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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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4218 N 4th, Enid, OK
Coins- Minted/Uncirculated * Jewelry (Vintage) * Stamps * Pocket Watches * Pins * Buckles * Enid Plainsman * OU/OSU * Marbles * Sports Memorabilia * Elvis - Kong RheeOnline Only AuctionStarts ending: Wednesday Nov 30th 6PM4218 N 4th Enid OKPick up times: Dec 1st-2nd from 2-5PM15% Buyers Premium will be added to final bid price.Pickup recommendedShipping available on items under 10#s, no shipping on furniture items.Please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements - no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.Coins: Out of State Buyers! Coins that are over $50 will require payment by Echeck or wire only. Shipping will be done after 7 business days.Pickup recommendedWinning Online bidder please take Note: your card on file will be charged unless you called ahead to make other payment arrangements, or invoice is over $2,000. Call to make payment arrangements. 580-237-7174Any time you are experiencing issues you can have them call 844-775-4774 for help.Any and All Items sold: Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise unless it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present to preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factor. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Lippard Auctioneers Inc or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. Auction Company reserves the right to bid on their own behalf, on the behalf of a bid left by other buyersOnline Terms: All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factors. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Lippard Auctioneers Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Lippard Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.
Lot #: 1

1879 Morgan Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 2

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 3

1897-O Morgan Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 4

1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 5

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 6

1921-S Morgan Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 7

1922-S Peace Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 8

1922 Peace Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 9

1922-S Peace Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 10

1922-S Peace Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 11

1923-S Peace Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 12

1923 Peace Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 13

1926 Peace Silver Dollar;

Lot #: 14

1951 Franklin Silver Half Dollar

1936 Buffalo Nickel; Buffalo Nickel-No Date; 1891 British North Borneo 1 Cent;
Lot #: 15

Kennedy Half Dollars

1964-1; 1966-1; 1967-1; 1968-2; 1969-2;
Lot #: 16

1876 Seated Liberty Quarter; (has hole in it);

Standing Liberty Quarter-no date;
Lot #: 17

Washington Quarters

1939-2; 1940S-1; 1942D-1; 1945-1;
Lot #: 18

Washington Quarters

1953D-1; 1957D-1; 1958D-2; 1959D-1; 1959-1;
Lot #: 19

Washington Quarters; 1963D-1; 1964D-3;

Lot #: 20

Barber Dime-1914D-1; Mercury Dimes-(6)

1928-1; 1935D-1; 1941-1; 1942D-1; 1942S-1; 1944-1;
Lot #: 21

Roosevelt Dimes-(12); 1940's & 1950's;

Lot #: 22

Roosevelt Dimes-(12); 1950's & pre-1964;

Lot #: 23

Roosevelt Dimes-(10); Pre-1964;

Lot #: 24

Roosevelt Dimes-(10); 1964;

Lot #: 25

Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar; 2009;

In Acrylic Case;
Lot #: 26

2010 Disabled Veterans Silver Commemorative Dollar

In Acrylic Case;
Lot #: 27

1973 US Proof Set;

Lot #: 28

1974 US Proof Set;

Lot #: 29

1975 US Proof Set;

Lot #: 30

1976 US Proof Set;

Lot #: 31

1999 Philadelphia Quarters; COA

Brilliant Uncirculated Set;
Lot #: 32

2000 Philadelphia & Denver Quarters; 2 Sets-Total

Brilliant Uncirculated;
Lot #: 33

2000 Gold Layered Denver Quarters

2002P State Quarters; 2-Sets; Brilliant Uncirculated;
Lot #: 34

2003 State Quarters; 2-Phil. Mint; 1-Denver Mint;

Lot #: 35

2004D Gold Edition State Quarters

2005S State Quarters; Clad Proof Set;
Lot #: 36

2004D Gold Edition State Quarters

2005S State Quarters; Clad Proof Set;
Lot #: 37

2001P Gold Edition Quarters-2 Sets

2002D State Quarters-1; COA's;
Lot #: 38

Gold Edition Commemorative Quarters:

2003P; 2004P; 2005P; COA's;
Lot #: 39

Gold Edition Commemorative Quarters:

2006P; 2008D; 2009D; Gold Layered; COA's;
Lot #: 40

Commemorative Platinum Layered Quarters Sets-(4);

2000D-1; 2001P-1; 2001D-1; 2002P-1; COA's;
Lot #: 41

Commemorative Platinum Layered Quarters Sets-(3);

2003P; 2004P; 2005P; COA's;
Lot #: 42

Commemorative Platinum Layered Quarters Sets-(3);

2007D; 2008P; 2009D; COA's;
Lot #: 43

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Americans Bronze Ingots

(6); Assorted;
Lot #: 44

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Americans Bronze Ingots

(6); Assorted;
Lot #: 45

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Americans Bronze Ingots

(6); Assorted;
Lot #: 46

1975 Bicentennial First Day Cover

Paul Revere; July 4, 1975;
Lot #: 47

Columbus Coin & Stamp Coll.; Silver Half Dollar

Lot #: 48

The Liberty Collection; Symbols of Freedom; COA;

1906 Penny; 1901 V Nickel; 1939 Dime; 1925 Quarter; 1958 Half Dollar;
Lot #: 49

Susan B. Anthony Dollar; Silver Eagle Bullion Coin

1 oz.; Fine Silver;
Lot #: 50

1957A Silver Certificate $1;

Lot #: 51

1957A Silver Certificate $1;

Lot #: 52

1957B Silver Certificate $1;

Lot #: 53

1928D Red Seal $2 Bill;

Lot #: 54

1986 D & P Mint Set;

Lot #: 55

1987 D & P Mint Set;

Lot #: 56

1988 D & P Mint Set;

Lot #: 57

2003A Two Dollar Bill; Colorized-State of New

Lot #: 58

2003A Two Dollar Bill; Colorized

State of Washington
Lot #: 59

2003A Two Dollar Bills-(2); Colorized

State of Oklahoma; Pink Discoloration on left side of bill;
Lot #: 60

2003A Two Dollar Bills-(2); Colorized

State of Oklahoma; Pink Discoloration on left side of bill;
Lot #: 61

2003A Two Dollar Bills-(4); Sequential

In Protective Covers;
Lot #: 62

2003 Uncirculated Two Dollar Bills; (6);

In Protective Covers; Some have sequential numbers;
Lot #: 63

2003 Uncirculated Two Dollar Bills; (6);

In Protective Covers; Some have sequential numbers;
Lot #: 64

2003 Uncirculated Two Dollar Bills; (6);

In Protective Covers; Some have sequential numbers;
Lot #: 65

2003 Uncirculated Two Dollar Bills; (5);

In Protective Covers;
Lot #: 66

One Month Only Barr Note

w/One Year Issue Steel Pennies; All 3 Mints; COA; American Heritage Mint; $1 Bill-1963B; Pennies-1943;
Lot #: 67

2000 $2 Gold Certificate in 22 Kt Gold-3; COA's-3

Lot #: 68

2003 A Uncut One Dollar Bills; 1 Sheet of 4;

Lot #: 69

America's Unique Currency Colored Seals

1923 Silver Cert; $1-1935F Silver Cert.; $2-1976 Green Seal; $2-1963 A-Red Seal; $1-1935A-Yellow Seal;
Lot #: 70

1995 Five Dollar Bills; Uncut; 1 Sheet of 4;

Lot #: 71

Five Dollar Bills: 1934A Silver Certificate

1953B Red Seal; 1995-Green Seal; In Acrylic Holder; In Original Plastic Wrapping;
Lot #: 72

Morgan Silver Dollar Copy Replicas; (3)

1878; 1889CC-2; In Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 73

Morgan Silver Dollar Copy Replicas; (3)

1893S-2; 1895; In Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 74

1849 & 1870 Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Replicas;

1-in Acrylic Case;
Lot #: 75

1879 One Stella Replica Coin; In Acrylic Case;

Lot #: 76

1794 Liberty Replica Coins-(2);

Lot #: 77

2003 Buffalo Nickel Replica; 1 oz.

.999 Fine Silver;
Lot #: 78

2003 Buffalo Nickel Replica;

Lot #: 79

2009 National Finals Rodeo Medallion/Coin

Las Vegas, NV;
Lot #: 80

American Mint Liberty Bell; Layered-24 Kt Gold

Quality Proof; Diameter: 40 mm.;
Lot #: 81

American Mint Statue of Liberty; Layers-24 kt Gold

Quality Proof; Diameter: 40 mm;
Lot #: 82

1849 Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Replica

In Acrylic Case;
Lot #: 83

1907 Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Replicas; (2)

In Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 84

1933 Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Replicas; (3)

In Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 85

2012 & 2020 Buffalo Nickel Coin Replicas' (2)

In Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 86

1933 Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Replicas; (3)

In Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 87

National Bicentennial Medal; 1776-1976

Acrylic Case;
Lot #: 88

1929 $5 Coin Replica; 2011 Buffalo Nickel Replica

Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 89

2009 Benjamin Franklin 100 Banknote Coin Replica

Benjamin Franklin Comm. Coin;
Lot #: 90

World War I Centennial Comm.

Statue of Liberty Comm.;
Lot #: 91

Columbia Space Medallion

Illinois Bicentennial Comm.;
Lot #: 92

24 kt Layered Comm. Coins; COA's; (3)

Thomas Jefferson; Apollo 8 Mission; US Capitol Building;
Lot #: 93

1889 Morgan Silver Dollar Replica Coins; (2);

Lot #: 94

1933 Double Eagle Proof Replicas-(2)

1907 Double Eagle Proof; Replica Copy Coins; In Collector's Case;
Lot #: 95

1933 Double Eagle Proof Replicas-(2)

1907 Double Eagle Proof; Replica Copy Coins; In Collector's Case;
Lot #: 96

Presidential Commemorative Coins (3); Washington-2

Franklin Roosevelt; 1982;
Lot #: 97

Presidential Commemorative Coins-3; Ronald Reagan

John F. Kennedy; Bill Clinton-$20 Proof Coin-22 Kt Gold Layered;
Lot #: 98

Life Of Barack Obama Commemorative Coins; (4);

Three coins are same;
Lot #: 99

Susan B. Anthony Coin Set; 1979-4; 1980-4

1981-4; 1999-3; 1979 Colorized Coin;
Lot #: 100

Susan B. Anthony 3-Coin Set; P, D, SF; 1979;

Lot #: 101

Susan B. Anthony Dollars; 1979-1981, 1999

In Binder; 19 Coins;
Lot #: 102

Susan B. Anthony First Day of Issue w/Coin

All three mints;
Lot #: 103

Susan B. Anthony First Day of Issue w/Coin

All three mints;
Lot #: 104

Susan B. Anthony U.S. Dollar Coin & Stamp

Collection; 11 Coins;
Lot #: 105

Susan B. Anthony U.S. Dollar Coin & Stamp

Collection; 11 Coins;
Lot #: 106

Uncirculated Sacagawea Golden Dollars; (36)

w/Stamps; 2001-2017;
Lot #: 107

Uncirculated Sacagawea Golden Dollars

Partial Set; 2013; 2018; 2019; 2020; 2021-2;
Lot #: 108

Abraham Lincoln $1 Golden Dollar Coin

Official Release; Abe Lincoln-1 Cent Coin; Commemorative Coins;
Lot #: 109

John F. Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollars

w/Stamps; 43 Half Dollars; Includes: 1964-2; 1965-1969 (one each); Most-1980-2016;
Lot #: 110

John F. Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollars

w/Stamps; 50 Half Dollars; 1972-2010; w/Binder;
Lot #: 111

John F. Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollars

w/Stamps; 36 Half Dollars; 1972-2010; w/Binder;
Lot #: 112

John F. Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollars

w/Stamps; 32 Half Dollars; Includes: 1964-2; 1965-1; 1967-1-1968-2; 1969-1; Most-1971-1996;
Lot #: 113

John F. Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollars

w/Stamps; 12 Half Dollars; 1995-2006; 6 Sheets;
Lot #: 114

US Presidents Golden Dollar Coin Collection;

Volume 1 of 2; Presidents #1-22;
Lot #: 115

US Presidents Golden Dollar Coin Collection;

Volume 2 of 2; Presidents #23-41;
Lot #: 116

US Presidents Golden Dollar Coin Collection;

Volume 1 of 2; Presidents #1-22; 2-Binders: Presidents-#1-3; #23-25; #39;
Lot #: 117

Presidential Golden Dollars Assortment; (13);

