15th Annual Equipment Consignment Auction

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Circle E Auction LLC
1551 14000 Road, Altamont, KS US

15th Annual Spring Consignment Auction

Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 9:30 AM

Sale Location: 1551 14000 Road Altamont, KS 67330 Directions: 1.5 miles east of Altamont, KS or 9 miles west of Oswego, KS on Hwy. 160. 


Online bidding available on select items @ circleeauction.com



14 JD 8245R, CHA, 4709 hrs, MFWD, PS 16F/5R, AutoTrac, 5 SCV, duals

03 JD 8320, CHA, 5956 hrs, MFWD, PS 16F/4R, 2-owner, 4 SCV, duals

84 JD 8450, CHA, 11K hrs, 4x4, JD reman engine 300 hrs. ago, new tires & hyd. pump 100 hrs. ago, bareback 

94 JD 7800, CHA, 6548 hrs, MFWD, PS 19F/7R, 3 SCV, new tires, duals

17 JD 6175R, CHA, 948 hrs, MFWD, 24 sp. AutoTrac, 1-owner, 4 SCV, duals

19 JD 6175R, CHA, 4054 hrs, MFWD, 20 sp. 1 owner, 3 SCV, with JD H360 loader, 3rd function

18 JD 6155R, CHA, 4153 hrs, MFWD, 20 sp. 1 owner, 3 SCV, ILS, GreenStar, with JD 640R SL loader, 3rd function 

22 JD 6155M, CHA, 402 hrs, MFWD, 20 sp. 3 SCV, with JD 640R loader, 3rd function

19 JD 6155M, CHA, 3326 hrs, MFWD, 20 sp. 1 owner, 3 SCV, with JD 640R loader, 3rd function

13 JD 6150R, CHA, 4052 hrs, MFWD, IVT, 4 SCV, with JD H360 SL loader, 3rd function

21 JD 6130R, CHA, 936 hrs, MFWD, 24 sp. 1 owner, 3 SCV, with JD 620R SL loader

18 JD 6130R, CHA, 1786 hrs, MFWD, 24 sp. 2 SCV, with JD 640R SL loader, 3rd function

09 JD 6430 Premium, CHA, 2494 hrs, MFWD, 16 sp. 1 owner, 3 SCV, with JD 673 loader  

98 White 8410, CHA, 3064 hrs, 2-wd, PS, 3 SCV

03 JD 7220, OROPS, 7224 hrs. 2-wd, 16 speed, 2 SCV

15 CIH 125 Maxxum, CHA, 970 hrs., MFWD, 17 sp. 1-owner, 3 SCV, with CIH L755 loader

16 NH T4.110, CHA, 1355 hrs, MFWD, 12 sp. with NH 655TL loader

18 JD 4044M, OROPS, 414 hrs, MFWD, LHR, with JD 400 loader

NH TL100A, CHA, 2-wd. with BH M546 loader 

2000 NH TL80, CHA, 5838 hrs. 2-wd, 12 sp. with NH 7310 loader

85 JD 850, Open station, 2-wd, 3pt. 



12 Case IH 6130, 2675/2046 hrs, 4x4, Pro 700 monitor, yield monitor, field tracker, 30.5X32 wide flotation tires, electric bin extension, leather heated seat 


Farm Equipment

04 JD 1790 planter, 12/23 row, CCS, Yetter row cleaners & twister closing wheels, corn & bean plates, pneumatic down pressure, ½ width shut off, JD 250 monitor 

JD 1700 MaxEmerge planter, 8R 30”, 3pt. Precision E-set corn meters, Keaton seed firmers, Yetter row cleaners, nice 

JD 7000 planter, 6R 30”, all new openers, press & gauge wheels and tires

Concord 1100 air seeder tank, 100 bushel, complete with distributors & hitch 

13 Speed King 240 seed tender, triple axle, remote control, Honda motor

Meridian 240RT seed tender, tandem axle, scales, remote control, Honda motor

20 Great Plains 3500 Turbo Max vertical till, 35’ width, 1 owner, excellent condition

14 Great Plains 4000 Turbo Max vertical till, 40’ width, 1 owner, excellent condition

Willmar Super 800 fertilizer spreader, 1-owner, hyd. disengage, 540 PTO, tarp, like new

