10/24 Kretchmar Enid OK

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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2548 Homestead Rd, Enid, OK
Kitchen Appliances - Crystal - Cookbooks - Furniture- Household - Outdoor Furniture - Decorations - Wall DecorKaren Kretchmar Estate2548 Homestead Rd, Enid, OK Ends Tuesday Oct 24th 6PMPick up Times: Wednesday Oct 25th 2-6PMPickup recommendedShipping available on items under 10#s, no shipping on furniture items.Please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements - no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.ALL Items must be removed within 1 weeks from auction, if not removed or arrangements made they will be deemed abandoned.Any and All Items sold: Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise unless it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present to preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factor. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Lippard Auctioneers Inc or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. Auction Company reserves the right to bid on their own behalf, on the behalf of a bid left by other buyersWinning Online bidder please take Note: your card on file will be charged unless you called ahead to make other payment arrangements, or invoice is over $2,000. Call to make payment arrangements. 580-237-7174Any time you are experiencing issues you can have them call 844-775-4774 for help.Online Terms: All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factors. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Lippard Auctioneers Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Lippard Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.
Lot #: 1

Dining/Card Table and Chairs

Wooden round dining/card table with glass top. 4 wooden roller chairs with green fabric. (Table 47 diameter, 30 height).
Lot #: 2

Stainless/Wooden Handle Forks & Spoons

bag full of stainless steel and wooden handle forks and spoons
Lot #: 3

Stainless Silverware and Organizer

organizer full of silverware pieces. Forks, knives, spoons, and smaller pieces.
Lot #: 4

Kitchen Utensils-small

multiple mall kitchen utensils including juicer, knives, Christmas pieces, cream chargers, and thermometers.
Lot #: 5

Miscellaneous Drinking Glasses & Cups

multiple miscellaneous glasses, cups and mugs
Lot #: 6

Kitchen Appliance Accessories

juicers, choppers, cutters, slicers, and kitchen tools
Lot #: 7

Glass Fruit Bowls

2 medium glass fruit bowls with feet
Lot #: 8

Glass/Crystal tall Bowls

2 medium tall glass/crystal fruit bowls
Lot #: 9

Glass Pitcher/Bowls with Gold color detail

1 glass pitcher with gold colored detail and etching. 2 small pedestal bowls with gold color detailing, 1 small bowl.
Lot #: 10

Glass Pitchers & Coffee Pitcher

1 glass pitcher with green tint, 1 clear glass pitcher, and 1 white coffee pitcher.
Lot #: 11

Clear & Frosted Glass Pitchers

1 tall glass water pitcher, and 1 small frosted glass beer pitcher.
Lot #: 12

Glass/Crystal Platter with Lid

1 large glass/crystal platter with heavy lid.
Lot #: 13

Clear Plastic Ice Bucket

Clear plastic ice bucket with lid
Lot #: 14

Decorative Glass Bowls-Large

1 medium size glass bowl on pedestal, 1 large glass seashell shaped bowl.
Lot #: 15

Party cups/Plates

miscellaneous plastic party cups and plates
Lot #: 16

Large Metal Mixing Bowls w/Lids

1 large mixing bowl with measurements. 1 small mixing bowl with measurements. 4 plastic lids.
Lot #: 17

Pottery Barn Cereal Bowls with Dairy Ads

6 PB cereal bowls with dairy advertisements on side.
Lot #: 18

Fruit Vine Designed Pottery Mixing Bowls

4 ascending pottery mixing bowls with fruit vine design
Lot #: 19

Yumi Mixing Bowls

Set of ascending plastic mixing bowls and 1 large red wooden mixing bowl.
Lot #: 20

Large Plastic Food Storage Containers

multiple large plastic lids and bowls
Lot #: 21

Medium-Small Plastic Food Storage Containers

multiple sizes of plastic food storage containers
Lot #: 22

Barcelona, Bella Casa, and Fitz & Floyd Plates

Barcelona (5 large, 6 small plates), Bella Casa (6 mini plates), Fitz & Floyd (2 mini, 5 small plates).
Lot #: 23

Royal Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Dishes

Cream with Black edge. 5 large plates, 6 medium plates, 6 small plates, 3 bowls.
Lot #: 24