4-Gold Layered; 4-Uncirculated;
Lot #: 118

Coins Of US Presidents-Carded (Solid Brass)

34 Coins; Past Presidents;
Lot #: 119

The Official 1985 Presidential Inaugural Medal

Lot #: 120

Presidential Dollar Portfolio; 36 Golden Dollars

Lot #: 121

Sacagawea Dollar; 2000-2008; All 3 Mints-Each Year

In Wooden Case; (27)
Lot #: 122

National Parks State Quarters Coll. w/Binder

60 Quarters; Sheets of National Parks; Not Complete Set;
Lot #: 123

National Parks State Quarters Coll. w/Binder

Sheets of National Parks; Not Complete Set; 62 Quarters;
Lot #: 124

National Parks State Quarters Coll. w/Binder

38 Quarters; Sheets of National Parks; Not Complete Set;
Lot #: 125

Statehood Quarter Collection w/binder; 50 Quarters

Not Complete Set;
Lot #: 126

Statehood Quarter Collection w/binder; 58 Quarters

Not Complete Set;
Lot #: 127

Statehood Quarter Collection w/binder; 50 Quarters

Not Complete Set;
Lot #: 128

20th Century U.S. Silver Quarter Type Set

Barber-1908; Standing Liberty-1929; Washington-1954; Bicentennial-1776-1976;
Lot #: 129

First State Quarters of U.S. Collector's Map

1999-2008; w/Coins;
Lot #: 130

U.S. State Coin Collector's Map; 1999-2008

Lot #: 131

U.S. State Coin Collector's Map; 1999-2008

Lot #: 132

U.S. State Coin Collector's Map; 1999-2008

Lot #: 133

First State Quarters of U.S. Collector's Map

1999-2008; w/Coins;
Lot #: 134

First State Quarters of U.S. Collector's Map

1999-2008; w/Coins;
Lot #: 135

San Francisco Mint State Quarters; 2012-2018;

Lot #: 136

State Series Quarters; 2007; (3) Identical Sets;

First State Quarters-1999;
Lot #: 137

State Quarters in Case; All 50 States

In Acrylic Cases;
Lot #: 138

Federal Credit Union 25 cent Holder

20 Bicentennial Quarters; Colorado Springs, CO;
Lot #: 139

Oklahoma State Quarter Roll Unopened

Possibly $5 Roll; Monetary Exchange; 1-Quarter in Acrylic Holder;
Lot #: 140

Oklahoma State Quarter Roll Unopened

Possibly $5 Roll; Monetary Exchange; 1-Quarter in Acrylic Holder;
Lot #: 141

Oklahoma State Quarter Roll Unopened

Possibly $5 Roll; Monetary Exchange; 1-Quarter in Acrylic Holder;
Lot #: 142

2004 State Quarter Collection; P & D Mints

(10 Quarters); In Cases;
Lot #: 143

1999 State Quarters; Colorized; (5) Quarters

w/Case; Connecticut State Quarter;
Lot #: 144

1999 State Quarters; Colorized; (5) Quarters

w/Case; Connecticut State Quarter;
Lot #: 145

1999 State Quarters; Colorized; (5) Quarters

w/Case; Connecticut State Quarter;
Lot #: 146

Texas State Quarters; Colorized; (3) Quarters

Lot #: 147

2000 Pres Collection Coin Set; 24 Kt Gold Plated;

1st Coins of New Millennium;
Lot #: 148

Hologram Ten Thousand Dollar U.S. Bill; Framed;

Not Legal Tender; Frame-Approx. 8" x 10";
Lot #: 149

1965 US Uncirc Mint Set w/Lyndon B. Johnson Stamp

Washington D.C. Stamp; Philadelphia Mint;
Lot #: 150

1966 US Uncirc Mint Set highlighting Gemini 8;

w/Stamps-Cape Canaveral Stamp; Philadelphia Mint;
Lot #: 151

1967 US Uncirc Mint Set; Apollo 1 loss

of astronauts; w/Stamps-Cape Canaveral Stamp; Philadelphia Mint;
Lot #: 152

1968 US Uncirculated Mint Sets; Bobby Kennedy;

Martin Luther King; w/Stamps; All three mints;
Lot #: 153

1969 US Uncirc Mint Sets; First Man on the Moon

w/Stamps-Cape Canaveral Stamp; Coins-All three mints;
Lot #: 154

1970 US Uncirculated Mint Sets; Apollo XIII;

w/Stamps-Cape Canaveral Stamp; Coins-All three mints;
Lot #: 155

1971 US Uncirculated Mint Sets; Apollo 15;

w/Stamps-Cape Canaveral Stamp; Coins-All three mints;
Lot #: 156

1972 US Uncirc Mint Sets; Nixon Visits China

w/Stamps-Washington D.C. Stamp; Coins-All three mints;
Lot #: 157

1973 US Uncirc Mint Sets; End of Vietnam Conflict

w/Stamps-Washington D.C. Stamp; Coins-All three mints;
Lot #: 158

1975 US Uncirc Mint Sets; First Int. Space docking

w/Stamps-Cape Canaveral Stamp; Coins - Denver/Philadelphia mints
Lot #: 159

1976 US Uncirc Mint Sets; Jimmy Carter elected

w/stamps- Plains, GA Stamp; Coins-Denver/Philadelphia mints
Lot #: 160

1976 US Uncirc Mint Sets; Bicentennial celebration

w/stamps- Philadelphia, PA Stamp; Coins-San Francisco mint
Lot #: 161

1978 US Uncirc Mint Set; Peace treaty Egypt/Israel

w/stamps-Washington D.C. Stamp; coins-Denver/ Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 162

1979 US Uncirc Mint Sets; US relations w China

w/stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 163

1980 US Uncirc Mint Sets; 1980 Winter Olympics

w/ stamps- Lake Placid, NY Stamp; coins- All three mints;
Lot #: 164

1981 US Uncirc Mint Sets; US hostages released

w/stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins-All three mints;
Lot #: 165

1984 US Uncirc Mint Sets; 1984 Summer Olympics

w/stamps- Los Angeles, CA stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 166

1985 US Uncirc Mint Sets; Reagan departs summit

w/stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 167

1986 US Uncirc Mint Sets; Statue of Liberty Cent.

w/stamps- New York, NY stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 168

1987 US Uncirc Mint Sets; INF treaty

w/stamps- Washington D.C. stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 169

1988 US Uncirc Mint Sets; George Bush Elected

w/stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 170

1989 US Uncirc Mint Set; George Bush goes to Malta

w/ stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 171

1990 US Uncirc Mint Set; Operation Desert Shield

w/ stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 172

1991 US Uncirc Mint Set; Schwarzkopf leads parade

w/stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 173

1992 US Uncirc Mint Set; First US-Russian Summit

w/stamps- Washington D. C. stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 174

1993 US Uncirc Mint Set; North America Free trade

w/ stamps- Washington D.C. Stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 175

1994 US Uncirc Mint Set; World Cup soccer kick off

w/ stamps- Dallas, TX stamp; coins- Denver/Philadelphia mint
Lot #: 176

United States of America Rare Coin Collection book

Book of 6 Genuine United States Mint collection. 6 separate coins with descriptions
Lot #: 177

Birth of Our Nation Wooden Case w/ coins

12 separate coins, each in their own plastic case with Certificate of Authenticity card
Lot #: 178

Ten New U.S. Five-Cent Coins 2004-2006

2 boxes of coins w/ stamp and mint. 12 total coins in collection with certificates of authenticity
Lot #: 179

The Last U.S. Coins of the Second Millennium

historic collection includes 9 coins total -including one of the first commemorative Quarter Dollars of the 50 states
Lot #: 180

1921 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 181

1921 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 182

1921 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 183

1921 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 184

1922 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 185

1922 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 186

1924 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 187

1926 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 188

1992 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 189

1993 Silver Dollar Coin

dollar coin
Lot #: 190

Genuine US Mint Silver Bullion one-ounce Eagle

Card of Silver Bullion One-Ounce American Eagle Certificate of Authenticity. Minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco
Lot #: 191

Genuine US Mint Silver Morgan Dollar

Card of Silver Morgan Dollar-Certificate of Authenticity. Minted in 5 Cities
Lot #: 192

Genuine US Mint Silver Eisenhower Dollar

Card of Silver Eisenhower Dollar-Certificate of Authenticity. San Francisco Mint
Lot #: 193

Genuine US Mint Silver Bicentennial Eisenhower

1 Loose Silver dollar coin (1776-1976). 1 Card of Silver Bicentennial Dollar-Certificate of Authenticity. San Francisco Mint.
Lot #: 194

Genuine US Mint 1964 JFK Half Dollar + 3 coins

3 loose coins- 2(1964)(90% silver), 1(1966)(40% silver). 1 card of 1964 JFK Half Dollar. Certificate of Authenticity. Minted Philadelphia and Denver.
Lot #: 195

Half Dollars- Bicentennial, 1971, and 1989

5 total coins- 3 Bicentennial(1 silver), 1-1971, 1-1989
Lot #: 196

1963 Half Dollars

2 half dollars date 1963.
Lot #: 197

1963 & 1952 Half Dollars

2 half dollars date 1963 & 1952.
Lot #: 198

1941 Half Dollars

2 half dollars dated 1941
Lot #: 199

1943 Half Dollars

2 half dollars dated 1943
Lot #: 200

Genuine US Mint Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1 loose half dollar dated 1944, 1 Card of Authenticity of Walking Liberty Half Dollar-Minted Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco
Lot #: 201

1898, 1928, and 1915 Quarter Dollars

3 quarter dollars
Lot #: 202

9 Quarters: Dating 1941-1994

3 quarters Pre-1964, 1-1964, 3 bicentennial 1776-1996,1-1987, 1-1994
Lot #: 203

Standing Liberty Quarter+ 4 Quarter Dollars

1 Genuine United States Mint Standing Liberty Quarter. 4 loose quarter dollars dating 2(1925), 1 (1927), 1 (1930)
Lot #: 204

1976 Bicentennial First Day Cover, stamp, coin

American Revolution Bicentennial Administration, Declaration of Independence/ Thomas Jefferson coin
Lot #: 205

1941-45 Dimes

5 dimes in total
Lot #: 206

1902-1914 Dimes; Genuine US Mint Silver dime

4 loose dimes dating (1902, 1903,1911, 1914), 1 card of Authenticity of Genuine US Mint Silver Barber Dime (dime 1913), minted Philadelphia, Denver, New Orleans, and San Francisco
Lot #: 207

Jefferson Nickels Cornerstone Coin Album

Jefferson & Westward Nickels, 1938-2012 including P, D & S Mintmarks without proofs.
Lot #: 208

Coins of Multiple Values

2- one dollar coins dating 1979 & 1980. 1- 1941 France 50 Centimes. 5 dimes dating 1953,54,62,87, and 2008. 7 nickels dating 1941, 42, 44, 44, 64, 80, and 2000.
Lot #: 209

Genuine US Mint Liberty Nickel + 3 Loose nickels

1 Card of Authenticity of Liberty Nickel dating 1906 with mint from Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. 3 5 cent pieces dating 1891, 1905, and 1906.
Lot #: 210

Buffalo Nickels- 3 coins

3 Buffalo Nickels dating 1926,1935, and 1936
Lot #: 211

Legend of the Buffalo Nickel Case

Designed by James Earle Fraser. Case holds 6 nickels with 3 mints
Lot #: 212

1896 Half Dollar

Single half dollar dating 1896
Lot #: 213

1906 Half Dollar

Single half dollar dating 1906
Lot #: 214

1911 Half Dollar

single half dollar dating 1911
Lot #: 215

Eisenhower/Susan B. Anthony/Sacagawea Dollars

2 laminated cards containing two separate cards. First card: 1978-The Last Dwight D. Eisenhower dollar and 1979-The First Susan B. Anthony Dollar. Second Card: 1999- The Last Susan B. Anthony Dollar and 2000- The First Sacagawea Dollar
Lot #: 216

Last Morgan Dollar/First Peace Dollar

1 laminated card with: 1921-The Last Morgan Silver Dollar, 1922 The First Peace Silver Dollar
Lot #: 217

Walking Liberty/Benjamin Franklin/JFK Half-Dollar

2 laminated cards containing two separate cards. First card: 1947-The Last Walking Liberty Half-Dollar and 1948- The First Benjamin Franklin Half-Dollar. Second card: 1963- The Last Benjamin Franklin Half-Dollar and 1964- The first John F. Kennedy Half-Dollar
Lot #: 218