Industrias America 2224X 9.5’ tandem disk, 22” blades, new

Industrias America 2228X 10.5’ tandem disk, 22” blades, new

17 Adams 20’ lime/litter spreader, 32” web, flotation tires, 1000 PTO, nice

H&S 3143 manure spreader, top beater, slop gate, 1000 PTO

NH 512 manure spreader, single axle, top beater

Mauer HT30 30’ header trailer, dolly wheel

Best Way Field Pro III sprayer, 1000 gal. tank, 60’ booms

Grass Works WWF40 25’ weed wiper, 3pt, hyd. drive & fold, cab controller, nice

Krause 20’ pull-type field cultivator, manual fold

Krause 12’ 3pt. chisel

Homemade 15’ 3pt. stalk chopper/cover crop roller

Blu-Jet 12 row, 30” anhydrous applicator, 3pt, good coulters

United Farm Tools 500 grain cart

IA F12 12’ pull-type box blade with side tilt, new

Danuser 3pt. post driver

2- Danuser 3pt. post hole diggers

Shaver 8” 3pt. hydraulic post driver 

Fimco 200-gallon 3pt. sprayer, boomless nozzle


Hay Equipment

22 JD 560M round baler, 6159 bales, net, 1000 PTO 

20 JD 560M round baler, 4936 bales, net, 1000 PTO 

22 JD 460M round baler, 412 bales, net, 540 PTO

19 JD 460M round baler, 10,371 bales, net, 1000 PTO

21 JD 460M round baler, 11,183 bales, net, 540 PTO 

JD 469 round baler, 13k bales, net, 540 PTO, new belts & chains last year

18 Vermeer 504R round baler, 1775 bales, net, 540 PTO

02 JD 567 round baler, 17,961 bales, net & twine, 540 PTO

JD 468 round baler, 24k bales, net & twine, 540 PTO

NH BR7090 round baler, 19k bales, net, 1000 PTO

98 NH 654 round baler, 19,948 bales, net, 540 PTO

22 CIH SB541C square baler, hyd. pickup & tension, twine, 540 PTO

JD 348 square baler, wire tie, 540 PTO, unused

20 JD 348 square baler, twine, hyd. swing & pickup, 540 PTO

06 JD 348 square baler, wire tie, hyd. pickup & swing, 540 PTO

JD 336 square baler, wire tie, one owner, 540 PTO

14 JD 635 MoCo discbine, impellers, 11’ 6” cut, hyd. swing, 1000 PTO

14 Kuhn FC283TG discbine, impellers, 9’2” cut, hyd. swing, 540 PTO 

12 NH H7450 discbine, rubber rollers, 13’ cut, 1000 PTO, nice  

NH 1465 haybine, rubber rollers

18 JD 310R disc mower, 10’ 6” cut, 540 PTO, nice

JD R280 disc mower, 9’ 2” cut, 3 pt. 540 PTO

Kuhn GMD800 disc mower, 10’ 6” cut, 3 pt. 540 PTO

Kuhn GMD700 disc mower, 9’ 2” cut, 3 pt. 540 PTO 

21 Frontier WR3110 10-wheel v-rake, kicker wheel, never used 

15 Vermeer VR1022 10 wheel v-rake, very nice

Ogden 10-wheel v-rake

Kuhn SR112 12-wheel v-rake

13 Anderson RB680 single bale wrapper, hyd. operated, very nice, low use

H&S RT5200 4 basket tedder, hyd. fold, 540 PTO

KMC 4755 disc mower caddy

Cimarron disc mower caddy

Krone AM403S disc mower, parts only



22 JD R15 pull-type cutter, 540 PTO, nice

JD HX10 pull-type cutter, one owner, 540 PTO

Bush Hog 2510 pull-type cutter, 540 PTO

Terrain King 15’ pull-type cutter, 540 PTO


Construction Equipment

22 JD 331G track skid steer, CHA, 619 hrs, high flow, 2 speed, 1 owner

18 JD 325G track skid steer, CHA, 420 hrs, high flow, 2 speed, 1 owner

21 JD 317G track skid steer, CHA, 233 hrs, 1 owner