Pampered Chef-Family Heritage Pot w/Lid

maroon colored stoneware pot with lid.
Lot #: 25

ClayArt & Tabletops Gallery Plates, glass bowls

6 multicolored Tabletop Gallery plates, 3 bamboo designed ClayArt plates, 4 colored glass bowls with no name.
Lot #: 26

Fiesta & Lodge Kitchen ware

1 medium pale yellow Fiesta mixing bowl, 1 cast iron Lodge divide pan with handle. Cookie cutter and tenderizers.
Lot #: 27

Wooden Cutting Boards

1 large wooden cutting board and 1 small cheese cutting board with cutter.
Lot #: 28

Pot Holders, Storage Bag & Tortilla Warmers

multiple pot holders, banana storage bag and bag of tortilla warmers
Lot #: 29

Wine and Water Glasses

23 different wine glasses of shape and size, 11 short water glasses
Lot #: 30

Frosted Drinking Glasses

13 frosted drinking glasses
Lot #: 31

Miscellaneous Glass cups & accessories

16 wine glasses, 6 tall water glasses, miscellaneous small glass cups, 2 small maroon and clear glasses with handles.
Lot #: 32

Glass Bowls with metal Detail & D?cor

2 small glass bowls with metal detailing. 1 decorative piece and 1 metal serving spoon.
Lot #: 33

Multicolored Cocktail Plastic & Glass Pieces

multiple different types of glasses and plastic cups
Lot #: 34

Miscellaneous Kitchen D?cor & Mini Crockpot

small antique creamers, multiple small bowls/plates, and mini floral crockpot.
Lot #: 35

Bottle Opener, Signage, Foodsaver, & toothpicks

miscellaneous small kitchen tools, toothpicks, Foodsaver bags, bottle opener, etc.
Lot #: 36

Canning Supplies

multiple glass jars, funnels, mixer, sifter, etc.
Lot #: 37

Wine and Kitchen D?cor

Wine bottle lamp, decorative wine glass with lights, candle with fake flame. Each works.
Lot #: 38

Zebra and Colorful Kitchen D?cor

Black and glass stand with zebra design. Zebra charger. Metal bowl with colorful handles and fruit filled.
Lot #: 39

Glass Decorative Platter

1 large square platter, 1 large bowl, 1 rectangle glass dish.
Lot #: 40

Retro Style Electric Griddle

electric style retro griddle
Lot #: 41

Mueller Ultra Kettle & GNC Mini Chopper

Mueller Ultra Kettle with manual and GNC mini chopper with box.
Lot #: 42

Decorative Black and White Bowls

2 medium size bowls, 1 oval shaped lattice bowl.
Lot #: 43

Kitchen D?cor & Utensils Carrier

1 rectangle decorative platter with stand, 1 metal kitchen utensil carrier.
Lot #: 44

Butte Copper Company Mugs and Shaker

1 copper colored cocktail shaker with leather case and 2 Butte Copper Company mugs.
Lot #: 45

Kitchen Appliances-small

1 apple shaped chocolate maker, 1 toastmaster with glass lid, 1 Rival Seal-a-meal.
Lot #: 46

Kitchen Wall D?cor

1 clock, 1 chalk board, and 1 cocktail picture
Lot #: 47

William Sonoma and Home Essential Platters

1 large oval shaped platter, 1 medium rectangle plastic platter.
Lot #: 48

Pantry Organizers

multiple pantry organizer pieces
Lot #: 49

Paula Deen and Pampered Chef

1 large Paula Deen pan, 2 glass dishes with metal accessories
Lot #: 50

Baking Sheets, Platters, Cutting Boards, etc.

multiple baking sheets, cutting board, grease protector, throw-away pans, etc.
Lot #: 51

Margarita, Wine, and cocktail glasses

4 blue/green colored margarita glasses, wine glasses, cocktail glasses.
Lot #: 52