First & Last US Coins 1915-1946

5 laminated cards containing 8 total coins and 4- First and Last coins. Coins are Last Barber Dime, First Mercury Dime, Last Standing Liberty Quarter-Dollar, The First George Washington Quarter-Dollar, The Last Buffalo Nickel, The First Thomas Jefferson Nickel, The Last Mercury Dime, and The First Franklin D. Roosevelt Dime.
Lot #: 219

Last Indian Head/First Lincoln Penny + 3 more

1 laminated card with: 1909- The Last Indian Head Penny and 1909-The First Lincoln Penny. Plus 3 loose pennies dating from 1890,1898, and 1907
Lot #: 220

Lincoln Head Cent Collection Book

Collection starting 1941 Number two: No. 9030.
Lot #: 221

Lincoln Memorial Cent & Lincoln Cent books

both books have cents starting at 1975. Lincoln Memorial cent book is missing 1982 coins(2). All other coins present
Lot #: 222

25 Years Lincoln Memorial Cent

book: A Special Set Presented by numismatic news, 1 card of Lincoln Memorial Cent Series, and 2 loose cents dating 1964 and 1974.
Lot #: 223

Lincoln Wheat Coin Collection

includes: 7 collection cards and 6 individual pennies. 1- Lincoln Wheat Coin Collection, 1- Lincoln Wheat-Ear Penny Collection, 1- Genuine US Mint Brilliant Uncirculated Copper Lincoln Wheat cent Certificate of Authenticity(all three mints), 1-card with stamp and 2 coins "Runs Unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate", 1-card with stamp and 2 coins "Nominated to Run for U.S. Senate a Second Time", 1-The Last Twenty Year of the Obsolete Lincoln Wheat-Ear Penny, 1-Proof Lincoln Memorial Cent dated 1970, 6 single cents dating 1909, 1941,1943, 1945, 1945, 1946.
Lot #: 224

100 years of Lincoln Coins & Stamps 1909-2009

large blue binder filled with 100 years of Lincoln Coins & Stamps. Together, the coins, stamps and narrative create a memorable tribute to one of America's greatest and most beloved Presidents.
Lot #: 225

The Presidential Medals Cover Collection

Collection of Gold Electro-Plated Medals Issued by the Postal Commemorative Society. Each medal includes an Envelope, Stamps relevant to that president, and an Info card. Navy blue box included. All presidents from George Washington to George Bush Sr.
Lot #: 226

U.S. First Day Covers & Special Covers(1)

Postal Commemorative Society covers in Black leather binder. 33 pages. Copyright 2007. by Douglas W. Prock
Lot #: 227

U.S. First Day Covers & Special Covers(2)

Postal Commemorative Society covers in Black leather binder. 19 pages. Copyright 2006 & 2008. by Douglas W. Prock
Lot #: 228

U.S. First Day Covers & Special Covers(3)

Postal Commemorative Society covers in Black leather binder. 16 pages. Copyright 2007-8.
Lot #: 229

U.S. First Day Covers & Special Covers(4)

Postal Commemorative Society covers in Black leather binder. 27 pages. Copyright 2006. Douglas W. Prock.
Lot #: 230

U.S. First Day Covers & Special Covers(5)

Postal Commemorative Society covers in Black leather binder. 13 pages. Copyright 2006.
Lot #: 231

50-State Greetings First Day Covers

Postal Commemorative Society covers in black leather binder. Copyright 2002. by Douglas W. Prock
Lot #: 232

Stamps: Franklin D. Roosevelt and US stamps

stamp collection includes: US Air Mail, Franklin D. Roosevelt, American Legion, US Flag. (All Cancelled).
Lot #: 233

1970's Stamps

stamps include: Stone Mountain Memorial, Fort Snelling, American Bald Eagle, African Elephant Herd, The Age of Reptiles, and Save Our Air. (All stamps cancelled)
Lot #: 234

U.S. Stamps

multiple different stamps of value, theme, and year. (All stamps cancelled)
Lot #: 235

U.S. Presidential stamps

miscellaneous stamps with presidents. Include: Washington, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Taft, etc. (All Stamps Cancelled).
Lot #: 236

Foreign Postage Stamps

miscellaneous stamps from counties including: France, Italy, India, Spain, Brasil, Netherlands, etc.(All stamps cancelled)
Lot #: 237

Christmas Themed Postage Stamps

7 miscellaneous Christmas stamps and 1 envelope of 4 sheets of 1970 Christmas Oklahoma TB and Respiratory Disease Awareness stamps.( All stamps cancelled)
Lot #: 238

Special Delivery/Congo Belge Stamps & more

Miscellaneous stamps with: 2 special delivery stamps, Congo Belge (6), 1-First Day of Issue Stamp, miscellaneous 1 & 2 cent stamps. (All stamps cancelled)
Lot #: 239

Miscellaneous Foreign Postage stamps

Stamps include: France, Congo Belge, Deutsche, India, Republik ofterreich, Espana, Trinidad & Tobago, Denmark, Brasil, Portugal, etc. (All stamps cancelled)
Lot #: 240

Boys Athletic League, Inc. Book of stamps

Founded in 1926, Boys' Athletic League sponsorship book of stamps. (All stamps cancelled)
Lot #: 241

Vintage Heather Stamps Ordering Form & stamps

Stamps of the U.S. ordering form and outstanding values. Boy Scout stamp (cancelled). Includes other stamps that have been cancelled.
Lot #: 242

Champion Of Liberty stamps, Lincoln & others

5 Champion of Liberty stamps, 1 Lincoln stamp, 1 palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, New Mexico stamp, and State of Wyoming Anniversary stamp with clear case
Lot #: 243

Law and Order & other US postage stamps

set of 10 Law and Order stamps, and miscellaneous US postage stamps
Lot #: 244

Colorful Sets of Themed stamps

themed sets include: Postal service, Indian Art, Christmas, Trees, Dance, States, Black heritage, Francis Perkins, etc.
Lot #: 245

Cherokee Strip US Postage stamps

Set of 35 Cherokee Strip postage stamps. 5 include art on envelope. 30 clean envelopes with stamps. (all cancelled)
Lot #: 246

Gold Stamp Replica Collector

First Day of Issue Old Glory folding fan stamp. Historic stamps of America-Frederic Remington Artist of the West 1861-1961.
Lot #: 247

Dwight D. Eisenhower First Day of Issue Stamps

3- First day of issue stamps with art on envelopes. 1 picture. 37 blank envelopes with First Day of Issue Stamps (stamps cancelled).
Lot #: 248

Man's Conquest of the Heavens 1783-1983 stamps

Man's Conquest of the Heavens Stamp First Day issue cover collection. Art by Charles Knotek
Lot #: 249

My First Stamp Album

Vintage, 1953 copyright, album with colorful art and 4300 spaces available for stamps.
Lot #: 250

The Geographic Postage Stamp Album

Colorful postage stamp hardback album with Maps of the World-Know the World-You'll profit by it!
Lot #: 251

Scott's American Album For US Stamps

Blue hardback stamp binder that contains spaces for US Postage, Revenues, confederate states, and the United Nations thru calendar year 1961.
Lot #: 252

Antique and Vintage Pocket Watches/Cases parts

13 in total Pocket watch cases with one having watch inside. Brands range from Majestic Watch Co., Dueber 10KT Gold filled case, Defiance w/train engraving, Elgin, etc. Parts are in pictures.
Lot #: 253

Antique and Vintage Pockets Watch Movements

23 total watch movements. Brands include Waltham, Elgin, Bulova, etc. Parts not running.
Lot #: 254

Antique and Vintage Pocket Watch Parts

Miscellaneous pocket watches, movements, and parts. Brands include Windsor, Elgin, Waltham, etc.
Lot #: 255

Antique and Vintage Pocket Watch Parts in Can

Miscellaneous pocket watches, movements, and parts.
Lot #: 256

Wrist Watch bands

Miscellaneous wrist watch bands. Leather, metal, etc.
Lot #: 257

Stainless steel Watches

2 stainless steel watches. Calteck and Sonic brand
Lot #: 258

Individual Earring Jewelry Parts

miscellaneous earrings and jewelry parts
Lot #: 259

Leather Wallets & Belt

Graham Central Station leather belt-Limited Edition-Hand painted with Jerry on strap. 2 leather folded wallets. 1 Eastman National Bank coin bag.
Lot #: 260

Vintage Linden Guild Windup Travel Alarm Clock

Leather travel case for Alarm clock. clasp works.
Lot #: 261

Vintage Semca Winding Travel Alarm Clock

Leather travel case for Alarm clock. clasp works. Leather missing from front cover
Lot #: 262

WW2 Waltham Aircraft clocks

6 clocks-AN 5743-1A.
Lot #: 263

Vintage Westclox Big Ben Chime Loud Alarm clock

vintage alarm clock
Lot #: 264

Vintage Bentley Turtle Alarm Clock

Bentley Turtle Alarm clock made in West Germany
Lot #: 265

Women's Watch, watch parts, & Pill box

Travel Smith watch with rhinestones(1 missing), small watch parts, decorative pill box, and 2 small Pixie pouches
Lot #: 266

Desktop Globe Pocket watch & compass

Magnifying Desk top pocket watch clock compass globe.
Lot #: 267

Elgin Car clock

Elgin vintage car clock. Some parts missing.
Lot #: 268

Wooden Handheld magnifying glass

foldable wooden magnifying glass
Lot #: 269

Canon Selco Quartz Travel Alarm clock

foldable plastic travel alarm clock
Lot #: 270

Award Design Medal Belt Buckles

3 in total. (1) One Man with Courage Makes a Majority. Wayne Crytes. No. 87. (2) Americas Agriculture Movement, March 1,1978, McAllen Bridge Incident, Limited Edition-No. 137. (3) Oklahoma, Solid Brass buckle.
Lot #: 271

Horseshoe Design Belt Buckle

belt buckle with gold colored metal, horseshoe shape, with turquoise looking design in center
Lot #: 272

Western Belt buckle with orange stone

buckle with western design and orange colored stone in middle. No markings
Lot #: 273

Belt Buckle with Indian Design & Turquoise/Coral

Belt buckle with Indian design and genuine turquoise and coral stones
Lot #: 274

Tony Lama Exclusive Buckle Collection belt

Limited Edition buckle- Bicentennial 1776-1976. no. 2232. Solid Brass.
Lot #: 275

Cowboy Themed Belt Buckles

3 belt buckles. (1) rectangle nickel/silver plated with star and boot design. (2) larger rectangle rodeo design with roping calf and cowboy. Nickel/silver plated. (3) Bull rider designed belt. No markings.
Lot #: 276

Limited Edition Rodeo Belt Buckles

(1)Limited edition National Finals Rodeo collector's buckle 1975. "Hesston". (2) First Edition Anniversary Series Limited Collector's Buckle. "Hesston".
Lot #: 277

American Agricultural Movement Belt Buckles

(1)Rectangle brass in color. (2) Oval shaped. Feb. 16, 1981 The Great Soybean Raid. Designed by A.A.M Saginaw County, Michigan. Third Edition. 1981 Bergamot Brass Works.
Lot #: 278

Twin Creeks Mine Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp Buckle

3 buckles: (1)1994 President's Safety Award. Designed by Adam Voorhees. Limited edition 744/1000. Solid Bronze. (2)1996 President's Safety Award. Designed by Adam Voorhees. Limited edition 141/1000. Solid Bronze. (3) Bronze in color. No. 3731.
Lot #: 279

Leather Belt Buckles

(1)leather western belt with "FRANK". Koleaco-Dallas. (2)leather buckle with worn design
Lot #: 280

Mine Solid Brass Belt Buckles

(1) Hayden Hill Mine AMAX Gold buckle-Dedication July 1992, limited edition 274/500, Solid Bronze. (2) Wind Mountain Min AMAX Gold. Jadco-Solid Brass
Lot #: 281

John Deere New Five Series Round Bailers Buckle

1 buckle with five Series Round Bailers. Copyright 1989 Deere & Company. Moline, Illinois
Lot #: 282

Snowmobile Belt Buckle

1977 Bergamot Brass Works. E-85. Snowmobile design.
Lot #: 283

Red Man Limited Edition Belt Buckle

1988 Limited Edition belt buckle made exclusively for Redman.
Lot #: 284

Oklahoma Mason Limited Edition Belt Buckle

"You're Doin' Fine Oklahoma-1907 Diamond Jubilee 1982". Limited Edition 0661.
Lot #: 285

