3/31 Antique Furniture, Indian Decor, Tools, Quilts & More

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wiggins Auctioneers LLC
1. All bidders must be registered to bid, and will not be accepted without providing name, address, phone, and valid ID. By registering for the auction, bidder agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of the auction set forth herein. 2. All items are being sold "As-Is, Where-Is". All sales are final. Bidders are encouraged to inspect items being sold and are solely responsible to satisfy themselves as to any inspections, current condition, usability, etc. prior to bidding. 3. Preview will be available Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 4. Buyer is solely responsible for the item upon the close of bidding. There will be no exceptions. Items must be paid in full prior to removal. All invoices must be paid in full day of auction. 5. Removal/pick up shall be on Wednesday, April 1st, 2021, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., April 2nd, 2021 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. No load out, packaging, or shipping shall be provided by the Seller nor the Auction Company. If Buyer needs additional time for removal please make arrangements prior to the auction. In the event items are not removed by 11:00 a.m., April 9th, 2021, the Seller and/or Auction Company may dispose of the items at their sole discretion with no further liability to the buyer. 6. Parking lot space is limited at viewing/load out site. No extended parking for large trucks available, with the exception of load out. Please contact Auction Manager for arrangements. 7. A 18% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid at auction. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, wire transfer, credit card, or company/personal check. 8. A 3% Buyer's Premium discount will be given if invoice is paid in full by cash or wire transfer. 9. Purchases are subject to county and state sales tax unless buyer provides appropriate exemption permit. If purchasing for resale, please provide a copy of your Oklahoma tax exemption permit upon purchase of item(s). 10. The buyer agrees to pay all invoices and/or debts to Wiggins Auctioneers in accordance to the terms set forth herein. In the event such invoices and/or debts are not paid, there will be late charges accrued at the rate of 15% per year or the max interest allowed by law. Buyer also agrees to reimburse Wiggins Auctioneers for any attorney fees, collection fees, and/or costs incurred in order to collect any past due amounts or enforce the auction terms set forth herein. Venue for any litigation is agreed to be in Garfield County, Oklahoma. 11. All information is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, no guarantee is made by the Auction Company nor the Seller. Buyer(s) shall satisfy themselves as to value, size, condition, etc. prior to auction day. 12. The Auction Company, Seller or an Agent/Representative reserve the right to bid on behalf of themselves or a third party. Announcements made day of auction take precedence. 13. For convenience, this auction is being broadcast online. Neither the Auction Company nor the Seller is responsible for delay of signal or loss of signal by either side. 14. Bidder hereby agrees to sign/accept by electronic means, and that the electronic signature/acceptance shall have the same force and effect as an original signature.
Fairview, OK US
Huge Personal Collection Antique & Vintage Furniture | Pottery & Glassware | Clocks | Household Items Over 250 Lots! (2nd Auction!) ONLINE ONLY AUCTION Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 Starts Ending @ 6:00 p.m. Location: 801 Highland, Fairview, OK Preview Date: March 24th, 4:00 till 6:00 p.m. Antique/Vintage & Other Furniture: Antique Buffet * Vintage Library Desk * Vintage Desk * Lots of Indian Decor * Cauldren * Pottery, China, Glassware & Collectibles: Frankoma * Fire King (jadeite) * Pyrex * Fenton * Carnival * leaded crystal & cut glass pcs. * milk glass Uncategorized/Collectibles: Wind-up, & anniversary clocks * vintage floor, table & oil lamps *paintings * books * Avon incl. Cape Cod * perfume bottles * s/p shakers * costume jewelry * vintage hats * household items, Shop Tools & Lawn & Garden: Push mower * weedeaters, edger, scrollsaw, circular saw, sander, hand tools * Much More! Contact Edingfield Real Estate & Auction, Butch Edingfield, 580.227.0788 OR Wiggins Auctioneers, LLC, Kim Morrow, 405.637.7710 for any additional info. you may need. Seller: Connie Lapier
Lot #: 1

