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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Wiggins Auctioneers
I hereby certify that I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions: 1.All bidders must be registered to bid, and will not be accepted without providing name, address, phone, and valid ID. By registering for the auction, bidder agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of the auction set forth herein. 2.FIREARM BIDDERS: By registering for this auction, Buyer certifies the following: (a.) I am 18 or more years of age to purchase a shotgun/ rifle. I am 21 or more years of age to purchase a handgun. (b.) I have presented a valid photo ID document (such as a driver's license or a government ID card), that listed my date of birth, residence, and a signature. (c.) I have never been convicted of a felony in any state, nor been military court marshaled, nor am I currently under indictment for any crime punishable as a felony, or court procedure that would limit me to the laws prohibiting me from possessing a firearm. (d.) I am the actual Buyer and I am not acquiring the firearm on behalf of another person, commonly known as a "straw" purchase. (e.) I am not a fugitive from justice. (f.) I am not an unlawful user of illegal drugs, stimulants, or narcotics. (g.) I have never been adjudicated mentally defective or incompetent, nor have I ever been committed to a mental institution. (h.) I am a United States citizen and enjoy the full benefits as such. (i.) I am not otherwise prohibited from purchasing or possessing the firearm as identified above.3.All items are being sold "As-Is, Where-Is". All sales are final. Bidders are encouraged to inspect items being sold and are solely responsible to satisfy themselves as to any inspections, current condition, usability, etc. prior to bidding. Buyer is solely responsible for the item upon the auctioneer stating "sold" or the "close" of auction. 4.PREVIEW: Tuesday, December 6th, 2022, 1:00-3:00P.M. 5.PAYMENT & TAX INFO: An 18% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid at auction to determine the purchase price. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, company/personal check, credit card, or wire transfer. A 3% Buyer's Premium discount will be given if invoice is paid in full by cash, check, or wire transfer. All invoices must be paid in full prior to removal AND on or by pick up/removal date. In the event Buyer has not paid on or by pick up/removal date, the registered credit card shall be automatically processed on any unpaid balances, unless other arrangements have been made. Purchases are subject to city, county, and state sales tax, where applicable, unless Buyer provides appropriate exemption permit. 6.PICK UP/REMOVAL: Buyer pick up/removal date(s) and time(s): Wednesday, December 14, 9:00A.M.-2:00P.M. & Thursday, December 15, 12:00-3:00P.M. No load out shall be provided by the Seller or the Auction Company (BRING HELP). Although we understand hardships and situations arise, we simply do not have the manpower or storage capacity for items which are not retrieved on designated pick up/removal date(s) and time(s). Please make every attempt to attend the above designated pick up/removal or send someone on your behalf. 7.FORFEITURE: In the event Buyer does not attend the designated pick up/removal, the Auction Company will make reasonable effort to arrange a separate scheduled date & time for Buyer to retrieve items; however, no guarantee is made by the Seller or the Auction Company. An additional fee may be assessed by the Auction Company for a separate scheduled pick up/removal. If items are not retrieved by 5 PM, Tues., December 27th, 2022, then Buyer automatically forfeits items and the Seller and/or Auction Company may dispose of the items at their sole discretion with no further liability to the Buyer. 8.SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS (U.S. Only): Buyer is to notify Auction Company within 24 hours of close of auction, if shipping is needed. Upon payment in full, Auction Company will deliver items less than 30# to local shipping company for shipment. Instructions and payment to shipping company for packaging, insurance, and shipping are Buyer's sole responsibility. The Auction Company is not responsible or liable for any issues arising from shipment. 9.FIREARM SHIPPING: The firearm will be shipped to an FFL dealer of Buyer's choice, at Buyer's sole cost. A copy of the FFL dealer's license must be presented to the Auction Company prior to shipment.10.UNPAID INVOICES: The Buyer agrees to pay all invoices and/or debts to Wiggins Auctioneers in accordance to the terms set forth herein. In the event such invoices and/or debts are not paid, there will be late charges accrued at the rate of 15% per year or the max interest allowed by law. Buyer also agrees to reimburse Wiggins Auctioneers for any attorney fees, collection fees, and/or costs incurred in order to collect any past due amounts or enforce the auction terms set forth herein. Venue for any litigation is agreed to be in Garfield County, Oklahoma.11.All information is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, no guarantee is made by the Auction Company nor the Seller. Buyer(s) shall satisfy themselves as to value, size, condition, etc. prior to auction day.12.The Auction Company, Seller or an Agent/Representative reserve the right to bid on behalf of themselves or a third party. Announcements made day of auction take precedence.13.For convenience, this auction is being broadcast online. Neither the Auction Company nor the Seller is responsible for delay of signal or loss of signal by either side.14.Bidder hereby agrees to sign/accept by electronic means, and that the electronic signature/acceptance shall have the same force and effect as an original signature.
607 Howard Street, Fairmont, OK
2004 Dodge Ram 1500 | Case Loader | Military Trailer | Hobart Welder | Tool Sets | Chainsaw | Grinder | Sorting Bins | BB Gun | Shot Gun Shells | Truck Parts | Shop Parts | Water Tank | Stairs | Stackable Washer/Dryer | Lionel HO Train Set | & More! Fairmont & Enid, Garfield Co., OKONLINE ONLY AUCTIONTuesday, December 13th, Begins Closing at 6:00 P.M.Preview Dates: Tuesday, December 6, 1:00-3:00P.M. Pick Up Dates: Wednesday, December 14, 9:00A.M.-2:00P.M. & Thursday, December 15, 12:00-3:00P.M. Auction Locations: Lots 1-91: 607 Howard Street, Fairmont, OK 73736; Lots 92-100: 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK 73703- 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 (does not run)- Case Articulating Loader - Military Trailer - Hobart Welder - Welding Rods - Battery Charger - Hand Tools- Tool Sets - Chainsaw - Shop Cart - Sorting Bins- Hydraulic Hose- Water Tank - DPMS Panther Arms BB Gun - Shot Gun Shells - Stairs - Catwalks - Hitches - Truck Parts - GE Stackable Washer/Dryer - Clarinet - Lionel HO Train Set - Lego Sets - & Much More!Contact Kim Allen, Auction Manager, 580.541.3180 for additional information Visit WigginsAuctioneers.com for full details & online bidding.
Lot #: 1