United States Coin Belt Buckle

United States One Dollar and Nickel belt buckle. Never-Broke coin belt buckle. 1981
Lot #: 286

Oklahoma Commemorative 1907-1983 Buckle

Limited Edition 1983, 762/1000. Arroyo Grande Belt Co.
Lot #: 287

Cigar Boxes

2 cigar boxes: (1) Roi-Tan cigar box. (2) Bering Corona Grande cigar box.
Lot #: 288

Cluster Pearl Like Necklace

cluster pearl like necklace with claw clasp. Chain is gold in color.
Lot #: 289

Pearl Like Strand Necklace (Long)

necklace has pearl like beads ascending in size. Threaded with string. Claw clasp.
Lot #: 290

Pearl Like Strand Necklace (Medium)

pearl like necklace with pearls all same size. Claw clasp. Threaded with string.
Lot #: 291

Multistrand Pearl Like Necklace

multistrand necklace with beads of all sizes. Claw clasp. Threaded with string.
Lot #: 292

Double Stranded Pearl Like Necklace

2 strands of pearl like beads with large clasp closures.
Lot #: 293

3 Strand Pearl Like Extra Long Necklace

3 strands of pearl like beads with large closure. Threaded with string.
Lot #: 294

Single Strand Pearl like necklace

single strand pearl like necklace with Filigree closure. Threaded with string.
Lot #: 295

Double Strand Pearl Like Necklace

Double stranded pearl like necklace with ascending beads. Threaded with string. Box "tab insert" clasp.
Lot #: 296

Pearl Like Necklace with Cluster Design

Pearl like necklace with cluster design, double chain, and claw clasp.
Lot #: 297

3 Strand Pearl Like necklace

Pearl like 3 stranded necklace with ascending pearls. Pearls have a matt finish and shiny finish. Hook clasp.
Lot #: 298

Extra Long Single Strand Pearl Like Necklace

Single strand extra long Pearl like beads with metal connectors. No clasps.
Lot #: 299

3 Strand Pearl Like Necklace with Fold Over Clasp

3 strand Pearl like beaded necklace with fold over clasp. Threaded with string.
Lot #: 300

Dangling Pearl Like Hoop Earrings

Hoops gold in tone, pearl like beads. One earring has bead missing. *BEAD FOUND AND PLACED BACK ON EARRING.
Lot #: 301

Pearl Like Woven Hoop Earrings

hoops gold tone, pearl like beads.
Lot #: 302

Dangling Pearl Like 2 bead Earrings

Dangling Pearl like earrings.
Lot #: 303

Clip On Pearl like Earrings-Gold in Color

2 sets of earrings. Both with Clip on backs. Each gold toned and have pearl like beads.
Lot #: 304

2 sets Cluster Pearl Like Earrings

2 sets of earrings. Both cluster in style. Smaller set has clip on backs and larger set has post backs. Metal is gold in color. Some tarnishing on larger set.
Lot #: 305

1 set Cluster Pearl Like Earrings

1 set of Cluster pearl like earrings with gold tone metal. 1 earring needs repair but all beads are in lot.
Lot #: 306

Pearl Like Cluster earrings with Clip on backs

2 sets of cluster pearl like beads and metal gold in tone. Both have clip on backs. Smaller set has stamp of some kind that is shown in picture.
Lot #: 307

Clip On Pearl Like Earrings with Clip on Backs

1 set of earrings. Metal silver tone. Pearl like beads. Clip on backs. Looks as though one earring has bead missing.
Lot #: 308

Pearl Like 3 Strand Bracelet with Box-Tab closure

1 pearl like bracelet. Metal silver tone. 1 strand needs repair. Beads in bag. Box- tab insert closure.
Lot #: 309

Bracelets with Pearl Like beads

3 different style bracelets. (1) Silver in color and Pearl like beads. Wrap around wrist. (2) 3 rows of pearl like beads on stretchy watch style band. Metal gold in color. (3) Multiple strand stretch over bracelet with multiple size pearl like beads. needs some repair.
Lot #: 310

Vintage Style Pearl Like Necklace with Design

Small Pearl Like necklace with Small metal design with beaded drop down. Claw clasp.
Lot #: 311

Necklace Pendant

Pendant- Gold tone, with clear and blue stones. Hinged back closure.
Lot #: 312

Black Vintage style Jewelry Box

Approximate size is 15" wide, 9½" deep, and 5" tall. Red velvet inside. Mirror. Opens with small dividers on top, one large drawer on bottom with 2 dividers. Some wear and tear.
Lot #: 313

Speidel Stainless Steel Medical ID bracelets

2 engravable medical ID bracelets. Stainless steel. 1 women's. 1 men's.
Lot #: 314

Christmas Pins

6 Christmas pins. 2 Christmas trees, 1 ornament, and 3 wreaths. All in good shape. Pins all close.
Lot #: 315

Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

3 simple chain necklaces(gold tone) 1 simple gold tone chain bracelet, 1 gold tone necklace with gold tone pendant with green stone, 1 gold tone chain with #82 pendant, 1 chunky pendant bracelet with Permian High school, Meet, and honor pendants, 1 bracelet with heart shaped links, and 1 mixed tone link bracelet.
Lot #: 316

Faux Pearl Jewelry Sets and Necklaces

2 jewelry sets. 1 Faux pearl necklace, bracelet, and earring stud set. 1 faux stone necklace and earring set. 1 faux pearl necklace with gold tone closure. 1 faux pearl multistrand necklace with gold tone closure.
Lot #: 317

Bangles and Bracelets

1 set of 8 gold tone bangle bracelets. 1 silver toned bangle. 1 gold tone bracelet with clear colored stones. 1 rose gold tone wrap around bracelet with clear stones.
Lot #: 318

Gold Toned Jewelry (Not Gold)

2 gold toned chain necklaces , 1 gold toned chain bracelet, 1 gold toned chain with clear stone pendant, 1 gold toned chain with gold toned dove pendant, 1 set of gold toned necklace and bracelet with faux pear beads, 3 gold toned bolo style necklaces with zippers and Flower.
Lot #: 319

Gold Toned Costume Jewelry

double stranded gold toned long necklace. 2 smaller gold toned chains. 1 set of gold toned ladder linked earrings, bracelet, and necklace. 1 large gold toned ladder link necklace.
Lot #: 320

Statement Necklaces

3 necklaces with gold toned chains. 1 cluster necklace with clear faux crystals. 1 with multicolor faux crystal with 2 doves. 1 with cluster of faux gold coins.
Lot #: 321

Pins and Sterling Screw Back Earrings

1 10K gold pin with religious cross on front. 1 Sterling long pin with "D" engraved. 4 sterling silver screw back earrings
Lot #: 322

Trendy Silver toned Earrings

20 sets of silver toned trendy earrings. 20th set has been broken and 1 single earring that doesn't have match. (Large single hoop earring match has been found and added to bag)
Lot #: 323

Wire Ring Necklaces and Dog Pendant

1 silver toned wire ring necklace, 1 silver toned round necklace with claw clasp, 1 pendant with dog on leash, red faux stone eyes
Lot #: 324

Trendy Silver Toned Necklaces

8 Silver toned necklaces. Styles include multistrands, "B" pendant with clear faux stones, and cluster necklaces.
Lot #: 325

Gold Toned Chain Bracelets

5 gold toned chain bracelets with clasps
Lot #: 326

Gold Toned Chain Necklaces

6 simple gold toned chain necklaces, 2 necklaces with shortening/lengthening ball clasps, 1 necklace with faux pearls, 1 necklace with 3 gold toned balls
Lot #: 327

Gold Toned Bulky bracelets with many styles

10 bracelets in total all Gold tone. Styles include, clear faux stones, faux pearls, cluster wrap bracelet, ladder linked bracelet, etc.
Lot #: 328

Gold Toned Snake chain Necklaces & other styles

5 necklaces and 1 necklace/ bracelet set. Styles include flat snake chain, braided snake chain, cluster, and costume style necklaces.
Lot #: 329

Gold Toned Flat chain necklaces

6 chains-gold toned, flat chains.
Lot #: 330

Thick and Thin Gold Toned Chain Necklaces

8 Thick gold toned chains including one rose gold tone, and 1 set of Necklace/ earrings. 4 thinner chained necklaces.
Lot #: 331

Mixed Metal Bracelet Chains and Bangle

8 different styled bracelets with clear stone embellishments and metal toned designs.
Lot #: 332

Monet, Anne Klein, Napier and other Costume Pieces

7 total pieces of Costume brand name jewelry. All Gold tone. One Necklace and bracelet set.
Lot #: 333

Gold Toned Statement Necklaces and Bracelet

8 total pieces of gold tone costume jewelry. Includes on name brand Napier necklace.
Lot #: 334

Unbranded Gold Toned Cuffs and Bracelets

6 total gold toned bracelets. 4 cuffs and 2 chain bracelets. 1 chain bracelet can be engraved.
Lot #: 335

Michael Kors, Monet, and Napier bracelets

3 chain bracelets (2 Monet, 1 Napier) and 1 Michael Kors cuff bracelet. All gold toned.
Lot #: 336

Gold Toned Chained Necklaces and Pendants

7 Single necklaces. 1 necklace bracelet set. 1 single pendant. All in gold tone. Many styles to choose from.
Lot #: 337

Statement Gold Toned Costume Jewelry

5 pieces. Each unique many with embellishments.
Lot #: 338

Multiple Style Gold Toned Necklaces and Sets

10 total pieces. 1 set has 1 necklace and 2 bracelets. Some pieces branded and others are not. (Monet brand).
Lot #: 339

6 Different Styles of Gold Toned Costume Jewelry

6 total pieces. 2 flat snake chains. 1 long beaded necklace with pendant. 1 round necklace. 1 large pendant necklace and 1 multiple circle necklace. All gold tone.
Lot #: 340

Flat Snake & Rope Style Gold Toned Chains

5 gold toned chains with flat snake style. 1 gold toned rope style chain
Lot #: 341

Silver Toned Flat Snake Style Necklaces

3 flat snake silver toned necklace chains and 1 silver toned graduated collar necklace.
Lot #: 342

Trendy Style Silver Toned Necklaces

4 total silver toned necklaces with different styles.
Lot #: 343

Cookie Lee Jewelry sets & other Costume Jewelry

2 sets of Cookie Lee necklace & earring sets. 2 Multistrand multicolor long necklaces. 1 silver toned beaded necklace with Flower pendant. 1 multitoned cluster necklace.
Lot #: 344

Silver Toned Bracelets

11 total silver toned bracelets. 6 cuff style with different designs. 2 chain like bracelets. 3 bangle style bracelets with different designs including 1 cross style clasp.
Lot #: 345

Bangle Style Bracelets

1 silver toned set of 4. set of 3 with orange colored stones in gold toned bangles. 1 set of two silver toned bangles with different designs but has Brand on inside that match. 1 bangle with blue colored stones. 2 single silver bangles with 2 different designs.
Lot #: 346

Miscellaneous Costume Jewelry

9 separate pieces of sets of costume jewelry. Some include OSU Pistol Pete necklace with Pendant, leather, faux wood, rhinestones, etc.
Lot #: 347

Religious Jewelry Pieces

10 separate pieces of all types. 4 separate necklace pendants. 1 pin. 4 cross necklaces. 1 charm bracelet.
Lot #: 348

Heart Shaped Gold Toned Necklaces

3 separate necklaces all with heart shape pendants.
Lot #: 349

Silver Toned Necklaces

6 separate necklaces with different styles and brands. 1 necklace is missing clasp.
Lot #: 350

Gold & Gold Filled Jewelry Pieces

11 pieces of gold or gold filled pieces from 10-24K GF. Pieces include 2 cuff bracelets and 9 chains. Some with pendants.
Lot #: 351

Antique Joe Co Mesh Watch Fob

antique Victorian fleur de Lis shield seal stamp Mesh watch Fob
Lot #: 352

Tie Clip and Clothing Clasp

1 gold toned Tie Clip with fishing accent, 1 silver toned tie clip with blue stone and floral accents, 1 clothing clasp with silver tone and black faux stones.
Lot #: 353

Medical Branch Insignia & Training Pins

4 pins. 3 with Medical Insignia, and one Oklahoma Training for Child care Careers
Lot #: 354