Vintage table top radio

Lot #: 2

Deer figurines, metal boat, bird figures and

Lot #: 3

Trinket boxes, owl statues, ducks ducks and

Lot #: 4

Brea, deer, duck, giraffe, candleholders and

miscellaneous brass
Lot #: 5

Cast iron paper towel holder and decor piece

Lot #: 6

Tin cowboy decor, bronze type Roy Rogers figurine

and misc.
Lot #: 6a

Roy Rogers with Trigger the horse bronze like

Lot #: 7

Read oil lamp, Vintage whiskey bottle and

Lot #: 8

Vintage Coca-Cola glasses and miscellaneous decor

Lot #: 9

Vintage Mickey and Minnie lunch pails and Aladdin

lunch pail
Lot #: 10

Vintage wooden duck decor, ceramic duck decor

Lot #: 11

Vintage floor lamps 2 +/-

Lot #: 12

Vintage floor lamp

Lot #: 13

Antique clawfoot wooden table with a drawer

Lot #: 14

Vintage metal launch boxes, plastic lunchboxes

Lot #: 15

Frankoma Oklahoma state plates, Sequoia alphabet

Lot #: 16

Frankoma cowboy boots

Lot #: 17

Wicker doll furniture

Lot #: 18

Vintage lunch boxes, all plastic

Lot #: 19

Vintage plastic lunch boxes

Lot #: 20

Clock, basket of shells, trinket box and

Lot #: 21

Miscellaneous books

Lot #: 22

Indian lady decor, baskets

Lot #: 23

Vintage wooden barrel decor

Lot #: 24

Indian decor, ceramic eagles, drama catchers

and misc.
Lot #: 25

Indian wedding vases, Indian vases and misc.