George Foreman Grill, GE Electric Griddle

1 George Foreman Grill, GE electric griddle with accessories
Lot #: 53

Electric Crockpots and Mixer

3 crockpots with lids and 1 electric mixer.
Lot #: 54

Miscellaneous Electrical Cords, phones, etc

multiple different types of electrical cords, home phones, etc.
Lot #: 55

Koozies, plastic ware, and baking dishes

koozies, plastic ware and baking ware
Lot #: 56

Baking Dishes and Accessories

multiple baking pans, cake and bread pans, rolling pin, etc.
Lot #: 57

Woll Pots and Pans

3 pans, 2 pots and 3 glass lids
Lot #: 58

Miscellaneous Pots and Pans

Miscellaneous Pots and Pans
Lot #: 59

Cystal/Glass pieces

3 crystal heavy small dishes
Lot #: 60

Crystal Tall Pedestal Dish

tall Crystal pedestal dish
Lot #: 61

Crystal Vase and Dishes

1 small vase, 3 different bowls and 1 pedestal dish with lid
Lot #: 62

Antiqued Dishes

5 different pieces. 2 plates, 2 bowls, 1 small tea pot with lid.
Lot #: 63

Miscellaneous Antique Looking Dishes

1 platter, 1 plate, 1 bowl with pitcher, 1 medium bowl, 2 small matching bowls.
Lot #: 64

Glass and Crystal Pieces

1 large glass bowl, 1 large crystal bowl, 1 crystal vase with lid.
Lot #: 65

Crystal Square Dishes

2 ascending square leaf dishes
Lot #: 66

Glass/Crystal Pieces

4 pieces. 2 bowls, 1 divided dish, 1 piece with metal handle.
Lot #: 67

Corning Ware -small

2 small corning ware dishes with blue design. 1 has lid.
Lot #: 68

Corning Ware -large

Corning Ware-Le Romarin large dish with glass lid.
Lot #: 69

Corelle Dishes

2 Corelle bowls, 1 Corelle oblong platter
Lot #: 70

Metal & Glass Outdoor Dining

1 high top metal table with glass top. 2 metal swivel chairs.
Lot #: 71

Outdoor Metal Shelf & Planter

1 metal standing display shelf unit and 1 pottery planter
Lot #: 72

Outdoor Metal D?cor

2 wall hanging metal planters, 1 metal wall hanging decorative piece
Lot #: 73


4 small rugs for bathroom or kitchen
Lot #: 74

Navigator Deluxe Vacuum & Cleaning Supplies

Mops, broom, vacuum & accessories, trash can.
Lot #: 75

Iron Candle Holders

tall iron candle holders
Lot #: 76

Place mats, Napkins, & Rings

fabric placemats, napkins, paper napkins, and napkin rings.
Lot #: 78

Recipe Books from the States

multiple books with recipes from multiple states
Lot #: 79

Worldly Recipes & Specialties

multiple recipe books from other countries and specialty canning recipes, etc.
Lot #: 80

Southern Living & Local Cookbooks

multiple Southern Living cookbooks, local church cookbooks.
Lot #: 81

Junior Social & Junior Welfare Cookbooks

cookbooks from local Junior welfare leagues and social clubs
Lot #: 82

Oklahoma Local Recipe Books

Oklahoma Local Recipe Books
Lot #: 83

Betty Crocker & Specialty Cookbooks

Multiple Betty Crocker cookbooks and specialty books such as popcorn.
Lot #: 84

Taste of Home Cookbooks

Taste of Home Cookbooks
Lot #: 85

Dessert and Baking Cookbooks

multiple cookbooks for desserts and baking
Lot #: 86

Antique White Bowl with Spout

small antique white bowl with spout
Lot #: 87

Antique Amber Colored Glass Bowl

amber colored antique bowl with pedestal and bubble design.
Lot #: 88

Amber Colored glass Ash Tray

antique amber colored glass ash tray
Lot #: 89

Antique Amber Colored Platters

2 antique amber colored platter and 1 deviled egg platter.
Lot #: 90

First Christian Church Plate & more

First Christian Church of Pond Creek, OK plate, Branson mug, Inland Glass small platter and glass with spout.
Lot #: 91

Antique Pale Orange/Pink Glass Platter

Medium round antique pale orange/pink designed glass plate.
Lot #: 92

Decorative Colored Small Glass Bowls

1 pedestal candy dish bowl-multiple colors. 1 shall orange colored glass bowl.
Lot #: 93

Hand Painted Nippon Flower bowl

antique looking hand painted bowl with flowers and gold colored detailing
Lot #: 94