Drill Bits, Concrete, Wood Bits

Lot #: 2

Clevis's, Oil Filter Cutter, Hinges

Lot #: 3

Tool box, Ear Tagger, Tags, Utter Butter,

Lot #: 4

Tractor Lawn Sprinkler

Lot #: 5

Safety Harness

Lot #: 6

Jack Stands (Black)

Lot #: 7

Lionel HO Train Set

Tracks, Tyco
Lot #: 8

(2) 2-Ton Jack Stands (Grey & Red)

Lot #: 9

(2) 2-Ton Jack Stands (Red & Black)

Lot #: 10

(2) 3-Ton Jack Stands (Red & Black)

Lot #: 11

2 Barnes Sorting Bins (Blue)

Lot #: 12

2 Stal

Lot #: 13

Quantin Reel & Browning Silaflex Fishing Pole

Lot #: 14

Nylon Slings/Choker

Lot #: 15

Stihl MS290 Chainsaw 24" Bar

2 Cans Bar Oil. Chainsaw does run.
Lot #: 16

2 Barrels Grease w/ Air Pump

Lot #: 17

Banjo Connectors

Lot #: 18

Misc. Tools & Parts

Hand Pump, Electric Wire (Roll), Easy Outs, C-Clamp, Chainsaw, 1,000 U-Joint Bits, Trailer Connector
Lot #: 19

Shop Cart w/ Wrenches (Kobalt, Allied,

Steel Vision, Husky, Ect.), Sockets, Hatchet, Welding Chipper, Hammer, Drill Bits, Etc.
Lot #: 20

7 Blind Rams Pipeline Indicators

Lot #: 21


2 Pendl Hitch (1-5 Ton & 1-15 Ton), Big Tow Hitch, 2" Drop Hitch
Lot #: 22

3-Ton Chain Hitch

Lot #: 23

Chain Set Up w/ Hook

Lot #: 24

Klutch Crow Foot Wrench Set

1 3/10" to 2" (1 1/4" missing, 1 5/8" Broken)
Lot #: 25

1/2", 3/8", 1/4" Sockets Star (1 Set Not Full),

3/8 to 7/8" 1 1/2" Drive
Lot #: 26

Ironton 16-PC Deep & Shallow Impact Metric Socket

Set (Star Socket, 1/2" Drive)
Lot #: 27

NAPA 1/4" Drive Socket Set

(Some Missing)
Lot #: 28

Craftsman 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drive Socket Set

Lot #: 29

2 Socket Sets, 1 Electric Digital Caliper

Lot #: 30

1 Assorted Screwdriver Set

Lot #: 31

Westward 15 Piece Combination Wrench Set

(Size 7-32)
Lot #: 32

Klutch Wrench Set

(7/16" to 1 1/4")
Lot #: 33

Buffalo 6" Grinder on Stand 1/2HP

Lot #: 34

Kimpex Rear Seat for Motorcycle

Lot #: 35

Assorted Welding Rods

Lot #: 36

Grip 9PC Mechanic's Screwdriver Set

Lot #: 37

7 Wrenches (1 1/16" to 2" Misc. Brands)

Lot #: 38

Craftsman End Wrenches

(1/4" to 3/4" Standard 8)
Lot #: 39

Craftsman End Wrenches (7mm to 17mm Metric)