Indian decor
Lot #: 26

Indian vases

Lot #: 27

Indian wedding vase, ceramic Indian decor, Indian

flute and miscellaneous
Lot #: 28

Vintage Indian dolls, some plastic some ceramic

Lot #: 29

Vintage play horses and of course decor

Lot #: 30

Set of poly resin Indian chiefs, Miscellaneous

Indian decor
Lot #: 31

Indian vases, Indian teepee, book, coasters and

Lot #: 32

Bear, Wolf, Buffalo, horse figurines and

Lot #: 33

Three legged chair

Lot #: 34

Famous Oklahoma Indian chiefs Knox glass

Lot #: 35

Miscellaneous glasses and shot glasses

Lot #: 36

Miscellaneous planters and decorations

Lot #: 37

Vintage Indian lamp

Lot #: 38

Miscellaneous picture frames and paintings

Lot #: 39

Miscellaneous baskets

Lot #: 40

Baskets 5+/-

Lot #: 41


Lot #: 42


Lot #: 43

Baskets and bowls

Lot #: 44


Lot #: 45


Lot #: 46

Green wicker plant stand and baskets

Lot #: 47

Indian pictures and miscellaneous

Lot #: 48

Miscellaneous Indian decor and vases

Lot #: 49

Miscellaneous Indian vases, bowls, decor

Lot #: 50

Miscellaneous Indian decorations

Lot #: 51

Miscellaneous Indian vases and decor

Lot #: 52

Miscellaneous Indian decor

Lot #: 53

Indian chief head and eagle statue

Lot #: 54

Indian head pole, small Indian blankets,

miscellaneous Indian decorations
Lot #: 55

Miscellaneous Indian decorations, shells and

Lot #: 56

3 cow creamers and a donkey creamer

Lot #: 57

Vintage cow creamers

Lot #: 58

Vintage cow creamers

Lot #: 59

Vintage cow creamers

Lot #: 60

Vintage ceramic cow creamers 4 +/-

Lot #: 61

Vintage cow creamers

Lot #: 62

Cow sugar bowl, vintage Cow salt and pepper

Lot #: 63

Vintage Cow Creamers

Lot #: 64

Vintage cow creamers 3 +/-

Lot #: 65

Miscellaneous platters, teapot, plates

Lot #: 66

Crystal decanter?s, vintage glassware

Lot #: 67

Vintage Avon bottles, miscellaneous decor

Lot #: 68

Miscellaneous brass pieces

Lot #: 69

Vintage iris dishes

Lot #: 70

Vintage carnival glass plate, bowls, Candle

Lot #: 71

Ceramic ducks, flower decor, would decor, angel

decor and miscellaneous
Lot #: 72

Ace hardware Lumber truck, ace piggy bank and

miscellaneous piggy banks
Lot #: 73

Sweet Home dishes collection made in Japan,

partial set
Lot #: 74

Vintage Fire king coffee cups and Oneida cup and

saucer set (2)
Lot #: 75

Vintage milk glass dishes

Lot #: 76

Miscellaneous coffee cups

Lot #: 77

Vintage alarm clocks

Lot #: 78

Vintage ashtrays and lighters

Lot #: 79

Oriental ceramic figurines, wall sconce, vintage

Polaroid camera in a case
Lot #: 80

Set of pink lamps and oil lamp and three-way

control touch lamp
Lot #: 81

Miscellaneous wood and bricks

Lot #: 82

Miscellaneous tins and glass pitchers.

Miscellaneous dishes
Lot #: 83

Jane Morehart signed To Remember The Dance

pottery piece and a ceramic wagon wheel with skull and cactus
Lot #: 84

Vintage oil lamps and globes

Lot #: 85

Blue vintage wooden magazine holder

Lot #: 86

Vintage glassware

Lot #: 87

Ceramic Indian teepee and miscellaneous Indian

Lot #: 88

Indian pitcher, Indian statue and bookends

Lot #: 89

Miscellaneous linens and blankets

Lot #: 90

Miscellaneous Avon bottles, perfume in some

Lot #: 91

Wooden storage cabinet

Lot #: 92

Vintage cowboy hat

Lot #: 93

Wooden quilt rack

Lot #: 94

Fine ironstone china coffee mug set,

miscellaneous Norman Rockwell plates, miscellaneous decor
Lot #: 95

Vintage ruby red glassware

Lot #: 96

Vintage ruby red bowls and misc.

