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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

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4218 N 4th, Enid, OK
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Lot #: 500

Metal New Mexico Pine Cone Drink Tray; Nut Bowl

Ceramic Nut Bowl w/wooden look finish on bottom; Glazes orange/red center marked "610 USA"
Lot #: 501

Homedics Healthstation Scale w/ manuals

Digital bathroom Scale; Calorie Predictor; BMI Estimation; Body Water etc? Unknown condition
Lot #: 502

Small Plastic Bin w/various electronic chargers

apple, various batteries, chargers, cords etc?Unknown conditions or what items they go with; 20+ chargers/boxes
Lot #: 503

Power Strips and Electrical Cords in Plastic Box

Various sizes and types of power strips
Lot #: 504

Cat Watering Dishes, filters. Etc?.

1 Box
Lot #: 505

Electronic Water Dishes for cats; Cords included

One in Box and 2 in a box together. Powers on but unknown condition otherwise
Lot #: 506

Basketball, 3 Poof Footballs in plastic; TY Monkey

1 Box
Lot #: 507

DVDs; BlueRay; Cartoon Classics etc..1 Box

Jurassic Park (Multiple Volumes); Dirty Dancing; Alien; Star Trek Bundle; Exercise DVDs
Lot #: 508

Office Supplies; Suze Orman Plastic Case Binder

Stickers and various office supplies; Plastic Tub Boxes; Paper etc?
Lot #: 509

Plastic Tub w/Cleaning Supplies; Box of hangers

Dish Detergent; various cleaners in different stages of use
Lot #: 510

3 Serving Dishes; Green Clamshell; Island

1958 marked, Oval Platter unmarked w/yellow flowers
Lot #: 511

3 Ring Binders; Envelopes; small shipping boxes

2 Boxes office supplies
Lot #: 512

First Aid Kit; Blood Pressure Wrist Meter

Bed pads; 1 Box
Lot #: 513

Drawer Dividers Plastic w/silicone inside; Plastic

Canvas Carrying Case "Yoofan" marked on tag
Lot #: 514

Baskets, lint rollers; Laundry basket & coat rack

Wall Clip for Mops/Brooms
Lot #: 515

Books (9); "Prayers of Jabez"; Fiction

1 Box
Lot #: 516

Themed Bookends (2 sets) Golf Themed; Elephants

1 Box
Lot #: 517

Round Decorative D├ęcor/Baskets/Fans (2 total)

Lot #: 518

Empty, sunglass cases, fabric baggies; boxes

whole box, all items are empty
Lot #: 519

Decorative Wooden Fish Decor-Large

Supposed to look like drift wood
Lot #: 520

Decorative Carved Wooden Animals; Cat Puzzle Box

Hammerhead, Dolphin Toucan etc
Lot #: 521

Decorative Glassware & Bowls;small bowls Bavaria

Floral pink Bowl made in Japan marked; Glassware is various patterned glass; toothpick glass
Lot #: 522

Decorative Wood Phone Charging Station

Has Power strip inside
Lot #: 523

Wooden Decorative Boxes, sewing odds/ends

Carved Box; Tray small lion figure
Lot #: 524

Decorative Beach Themed Frames; Household frames

1 box various sizes
Lot #: 525

Various Electronic Charging Cords-Watch BOX; iPods

Phone BOX-Headphones still in box;-2 Apple iPods; Various electronic chargers
Lot #: 526

Bose Speaker w/cord in Carrying Case

Powers on
Lot #: 527

Bose Speaker in box w/cords; Manuals etc?

