electronic Sounds
Lot #: 463

Heavy Hauler Train Set in Box-K-Line Nickel Plate

Road Freight Train
Lot #: 464

Binks small air Compressor w/hoses-Powers on

Lot #: 465

Dayton Metal Cutting Shear,

Black & Decker electric jigsaw, Craftsman electric drill, trailer hitch; works per seller;
Lot #: 466

Cummins electric drill; drill accessories;

works per seller;
Lot #: 467

Chicago cut out tool; Chicago rotary hammer;

works per seller;
Lot #: 468

Craftsman electric jigsaw;

manual Stanley wood planer;
Lot #: 469

(4) Ford Hubcaps;

hardhat, safety goggles; chain;
Lot #: 470

Makita impact (works per seller)

Duo-fast nail gun; crate with nails;
Lot #: 471

Grease guns; oil can;

Lot #: 472

Fixed wrenches; rachet set;

2 crates of load straps;
Lot #: 473

Tool Box;

plumbing wrenches; hammers; shears; various hand tools;
Lot #: 474

Extension Cord; handsaw, shop light

various manual shop tools; bolt cutters; bucket full of screwdrivers in metal crate;
Lot #: 475

Clamps, hammers, wrenches; hand tools;

various tools
Lot #: 476

Bucket with air chisel tools;

various brands;
Lot #: 477

Welding Hoses; gauges; helmet;

stick electrodes;
Lot #: 478

(2) electric drills; (2) battery operated drills

works per seller;
Lot #: 479

Wrenches, pliers, hand tools;

110 volt fence charger; works per seller;
Lot #: 480

Plastic Box for pickup;

Lot #: 481

Large black plastic box for pickup;

37 x 21 x 20;
Lot #: 482

Heavy Duty Extension Cord;

40 ft long; for welder;
Lot #: 483

Electric Train Set;

New Bright brand; 110 volt; 16 ft of metal track; big scale;
Lot #: 484

Christmas Magic Express Train Set;

remote control; bear characters; plastic;
Lot #: 485

Bachmann silver star train set;

8 wheel drive; h/o scale; complete with track and transformer; works per seller;
Lot #: 486

Various Chains; Jumper Cables;

2 "come-alongs" in metal basket;
Lot #: 487

(2) large bulletin boards;

3 feet x 4 feet
Lot #: 488

Plastic Tubs and Crates;

8+ items; some have lids others don't;
Lot #: 489

Plastic Tubs and Crates;

6+ items; some have lids other don't
Lot #: 490

Cabela's Food Dehydrator;

23 x 20 x 25; 110 vt, Smartheat, never used
Lot #: 491

Wellington Piano; serial #5737

electrical needs work, etched hummingbirds blue and clear stained glass; silver colored plate engraved with "CABLE 1911"; lights on inside ; 64" x 27" x 57½"
Lot #: 569