National Rifle Association Pin

1 pin on card
Lot #: 355

Boy Scout & Girl Scout Pins

2 Boy scout "Be Prepared" pins, and 1 Girl Scout Pin
Lot #: 356

City and State Insignia Pins

multiple pins from different states, cities, and countries
Lot #: 357

Years of Service and Accomplishment Pins

13 total pins/awards for years served and levels accomplished.
Lot #: 358

Bowling Award Pins

5 pins with bowling awards
Lot #: 359

Archery, FFA, and 4H Pins

13 Archery pins, 5 FFA pins, 3 4H pins
Lot #: 360

Masonic Pins

1-Oklahoma 2001 pin, and 1-25 years pin(sterling), 1 with chain and 2 pins attached
Lot #: 361

U.S. American Legion Pins

9 total pins. Years active. Membership recruiter, gold plated emblem, auxiliary
Lot #: 362

Order of the Odd Fellows Pins

2 pins
Lot #: 363

Religious Pins

7 total pins. 4 (conduct, science, excellence, Choir). 1-pendant. 1- round with blue color. 1- Cross shaped in gold tone.
Lot #: 364

School, Athletics, and Music Pins

multiple pins for letterman's jackets. Include Alva, K.U., Drums, flute, Choir, and 2 awards medals
Lot #: 365

Military Pins

7 total pins. 2 veteran, USO, PAST COMDR., Desert Storm, U.S. Navy, and US Military Iron Cross with Rifle and Carbine placard.
Lot #: 366

U.S., Political, and Democracy Pins

9 total pins. 1 pendant. Includes: state senate, U.S., space shuttle, Liberty bell, presidential pin, etc.
Lot #: 367

Miscellaneous Pins and Keys

Includes Olympics, Aircraft, State, baby, Owls, National Safety Council, etc.
Lot #: 368


Navy and Silver toned suspenders
Lot #: 369

Vintage Westclox Pocket Watches

3 pocket watches. Scotty-shock resistant. Dax. Pocket Ben.
Lot #: 370

Vintage Elgin National Watch Co. Pocket Watches

2 Elgin pocket watches. 1-Gold tone finish. 2- silver tone finish
Lot #: 371

President Of the U.S. Replica Pocket Watch

Replica Pocket watch with chain.
Lot #: 372

Vintage Pastor Basketball/Football Stop Watch

stop watch with basketball/football design.
Lot #: 373

Antique Waltham Pocket Watch

Silver toned Pocket watch that still runs.
Lot #: 374

Set of Keys

Key ring with 4 different keys
Lot #: 375

Women's Vintage Watches

3 full watches and some watch parts. Watches include stainless steel and 10K GF. Brands include Bulova, Croton, Crawford and Helbros
Lot #: 376

Cuff Style Women's Watches

5 cuff watches all with Stainless Steel backs.
Lot #: 377

Silver toned Stainless Steel Back Women's Watches

11 total watches. 1 cuff, 4 stretch band, 6 clasp band (one watch clasp missing)
Lot #: 378

Gold Toned Medium to Large Face women's watches

6 watches all in gold tone with stainless steel back. All have a different style. Brands include Elgin, Seiko, Casio, etc.
Lot #: 379

Gold Toned Small Face Women's Watches

7 watches all in gold tone with stainless steel back. Differing in styles and brands.
Lot #: 380

Dual Toned Small Face Women's Watches

4 watches all in dual tones with stainless steel backs. glass of face is broken on one watch.
Lot #: 381

Brand name Dual Tone Women's watches

5 Dual Toned women's watches all with stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 382

Milan, Gruen, Armitron, Bulova Dual Toned Watches

6 Dual toned brand name women's watches with stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 383

Trendy Silver & Gold Toned Women's Watches

8 watches different in tone with trendy style.
Lot #: 384

Women's Leather Like bands & Stainless Steel backs

18 different watches with leather like bands in all shapes and colors. All have stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 385

Women's Leather like banded Watches

8 different styled leather like banded watches. NO stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 386

Disney/McDonald Themed Watches

5 different watches featuring Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell, and Mkids.
Lot #: 387

Unique Women's Watches

3 watches of different styles, brands, materials, and colors. Heart shaped, Bone like band, and silver toned rubber/plastic band.
Lot #: 388

Women's Watch Faces, bands, Ring Watch

8 different watch faces. 1 gold toned ring watch. 1 single genuine leather watch band. 1 stainless steel silver toned watch band.
Lot #: 389

Women's Necklace Style Watches

1 silver toned necklace style watch. 1 gold toned necklace style watch.
Lot #: 390

Women's Watch band/cases without Working parts

4 total watch cases and bands. 2 gold toned trendy style band/cases. 1 vintage style black watch band with gold toned case and glass design. 1 Vintage style black & gold toned band with pocket watch style case with working closure.
Lot #: 391

Vintage Style Silver toned Women's Watches

6 watches all in silver tone. Stainless steel backs. 1 embellished with clear stones.
Lot #: 392

Vintage Style Gold Toned Women's watches

5 gold toned vintage style watches with stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 393

Vintage Style Dual Toned Women's Watches

4 dual toned vintage style women's watches with stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 394

Vintage Style Women's watches of many Tones

8 watches with vintage style, different in tone . 1 vintage style watch face. NO markings on watches or face being Stainless steel or any other metal.
Lot #: 395

Vintage Style Gold Plated and Filled Watches

10 vintage style watches that are either gold plated or gold filled (details in pictures).
Lot #: 396

Square & Rectangle Face Gold Toned Wrist Watches

10 total watches in Gold tone with clasp. Rectangle or square face. Stainless steel backs. Multiple brands.
Lot #: 397

Benrus Brand Gold Toned Watches

3 gold tone watches with stainless steel back and diamond like stones on face. 1 watch back is missing. See in picture.
Lot #: 398

Jules Jurgenson Wrist watches

3 gold toned watches and 1 silver toned. All have stainless steel back.
Lot #: 399

Vintage style Stretch band wrist watches

4 vintage style stretch wrist band watches. (1 band is broken in two spots). Stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 400

Vintage style Cuff band wrist watches

3 gold toned wrist watches. Stainless steel back. 2 bands have clear stone embellishments.
Lot #: 401

Elgin Brand Vintage Style Wrist watches

4 total watches. 2 gold toned bands with black face and stone embellishment. 1 gold toned band with gold tone face and side clear stone embellishment. 1 black & gold toned band with black face and clear stone embellishment. Stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 402

Vintage Style Black or Gold toned Bands

5 total watches. 4 with gold toned bands (3 have black faces, 1 has gold). 1 watch has black and gold toned band and face. Do not have stainless steel back markings.
Lot #: 403

Bulova Vintage Style Watch w/ Interchangeable band

Vintage style dual toned watch with silver & gold tones. 6 total interchangeable band accents.
Lot #: 404

Vintage & Antique Style Watch chains

6 total chains of different styles and tones.
Lot #: 405

Wittnauer Men's Gold Watch

watch with 10K GF markings on back of watch. Speidel marking on wrist band.
Lot #: 406

Men's Silver Toned Wrist Watches

9 total men's watches. Silver tone on band and case. 3 blue faced. 1 black faced. And 5 light colored faces. Stainless steel backs on all.
Lot #: 407

Dual Toned Men's Wrist Watches

5 total watches. All with stainless steel backs. Hamilton watch band is broken. Multiple brands.
Lot #: 408

Men's Watches in multiple tones

4 watches with either backs missing or no Stainless steel back markings.
Lot #: 409

Men's Watches with Black toned bands

4 watches with black toned wrist bands. All have stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 410

Men's Watches with Leather like brown tone bands

8 men's wrist watches with brown tone leather like bands.
Lot #: 411

Men's Watches with Black toned Leather like bands

6 men's wrist watches with black tone leather like or leather accent bands.
Lot #: 412

Men's Watch with Golden Nugget like Design

1 watch with gold tone nugget design on band with diamond like stones on face.
Lot #: 413

Men's Electric Metal watches

5 men's electric watches. All have stainless steel backs. Stretch band watch is missing part to complete band.
Lot #: 414

Electric Watches with Non Metal Bands

3 black electric watches with stainless steel backs. 2 smaller watches (1 blue, 1 black) without stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 415

Men's Watch Faces/Cases and Miscellaneous Parts

1 100% stainless steel silver toned wrist band. 2 gold toned wrist bands with cases. 1 Guess watch backing. 18 watch faces-all with stainless steel backs. 1 vintage style watch face with back missing. 1 watch case glass piece.
Lot #: 416

Stop Watches and Around Watch

2 black stop watches with lanyards. 1 blue lanyard. 1 blue BancCentral wrap around watch.
Lot #: 417

Timex Genuine Calfskin band Wrist Watch

1 black band watch with backing off and battery removed.
Lot #: 418

Nautica & Elgin Watch boxes

2 boxes. 1 wooden Nautica box and 1 faux leather Elgin box.
Lot #: 419

Orlando Gold & Silver Toned Women's Watches

2 women's watches with dual tones. Still in box. No lids to box. Stainless steel backs.
Lot #: 420

Malibu Yacht Club Dual Toned Watch Still in Box

Dual toned Malibu watch with stainless steel back.
Lot #: 421

Precision by Gruen Watch & Case

Gold toned women's watch with stainless steel back and clear stone like embellishment around watch case.
Lot #: 422

Wittnauer Men's Gold tone Watch & Box

men's gold tone watch with flat chain band and stainless steel back. In original box.
Lot #: 423

Vintage Medana Women's Gold Tone Face Watch

women's vintage watch with Gold tone face, genuine black leather band. Unique
Lot #: 424

Hamilton Women's 14K Gold Filled Watch & Box

Hamilton women's gold tone watch with 14K Gold filled casing with stretch band. In original box.
Lot #: 425

Vintage Gothic Brand watch in Original Box

small vintage watch in original box. Band has been broken.
Lot #: 426

Elgin Gold Toned Pocket watch with Chain & Box

gold toned pocket watch with Brass bezel, black cover detail.
Lot #: 427

Genuine Diamond Dial Silver Toned Watch & Box

Silver toned men's watch with box. Genuine Diamond Dial. Never been worn.
Lot #: 428

Misc. Jewelry Pieces found while Metal Detecting

Many pieces of Jewelry and other metal items found while metal detecting.
Lot #: 429

The Boy Proof Watch- Pocket watch

Nickel plated pocket watch. Glass missing. In Original box.
Lot #: 430

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation pocket watch

The Franklin Mint, Gold toned pocket watch with deer detail on front. Detail on inside featured in pictures.
Lot #: 431

Majestime Gold Toned Bird Dog Theme pocket watch

gold toned intricate detailed pocket watch with bird dog them.
Lot #: 432

US Themed Silver Toned pocket watch with Chain

Silver toned pocket watch with 2006 Liberty cover, Silver Dollar design inside cover, Eagle on back.
Lot #: 433

Colibri Gold Toned Pocket watch with "F" on Cover

gold toned pocket watch with "F" engraved on cover.
Lot #: 434

American Civil War-Sesquicentennial Pocket Watch

gold toned pocket watch with 150th Anniversary and Soldier theme on front and back cover.
Lot #: 435

Armitron/ACME Gold Toned Pocket Watch with Watch

gold toned acme themed pocket watch with Tasmanian devil detail on watch face.
Lot #: 436

Dual Toned Pocket watch with Train Detail & Chain

silver and gold toned pocket watch with Train detail on cover.
Lot #: 437

Vintage style Silver toned Pocket watch with Chain

Vintage style silver toned pocket watch. Illinois on face. Second hand has fallen to bottom.
Lot #: 438

Waltham brand Rose Gold toned Pocket Watch

vintage style rose gold toned pocket watch with light detail on covers.
Lot #: 439

Hampden Watch Co. Silver toned Pocket Watch

Silver toned vintage style pocket watch. Glass is cracked.
Lot #: 440

TCU Brass Toned Pocket Watch & Chain-

Brotherhood Railway Carmen Division-TCU. AFL-CIO brass toned pocket watch with chain. Second hand has been bent.
Lot #: 441

Vintage Style Westclox Scotty Pocket Watch

vintage style silver toned pocket watch.
Lot #: 442

Gruen Thin Vintage pocket watch-Multitoned

Multiple toned pocket vintage style pocket watch. Engraved "J.H.G. 12-25-44
Lot #: 443

2 Silver Toned Vintage Simple Pocket Watches

2 silver toned pocket watches with simple design. James Michael and Relic brands.
Lot #: 444

