21/21Remington – Harrington & Richardson – Marlin- Ammo

Monday, December 21, 2020

Lippard Auctioneers, Inc.
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Enid, OK US
Remington - Girsan - Harrington & Richardson - US Springfield - Smith & Wesson - Marllin - Mossberg- Lunx 12 - Hard Care - Ammo Winning Online bidder please take Note: your card on file will be charged unless you called ahead to make other payment arrangements. If you card did not go through we will be calling and/or emailing you. Starts ending Dec 21st at 6PM Pick up will be Dec 22nd 1-5PM or by appointment. Firearms/Ammo: All buyers of firearms will be required to do background check. Must be of age to buy. Any out of state buyers will be required to Auction Company with FFL. Background checks will be required for all firearm buyers. Out of state buyers will be required to find dealer in their area for us to ship to. If you dont not have someone you use, ask we can give you some recommendations in your area. Lippard Auctioneers do not represent to be gun smith nor do we represent that the firearms operate properly. Buyers must do their own inspections or have their representation inspect the firearm prior to bidding. No refunds will be given. Options for shipping: Out of state buyers must have firearms shipped from an FFL. Shipping and Insurance will be at buyers expense. We do not sell to International Bidders. After 30 days firearm will be deemed abandoned. Local pickup only on items over 10 lbs, shipping available for items under 10 lbs that are not furniture; please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements - no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.
Lot #: 1


700 Rifle 300 Ultra Mag RR86583E 26" barrel, blued, jeweled bolt, walnut stock, few nicks, nice gun
Lot #: 1a

8?x24? pontoon deck with trailer

8?x24? pontoon deck with trailer, 2? ball hitch. Hitch is slightly bent, HD vinyl deck top. Great for pond dock ***** Pick up Location2483 Matoy Rd, Caddo, Ok 74729. *********
Lot #: 2


tactical semi-auto MC312 Shotgun 12ga 13-03372 20" barrel, rifle sights, scope plate, 3" chamber, nice gun
Lot #: 3

Harrington & Richardson

Handi-Rifle Rifle 35 Whelen CBA316305 22" blued barrel, scope plate, single shot, synthetic stock, nice gun
Lot #: 4

U.S. Springfield Armory

1898 Rifle 30-40 Krag 231962 24" barrel, bluing worn, sling,
Lot #: 5

Smith & Wesson

1000M Shotgun 12ga 29" blued barrel, walnut stock, semi-auto, full choke, nice gun
Lot #: 6


722 Rifle 300 Savage 137017 24" barrel, blued, bolt, walnut stock
Lot #: 7


500A Shotgun 12ga N/A 3" mag chamber, 30" full choke barrel, slight crack in butt stock
Lot #: 8

Taurus Made Brazil

C45 Rifle 45 Long Colt AW2965 25" barrel, stainless, pump, tube feed
Lot #: 9


1917 Rifle 30-06 156776 24" barrel, blued, bolt, walnut stock, sling
Lot #: 10


49 Shotgun 12ga 2785 30" barrel, pump, hammer, blueing fair, condition fair to good
Lot #: 11

Mosin-Nagant caliber 7.62x54R rifle

Mosin-Nagant caliber 7.62x54R rifle folding bayonet 1954 rifle 30-06 GR60 Mauser type action, bolt, wood stock
Lot #: 12

Uberti Italy

1873 revolver 45 Long Colt NRA427 7.5" barrel, blued, NRA wood handles, slight rust/wear
Lot #: 13

Lynx 12

AK style 12ga LH12 Shotgun 12ga LH009084 NIB, still has oil on it, papers, box, 1- 5 rd magazine
Lot #: 14

Hard case

inside is 9.5" x 42", foam interior, good cond.
Lot #: 15


30-06 64 rounds, stripper clips Factory loads to M1 Garrand specs
Lot #: 16


30-06 64 rounds, stripper clips Factory loads to M1 Garrand specs
Lot #: 17


30-06 64 rounds, stripper clips Factory loads to M1 Garrand specs
Lot #: 18


30-06 64 rounds, stripper clips Factory loads to M1 Garrand specs
Lot #: 19


30-06 32 rounds, stripper clips Factory loads to M1 Garrand specs
Lot #: 20

H&K Magazine

40 S&W 13rd magazine, new
Lot #: 21

20 Center Fire Rifle Cartridges Hi Power Federal

303 British 150 Grain Soft Point
Lot #: 22

Remington High Velocity 11 live rounds 7 brass

180 grain
Lot #: 23

2 soft long cases

Lot #: 25

Allen Camo Long Gun soft case 47"

Lot #: 26

Plastic Hard Case Long Gun 8"x51" interior


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