Kenmore 500 Washer

Lot #: 570

Amana Gas Dryer

Lot #: 571

Kenmore Refrigerator

Side by Side
Lot #: 572

Sewing Cabinet/ White Sewing

White Sewing Machine
Lot #: 573

2 - Patio Swivel Rockers

Lot #: 574

Octagonal Pedestal Table & Chairs

4 chairs, 44" across, 28" tall, 18" leaf
Lot #: 575

Wood Serving Cart w/ Wheels

2 - 10" side drop leaves, 28 x 19
Lot #: 576

Round Pedestal Table & Chairs

4 chairs, Approx 4' across, 30" tall, 2 - 11½" leaves
Lot #: 577

Wall Mirror w/ Coat Hangers

43" - long
Lot #: 578

Samsung 52" TV w/ Remote

Lot #: 579

4 - Electric Knives

Lot #: 580

2 Speed Jig Saw, Clamps, MORE

Hammer, Digital Multimeter
Lot #: 581

3 - Organizers plus Contents

Lot #: 582

Basket w/ Conair Blow Dryer

Lot #: 583

Extension Cords/Extension Cord Light

Lot #: 584

Hack Saw, 2 - Squares, MORE

chalk line,
Lot #: 585

Pliers / Vise Grips

Lot #: 586

Sledge, Rigid Pipe Wrench, MORE

Rigid Pipe Cutter
Lot #: 587

Battery Chargers

2 - Ryobi Intelliport Chargers 18V, 2 Craftsman Chargers 19.2V, 14.4V
Lot #: 588

Screwdrivers, Pipe Cutter, Hammer

Lot #: 589

Clamps, Scrapers, Oil Filter Wrench

Lot #: 590

Hammer, Pipe Wrench, Hatchets

Lot #: 591

2 - Galileo Thermometers

Very cool!
Lot #: 592


Lot #: 593

Pyrex Bowls - 4

blue, red, green, yellow
Lot #: 594

Skill Classic 3/8 Electric Drill, Case

Lot #: 595

Craftsman 4" Angle Grinder

Lot #: 596

Skil ¼ Sheet Palm Sander

Lot #: 597

18 Gauge Brad Nailer/Stapler

Lot #: 598

Belt Sander w/ bag

3 x 21
Lot #: 599

Reciprocating Saw

Lot #: 600


screws, nails, zip ties, misc.
Lot #: 601


Lot #: 658

Pyrex Bowls - 2

1 - 10½" Cinderella Style Green w/ White Vegetables, 1 - small blue
Lot #: 659

Grease guns

Lot #: 660

Craftsman Air ½" Impact, MORE

Craftsman Digital Multimeter, Electric Stapler
Lot #: 661

Antique Pipe Wrenches

Crescent Wrench
Lot #: 662

Tools - Crescent Wrenches, MORE

Wire Cutters, Needle Nose, Large Pliers/Channel Locks
Lot #: 663

Drill Bits, Misc

Lot #: 664

Craftsman Open Ended Wrenches

Metric, Misc
Lot #: 665

2 - Electric Knives, MORE

Tackle Box, 1 - Fisherman Knife
Lot #: 667

C-Clamps - Various sizes

Lot #: 668

Tools - Large Channel Locks, MORE

Grinding Wheels, Box Knives, Wire Brush, 3" block Plane
Lot #: 669

Perfume Bottles, MORE

1 - bottle has a broken neck (pieces are there)
Lot #: 670

Pitcher & Bowl

bowl is from Brazil
Lot #: 671

Kerosene Lamp, Clock

Lot #: 672

Pyrex Measuring Bowls, MORE

Lot #: 673

2 - 13 piece Deep Impact Socket Sets

1/2" Drive, 1 - SAE Standard, 1 - Metric
Lot #: 674

Tools - Ratchets, Sockets, MORE

needle nose pliers
Lot #: 675

Socket Sets, Hole Saw Sets

Lot #: 676

Hammers, MORE

2 - open ended crowfoot wrench sets, 1 - metric, 1 - standard SAE
Lot #: 677

Containers w/ Contents

Nails, Screws
Lot #: 678

Community - White Orchid Silverware

8 piece sets (mostly complete) - spoons, large spoons, knives, forks, large forks, Serving Spoons, sugar spoons, 6 - napkin rings
Lot #: 679

Verichron Chime Clock

Lot #: 680

Soldering Guns

Lot #: 681

Craftsman Open Ended Wrenches

1 - Standard SAE, 1 - Metric
Lot #: 682

Pyrex Bowls - Cinderella Style

4 - 6" x 2½" deep 1 - orange, 1 - green, 2 - yellow / 1 - 6" x 3½" deep green
Lot #: 683

Husky Rolling Shop Stool

Lot #: 684

2 - Vintage Metal Card Table Chairs

Lot #: 685

Electric Hoist - 440 lbs

Lot #: 686

Craftsman Cordless 3/8" Drill

Lot #: 687

Electric Fillet Knife w/ Case

American Angler Ultra
Lot #: 688

Kawasaki Cordless 3/8" Drill

19.2 V
Lot #: 689

Craftsman Cordless 3/8" Drill

19.2V, includes 14.4V battery
Lot #: 690

20 Ton Bottle Jack

Lot #: 691

Craftsman Table Vise

No. 381*5188
Lot #: 692

11 Piece Open Ended Wrench, MORE

7 pc Nut Driver Set, Punch & Chisel Set, Wrenches are Standard SAE
Lot #: 693

Aluminum Foot Stool

Lot #: 694

2 - Jack Stands

Lot #: 695

2 - Organizers w/ Contents

bolts, nuts, washers
Lot #: 696

Ryobi Impact, Ryobi ½" Drill

cordless, 1 battery
Lot #: 697

4 - Tackle Boxes

Lot #: 698

Craftsman Tool Box w/ 4 Drawers

Lot #: 699

2 - Hedge Trimmers Electric

Lot #: 700

2 - Levels 1- 28", 1 - 48"

Lot #: 701

Craftsman Mitre Box

Lot #: 702

Craftsman 3/8" Variable Drill

Lot #: 703

100 Ball Display Case

Lot #: 704

Jewelry Box/Armoire

Lot #: 705

Decorative Box

Lot #: 706

3 - Necklaces

Lot #: 707

USA Jewelry

Pendant, Earrings, Lapel Pin, Misc
Lot #: 708


Lot #: 709


Lot #: 710

1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar FG

Lot #: 711

2 - Anne Klein Watches, Jewelry

Lot #: 712

Will Rogers by Tex Wheeler MORE

Child Holding Fruit with a Dog, Will Rogers - 14" tall
Lot #: 713

Buckles - Oklahoma

OU - 1985 National Championship, Oklahoma Farmers Union (OFU) , Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, MORE
Lot #: 714