Mentor 4 Jewels Silver toned pocket Watch

silver toned vintage style pocket watch. Black faced.
Lot #: 445

Westclox Scotty Silver toned Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage style pocket watch with silver tone and black face.
Lot #: 446

Wolverine Compass Style pocket Watch

compass style silver toned pocket watch. Stainless steel backing.
Lot #: 447

Westclox Pocket Watch & Leather/Metal accessories

Westclox Scotty vintage style silver toned pocket watch. Leather strap attached with 1971 Local 150 Operating Engineers AFL-CIO Pin, and brass toned metal with Manitowoc Shovels Cranes Draglines detail.
Lot #: 448

Bazzato Pocket Watch with chain and black case.

bazzite silver toned pocket watch with chain(broken), and black leather like clip on case.
Lot #: 449

Avon Gold Toned button Covers

Avon gold toned button covers. Set of 2 with box.
Lot #: 450

Swank Silver Toned Cuff Links

3 sets of Silver toned Swank Cuff links.
Lot #: 451

Square Silver Toned Cuff Links

Set of Silver toned square cuff links
Lot #: 452

Silver Toned Cuff Links Dark stone Embellishment

2 sets of Round silver toned cuff links with dark stone embellishments. Dark gray and Black.
Lot #: 453

Gold Toned Cuff Links

4 sets of 2- Gold toned cuff links. 1-rectangular shaped with red toned stone embellishment. 1 rounded square shape with Fleur de Lis design. 1 rounded rectangle with H.M. engraving (1 has broken back). 1- hexagon shape.
Lot #: 454

Single Cuff Links

5 single cuff links of different designs. 4 gold toned-some with stone embellishment. 1 silver toned.
Lot #: 455

Vintage 10K Gold Swank Cuff Links and Tie Clip

set of cuff links and tie clip with Red stone like embellishment
Lot #: 456

French Cuff Links and Collar Clip

silver toned cuff links and Collar clip with engraved design.
Lot #: 457

Collar Pins with Cube Ends and Safety Pin Design

2 silver tone designed Collar pins with cube ends. 1 gold tone cube end collar pin. 1 silver toned safety pin design collar pin.
Lot #: 458

Simmons Men's Vintage Tie Collar bar

gold toned tie bar with engraving of 14KT GF.
Lot #: 459

Rotary International Men's Tie Clips

2 Rotary international men's tie clips
Lot #: 460

Gold Toned Men's Tie Clip/ Collar Pin

3 gold toned tie clips/collar pins. 1 bar with gold toned ball ends. 1 gold toned clip with stone embellishment. 1 gold tone clip with "W" engraving.
Lot #: 461

Men's Tie Clips with Chain Design & Gold Tone

4 gold toned clips in total. 1- with chain and wood carved pendant. 1- partially gold filled with two toned chain design. 1- with chunky chain design. 1- with chain and pendant with religious design
Lot #: 462

Men's Silver Toned Tie Clips

1-Advanced Food Company. 1-"DB" design. 1- silver toned.
Lot #: 463

Miscellaneous Men's Collar Pins

6 total Pins. 25 year member. US flag. Pearl like pin. Anthony's pin. Northrop. Silver/black toned square pin.
Lot #: 464

Lapel Pins of Different designs

5 total lapel pins. 2 gold toned. 2 silver toned. And 1 dual toned. Some with stone like embellishments.
Lot #: 465

Swank & Avon Gold Toned Lapel Pins

2 gold toned lapel pins with 1 black stone like design. 1-amber like stone design.
Lot #: 466

Black and Silver Toned Square Lapel pin

1 black and silver toned square lapel pin.
Lot #: 467

Coronado Gold Toned Set of 2 Lapel Pins

1- black and clear stone design. 1-peach and black stripe design.
Lot #: 468

Anson Gold Toned Key Chains

2 Gold toned Anson key chains still in box.
Lot #: 469

Money Clips

3 money clips. 1-gold toned clip with "Easy Come Easy Go". 1- gold toned clip with "Silver Issue 4 Gr. Fine Silver 999. Simmons since 1873. 7618090. 1- black iridescent tone clip.
Lot #: 470

Random Men's Accessories

1 black tone men's bracelet. 1 Reames Motor Co. Fairview Okla. Key chain. 2 silver toned belt buckles. (1 large belt buckle. 1 small watch buckle)
Lot #: 471

Women's Gold Tone Hoop Earrings

14 Sets of gold tone hoop earrings of all different shapes and sizes.
Lot #: 472

Multiple Women's Gold Toned Earring

21 Sets of gold toned earrings. Stud backs. 1 set of hoop earrings has missing piece. (look at pic)with case.
Lot #: 473

Women's Large style Earring both Stud and Clip on

Large style earrings in all different tones and styles. Stud back and clip on backs. 14 sets in all. Comes with case.
Lot #: 474

Women's Medium size earrings with Stud & Clip on

18 Medium sized earrings in multiple tones and styles. Stud back and clip on. Comes with case.
Lot #: 475

Boy Scout Bolos

5 boy scout bolos. Metal with emblem on front.
Lot #: 476

Women's Multiple Size Pendants

9 different pendants of all shapes, styles and sizes.
Lot #: 477

Women's Large Gold Toned Broaches

multiple styles of broaches in Gold tones. One vintage style broach has pen attached.
Lot #: 478

Angel Broaches

4 angel Broaches. 2 with pearl like embellishment and one with Clear stone embellishment.
Lot #: 479

Rotary International Broach

pendant with gold tone bow and Rotary pendant
Lot #: 480

Butterfly Broaches

3 butterfly shape broaches. 2 Gold toned with colorful wings. 1 gem like style one wing that has fallen off but in lot.
Lot #: 481

Colorful Broaches of All styles

13 broaches of all styles. Floral stone like, Santa, Antique style, USA, etc.
Lot #: 482

Gold and Silver toned broaches

5 broaches. 1 with metal style, 'N' engraving, Nut cracker shape with broken back, and 2 silver toned simple style broaches
Lot #: 483

Bolos with Cloth Ties

2 bolos. One with horse pendant. 1 with "L" on both bolo pieces.
Lot #: 484

Cowboy and Indian Theme Bolos

2 bolos both with black leather like ties. 1 has silver toned cowboy hat. 1 with Native American Chief .
Lot #: 485

Eagle Inlay Bolo Tie

Bolo with black leather like ties, Eagle inlay bolo and end pieces.
Lot #: 486

Trail of Tears Bolo Tie

Bolo with black leather like ties, Trail of Tears design with turquoise like and dark coral like stones.
Lot #: 487

Vintage Concho Belt with Turquoise like Accents

Silver toned chain with turquoise like accents and eagle pendant. Turquoise like stone included.
Lot #: 488

Gold Toned Necklace & broach pin

Gold toned chunky style necklace. Gold toned broach with pin attachment.
Lot #: 489

Silver & Black toned Bracelet & Earring set

black & silver toned bracelet with clasp closure and black and silver toned drop earrings.
Lot #: 490

Necklaces & Bracelet

3 necklaces and 1 bracelet. 1 long gold toned chain necklace with clear apple pendant. 1 Silver toned chain and earrings with Clear stone round pendant and earrings. 1 silver toned bracelet with angle figures.
Lot #: 491

Women's Earrings

multiple sets of women's earrings. Studs and hook earrings. With holders.
Lot #: 492

Miscellaneous Jewelry Pieces

Gold toned bear in Hallmark box. Multiple backs including hook, and stud backs. 2 single hoop earrings. Bumble bee jewelry pieces. Gold toned musical ChapStick holder.
Lot #: 493

Lindenwold's Cubic Zirconia Diamond w/certificate

Genuine Cub Zirconia. Round Brilliant. 58 facets. Details in pictures.
Lot #: 494

Lindenwold's Set of stones

set of five stones. 4 clear colored and 1 red colored. No certificates provided.
Lot #: 495

Jewelry Gauges

1-Baker & Co. 1-Karlan & Bleicher Inc. 1 Hoover & Strong. 1 magnifying glass.
Lot #: 496

Small Vintage Style spoons

1 Gerber spoon with Paul 12-1-93 engraved. 1 gold toned Cresca spoon. 1-St. Louis, MO spoon.
Lot #: 497

Miscellaneous Vintage Finds

2 mini schnauzer figures (1 black, 1 cream). Bag of small tickets. 1 magnetic bar. Large nail with "57" on end. Mini compass. Small pendant.
Lot #: 498

Vintage Finds

1-round marketing piece for Pyramid soap Powder. 1 vintage gold toned make up compact. 1-vintage Janney Common Sense Mill pin.
Lot #: 499

Jewelry boxes and organizer

3 felt/metal empty jewelry boxes. 1 Zales empty box. And one organizing piece.
Lot #: 500

Men's Gold Rings

3 rings. one is 18K gold. 1 has stone missing with drill design., 1 is plated, 1 unsure
Lot #: 501

Men's Gold Tone Ring

1 gold tone ring with design thru middle.
Lot #: 502

Men's Silver toned ring with Turquoise Like Stone

men's ring with longhorn design on sides and turquoise like stone.
Lot #: 503

Men's lightweight Silver toned Ring

Silver toned ring with black and turquoise colored design on front.
Lot #: 504

Women's 14K White Gold Rings

3 rings. 1 ring with eagle design "tote". 1 ring with three stones with red, blue, and purple in color. 1 ring band with simple flat design.
Lot #: 505

Women's Rings with Diamond or Synthetic Diamonds

3 rings. 1 with pearl like stone in middle with small "diamonds" surrounding it, 1 diamond missing from setting. 1 with cluster of "diamonds" set in silver toned ring. 1 with Purple stones and small diamonds surrounding. ( diamonds tested with Diamond Selector II. -Synthetic moissanite not distinguishable with this tester.
Lot #: 506

Women's Simple Costume Rings

4 total rings. 3 Silver tone rings. 1 with "I Love you" engraved. 1 with intricate design. 1 plain silver toned band. 1 gold toned band with other metal colors.
Lot #: 507

Women's Gold Tone & Pearl like cluster ring

1 gold toned ring with cluster of Pearl like stones. Stones have fallen off. Loose stones in bag.
Lot #: 508

Women's Costume Rings

3 rings. 1 small silver toned band with diamond like round stone. 1 gold toned ring with red single round stone. 1 silver toned ring with turquoise like stone.
Lot #: 509

Gen. Stand Watie, C.S.A. Coins

Oklahoma Numismatic Association 1976. 1806-1871 Gen. Stand Watie, C.S.A. Oklahoma Coins. (2)
Lot #: 510

Coins-Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma 1907

2 coins. Both have Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma on one side. 1 has Neal McCaleb, Sec., Herschal Crow, CHM. Frank Keating, Gov. etc. on back of coin. 1 is smaller and gold in color with 50th Anniversary, Oklahoma the 46th State.
Lot #: 511

Honoring the American Veteran Coin

Single coin honoring the American Veteran. 1977 Preserving American Freedom.
Lot #: 512

Coin-Discover Flying in a Piper

Gold tone coin with Discover Flying in a Piper. Introductory Flying Lesson.
Lot #: 513

Man in Space coins, Microgravity Lab, & Astronaut

1 coin in case with U.S. Microgravity lab-14 Day Mission. KSC-July 9, 1992. STS-50 Columbia-June 25, 1992-USML. 3 coins-Man in Space: Apollo IX, Apollo X, Gemini V. 1 coin/pendant with Astronaut: We Came in Peace for All Man Kind.
Lot #: 514

No Cash Value Coins

28 of no cash value. Car wash, Aladdin, etc.
Lot #: 515

Vintage State Consumer Tax Tokens

Multiple consumer tax tokens of different shapes and sizes from multiple states.
Lot #: 516

Coca-Cola Coin

coin in card. Coca-Cola logo
Lot #: 517

Good For One Full Fair

2 coins: Amarillo Bus Co. and Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. 1924 LTD.
Lot #: 518

Ceaat Coin Greek Replica Copies

set of 4 Greek Coin replicas
Lot #: 519

Vintage TINACTIN Pharmaceutical Token

ornate old metal coin with TINACTIN on back
Lot #: 520

Common Wealth Massachusetts Coin

coin with common wealth- Massachusetts 1788
Lot #: 521

Boy Scout Coin

On My Honor I Will Do My Best-Be Prepared coin
Lot #: 522

Miscellaneous World Coins

Sedan Thor Non Silba 1922. Australia 1971. USA Half dollar-Centavos (20) 1963 on back. República De Chile-Un Peso 1954. Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1950.
Lot #: 523

Heads and Tails Coins

coins with woman's heads and tails on either side. Set of 3.
Lot #: 524

Club, Award, Prize, and Accomplishment Coins

Set of 9 coins. Homeland Service Award, University of Tulsa, History Channel Club, Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure club 1916, PGA tour member, etc.
Lot #: 525

Miscellaneous Coins

31 coins, 1 Dodge city marshal badge, and one metal hammer charm/pendant. Coins consist of tokens, rolled coins, tax coins, state coins, prayer coins, Indianapolis Colts coin, marketing coins.
Lot #: 526

Religious, Readers Digest, Good Luck Coins, etc.