Lot #: 40

Assorted Sockets

Lot #: 41

Assorted Sockets

Lot #: 42

Assorted Sockets

Lot #: 43

Assorted Deep Sockets

(Many Spark Plug Sockets)
Lot #: 44

Craftsman Screwdrivers

Lot #: 45

Craftsman Assorted Sockets

Lot #: 46

End Wrenches (Mixed)

Lot #: 47

Metal Shelf (Shelf Only)

Lot #: 48

Pittsburgh 4PC Joint Pliers Set

Lot #: 49

Snap-on Power Steering Pully Puller,

Bearing Puller
Lot #: 50

2 Boxes of .410 Gauge Shells, 4 Shot

(1 box missing 3 Shells)
Lot #: 51

2 Boxes of 20 Gauge Shells

Lot #: 52

3 Boxes of 20 Gauge Shells 2 Monarch,

1 Winchester (Some Missing)
Lot #: 53

5 Hydraulic Pump Motors

(Condition Unknown)
Lot #: 54

Recreational Inner Tube

(Never Used, Pulls Behind Boat)
Lot #: 55

Large Multi Purpose Workbench,

Black Electric Plug-ins
Lot #: 56

13 Vintage Oilers

Lot #: 57

Dual Cylinder Compressor

Lot #: 57a

Hobart Welder, Handler 140, 115v Wire Feed,

25-140amp Outlet
Lot #: 58

Plus Start, 12v Battery Charger

2a - 150a (2a Doesn't Work, Others Do)
Lot #: 59

Collectible Toy Cars, Books, & Magazines

Super Wheel, Road Mates, Dyna Wheels, Hot Wheels, Die Cast Metal Cars
Lot #: 60

Stadium Seat

Lot #: 61

Lego Basic Building Sets & Legoland Space System

(Never Opened)
Lot #: 62

DPMS Panther Arms SBR BB Gun

Fully automatic.
Lot #: 63

Boxes of Sparklers

60 boxes of Blockbuster (8 per box), 10 packages of 10# sparklers (8 per package).
Lot #: 64

5 Sorting Bins

Lot #: 64a

2 Sorting Bins (1 Blue, 1 Green)

Lot #: 64b

2 Sorting Bins

Misc. fittings included.
Lot #: 65

24" Floor Squeegee

Lot #: 66

Selmer Clarinet W/ Case

Lot #: 67

Merritt Aluminum Truck Step

Fits Mack truck and seller did not use.
Lot #: 68

3 Metal Cable Rollers for Winch

They have not been used.
Lot #: 69

Unused Ratchet Straps

Lot #: 70


3 hose nozzles, 2 oil meters (qts), 1 plastic gas tank insert.
Lot #: 71

4 Fill-Rite Repair Kits

Lot #: 72

Fill-Rite Fuel Filter Mount

Lot #: 73

Master Drive Electric Motor Pulleys

Have not been used.
Lot #: 74

Chelsea Power Take-Offs Kits

In the box. 1 unit is partial.
Lot #: 75

Mack 20" Seat Cushion

It has not been used.
Lot #: 76

3 Mack Door Mechanisms

2 trailer break-away systems
Lot #: 77

TAP Trailer Break-Away System

Lot #: 78

1993 F250 7.3 Turbo Master Cylinder

Lot #: 79

2 Cases Clear Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner

2.5 gallon each, 2 per case.
Lot #: 80

Semi Jack Pad Rigs

Lot #: 81

Truck Picker Upper

Lot #: 82

Hydraulic Hose

Lot #: 83

Trailer Leaf Spring Mounts

Lot #: 84

2 Cases Clear Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner

5 gallon each.
Lot #: 85

Heat Exchanger

Seller does not think it has been used.
Lot #: 86

GE Stackable Electric Washer/Dryer

Lot #: 87

Fan Exhaust

Lot #: 88

Folding Planter Shelf

Lot #: 89

55 Gallon Drum Handle

Lot #: 90

55 Gallon Drum Barrel Clamp

Lot #: 91

Truck Electrical Plug-In (Only)

Lot #: 92

Case W20C Articulating Loader

Serial: 9158840. Bucket 7'10" & forksLocated at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 92a

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 (does not run)

Cab & Chassis, motor locked up, transmission slipped, 2 WD, Auto Trans., Seller believes under 100k miles, Titled, VIN: 1D7HU18D44S635890
Lot #: 93

Military Trailer

Approx. 9'7" wide, 22' X 4', 22' length & 4' dovetails, 37.5' total length. Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 94

70 Gallon Plastic Tank & Stand

Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 95

110 Gallon Water Tank

Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 96


Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 97


Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 98


Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 99

Mineral Feeder

Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK
Lot #: 100

Claw Bucket

Off of a John Deere 410 backhoe. Located at 7324 W. Willow Rd., Enid, OK


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Wiggins Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.