13th Annual Equipment Consignment Auction

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Circle E Auction LLC
    1551 14000 Road, Altamont, KS US
    13th Annual Fall Consignment Auction Selling Tractors, Farm Equipment, Construction Equipment, Trucks & Trailers, Lawn & Garden, Building Materials and more

    13th Annual Fall

    Consignment Auction

    Sat. October 30, 2021 at 9:00 am


    Sale Location: 1551 14000 Road Altamont, KS 67330 Directions: 1.5 miles east of Altamont, KS or 9 miles west of Oswego, KS on Hwy. 160.


    §  Online bidding available on select items 

    @ circleeauction.com

    Accepting Consignments Until Thursday, October 28 @ 5 PM



    2007 JD 7130 premium, CHA, MFWD, 16 sp. PQ, shows 5622 hrs. LHR, 3- outlets, with JD 741 loader, one owner

    2008 JD 7330 premium, CHA, MFWD, IVT, shows 5620 hrs. LHR, 3-outlets, nice

    2004 JD 7320, CHA, MFWD, 16 sp. PQ, shows 10,844 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets, with JD 741 SL loader, 2- owner

    2011 JD 6430, CHA, MFWD, 16 sp. PQ, shows 7813 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets, with JD 673SL loader, one owner

    1981 JD 4440, CHA, 2-wd. 16 sp. QR, shows 1312 hrs. owner believes to be actual hours, 2- outlets, nice

    2012 CIH Puma 170, CHA, MFWD, CVT, shows 4260 hrs. LHR, 4- outlets, with CIH L775 loader & grapple bucket

    Case IH MXM120, CHA, MFWD, 18 sp. partial PS, shows 4539 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets

    1992 Case IH 9230, 4X4, 12 sp. ps. unknown hours, bareback, 4- outlets

    2008 NH T6050, CHA, MFWD, 16 sp. partial PS, shows 2425 hrs. LHR, 3- outlets, auto steer, super steer axle, with NH TL840 loader

    NH T6050 Delta, CHA, MFWD, 16 sp. partial PS, shows 6971 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets, with NH 840TL loader, one owner

    2014 Kubota M8560, CHA, MFWD, 8 sp. shows 298 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets, with Kubota LA 1353 loader, one owner

    2011 Kubota M7040, CHA, MFWD, 8 sp. shows 519 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets, with Kubota LA1153 loader, one owner

    Kubota M9540, OROPS, MFWD, 8 sp. shows 2825 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets, with loader

    Kubota M7040, OROPS, MFWD, 8 sp. shows 1310 hrs. LHR, 2- outlets, with Kubota LA1153 loader

    Kioti DK45, OROPS, MFWD, 8 sp. shows 974 hrs. LHR, 1- outlet, with GB 360 loader

    2008 Case IH JX60, OROPS, MFWD, 12 sp. shows 126 hrs. 1- outlet

    Ford 5600, cab, 2-wd. 3pt. 3- outlets

    Ford 5000, OROPS, 2-wd, select-o-speed, shows 7190 hrs. 1- outlet

    JD 850, OROPS, diesel, MFWD, shows 1641 hrs.