4 religious coins, and 5 other coins each individual in purpose.
Lot #: 527

Presidential, Memorial, and Treasury Coins

8 Uncirculated treasury U. S. Mint (4 Denver, 4 Philadelphia). 17 Coins with US Presidents and Facts on back. 2 cardboard coins with pictures of presidents. Freedom Coin.
Lot #: 528

Bank Coins

9 total coins. 6 First State Bank-Our 75th Year, Sportsman's Paradise Jet, Oklahoma- Since 1902. 1 Central National Bank - Alva, OK 1913-1976. 1 The First National Bank 1907-1976 Enid, OK. 1 Freedom State Bank-Freedom, OK 1919-1976- Our 57th Year.
Lot #: 529

Baseball Centennial Series 1869-1969

21 coins each with different baseball player on front.
Lot #: 530

Buffalo Nickels & 1943 One Cent

2 buffalo nickels & 1 One Cent coin-1943
Lot #: 531

Wrestling Coins

2-Ray Wilson's Hide-Away, HDQRS World's Wrist-Wrestling Championship. 9- Home of the World's WristWrestling Championship INC. 1976. President Bill Soberanes.
Lot #: 532

Wooden Nickels

25 wooden nickels of various marketing and design
Lot #: 533

Miscellaneous Coins

various coins of marketing, fact, brands, etc.
Lot #: 534

Santa Fe Specific Memorabilia

1 gold toned magnet coin, 1 magnet with Santa Fe. 1 pin with train. 1 Santa Fe Pacific GOLD Corporation key chain. 1 M.K.T. Lines Thirty Year Veteran Pin.
Lot #: 535

Jewelry/Ring Boxes

6 small jewelry boxes with clear tops.
Lot #: 536

Glass and Plastic Covered Displays

6 small displays with plastic clear covers. 5 small displays with glass covers. 3 large displays with glass covers(1 glass cover has large crack. 1 metal fishing hook design display without cover. Each has slightly different wooden bottom. Some have wooden top knobs or clear knobs.
Lot #: 537

Snoopy Calendars & Star wars- Dark Horse Book

Snoopy 1982 & 1983 Fun Fact Calendars(used). Star Wars Legacy Volume Two Shards-Dark Horse Books.
Lot #: 538

The Highland Mint Sports Collection

The Highland Mint Oklahoma City Thunder- The Finals: Western Conference Champions coin with stand. 5 The Highland Mint: Mint-Card Sports Collection. 3 Jerry Stackhouse. 2 Damon Stoudamire. 1996 Bronze.
Lot #: 539

U.S. Large Coins, Paper Weight, & Bank

United States of America 1877 One Cent large Coin & Coin Bank. United States of American One Dollar large coin & Paper Weight.
Lot #: 540

Coin Designed Lighter, Ash Tray, & Paper Weights

2 Clear paper weights with coins inside. Dimes inside cube paper weight, pennies inside Decagon. Clear cubed lighter with quart, nickel, and dime inside. Ash tray with quarter, dime, nickel, and penny inside.
Lot #: 541

Beethoven & Bach Hanging Plaques

2 small plaques- one with Beethoven, one with Bach.
Lot #: 542

Vintage Glass Flower Frogs

7 total flower frogs. 4 large, 3 small.
Lot #: 543

Pokémon Marbles with Tin

Pokémon metal case full of Pokémon marbles.
Lot #: 544

Solid Colored & Iridescent Marbles

1 can of iridescent marbles and 1 set of solid colored marbles.
Lot #: 545

Bag of Multiple Types of Marbles

1 large bag of marbles weighing 6.8 lbs.
Lot #: 546

Red Leather cinch Bag full of Marbles

1 small leather tote bag full of all different types of marbles. Total weight 3.8 lbs.
Lot #: 547

Marble Collectors Guide

Book of Marbles-Identification & price guide. Super Star Collectable Action Marbles. Marble weight. 3 sets of Chinese Checkers.
Lot #: 548

Large Set of Marbles (3 bags)

2 large bags of Marbles. 1 small bag of marbles. All of different colors and sizes. Total weight 17.6 lbs.
Lot #: 549

Marbles with Organization Case

large case with multiple sizes, color, and kinds of marbles.
Lot #: 550

Leather & Cloth Bag of Small & Medium Marbles

1 small leather bag of small solid color marbles. 1 cloth bag of miscellaneous medium- small size marbles.
Lot #: 551

Vintage Glass Bottles From Oklahoma

13 vintage glass bottles from Enid, Kingfisher, Guthrie, Oklahoma City, O.K. Ter., Miami, Hobart, and Watonga.
Lot #: 552

Coca-Cola, Squeeze, & Gulps Vintage Glass Bottles

4 total glass bottles. 2 Coca-Cola 6 oz bottles. 1 Squeeze 7 oz bottle. 1 Gulps Bottle-Drumright, OK.
Lot #: 553

Collect U.S. Commemoratives Stamps

Collect U.S. Commemoratives: They're Fun, History, and America. 22 total envelopes of stamps.
Lot #: 554

Copyright Griffith & Griffith Post Cards

2 vintage cards pictured.
Lot #: 555

US Stamps: Political, History, Presidential Stamps

US stamp collection with Postal Service, historical, Thomas Edison, presidential, Cherokee strip, etc.
Lot #: 556

Flight, Space, & Astronaut Stamps

Multiple different stamps that include The Charles Lindbergh: 75th Anniversary of the First Solo Trans-Atlantic Flight, The Epic Flight of Apollo/ Soyuz 1975, The STS-8 Flight Cover USPS/NASA, etc.
Lot #: 557

Disney & Looney Tunes Stamps

3 sets of Disney stamp cards, and 5 Looney Tune stamps.
Lot #: 558

Best Stamps of 1985, 1986, & 1987

3 total frames with stands. Selected as the Best Stamp Issues of these three years by the Postal Commemorative Society Membership.
Lot #: 559

Mint Sheet File Stamp Albums

13 total albums with stamps from mint collections.
Lot #: 560

International Society of Postmasters

Certificate of Authenticity of the World's First Stamps. Cards from multiple countries.
Lot #: 561

Post Card Album & Cards

Black Post Card album with multiple different post cards inside. Also, multiple different post cards as seen in pictures.
Lot #: 562

Worldly Stamps

Postage Stamps of the USSR, Complete Russia Postage Stamp set, 150 Flags of the World, US state Flag stamps, etc.
Lot #: 563

World of Stamp Series

6 sets: The Genius of Michelangelo, Signs of the Zodiac, 3-Dimensional Wild Animals, Fighting Ships of the Revolution, The Circus, & The Thirteen Colonies.
Lot #: 564

Scott Minuteman Stamp Albums

2 separate albums. 1 with Cover: United States and Nations, 1 without cover: United States.
Lot #: 565

1987 American Wildlife U.S. First Day Covers

Postal Commemorative Society 1987 American Wildlife U.S. First Day Covers Album by Ralph E. Faulkner. Multiple other small stamp sets of Wildlife and Nature.
Lot #: 566

Stamp Collectors Handbooks, Checklists, & Albums

1991 U.S. Pocket Stamp catalog and checklist, Linn's World Stamp Almanac, Young Stamp Collector, Fully Illustrated Stamp Album of the World(1961), Fully Illustrated Universal Stamp Album(1966-67), USA Philatelic(2), World Wide Stamp Collecting Album, Soccer...The World's Most Popular Sport Stamp Album, Harris-Pioneer World Wide Postage Stamp Album.
Lot #: 567

U.S. Postal Service Special Stamps

9 total albums. 1972 mini album, 1974, 1977, 1978(2), 1979(2), 1980, 1986 mint Sets.
Lot #: 568

Stamp Collectors Accessories

Scott Mounts, Showgard stamp mounts, and other miscellaneous items to help you collect.
Lot #: 569

Clarence A. O'Brien Record of Invention Patent

Vintage Clarence A. O'Brien Record of Invention, Envelope, letter, etc.
Lot #: 570

Vintage Postage Stamp Books & War Ration Book

War Ration Book No. 3 with stamps, "Everything For the Stamp Collector", The Harris Catalog, U.S. Stamp identifier, Albums and Supplies for Collectors, Terms of Sale book, & Vintage Envelope of Cheyenne Frontier Days.
Lot #: 571

Vintage New World Wide Postage Stamp Albums

2-The New World Wide Postage Stamp Albums. 1 King Of Hobbies, Hobby of Kings: The Adventurer Album Postage Stamps of the World.
Lot #: 572

Confederate Postage 1861-1864 Framed

Wood Framed Set of Confederate postage dating 1861-1864. 6 total stamps.
Lot #: 573

The Harris Independence United States Stamp Album

1 album with Independence US postage stamps.
Lot #: 574

The US Postal Service Mint Set 1981-84, 89-91

6 total sets/books of Definitive stamps and postal stationary. Years 1981,82,83,84,89-90, and 91.
Lot #: 575

Christmas, Sports, State, & Centennial stamps

Stamp sets include: Christmas, State specific, Chester centennial, Cherokee Strip Land Run, Keeper of the Plains, Sports, Lighthouse, and Trains.
Lot #: 576

White Ace US Migratory-Bird Hunting Stamp Album

Migratory-Bird Hunting Stamp Album with miscellaneous cards/stamps. Large black plaque with stamps of birds with clear cover.
Lot #: 577

Legends of the West Commemorative Stamps

First Day of Issue October 18, 1994. Book of Stamps-2 sheets, and fact cards.
Lot #: 578

U.S. First Day Covers & Special Covers

Postal Commemorative Society U.S. First Day Covers & Special Covers binder, & multiple miscellaneous First day covers.
Lot #: 579

Albums full of Stamps

1 large binder full of pages of stamps of all kinds. 1 small black binder of stamps. 1 - The Collector's stock book.
Lot #: 580

Boxes of Miscellaneous Stamps

4 small boxes of miscellaneous stamps.
Lot #: 581

US Envelope Stamps 1972-75 & Multiple Sheets

Pack of US Envelope Stamps dating 1972-75. Multiple sheets of different stamps within clear coverings & more.
Lot #: 582


multiple bags of miscellaneous stamps.
Lot #: 583

Sheets of Organized Stamps & James Cagney

Multiple stamps in organized clear sheets including a sheet of Legend of Hollywood: James Cagney
Lot #: 584

Vintage Article of Largest Meteorite Found

three clear protective sheets of articles about the Largest pallisite Meteorite found.
Lot #: 586

USKG Youth Golf bag

Black and Yellow USKG youth golf bag.
Lot #: 587

Adult Golf Bag with Clubs & Tees

Adult Black/Navy golf bag with 5 clubs/1 cover. And box of Nifty golf tees.
Lot #: 588

Miniature Eagle and Crazy Horse Statue

stone like statues: eagle, and Crazy Horse 1/1200 scale model Crazy Horse Black Hills, SD.
Lot #: 589

Pottery Vases

2 small green vases made of pottery. 1 small orange/red vase.
Lot #: 590

Western Belt Buckles

2 buckles. 1 with shiny two toned metal finish and star/floral design. 1 Zee series buckle with matte gray toned finish with Longhorns & "S" on front.
Lot #: 591

Bearded Man with Stocking Cap Framed Picture

18 x 24 inch plastic framed picture. 258/500.
Lot #: 593

Reds Jersey Hangar and Frame

43 x 35 inch Black Frame with glass front that holds Jersey. Reds emblem on glass front.
Lot #: 594

Enid Plainsman Football Helmet with Signatures

Enid High Football helmet with signatures by Jerry Keeling (deceased), Shawn Mills, Ken Mendenhall, and Lydell Carr.
Lot #: 595

2020 6A High School Football Coach of the Year

Enid High Plainsman Helmet Signed by Rashaun Woods 2020 6A Coach of the Year.
Lot #: 596