Gailstyn Fine China and Gray's Pottery plates

2 Cheese & Cracker plates by Gailstyn fine China. 1 oval shaped plate-hand painted Grays Pottery Plate.
Lot #: 95

Mixture of Floral Small Plates and bowls

6 different floral decorated plates and bowls.
Lot #: 96

Vintage Woodland Moss Frankoma Gravy Boat

vintage woodland moss Frankoma double spout handled sauce gravy boat blue 6S
Lot #: 97

Crystal Candle Handle Holders

2 Royal Copenhagen short candle holders, 2 tall crystal candle holders with gold colored detailing
Lot #: 98

Silex Company Candle Warmer

Silex company candle warmer, glass and metal.
Lot #: 99

Glass Platters and Bowl

2 leaf shaped glass platters/dishes, 1 large round platter, 1 small dish bowl
Lot #: 100

Pottery Bowl and Vase

small pottery bowl with floral and frog detail. 1 green colored pottery vase
Lot #: 101

Spring Serving Dishes and Easter Baskets

Spring plastic serving dishes and 7 plastic easter baskets
Lot #: 102

Christmas Plastic Serving Pieces and Containers

multiple different plastic Christmas themed serving dishes and containers.
Lot #: 103

Christmas Decorations and Table Cloths

multiple different Christmas decorations and table runner/cloths
Lot #: 104

Christmas Place Mats & Decorations

12 red Christmas themed place mats, table cloth and decorative bowl with filler
Lot #: 105

Decorative Glass Vases

4 large decorative glass vases
Lot #: 106

Poker Pieces

multiple poker chips and poker chip holder
Lot #: 107

Glass Pedestal D?cor

small decorative glass candle holder or display
Lot #: 108

Fall and Christmas Decoration Filler

multiple bags of fall and Christmas d?cor filler, 2 small stained glass pieces
Lot #: 109

Christmas Ornament Displays & serving Pieces

Christmas ornament displays, candle holder, 1-tier serving piece, etc.
Lot #: 110

Candles, Diffusers, and Scentsy

multiple different candles, oil diffusers, and 1 Scentsy candle warmer
Lot #: 111

Fruit Themed D?cor & Serving Pieces

fruit themed platters, vases, wall d?cor, etc.
Lot #: 112

Home & Garden Party Drink Dispenser

1 cream colored drink dispenser
Lot #: 113

Decorative Plate & Vase

1 cookie plate and 1 decorative water pitcher
Lot #: 114

Gregory's Elko-Ozark Vinegar Cruet & Vases

1 Gregory's Elko-Ozark Vinegar Cruet, 2 glass/crystal vases
Lot #: 115


multiple miscellaneous decorative pieces (chargers, vase, bucket, picture stands)
Lot #: 116

Black Metal Candle and Floral Pieces

Black and gold colored flower holders and vases.
Lot #: 117

Glass/Crystal Vase w/Faux Floral Arrangement

Glass/Crystal Vase/Pitcher with Fake Floral Arrangement
Lot #: 118

Small Double Handled Glass/Crystal Vase

Small Double Handled Glass/Crystal Vase
Lot #: 119

Black Square Glass Floral/Candle Holders, Scentsy

4 square black colored glass containers with fake flowers and 1 Scentsy candle warmer
Lot #: 120

Black & White Fall Decorations

black and white fall d?cor, fake floral pieces, etc.
Lot #: 121

Office Supplies

miscellaneous small office supplies
Lot #: 122

Dewey Portland Cement Co, Picture

1 Dewey Portland Cement, Co. Wall picture
Lot #: 123

Bad Taste Bears Collectibles & Dolls

3 Bad Taste Bears collectibles in boxes, 1 Native Themed doll and 1 cow doll
Lot #: 124

Boxes of Books

2 boxes full of miscellaneous books
Lot #: 125

Electronics & Office Supplies

Light therapy, DVD player, File folder holder, speakers, and motherboard
Lot #: 126