Buckles in a Display - Oklahoma

Remington Park, Nat'l Cowboy Hall Of Fame, 7 - Oklahoma
Lot #: 715

Pocket Watches, Watches

2 - Pocket Watches, Westclox - Pocket Ben, Westclox - Scotty, 2 - Lorus, 1 - Pierre Cardin, ! - Fold Up Westclox
Lot #: 716

Pocket Knives, Pipes, Lighters, Spittoon

Lot #: 717

Small Kits - Pedi/Mani, Tools, Tapes

Lot #: 718


1 - OK Centennial Coin, 1 - Complete State Quarter Book, ! - Partial State Quarter Book
Lot #: 719

Ty Beanie Babies - America

3 - 2000 USA, 6 - Righty 2000, 6 - Lefty 2000, 1 - Sam, 1 - Liberty, 3 - Beanie Buddies - USA
Lot #: 720

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Kids

2 each of - Angel, Curly, Tumbles, Boomer, Rascal, Cutie, Ginger, Precious
Lot #: 721

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Kids

3 - Boomer, 2 - Tumbles, 2 - Curly, 1 - Chipper, 1 - Cutie, 1 - Rascal, 2 - Angel, Clothes
Lot #: 722

Ty Beanie Babies

Baldy, Mystic, Waddle, Puffer, Bessie, Stinky, Spooky, Scorch, Lefty, Freckles, Grace, Runner, MORE
Lot #: 723

Ty Beanie Babies

Ally, Serenity, Sting, Sonnet, Tommy, Twitter bug, Nibbles, Slowpoke, Tank, Splash, Smartest, Bandito, Blessed, Filly, Rudy,
Lot #: 724

Ty Beanie Babies

Wiser, and Precious Moments stuffed animals
Lot #: 725

Ty Beanie Babies - Zodiac

Rabbit, Tiger, Goat, Rat, Monkey, Snake, Pig, Rooster, Dragon, Ox, Horse,
Lot #: 726

Ty Beanie Babies

Moochie, Sonny, Rainbow, Scoop, Neon, Strut, Millennium, Spike, Paul, Gooch,
Lot #: 727

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Buddy

Princess Di, 8 - Total
Lot #: 728

Ty Beanie Babies

Kaleidoscope, Flitter, Coral, Zoom, Lips, Hippie, Sammy, Hoppity, Hope, Seaweed, Kiwi, Tooter
Lot #: 729

Ty Beanie Babies

Corsage, Kissy, Fizz, Celebrate, Decade, Killarney, ChariTee, June
Lot #: 730

Ty Beanie Babies

Garcia, Bloom, Eggs 2004, Ty 2K, Ariel, Shamrock, Classy, Valentina,
Lot #: 731

Ty Beanie Babies

2000, Bearon, July, Clover, Erin, Hero, Romance, Pappa, April, Issy, Mother, Nipponia, 1999 Holiday Teddy
Lot #: 732

Ty Beanie Babies

Wish, Springfield, Santa, Chillin, Carrots, Dippy, Eggerton,
Lot #: 733

Ty Beanie Babies

Princess Di, June, 2 - Decade, BB Bear, Kissme, Thank You Bear,
Lot #: 734

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Buddy

9 total
Lot #: 735

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Buddy

Lot #: 736

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Buddy

Lot #: 737

Ty Beanie Babies - Snowmen

Lot #: 738

Ty Beanie Babies - America

America, Spangle, Union, USA, Red, White & Blue, Liberty,
Lot #: 739

Ty Beanie Babies

3 - Platinum Official Club Kits, Ronald McDonald Beanies
Lot #: 740

Ty Beanie Babies - McDonald's

Lot #: 741

Ty Beanie Babies - McDonald's

Lot #: 742

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Kids

Shenanigan, Blondie, Luvie, Jammer, Calypso, Specs,
Lot #: 743

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Buddy

Lot #: 744

Ty Beanie Babies - Bears

Bloom, Speckles, Peace, 2 - Sherbert, Halo II,
Lot #: 745

Ty Beanie Babies - Bears

Lot #: 746

Ty Beanie Babies - Teanie Beanie

Lot #: 747

Ty Beanie Babies

Color Me Beanie Bunny and Bear, BB Bear
Lot #: 748

Ty Beanie Babies - Beanie Buddy

Righty, Lefty,
Lot #: 749

Ty Beanie Babies

4 - 2001 Bears, 2 - Poopsie, 4 - BB Angel Bears,
Lot #: 750

Ty Beanie Babies

Butch, Sweetheart, Pellet, Cheezer, Cheeks, Bananas, Swoop, Niles, Squirmy,
Lot #: 751

Ty Beanie Babies

Beanie buddies and Beanie Babies - Princess Di,
Lot #: 752

3 - Furs

Fur Label Authority, Jacques Saint Laurent, No Tag


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