21 Cat 279D3 track skid steer, CHA, 777 hrs, 2 speed, 1 owner

15 Cat 289D XPS track skid steer, CHA, 2744 hrs, high flow, 2 speed

18 Cat 289D track skid steer, CHA, 4800 hrs, 2 speed

18 Bobcat T870 track skid steer, CHA, 3720 hrs, high flow, 2 speed, no bucket 

16 NH C238 track skid steer, CHA, 869 hrs, high flow, 2 speed, 1 owner 

19 Kubota SVL65-2 track skid steer, CHA, 465 hrs, 2 speed, 1 owner

17 Vermeer RTX200 walk behind trencher, 222 hrs, rubber tracks, 36” digging depth

20 Suihe vibratory rock grizzly, topsoil & rock screener, unused


Skid Steer Attachments

CL Fabrication Dominator tree puller

Nortec PS800 soil conditioner, 96” wide

Jenkins tree pullers, new

Hy-Reach tree sheer

Jenkins backhoe with 12” bucket, new

Several 5500 lb. 4’ pallet forks, walk-thru, new

Several new & used buckets

Several new 2-prong bale spikes

Several new blank plates and receiver hitches

2– GB sets of fork extensions

4- GB hyd. rock bucket, 66”, 72”, 78”, 84” wide

8– GB heavy 78” brush/root grapple

3– GB 6’ rotary tillers

5- GB 86” hyd. snow blades

Titan woodchipper, needs work

Stump bucket with grapple 

Rock bucket 



10 International TranStar truck, day cab, single axle, 327K miles, Maxx Force diesel, Eaton 10 spd automatic or manual transmission, air brakes & ride, like new tires

09 KW T370 truck, day cab, single axle, 6.7 Cummins Paccar diesel, 6 spd manual transmission



93 Jet 22’ hopper bottom trailer, bottom or side dump, good tarp

21 Load Trail 20’+2 equipment trailer, tandem 7k axles, fold up ramps, like new

03 Gooseneck BH 6’x12’ stock trailer, tandem axle, swing gate, like new

05 Friesen GN 18’+2’ flatbed trailer, tandem axle, ramps 

PJ GN 24’ flatbed trailer, tandem axle, ramps

06 MEBT BH 18+2 equipment trailer, tandem 7k axles, fold up ramps

Homemade 7’x16 BH combo trailer, with stock racks, 1 cut gate

IA 500 fuel trailer with fuel pump, new

IA 990 fuel trailer with fuel pump, new

IA FT7014R BH hyd. dump trailer, 7’x14’, ramps, tarp, new


Feeding Equipment

Pro Welding 3pt. bale unrollers, handles 4’ & 5’ bales, new

Several grapples for tractor buckets

Livestock Equipment & Etc.

Corbin Steel portable alley, tub, and chute combo, used 4 times, like new 

Stock Pro H2200 premium hydraulic chute, palpation cage, new

Stock Pro M1200 premium chute, palpation cage, new

DH 1-ton and 2-ton portable feed bins, slide gate, brand new

J&K Mfg. 2-ton portable feed bin

King Ag 3-ton creep feeder with creep gates

Several 24’ HD free standing corral panels, new

Several gates, T-posts, feed bunks, etc. 


UTV’s & Lawn Mowers

22 Kubota RTV-XG850 UTV, 41 hrs, 1 owner, warranty, PS, like new

JD 835R UTV, cab, heat, & air, 4x4, 500 hrs.

09 Polaris Ranger XP700 UTV, 4x4, 537 hrs.

10 Polaris Ranger XP800 UTV, crew cab, 4x4, 588 hrs.    

Frontier FM2115R pull-type 15’ triple deck finish mower, 540 PTO, hyd. fold

Bush Hog HDTH6 3pt. finish mower, 6’ cut, nice

Hustler Raptor zero turn, 48” cut, 24 hp. Kohler motor

Grasshopper 928D zero turn mower, 1196 hrs, 72” cut, Kubota 3-cylinder diesel motor