1 Box
Lot #: 528

Time for Peace Watches (3); Pink, Metals

In Cases
Lot #: 529

Presidential Coins; Abraham Lincoln; Canadian Coin

2 Presidential coins/Tokens and a 1988 Canadian Dollar
Lot #: 530

Tub w/Comforter Twin/Full Sized White

Lot #: 531

Throw Pillows 2 tubs w/various pillows

Lot #: 532

Small Rolling Cart; Shelf covering rolls in tub

Lot #: 533

Silk Sheets, Mattress Protector; Twin/Full Sizing

Lot #: 534

Flatware Holders and some everyday flatware

1 Box
Lot #: 535

Various Kitchen Utensils and Kitchen Gadgets

Lot #: 536

Coffee mugs and Reusable cups; OU Water Bottle

Pottery Bowls etc? 1 Box
Lot #: 537

Glass Bar Drinking Glasses; Plastic Olive picks

Various styles and patterns of glasses; some clear/plain
Lot #: 538

GotSports rag; Water Dumbbells; Rice Heat Bags

Lifting Gloves; Weighted Gloves
Lot #: 539

Magic Bullet Smoothie Blender w/base and cups

Powers on carious lids etc?
Lot #: 540

Dark bronze/Copper bathroom Fixtures

handles, faucets etc
Lot #: 541

Car Related items; License Plates; Console Board

Lug Nuts; Chrysler Rubicon Install Kit
Lot #: 542

Vintage Jason Binoculars in Carrying Case; Manual

Model 138-latch on case broken; 7x35
Lot #: 543

Camera Carrying Case w/GoPro, cases, brackets

Cords, battery-No SD Card. Unknown Condition appears to need to be charged
Lot #: 544

Epson Printer Ink Cartridges 302 and 302XL

2 each Size 302 Back, Magenta, Yellow and Cyan; 2 302XL Black-Shrink Wrapped-Unknown condition otherwise
Lot #: 545

Decorative Cat Treat Jar, Pot; Coleman Lantern

Clock-1 Box
Lot #: 546

Wire Can Dispenser (2pk)

Plastic Shirt folding device, Lime Green
Lot #: 547

Cleaning Brooms, Dustpan; Trash Bags in Box

Various Cleaning Brushes
Lot #: 548

Decorative Bags, Cord Covers for electrical Cords

1 Box
Lot #: 549

Games; Poker Set; Card games; UNO; Yahtzee

Tumbling Tower; Farkel; Playing Cards etc
Lot #: 550

Small Pet Carrier; Pink Pet Bed; Cold Bag

Lot #: 551

Tub w/Bubblewrap; Rags; plastic wrap-Partial rolls

Lot #: 552

Yard Games; Spring Fling; Ladderball; Party Pong

Lot #: 553

Tub w/RV Supplies; Leveling Blocks, wheel chocks

Air Hose
Lot #: 554

Tub w/SCUBA Diving Accessories; 2 Sets fins; boots

Various bags; Dry Bag etc
Lot #: 555

Plastic Storage Tubs 103qt Clear Packing Tubs(13)

Lids Accounted For; Also 1 odd clear tote w/lid
Lot #: 556

Faux Fur Covered Chair w/wooden Legs

Lot #: 557

Faux Fur Covered Chair w/wooden Legs

Lot #: 558

Preston and York Women's Black Leather Jacket

2XL in Hanging zipper Bag
Lot #: 559

Papa's Leather Jacket Co Leather 2XL

Brownish/Gray in Color
Lot #: 560

Globe Bicycle w/Schwinn Bag on Stationary Stand

Red in Color
Lot #: 561

2 Large Fishing Poles w/reels; Meat Hunter orange

Catfish Special 14-30lb pole-white
Lot #: 562

Catfish Special 10 ft Pole and Catfish Pole

Both Have Reels-Black PVC Carrying Case included
Lot #: 563

2 Telescoping Poles; 3 Fishing Poles and 2 Reels

Tiger Pole and Reel; Strategy Pole w/reel and Golden Eagle Pole
Lot #: 564

7 Round plastic kiddie swimming Pools

5 Completely Round Shape and 2 scalloped Edge 34" diameter
Lot #: 565

Wooden Coffee Storage Table; Top lifts and stays

Lot #: 566

Aspen Home Armoire w/sliding mirror and drawers

Whitewash finish w/Wood finish top-5 drawers; 48"x21"x64"
Lot #: 567

Aspen Home Nightstand;Whitewash w/Wood finish top

Has Plug ins for devices; Cedar Bottom Drawer and velvet lined top drawer; 18"x28"x30"
Lot #: 568

65" Samsung TV-QLED 8K

65" sizecord and remote included
Lot #: 569

King Size Headboard, Footboard and Rails

Footboard has drawers 80" wide and 60" tall
Lot #: 570

small fabric covered footstool

13"x18"x16" tall
Lot #: 571

Round side table w/wood colored finish on top

15" diameter 23" tall
Lot #: 572

Rigid Storage boxes; Battery Holders; Cord Cover

Bottom Box empty
Lot #: 573

Rigid Tool box; Has small household tools inside

Lot #: 574

Whitewash Side Table w/plug ins

26"x24"x24" tall
Lot #: 575

Aspen Home Nightstand; Whitewash w/Wood finish top

Has Plug ins for devices; Cedar Bottom Drawer and velvet lined top drawer; 18"x28"x30"
Lot #: 576