Glass Double Handled bowl with Ladle

glass bowl-double handled, and 1 large plastic ladle
Lot #: 127

Lexmark Printer

Lexmark Printer with tray and cord
Lot #: 128

Large Wooden Desk

Large wooden desk. 77 x 36 x 28. In great condition
Lot #: 129

Office Sideboard

large wooden office sideboard. 66 x 20 x 30 in great condition
Lot #: 130

Office Chair

Large back adjustable office chair on roller wheels
Lot #: 131

Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub & Accessories

unknown working condition. All parts seem to be there.
Lot #: 132

Glass Top Dining Room Table

glass top is 60 in diameter. 30 in tall. In good condition
Lot #: 133

Large Scenic Painting with Light

47 in tall x 60 in wide. In great condition.
Lot #: 134

Small Black Side Table

28 x 11 x 29?. In great condition.
Lot #: 135

Black End table with drawer

20 x 13 x 29. End table with drawer. In good condition.
Lot #: 136

French Style Decorative Pictures

14 x 11 picture and 18 x 38 picture from Hobby Lobby
Lot #: 137

Bench and Floral Scene Picture

34 x 27 in frame
Lot #: 138

Cocktail Band Picture

37 x 29 in black Frame
Lot #: 139

Set of 4 Clothing Design Wall D?cor

3 (19 x 15 in), 1 (23 x 42? in)
Lot #: 140

Small Fabric chair with wooden legs

30 inches tall. Leaf light green fabric.
Lot #: 141

Wooden Nightstand/End tables

matching wooden night stands. 32 x 17 x 31. Some water spot damage on top.
Lot #: 142

Walking Dog Large Landscape Decorative Picture

49 x 25? in. In good condition.
Lot #: 143

Wooden back Chair with Needlepoint seat

Wooden chair with maroon seat and needlepoint detail
Lot #: 144

Wooden Armoire/ Tv Cabinet

84 x 41 x 22. Heavy duty armoire in great shape. Tv/electronics compartment on top and drawers on bottom.
Lot #: 145

Wooden Stool with Tall Handle

handle is 36 in tall. In great condition.
Lot #: 146


1 larger antique stool with needlepoint top. 1 small wooden painted stool
Lot #: 147

3 Drawer Organizer & Bosu Ball

white 3 drawer organizer and 1 gray Bosu ball
Lot #: 148

Wrapping Paper, bags, & Decorative fabric

multiple rolls of wrapping paper, assorted gift bags, and many types of tulle and ribbon.
Lot #: 149

Large Collapsible Ironing Board & Ironing Supplies

ironing board, 2 irons, ironing products.
Lot #: 150

Black Table Lamps with Red Shades

30 in tall with shades.
Lot #: 151

Decorative Candle Holders

1 is 22 in tall with candle, 1 is 20 in tall with candle
Lot #: 152

White D?cor

White lamp with shade, white wall d?cor, small vase, and 1 candle holder with globe base.
Lot #: 153

Black and Silver small d?cor

small clock, dog paper weight, and candle
Lot #: 154

Table Top D?cor

small miscellaneous table top d?cor
Lot #: 155

Assorted small bags

6 total hand bags
Lot #: 156

Cleaning Supplies

multiple cleaning supplies. Bottles at least half full.
Lot #: 157

Medical Supplies

multiple different supplies for at home medical care
Lot #: 158

Women's Clothing Accessories

scares, hat, gloves, etc.
Lot #: 159

Decorative Pillows, Table Runners & Covers

5 pillows, 2 runners, 2 covers
Lot #: 160

Fabric Steamer

Fabric steamer with stand on rollers and tall holder
Lot #: 161

Photo Albums, Vanity d?cor, & Polishing Cloths

photo albums, polishing cloths, mirror table vanity with jewelry holder.
Lot #: 162


blankets, mini steamer, books, candles, fuzz remover
Lot #: 163

Light Bulbs

multiple lightbulbs
Lot #: 164

Bathroom Accessories & Nail Products

bathroom accessories, nail polishes and other nail products
Lot #: 165

Hair care Products

multiple different hair care products. At least half full
Lot #: 166

Bathroom Products & Storage Containers

multiple storage containers, wipe containers, etc.
Lot #: 167

Aloha Breeze Floor Heater

Floor heater
Lot #: 168

Office Chair Mat for Carpet

office chair mat for carpet
Lot #: 169

Storage Containers

multiple sizes of plastic containers
Lot #: 170

Fall D?cor

multiple pieces of fall color d?cor
Lot #: 171

Black and Silver Toned Table Lamps

2 table lamps with black shades. (34 in tall)
Lot #: 172

Silver Toned & Glass D?cor

Large Silver toned decorative piece filled with pearl like beads, 1 glass and metal vase with large candle/coffee beans inside, 1 silver toned table runner.
Lot #: 173