    Allis Chalmers WD, gas, with Koyker loader

    Farm Equipment

    Haybuster 107 no-till grain drill, small seed, pull-type with dolly wheels

    Parker 4500 grain cart, good augers & tires

    E-Z Trail 500 grain cart, good augers & tires

    M&W Little Red Wagon gravity wagon, 400-bushel

    Older gravity wagon

    Haybuster 2650 bale processor, self-loading, hyd. deflector, 1000 PTO

    Schuler BF125 feeder wagon

    Krause 4995 28’ hyd. fold disk, 18.5” & 21.5” blades

    Sunflower 14’ hyd. fold offset disk

    IH 475 15’ wheel disk

    Redline RL28 pasture harrow, 28’, hyd. fold & lift

    Degelman R570 rock picker

    Hesston S431 manure spreader, 540 PTO

    NI 12A ground driven manure spreader, very nice

    IH 530 manure spreader, 540 PTO

    Several new 30’, 36’, 40’ & 42’ IA header trailers

    IA 435 header trailer, 35’, like new

    Maurer Mfg. 30’ header trailer

    IA 500 gal. fuel tank trailer with 12-volt pump, new

    Ashland 35D 3.5 cubic yd. scraper, hyd. dump, dolly wheels, 80” wide

    Shaver 8” 3pt hyd. post driver

    Atlas 1500 HD 8’ 3pt. disk

    Pro-Star 200 gal. 3pt. boomless sprayer with PTO pump

    Sukup 9400 8R30” 3pt cultivator

    Sukup 9400 6R30” 3pt. cultivator

    Bush Hog 3pt. post hole digger

    Gehl 325 grinder mixer, scales, 3- screens, side load auger

    Hay Equipment

    2018 JD 560M baler, 5’x6’, net, 1000 PTO, 13,463 bales, big flotation tires, one owner

    Vermeer 605K baler, 5’x6’, twine tie, 6027 bales, 540 PTO

    Vermeer 605F baler, 5’x6’, twine tie, 540 PTO

    JD 275 disc mower, 9’ 2” cut, 3pt. nice

    2004 Vermeer 7030 disc mower, 9’ 2” cut, 3pt.

    2013 Vermeer R2300 hyd. basket rake, 23’ width, hyd. fold & lift, nice

    2013 Vermeer R2300 hyd. basket rake, 23’ width, hyd. fold & lift, nice

    Kuhn SR112 v-rake, 12-wheel

    Enorossi 15- wheel hi-cap. v-rake

    Vermeer WR220 v-rake, 10-wheel

    Enorossi RTV12 v-rake, 12-wheel

    Kuhn SR108 v-rake, 8-wheel  

    2017 Kuhn GA4220TH rotary rake, 400 acres, one owner, nice

    NH 256 side delivery 5-bar rake

    Tonutti GT540 tedder, 19’, hyd. fold

    Square bale grapple for JCB telehandler

    Frontier 3pt. bale unroller

    Brush Cutters

    Land Pride RCM3615 batwing cutter, 15’ cut, small 1000 PTO, original blades, nice