Grasshopper 718 zero turn mower, 1832 hrs, 54” cut, new 20 hp. Predator motor

21 Kubota Z251 zero turn mower, 47 hrs, 1 owner, 54” cut, 25 hp. Kohler motor

15 JD X730 lawn mower, 1043 hrs, hydro, 54” cut, Kawasaki motor

Exmark Lazer Z zero turn mower, 474 hrs, 46” cut


Large Misc. Items

2- 40’ high cube metal container, 4 double doors on side & one on end

12’ cube metal container, double door, new

4- 8’ & 9’ cube metal container, double door, new

Bastone 110V portable toilet with shower

2- Bastone 110V portable toilet with 2- stools

12- sets of Great Bear 20’ Bi-Parting wrought iron gates, new

4- sets of Great Bear 14’ Bi-Parting wrought iron gates, new

3- GM hoop storage shelter, 30’x65’x15’, 30’x40’x15’, 20’x30’x12’, new

5- GM hoop container shelter, 2- 20’x40’, 40’x40’, 20’x20’, new

Generac 30KW generator, 4 cyl. diesel motor, good motor but generator needs work


Small Misc. Items

10- 3/8”x20’ G70 log chains & 5- ratchet chain binders

5- 5/16”x20’ G70 log chains & 5- ratchet chain binders

1- 5/16” 7’ G80 chain sling

1- 250-Safety highway cones

4- 1 cubic yard self-dumping hoppers

Shop Items

2 - Steelman 10’ work benches, 15 drawer, new  

7- Steelman 7’ work benches, 10-35 drawer, new


Johnson Farm Reduction 

21 JD N542C air seeder, 42’ wide, scales, 7735 acres, one owner, 7.5” spacing, 4- section shut off, like new

10 Great Plains 4000 turbo chopper, 40’ wide

11 Stoughton 42’ grain hopper bottom, ag hoppers, roll-over tarp

70 Cat D6 dozer, 10’ 4-way blade, winch, complete engine overhaul in 2021

93 Load Boy 52’ 5th wheel, self-contained hyd. neck, tri-axle, out riggers

21 WW BH 12’ livestock trailer, tandem axle, like new

09 Par-Kan 275 seed tender, tri-axle

18 JD 560M round baler, 9k bales, net, 1000 PTO

21 JD R310 3point disc mower

21 Frontier DC1000 disc mower caddy


Norton Farm Sellout 

Ford 6610 tractor, OROPS, 2-WD, with Bush Hog QT2426 loader & bucket

Rhino SR-15 pull-type mower, 540 PTO

Honda Rancher 420 UTV

Older ground driven manure spreader

Danuser 3pt. posthole digger, 12” & 24” augers

Fimco 3pt. boomless sprayer

Brave 3pt. wood splitter

Automatic Farms headgate

Lots of smaller items including gates, panels and hand tools


Garner Diesel Sellout

2004 Ford F250 pickup, 423k miles, 2-wd. crew cab, long bed

1998 Bumper hitch car hauler trailer, tandem axle, ramps

Several 3-pt. items including cultivator, box & angle blade, & dirt scoop

10 name brand tool boxes, some on casters 

5 roll around toolboxes full of name brand tools including Snap On, Mac, Craftsman & etc.

100’s & 100’s wrenches, sockets, ratchets, tools of all kinds! Included will be almost any tool you can imagine being used in a mechanic shop. Mr. Garner has retired and is selling all his hand tools! There will be at least a 38’ trailer load of tools. All the tools will sell in Ring 2 and online biding will not be available. 


Buffington Farm Sellout

JD R ground driven manure spreader, nice

JD 68 auger feed wagon

4-wheel farm wagon

Pioneer horse drawn fore cart, brakes, 2-seater, like new

Frontier Equistrian 4-wheel pony cart, like new

King Kutter 5’ 3pt. angle blade

King Kutter 7’ 3pt. cutter 

2 horse evener, wagon tongue

Large lot of gates and panels


Ammann Farm Sellout 

1991 GN 24’+4’ flatbed trailer, tandem duals, ramps, no title

JD 400 rotary hoe, 3pt. nice

Buffalo 6 row cultivator, 3pt

Goosen Industries bale chopper, 3pt. 540 PTO 

Ford 906 3pt. mower, 7’ width, 540 PTO

Cub Cadet 1650 lawn mower, 54” cut, runs

Ford YT 16 lawn mower

Ford YT 12.5 lawn mower 

2- Ford LGT 18H lawn mower

Snow blower


Online bidding available on select items @ circleeauction.com


Auctioneer's Note: We will have a very nice line of items to sell. Almost every item is right off the farm. Something for everyone. Most of the items will sell with No Reserve. Since sale bills are printed 3 weeks in advance, we usually have a lot more items than listed. We will be selling in 2 rings at the same time, so bring a friend. Because we rely on the word of others, all items are subject to No Show. All items are subject to prior sale. If driving a distance for a single item, please call. 

NOTE: 9.25% Sales Tax will be added to all items that are not used for agriculture. All dealers must bring a copy of your resale sales tax license. 


You can still consign to this auction! We are open 8:00–5:00 Monday-Friday and on Saturday by appointment to check-in and unload your items. We are always closed on Sunday. To have your equipment available for online bidding, your equipment MUST be on our lot by Tuesday, March 12th @ 5:00 pm. NO consignments taken after 5:00 pm Thursday March 14th, 2023. For questions or to consign call Ervin 417-310-0812 or Merlin 417-310-3324 or e-mail us at [email protected]. View pictures @ circleeauction.com. 


Everything must be removed in 14 Days. After 14 days there will be a storage fee of $25 per item, per day. Any items left after 30 will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Circle E Auction. 


Concessions available including homemade pies & baked goods, biscuits & gravy!



Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Circle E Auction LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.