Jermaine Gresham-Oklahoma Sooners Rookie Cards

4 total cards. 1-Rookie Auto Jersey Card in case(243/375).1- Rookie Materials Jersey/Auto card in case(7/20). 1 Exquisite Collection-Rookie Signature Patch(28/120). 1- Authentics Rookie-Autograph Patch card in case (131/199).
Lot #: 597

Ryan Broyles Ultimate Rookie Signature Card

1 card in case with Ryan Broyles Ultimate Rookie Signature Card (J9JT2)
Lot #: 598

Classic All-Rookie Basketball Cards

2 cards: Harold Miner 1993: 319. Christian Laettner 1993: 317.
Lot #: 599

Jermaine Gresham- Bengals Football Cards in Cases

Limited Jermaine Gresham Bengals #84. (01/10). Limited Jermaine Gresham Phenoms-Bengals(16/25).
Lot #: 600

James Washington-Steelers Collection Football Card

Immaculate Collection James Washington-Steelers Football card in case with signature patches. No. IS-JW.
Lot #: 601

Draft Football Cards with Covers

A.J. Brown Draft card(01). A.J. Brown Touchdown Kings Card (87). Deebo Samuel Card (19). Deebo Samuel Touchdown Kings (81). Emmitt Smith 1990 Flashback card (06).
Lot #: 602

Baseball Cards Barry Bonds & Brien Taylor

Home Field Advantage Electric Diamond Card Barry Bonds-San Francisco Giants (280). 1991 Classic Draft Picks Brien Taylor.
Lot #: 603

OU 2000 National Champions Football Cards

Total of 56 Commemorative Trading Cards of the 2000 National Championship Team.
Lot #: 604

Mason Rudolph-OSU Football Cards

1-Ultimate leaf Draft 2018 Mason Rudolph QB (BA-MR1). 1- College Ticket OSU Panini Contenders Draft Picks 2018 QB Mason Rudolph No. 111.
Lot #: 605

James Washington & Justice Hill OSU Football Cards

Majestic Brand James Washington OSU football card (04/99). Leaf Trinity 2019 Authentic Player-Worn Patch Authentic Signature Justice Hill OSU football card (PA-JH1).
Lot #: 606

Pokémon Cards in Protective Covers

set of 4 Pokémon cards in clear covers. 2 Fennekin. 1 Mudkip. 1 Bulbasaur.
Lot #: 607

Bo Jackson Baseball Cards

2 Upper Deck 1990 Bo Jackson-KC Royals baseball cards.
Lot #: 608

Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards

2 Rated Rookie Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards.
Lot #: 609

Legends of Baseball & Baseball Sluggers Stamps

2 sheets of Legends of Baseball stamps. 1 sheet of baseball sluggers stamps.
Lot #: 610

Brent Price-Kings 2001-2002 Signed Pictures

2-8" x 10" pictures of Brent Price-Kings signed.
Lot #: 611

OKC Thunder- Best of the West From the Oklahoman

2- magazines of 2012 OKC Thunder Season Review. Published with stories and photos from the Oklahoman.
Lot #: 612

Elvis-Kang Rhee Institute of Taekwondo Collection

8 pieces with stack of multiple different small pictures. 1-Framed Registration/Certification for Elvis. 1-Tennessee Karate Institute Certificate of Rank. 1- stack of small pictures with multiple different poses. 1- Signed Elvis card with certification No. 18026.1-Kang Rhee free pass card. 1-1992 The Elvis Collection, #542 Elvis Presley/Kang Rhee-Signed by Kang Rhee. JSA Cert. #X43310. 2 unsigned pictures of Elvis and Karate Class. 1 picture signed by Wayne Carmen.
Lot #: 613

Certificate of Authenticity-Kang Rhee/Elvis Cards

1 framed Kang Rhee Institute of Taekwondo for Elvis Presley. 1 certificate of rank for Tennessee Karate Institute-Elvis Presley. 1 portrait of Karate Class with signatures and Certification No. AA47499. Certificate of Authenticity 1992 "The Elvis Collection". Card Signed by Kang Rhee. 1 World of Black Belt Bureau Hand book.
Lot #: 614

Signed Portraits of Elvis, Kang Rhee, Wayne Carman

5 separate portraits(3-8/10", 1-5" x 5", 1-3.5" x 3.5") & 1 card. Large Portraits signed by Wayne Carmen(1 with JSA certification No. NN11918. 2 small portraits signed by Kang Rhee. Card signed by Kang Rhee.
Lot #: 615

Unsigned Portraits of Elvis/Karate Institute

3 double sided 8" x 10" portraits in clear covers. 4 separate poses.
Lot #: 616

Elvis karate Portraits & Karate Certificate

4 single sided 8" x 10" portraits in clear covers unsigned with Elvis in Karate attire. 1 certificate of rank for Tennessee Karate Institute.
Lot #: 617

Elvis Karate Portraits Unsigned & Without Covers

8-8" x 10" portraits of Elvis & Kang Rhee in Karate Attire. 3 identical -8" x 8" portraits of Kang Rhee & Elvis together.
Lot #: 618

Kang Rhee Institute Poster Portraits with Elvis

3-16 x 20 inch portraits. 1- certificate. 1- group portrait. 1- with Kang Rhee & Elvis. All unsigned and without covers.
Lot #: 619

Kang Rhee & Elvis Posters

2- 16 x 20 in posters of Kang Rhee and Elvis. Unsigned and uncovered.
Lot #: 620

Elvis Karate Group Posters

2-16 x 20 in posters of Elvis with Karate group and crowd. Unsigned and uncovered.
Lot #: 621

Elvis Karate posters with Cecile & Kang Rhee

2-16 x 20 in signed posters of Elvis and Cecile & Kang Rhee at Rhee's Karate Institute. JSA No. JJ06470 & No. N18137. Signed and Covered.
Lot #: 622

Elvis & Karate Partner Signed Posters

2 16 x 20 in signed posters of Elvis and Karate Partners. JSA No. N18151 & No. N18097. Signed and covered.
Lot #: 623

Elvis & Kang Rhee Signed Poster Card Authenticated

1-30 x 20 in poster signed by Kang Rhee on Sept. 16, 1974. JSA No. X07974(Poster has been rolled. 1- Letter of Authenticity. 1-card with clear protector signed by Kang Rhee-Memphis, TN.
Lot #: 624

Elvis Presley "Good Rockin' Tonight" Gold Record

SUN #223 Elvis Presley Framed record with signatures by Wayne Carman and Dave Hebler. JSA No. NN11920.
Lot #: 625

Elvis Presley "Mystery Train" Gold Record

SUN #223 Elvis Presley Framed record with signatures by Wayne Carman and Dave Hebler. JSA No. NN11921.
Lot #: 626

Elvis Presley Sun Records Vinyl Record Covers

5 different record slip covers. (covers only). No. 209,210,215,217,223.
Lot #: 627

Elvis Presley Books: His Life & Karate

1- Direct From Graceland, Elvis is Back in the Building in Las Vegas for the first time in 40 Years: Souvenir Program. 1-Elvis Presley PaSaRyu: Karate Photo Album by Kang Rhee-Yong Rhee- Steve Black. Signed by Kang Rhee-Yong Rhee-Steve Black-Wayne Carman-Dave Hebler. JSA Authenticated. Elvis's Karate Legacy: The Untold Story of Elvis Presley's Faith, Spirit, and Discipline. By Friend and Training Partner Wayne Carmen. Signed and Authenticated JSA No. AC20847.
Lot #: 628

American Flag Poster: What She Stands For

20 x 17 in poster of American Flag with writing by David Franklin 2006. "What She Stands For".
Lot #: 629

Ryan Broyles Detroit Lions Football Cards

Prestige 2012 Prestigious Picks Lions 2nd round Card No. 32. 35/99. Panini Contenders 2012 Rookie Ticket. Card No. 222.
Lot #: 630

Jerome Bettis Rookie Football Cards

1993 Classic Games Jerome Bettis RB football card in cover. 1993 Limited Print Rookie Card of Jerome Bettis. 1/63,400. LP 13.
Lot #: 631

Bill Krisher 5 x 7 Signed Portraits

1-Dallas Texans Bill Krisher All Pro Guard 1960-61. 1-Bill Krisher All American 1956-57. 1- Dallas Texans Bill Krisher All Pro Guard 1960 1961.
Lot #: 632

Sam Bradford 16 x 20 Poster

1- Sam Bradford 16 x 20 poster. Unsigned.
Lot #: 633

Sport Illustrated Oklahoma Vs. Texas

2 Sports Illustrated Magazines. Cover of Saturday Showdown: Oklahoma Vs. Texas. October 11, 2004.
Lot #: 634

OU Heisman Trophy Recipients

1- 8" x 10" Signed portrait of Jason White, Steve Owens, and Billy Sims. JSA No. LL66754. 1-8" x 10" Portrait of OU Heisman trophy recipients years 1952,69,78,2003,2008. Both Protected with clear plastic cover.
Lot #: 635

J. White, B. Sims, S. Owens OU Heisman cards

2- 8" x 10" cards with Jason White, Billy Sims, and Steve Owens signatures. No certificates available. No protective covering.
Lot #: 636

Barry Switzer-OU Coach Signed Card

1-2011 Upper Deck University of Oklahoma card in plastic cover of Barry Switzer-Coach: National Champion 1974,75,85. NC-SW. SU2WF.
Lot #: 637

Ryan Broyles Signed Rookie Card

Ryan Broyles Wide Receiver Signed Rookie Card. 2012 Press Pass signings.
Lot #: 638

OU Football Championship Poster 1948-69

18 x 24" poster of OU Football championships with signatures. Signatures by Wayne Lee, Bill Krisher, Chuck Brown, and Jay Allen. Poster has been rolled.
Lot #: 639

OU Football Championship Poster 1970-2004

18 x 24" poster of OU Football Championships with signatures. Signatures by Joey Washington and Tinker Owens. Poster has been rolled.
Lot #: 640

OU Women's Basketball 2017-18 Poster

18 x 24" poster of OU Women's Basketball Team 2017-18. 18 straight NCAA appearances. Signatures by Coach Sherri Coale and all Players on Poster. Poster has been rolled. (stapler and Measuring tape not included)
Lot #: 641

OU/OSU Bedlam Poster-Clint Chelf Signature

36 x 24" poster of OU vs OSU bedlam game. Clint Chelf signature. Poster has been rolled. (stapler, hole punch, measuring tape, and tape dispenser not included)
Lot #: 642

OSU 1st Edition Cowboy Trading Cards

1-box 1st Edition OSU Cowboys Trading Cards-All Sports. Never opened. Randomly packaged autographed cards by Thurman Thomas. 1- set of 1-100 trading cards in protective clear organizers. All sports.
Lot #: 643

OSU Ricky Young Signed Football Cards

2- signed Ricky Young Football cards in clear covers.
Lot #: 644

OSU Pat Jones Signed Football Coach Cards

2- signed Pat Jones football coach cards in clear covers.
Lot #: 645

OSU Paul Blair Signed Football Cards

2- signed Paul Blair Football Cards in clear covers.
Lot #: 646

OSU 1945 NCAA Basketball Champions Card Signed

1- Oklahoma State 1945 NCAA Basketball Champions card signed by Bob Kurland. JSA Certification card & No. II31611.
Lot #: 647

OSU Mike Holder & 1987 NCAA Championship Team

1- OSU Mike Holder & 1987 NCAA Championship team signed card. JSA Certification card & number II31618. Signed by all on card.
Lot #: 648

OSU Bob Kurland Signed Card

1- OSU Bob Kurland card signed. JSA Certification card & No. II31613.
Lot #: 649

OSU Garth Brooks Trading Cards

2- OSU Garth Brooks trading cards in clear protective covers.
Lot #: 650

OSU Barry Sanders Posters

2- 20 x 16" OSU Barry Sanders posters. Posters have been rolled.(hole punch and stapler not included)
Lot #: 651

OSU Clint Chelf Signed Football Poster

1- 36 x 24" poster of OSU quarter back Clint Chelf. Signed by Clint Chelf. Poster has been rolled. (hole punch, tape dispenser, measuring tape, stapler not included)
Lot #: 652

GameStop Controller & Memory Card for PS2

Controller and memory card for PS2. 8MB memory card. Some wear and tear on handles.
Lot #: 653

JVC GR-65 Camera-Recorder/Player & Case

Camera-recorder/player with Promaster case, manuals, accessories, cords, and batteries.


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