    2- Bush Hog 2615 batwing cutters, 15’ cut, 540 PTO

    JD MX10 pull-type cutter, 10’ cut

    Howse 8’ 3pt. cutter

    JD MX7 cutter, 3pt. 7’ cut

    Big Bee SCL760HD cutter, 3pt. 7’ cut, new gear box

    King Kutter FM72Y finish mower, 3pt. 6’ cut

    Skid Steers & Wheel Loaders

    2019 Kubota SVL 95-2, CHA, tracks, shows 850 hrs. 2 sp. ISO controls, high flow, one owner

    2015 Cat 259D, CHA, tracks, shows 2951 hrs. 2 sp. ISO controls

    2013 Cat 289C2, CHA, tracks, shows 3024 hrs. 2 sp. ISO controls, high flow

    2015 JD 333E, CHA, tracks, shows 1927 hrs. ISO controls, 2 sp. high flow

    2015 JD 333E, CHA, tracks, shows 3350 hrs. ISO controls, 2 sp.

    2015 Bobcat T590, CHA, tracks, shows 3000 hrs. hand & foot controls

    2014 Kubota SVL75, CHA, tracks, shows 3058 hrs. ISO controls, 2 sp. one owner

    2017 Case TR310, OROPS, tracks, shows 1824 hrs. 2 sp. ISO controls, one owner

    2016 Kubota SSV65, OROPS, wheels, shows 209 hrs. 2 sp. hand & foot controls, like new,

    2015 JD 326E, OROPS, wheels, shows 1580 hrs. H controls, 2 sp. high flow, one owner

    1995 Case 1845C, OROPS, wheels, shows 3508 hrs. hand & foot controls, Cummins diesel

    2018 Bobcat MT85 mini skid steer, shows 805 hrs. ISO controls

    2015 JCB Loadall 541-70 telehandler, shows 1700 hrs. CHA, 4x4, 23’ lift height, 9k lb. lift cap.

    2017 JCB 3-TS-8W Teleskid, CHA, shows 353 hrs. ISO controls, 2 sp. high flow

    1996 Cat 924F wheel loader, cab, needs transmission work

    Case 440 skid steer, OROPS, parts only


    Skid Steer Attachments

    Jenkins tree shear, hyd. rotate, like new

    Jenkins manual rotate tree shears

    Jenkins 74”, 78” & 84” grapples, new

    Jenkins backhoe with 12 & 18” buckets, new

    Jenkins hyd. wood splitter, new

    Stanley MB2570 jack hammer

    Rota Dairon RDH52 52” soil preparator

    JCT 72” brush cutter, never used

    Wolverine 6’ skid steer angle sweeper, never used

    Several new skid steer 48” pallet forks, walk-thru

    Global Euro pallet forks

    Quicke Euro bucket

    Several new & used buckets

    Quicke Euro Hyd. Bale hugger

    Several new tree pullers

    Several new skid steer 2-prong bale spikes

    Several new blank plates, receiver plates, fork extensions,

    Trucks & Semi-Trailers

    2003 Freightliner FL70, 5.9 Cummins, 6sp. single axle

    1993 Chevy Kodiak, 427 gas, 16’ steel grain bed, 6+2 speed

    1997 IH 4700 bucket truck, 60’ boom, 444 diesel, 10 sp.

    1978 Chevy C70 cab & chassis, gas, 10-wheeler with rear lift axle, 5+2 speed, frame for 20’ bed

    1965 IH 1700 Load Star, gas, 10-wheeler, grain bed, 5+2 speed

    2011 Wilson 51’ alum. cattle pot, spread axle

    2000 Wabash 53’ van trailer, tandem axle

    1995 Stoughton 48’ van trailer, tandem axle

    1998 Transcraft 48’ x 102” flatbed combo, tandem spread axle, toolbox, dunnage rack

    1969 Fruehauf 45’ flatbed semi-trailer, tandem axle

    Vehicles & Trailers

    2019 Merritt GN 8’x28’ alum. punch side stock trailer, 2- 8k axles, 2- gates, like new

    2012 Ford F-350 XL, 6.7L PS diesel, crew cab, shows 154k miles, 4x4, with CM flatbed

    2010 Ford F-350 Lariat, 6.4L PS diesel, crew cab, shows 233k mi. 4x4, with Butler bale bed

    1999 Ford F-250, 7.3L PS diesel, Quad cab, shows 275k mi. 4x4, AT, with Dew Eze bale bed

    2006 Chevy 3500, Duramax, crew cab, shows 227k mi. 4x4, AT, with Dew Eze 475 bale bed

    2008 Coose 7’6”X 18’ BH cargo tool trailer, 2- 6k axles, double door

    2013 Hay Van 21’ BH bale trailer, 4- bale capacity, individual dump

    2004 GN 24’ flatbed trailer, dovetail & flip over ramps

    1992 WW GN 6’x20’ stock trailer, tandem axle

    1999 Lazy A GN stock trailer, 12’ x 6’, single axle

    Homemade gooseneck 16’ trailer, 2-axle, bill of sale only

    1996 CM 2- horse BH trailer

    Livestock Equipment & Etc.

    2017 Rawhide GN super large portable corral, hyd. jacks, pot loadout, Arrow headgate, holds 150 pair, like new

    Linn Portable corral, bumper hitch, adjustable alley, 40 cow, calving pen, hyd. jacks

    IA 24’ silage & hay feeder wagons, new

    12 Ton overhead feed bin with divider

    IA 3pt. bale unroller, new

    Bale Master 3pt bale unroller

    Frontier 3pt. bale unroller

    Stock Pro H2200 premium hyd. chute, with palpation cage, new

    Stock Pro M1200 premium chute, with palpation cage, new

    Stock Pro A880 chute, auto catch head gate, new

    DH Standard Eco Plus squeeze chute, new

    15- 24’ Free standing corral panels, new

    Several new wooden mineral feeders, new

    Livestock trailer for dead animals, no title

    ATV & Misc. Farm Items

    2014 Honda TRX500, 4x4, 3730 miles

    60’ X 8” grain auger

    Jump auger for unloading hopper bottoms, like new

    Several quick hitches, some JD

    10- 10Rx22.5 truck tire & wheels, good

    Misc. Items

    Cannon Model SH 5940 64 gun safe, 45 min. @ 1200F

    CVR Heat Source mdl. 2000 outdoor wood furnace

    2- 4’x6’ treated hunting blinds, one with legs

    6- 250 gal. poly totes

    Kubota RCK54 mower deck

    Dickson Sellout

    JD 4430 tractor, CHA, 2-wd, 10,076 hrs. 2-outlets, very nice

    JD 466 baler, 4’x6’, net & twine, 13386 bales, 540 PTO

    JD 935 MoCo, 11’ 6” cut, flail conditioner, 1000 PTO

    Ogden Hayrunner v-rake, 10-wheel, nice

    Stoney Point disc mower caddy


    Building Materials

    Approximately 240- 2x4 & 2x6 SPF lumber, various lengths, slightly used

    Several 2x12 lumber, various lengths


    §  Online bidding available on select items

               @ circleeauction.com


    Auctioneer's Note: We will have a very nice line of items to sell. Almost every item is right off the farm. Something for everyone. Most of the items will sell with No Reserve. At our last auction, we sold over 90% of items consigned. Since sale bills are printed 3 weeks in advance, we usually have a lot more items than listed. We will be selling in several rings at the same time, so bring a friend. Because we rely on the word of others, all items are subject to No Show. All items are subject to prior sale. If driving a distance for a single item, please call.

    NOTE: 9.25% Sales Tax will be added to all items that are not used for agricultural. All dealers must bring a copy of your resale sales tax license.


    If you have items to sell, you can still consign to this auction!  

    We are open 8:00–5:00 Monday-Friday and on Saturday by appointment only to check-in and unload your items. To have your equipment available for online bidding, your equipment MUST be on our lot by Tuesday, October 26th @ 5:00 pm. NO consignments taken after 5:00 pm Thursday October 28, 2021! For questions or to consign call Ervin at 417-310-0812 or Merlin 417-310-3324 or e-mail us at [email protected] 

    Remember We Are ALWAYS Closed On Sunday!

    Everything Must Be Removed In 14 Days. After 14 days there will be a storage fee of $25 per item, per day. Any items left after 30 will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Circle E Auction.

    Concessions available including homemade pies & baked goods, biscuits & gravy!


    Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Circle E Auction LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.