Lot #: 97

Vintage ruby red bowls and candy dish

Lot #: 98

Vintage ruby red glasses

Lot #: 99

Vintage ruby red wine glasses and miscellaneous

drinking glasses
Lot #: 100

Vintage Avon Cape Cod coffee cups and wine

Lot #: 101

Vintage Kanawha red glass bowl and misc red

dishes a s cups
Lot #: 102

Vintage Avon Cape Cod 2 tier dish, misc oil and

vinegar sets
Lot #: 103

Misc. red bottles, wine glasses and votive

Lot #: 104

Box of ruby red votive holders

Lot #: 105

Ruby red coffee cups

Lot #: 106

Vintage Avon Cape Cod votive holders, wine

glasses, water cups
Lot #: 107

Ruby red votive holders and miscellaneous

Lot #: 108

Vintage ruby red wine glasses

Lot #: 109

Vintage Avon Cape Cod water glasses and wine

Lot #: 110

Miscellaneous red vases

Lot #: 111

Fenton glass dish and ruby red plates and saucers

Lot #: 112

Vintage red pitcher with glasses

Lot #: 113

Vintage read wine glasses and miscellaneous

Lot #: 114

Vintage red glass set

Lot #: 115

Red glass set and miscellaneous

Lot #: 116

Vintage red glasses

Lot #: 117

- no description -

Lot #: 118

Misc. piggy banks

Lot #: 119

Piggy banks

Lot #: 120

Piggy banks

Lot #: 121

Piggy banks

Lot #: 122

ERTL ACE Hardware piggy banks, tech vac and misc

Lot #: 123

- no description -

Lot #: 124


Lot #: 125

Vintage glass decor

Lot #: 126

Fine China Kingston dish set

Lot #: 127

Hand painted dish sets 2 +/-

Lot #: 128

Misc. steins

Lot #: 129

Vintage steins

Lot #: 130

Kent China made in Japan Bali Hai dish set

Lot #: 131

Misc. Frankoma pieces

Lot #: 132

Misc. Frankoma pieces

Lot #: 133

Set of 4 green Frankoma plates

Lot #: 134

Frankoma green dinner plates 4

Lot #: 135

Vintage Frankoma red planter

Lot #: 136

Vintage green glasses

Lot #: 137

Vintage purses 5 +/-

Lot #: 138

Vintage milk glass Fire King dish set

Lot #: 139

Misc jadeite dishes, Weisker candy dish

Lot #: 140

Vintage Frankoma platter 7PS, Frankoma wagon

Lot #: 141

Frankoma dinner plates 5+/-

Lot #: 142

Frankoma pitcher, bowl and misc.

Lot #: 143

Vintage Frankoma Christmas plates, Texas plate

and an Easter plate
Lot #: 144

Vintage Fenton bowl

Lot #: 145

Vintage Anna 1879 cuckoo clock

Lot #: 146

Vintage chair

Lot #: 147

Vintage fedoras

Lot #: 148

Vintage glass cake display

Lot #: 149

Antique wooden buffet

Lot #: 150


kitchenware depression GREEN TAB lovely and a Vintage jadeite reamer
Lot #: 151

Vintage Large Green Ribbed Vaseline Depression

Glass Orange Juice Reamer
Lot #: 152

Vintage jadeite reamer

Lot #: 153

Green Vaseline glass depression set

Lot #: 154

1 green and 1 yellow depression glass reamers

Lot #: 155

Vintage jadeite reamer, large

Lot #: 156

Depression yellow glass reamer and measuring cup

Lot #: 157

Vintage jadeite coffee cups, Fire King

Lot #: 158

Vintage Mille glass vases and assorted dishes

Lot #: 159

Telephone table

Lot #: 160

Vintage wooden desk

Lot #: 161

2 OK Shager oil paintings

Lot #: 162

9.+/- vintage Mickey Mouse collectors cups from

Lot #: 163

Green Vaseline depression glass reamer

Lot #: 164

Miscellaneous shot glasses

Lot #: 165

Wooden plant stand and vintage metal magazine

Lot #: 166

Floral canister and misc.

Lot #: 167

Microwave stand on wheels

Lot #: 168

Vintage wooden library desk

Lot #: 169

2 +/- floor lamps

Lot #: 170

Vintage whiskey jug, Two sets of double old

fashion glasses
Lot #: 171

2 wicker and wooden chairs

Lot #: 172

Miscellaneous blankets, sheets and towels

Lot #: 173

Vintage music books and sheet music

Lot #: 174

Vintage Christmas decorations

Lot #: 175

Vintage playing card decks

Lot #: 176

Craft and sewing lot

Lot #: 177

Vintage green trunk

Lot #: 178

Cookbooks, cooking magazines and recipes

Lot #: 179

Indian paintings and picture frames

Lot #: 180

Vintage Indian pictures and paintings and picture

Lot #: 181

Brass can with walking sticks

Lot #: 182

Miscellaneous framed art

Lot #: 183

Indian type rugs and wall hanging

Lot #: 184

Indian like rugs, blue 6?x4? approx. and green

6?x4? approx.
Lot #: 185

Indian like rugs, tan and orange 2?x4?? approx.,

brown and red 2?x4? approx., green 3.5?x2? approx., tan and lime 2?x2? approx
Lot #: 185a

Piggy banks, brass candy dishes, books and

miscellaneous decor
Lot #: 186

Vintage Indian paintings and picture frames

Lot #: 187

Vintage wooden and brass trunk

Lot #: 188

Vintage stepstool, Barstools, foldable chairs and

table (Contents of basement)
Lot #: 189

Wooden display shelf

Lot #: 190

Vintage 7-Up six pack holder and vintage Leone

kugel beer crate
Lot #: 191

Vintage wooden stool

Lot #: 191a

Bissell featherweight bagless vacuum cleaner

Lot #: 192

Vintage metal cart on wheels

Lot #: 193

Plastic shelving unit, adjustable garment rack

Lot #: 194

Salt and pepper shakers, miscellaneous decor and

Lot #: 195

Frosted coffee mugs and miscellaneous dishes

Lot #: 196

Coffee maker, trinket boxes , ashtrays and misc.