Rolling Office Chair - Leather-like w/wood accents

Lot #: 577

Oversized Leather-like Chair w/footstool

Has a few small scratches on arm; 36"x38"x36"
Lot #: 578

Leather-Like Loveseat

Lot #: 579

Leather-Like Couch

Lot #: 580

Wood office Desk - 5 Drawers

Lot #: 700

Misc Air & Oil Filters

8 oil filters and 12 air filter; various brands
Lot #: 701

CAT Brand Air Filters and Hydraulic Oil Filter

6 air filters; part #107-0266 and #6I-2504; 1 hydraulic oil filer #1R-0722; all in boxes
Lot #: 702

3 pairs athletic type shoes

Reebok Running Shoe size 7 with hot pink laces; Nike blue & white cleats size 14; Reebok Classic White sneaker size 9
Lot #: 703

Misc Air Filters

17 air filters of various brands, sizes and condition
Lot #: 704

FRAM Oil Filters

28 filters in boxes; various part numbers; PH16; PH3614; plus several others
Lot #: 705

Misc Oil Filters

17 oil filters; various brands-Motorcraft, Napa, ProSelect, etc.
Lot #: 706

Motorcycle Oil Filters; STP brand

28 oil filters for motorcycle; various part numbers
Lot #: 707

Misc Vehicle Parts

air filters, carburetors and other misc parts; various brands and condition
Lot #: 708

FRAM Oil Filters and Air Filters

4 air filters and 13 oil filters; various part numbers
Lot #: 709

Polaris Rear Pre-Runner Bumper

Part Number 2876403-458; box opened; unsure if all parts are there
Lot #: 710

Polaris Front Brush guard

Part Number 2879714
Lot #: 711

Polaris XP Front Bumper

Part Number 2878709
Lot #: 712

Polaris Brush guard (2)

part number ????? and part number 2879451-133
Lot #: 713

Polaris Nerf Bars

Part Number 2879456-458
Lot #: 714

Polaris XTR Rear Brush guard (2)

Part number 28795452-133
Lot #: 715

Disk Brake Rotors; 4 boxes

part numbers: 631-76134L, 631-76134R, 631-76135L, 631-76135R
Lot #: 716

Steering Shafts; Belt; Tripod

(4) Steering Shafts Universal Joint part # 34160FC010; belt for Cub Cadet 954-04044A, 754-04044A
Lot #: 717

Misc parts for All-Terrain vehicle

Polaris Ranger Rzr Low Profile Front Brush Guard 2878567; Can-am XT Front Bumper Kit 715000947; Polaris water pump cover kit 2202468
Lot #: 718

Misc Brake Pad/Shoe Parts

various brands; 11 boxes of pads/shoes
Lot #: 719

Misc Air and Oil Filters

5 oil filters of various brands; 7 air filters of various brands
Lot #: 720

Small Engine Parts

Briggs & Stratton air filters, piston rings, outdoor equip parts; John Deer Valve O-rings, etc. - many smaller parts
Lot #: 721

Flo-Pro Exhaust

2010-2012 Dodge 6.7 Turbo Back w/muffler - no bungs
Lot #: 722

Diaper Changing Stations (2) & Paper Towel Disp.

Bradley brand on diaper changing station; commercial use paper towel disp.
Lot #: 723

Moog left inner tie rod DS1462

Lot #: 724

Polaris Extreme Rear Bumper Kit

part 2879452
Lot #: 725

Kid Size Mercedes Benz Ride in Mini Vehicle

12 volt battery powered; 60 pound weight capacity; has remote control; new in box
Lot #: 726

Purolator TECH Oil Filters

14 boxes of 12 and 1 partial box of 5; part numbers TL14459, TL10111, TL10241.
Lot #: 727

Misc Brake Pad/Shoe Parts

17 boxes; unsure if a couple of the boxes have all the parts
Lot #: 728

Hotkaps; large box of approx 500 w/setter

waxed paper plant protectors
Lot #: 729

Bradley Corp. Towel Dispenser (sensored)

model #2A02-110000
Lot #: 730

Bradley Corp.Towel Dispenser (sensored)

model #2A02-110000
Lot #: 731

Kohler Co. & Flushmate Toilet Tank

model #M-101526-F4
Lot #: 732

Misc Auto Parts

10+ pieces; air filters; boat trailer padding; Polaris Big Wheel Kit 2878331 (box opened not sure if all pieces are there); etc.
Lot #: 733

Large Box of Misc Oil & Air Filters

55+ pieces; various brands; motorcycle filters; air filters; etc.
Lot #: 734

Carter Fuel Pumps

15+ Carter brand fuel pumps #M60277
Lot #: 735

Purolator Oil Filters

40+ oil filters: L14459; TL14612; TL14610
Lot #: 736

Parts Master Oil Filters

75+ oil filers: various part numbers; 61515; 67356; 61334; 61522; etc.
Lot #: 737

Briggs & Stratton; Oregon Outdoor Parts

Rotary Brand; Air Filters, Piston Rings; Transmission Filters, Oil Filters, and other misc parts; 3 boxes; 50+ pieces
Lot #: 738

John Deere Intercooler; part # RE46441

Lot #: 739

Bosch Fuel Pump p/n 270600087

Lot #: 740

Air Filters, Magnetos, Tie Rod parts, etc.

Briggs & Stratton Magnetos, Moog tie rod parts, Tecumseh air filters and other Misc parts and brands
Lot #: 741

Harley Davidson Induction Module Assembly

used; part # 27200040
Lot #: 742

Harley Davidson Big Twin Compensator

(2) Screamin' Eagle Big Twin Compensator; used; 42200064A
Lot #: 743

Electric Towing Mirrors

050263; set of electric towing mirrors; heated; 1 has crack
Lot #: 744

Hot Wheels & Hallmark Ornaments; Lionel Watch

4 Hot Wheels Holiday Decorations; 4 Hallmark Keepsake Hot Wheel Ornaments; Lionel Collectible Train Watch; metal USA cutout
Lot #: 745


5 handlebars
Lot #: 746

Bunn Coffee Filters

Large Size; 2 boxes - approx 500 each box
Lot #: 747

Misc parts; Briggs & Stratton; Oregon Air Filters

some parts used; brake pads; pull rope; voltage regulator; EGR valve; Briggs & Stratton piston assemblies; Oregon Air filters
Lot #: 748

Greenhouse Items; baskets and trays

approx 50 of each: hanging baskets, basket hangers; daisy trays
Lot #: 749

Electric Boards; part # 51043365

(3) electrical boards; power PCB
Lot #: 750

Towing Mirrors for Dodge

OCPTY towing mirrors for Dodge; 050987
Lot #: 751

Mower Parts; Dodge engine cooling fan

spindle assemblies; air filters; Briggs & Stratton; Oregon
Lot #: 752

Arbor Replacement Kit; Misc small engine parts

Arbor Replacement Kit for Mower; 1685082; multiple Briggs & Stratton gasket sets; Oregon spindle assemblies; etc.
Lot #: 753

Polaris Extreme Front Bumper Kit

part # 2879451
Lot #: 754

Misc parts; Briggs & Stratton; Oregon; John Deere

push rods, linkages; multiple cylinder head gaskets; chainsaw drive sockets; small engine air and oil filters; etc.
Lot #: 755

Purolator Oil Filters

120+ filters; TL22500, TL14615; TL14670; TL14476; TL10111; TL10241
Lot #: 756

Air Filter, Crank Shaft, Polaris Graphic; adhesive

Briggs & Stratton air filters, crank shaft; Polaris white/black travel graphic; caulking; floor adhesive; construction adhesive; etc.
Lot #: 757

Lostar brand Cooling System Reservoir

part # B07NQQWQX7
Lot #: 758

Storage Cabinets (5)

full of small engine arts; Homelite; Kohler; Kawasaki; Honda;
Lot #: 759

Bradley brand Reversible Phenolic Shower Seat

Lot #: 760

Pig brand Utility Spill Containment Tray

40 x 28 x 5
Lot #: 761

Kid Size Mercedes Benz Ride in Mini Vehicle

12 volt battery powered; 60 pound weight capacity; has remote control; no box; believed to be complete
Lot #: 762

Kid Size Mercedes Benz Ride in Mini Vehicle

12 volt battery powered; 60 pound weight capacity; has remote control; no box; believed to be complete
Lot #: 800

VHS Westerns, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Tom Selk

Lot #: 801

Skil drill, Black & Decker drill, hack saw

limb saw, nails, self drilling screws, staples
Lot #: 802

Sun Joe pressure washer, SPX3000, works

Lot #: 803

Aluminum ATV/Mower ramps, 40"x67"

Lot #: 804

John Deere 14SE 21" self propelled mower

4.5hp, new air filter, fuel filter, spark plug and mulching blade, carb cleaned, runs good.
Lot #: 805

John Deere 21" mower, new air filter, runs


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