Lot #: 197

Bells, salt and pepper shakers, misc. cups,

clocks and red dishes
Lot #: 198

Vintage crystal glassware, dishes, decor, milk

glass and misc.
Lot #: 199

Misc plates, jars, foot stool, trinkets and misc.

Lot #: 200

Vases, milk glass, clocks, trinket boxes, amber

colored candy dish and miscellaneous
Lot #: 201

Vintage blue dishes, brass decor, pink basket,

pink vases, green tea pitcher and misc.
Lot #: 202

Miscellaneous Lamps

Lot #: 203

Milk glass Decour pieces, milk glass plates,

yellow picture, yellow vases and misc.
Lot #: 204

Miscellaneous Crystal dishes, pictures, fish

decor and miscellaneous decor
Lot #: 205

Scrabble and checkers games, porcelain dolls and

Lot #: 206

Vintage amber colored dishes, Crystal dishes, oil

lamps, tins, red dishes and miscellaneous
Lot #: 207

Miscellaneous dishes, canisters, dessert dishes,

animal figurines, trinket boxes, wooden decor and miscellaneous
Lot #: 208

Pottery, potato chip ceramic holders, glass bowls

and miscellaneous
Lot #: 209

Vintage salt and pepper shakers and trinket boxes

and miscellaneous
Lot #: 210

Amber dishes, crystal dishes, green dishes

Lot #: 211

Kensington iron stone dish set made in England,

stoneware made in Japan, her Rison dishes, Churchhill made in England yea set and miscellaneous
Lot #: 212

Vintage Magnavox transistor radio and antique

radio and electric chords
Lot #: 213

Canning jars, clocks, salt and pepper shakers,

baskets, purse, wire basket and miscellaneous
Lot #: 214

Huge a lot of vintage pencil sharpeners

Lot #: 215

Vintage Crystal Dishes, carnival glass vase and

candy dishes, miscellaneous
Lot #: 216

Miscellaneous art supplies, trinket boxes, cedar

shavings, and miscellaneous
Lot #: 216a

Vintage marbles

Lot #: 217

Vintage Crystal Dishes, stoneware salt and pepper

shakers miscellaneous, miscellaneous decor, miscellaneous dishes
Lot #: 218

Vintage hand towels, candy container, vase,

vintage cake carrier, Pyrex, miscellaneous Crystal
Lot #: 219

Wooden wall shelves, metal magazine rack

Lot #: 220

Metal Bakers rack

Lot #: 221

Two vintage radios and a vintage metal cart and a

record player
Lot #: 222

Two vintage Coca-Cola clocks, two Coke trays and

a jukebox
Lot #: 223

Vintage Alabama Coca-Cola bottles, beer mugs

Lot #: 224

Fenton glass

Lot #: 225

Vintage glass Chinese dragon candle stick holder

Lot #: 226

Vintage metal skates 2+/- sets

Lot #: 227

Vintage lamp

Lot #: 228

Vintage mailbox

Lot #: 229

2 clarinets in a case

Lot #: 230

Drama masks

Lot #: 231

Vintage jugs and misc

Lot #: 232

Tiara green serving platter

Lot #: 233

Vintage Mickey Mouse stuffed animal

Lot #: 234

Wooden cabinet

Lot #: 235

Vintage lamp

Lot #: 236

Wooden piggy bank full of pennies, Lincoln Cent

collectible books partial full 10 +/-, 9 +/- pint jars full of pennies, misc. change jar, ceramic pig full of pennies and 28 +/- steel pennies
Lot #: 237

Misc change holders, Chang collectible books,

Lot #: 238

Indian style jewelry

Lot #: 239

Indian arrow heads, jewelry and misc.

Lot #: 240

Costume jewelry in all colors and sizes,

necklaces, rings, bracelets, button covers
Lot #: 241

Kenmore electric range

Lot #: 242


Lot #: 243

Tan folding card table, no chairs

Lot #: 244

Cosco painters ladder

Lot #: 245

Vintage metal stepstool/chair, American flag,

Lakewood stand fan, stand heater, medical walker and medical supplies
Lot #: 246

Vintage mirror and antique dresser

Lot #: 247

Wooden Cabinet full of records also includes

records on top and tapes
Lot #: 248

Wooden cabinet approx. 4?x2.5?x20?

Lot #: 249

Cast iron skillets

Lot #: 250

Filing cabinets, 1-4drawer and 1-2 drawer (no

Lot #: 251

Wooden corner shelf and Wooden shop cabinet full

of tools
Lot #: 252

Coca-Cola memorabilia, tins, vintage rolling

pins, milk glass, coffee maker, salt and pepper shakers, goose decor, John Deere tractor decor, tiles, game box, glassware, baskets and miscellaneous
Lot #: 253

Vintage fishing Lures, Box full of fishing reel

parts, five tackle boxes
Lot #: 254

Antique pump back trunk

Lot #: 255

Fully assembled vanity cabinet, 24 inches wide by

18 inches deep by 31 and three-quarter inches high, Jacuzzi perfect a high-performance toilet, Needed white single bowl flat vanity sink 43 x 20?
Lot #: 256

Vintage cigar boxes, vintage insulators,

pictures, old telephones, Jim Beam decanters, books, books on tape, wall Decour, cookbooks, plastic ware, plastic storage and miscellaneous
Lot #: 257

Plastic storage, trash bin, comfort zone fan,

green set of drawers full of miscellaneous tools and nuts and bolts, Panasonic tape deck player, mirror and vintage radio
Lot #: 258

Dremel power tool accessory center with

additional accessories
Lot #: 259

2 shop cabinets, booth and table top

Lot #: 260

Box of extension cords

Lot #: 261

Antique viewfinders and cards 3+/-

Lot #: 262

Contents of 4 cabinet doors plus top storage

Lot #: 263

Contents of 4 storage doors

Lot #: 264

Contents of 2 storage doors

Lot #: 265

Vintage Coca-Cola bottles, royal crown cola

bottle, vintage toys
Lot #: 266

Set of metal storage drawers full of

miscellaneous tools, Vintage crystals and miscellaneous
Lot #: 267

Set of metal shop storage drawers full of

Lot #: 268

Set of blue metal drawers and green two drawer

cabinet full of miscellaneous
Lot #: 269

Wooden shelf, cleaning supplies, flyswatter?s,

grabber tools, shelf with one door, old table top, wood flooring and misc.
Lot #: 270

Craftsman 16? scroll saw

Lot #: 271

Bolens gas weedeater

Lot #: 272

Vintage metal cauldron

Lot #: 273

Red wagon

Lot #: 274

Wooden projects

Lot #: 275

Troy-Bill lawn mower, 190 cc brigs and Stratton

Lot #: 276

12 inch circular saw by Skilsaw

Lot #: 277

Delta table top drill

Lot #: 278

Black and Decker power miter saw

Lot #: 279

Delta 4? belt 6? disc sander

Lot #: 280

Skilsaw table saw

Lot #: 281

Toro leaf bagger

Lot #: 282

Task Force electric blower/mulcher

Lot #: 283

Black and Decker elect weed eater

Lot #: 284

Remington electric chainsaw

Lot #: 285

Gas weedeater

Lot #: 286

Weed Eater gas weedeater

Lot #: 287

Contents of storage shed

Lot #: 288

Contents of the outside of the home (excludes t

Lot #: 289

Contents of storage shed

Lot #: 290

Tons of belt buckles

Lot #: 291

Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt, machine quilted,

approx. 72?X90?
Lot #: 292

Vintage square blocks quilt, approx. 72?X90?

Lot #: 293

Vintage square patch quilt, approx. 72?X86?

Lot #: 294

Vintage quilt, approx. 72?X80?

Lot #: 295

Vintage quilt, approx. 60?X70?

Lot #: 296

Lap quilt


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Wiggins Auctioneers LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.