Glass Decorative Vases with Faux Flowers

Medium size glass vases/containers with faux white flowers and filler
Lot #: 174

Red Decorative Vases with Floral Filler

Red tall decorative vases with green and white floral filler
Lot #: 175

Unique Lamp and Black Vase with Faux Crystals

Unique upside-down lamp. Black shiny vase with faux crystal d?cor
Lot #: 176

Toshiba DVD player

Toshiba DVD player with remote and manual
Lot #: 177

Electronic Photo Album, DVD, & Speakers

Sharper Image Mobile photo album, multiple DVD in DVD case, and speakers
Lot #: 178

Wall and Table D?cor

table vase with filler and wall candle holder
Lot #: 179

DVD Player, Multiple outlet plug, remote

Samsung DVD player and remote, multiple pug outlets.
Lot #: 180


multiple miscellaneous DVDs
Lot #: 181

Red D?cor

Large red charger, black candle holder with red candle, Red Decorative jar with lid.
Lot #: 182

Decorative Mirror

59 in long decorative wall mirror
Lot #: 183

Small Glass Shade Table Lamp

Table lamp with Glass shade
Lot #: 184

Ceramic Brown Floor Vase

large brown ceramic vase
Lot #: 185

Large Metal Decorative Vase

large black and red metal vase with faux floral filler. 42 in tall
Lot #: 186

Decorative Metal Container with Lid

decorative metal container with lid.
Lot #: 187

Decorative Round Dish with Stand

large decorative red and black dish with stand
Lot #: 188

Black and Floral Ceramic Vase and Bowl

Decorative ceramic vase and bowl with faux filler
Lot #: 189

Three Medium Portraits with Frames

3 different pictures with frames
Lot #: 190

Fall Colored Tree Picture with Black/Gold Frame

36? x 42? in frame size.
Lot #: 191

Women's Portrait with Gold Colored Frame

30 x 39 in gold colored frame with Women's portrait
Lot #: 192

Large Pottery Like Floor D?cor Piece

36 in tall pottery like vase with stick filler
Lot #: 193

Black TV Stand

Black TV stand (50 x 20 x 36) with glass front doors
Lot #: 194

Red Chair

Red chair with wooden feet. In great condition
Lot #: 195

Library Portrait w/Frame

25? x 36 in Frame
Lot #: 196

Dancing in the Rain portrait w/Frame

34? x 30 in Frame
Lot #: 197

Wooden Square End Table

(28 x 28 x 27 in)large wooden square end table with marble-like top
Lot #: 198

Hall Table/End Table

wooden end table with marble like pieces. 35 x 17 x 34 in)
Lot #: 199

Brown/Floral Settee

brown/floral seater with fringe
Lot #: 200

Taupe Colored couch

couch in great condition.(81 x 37 x 30)
Lot #: 201

Taupe Colored Oversize Chair

chair in great condition. (46 x 36 x 30)
Lot #: 202

Red Ottoman & Pillows

Red fabric ottoman and 2 red pillows.(50 x 35 x 19)
Lot #: 203

Formal Dining Chairs

6 backed black textured formal dining chairs
Lot #: 204

Wood Bookshelf

1 wooden book shelf w/plug in holes. 71 x 30 in. Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 205

Wood Bookshelves

same as lot 204. set of 2 wooden book shelves. 71 x 30. Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 206

Large and Small Duffle bags

1 large green duffle bag. 1 small black duffle bag
Lot #: 207

White Comforter Set w/Skirt & Mattress cover

Full/queen size comforter set with skirt and mattress cover
Lot #: 208

Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag in good shape. Zipper works.
Lot #: 209

Glass Wall D?cor

Glass wall d?cor
Lot #: 210

Fruit Basket Portrait

Fruit basket portrait. (42 x 30 in)
Lot #: 211

Bed frame and Box Spring (Full/queen)

full/queen bed frame and box spring. On rollers.* Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 212

Simple Wooden Nightstand

simple wooden nightstand 17 x 13 x 25 in
Lot #: 213

Canvas Wall Art

2 canvas wall art pieces
Lot #: 214

Cream and Floral Lounge Chair w/pillows

cream and floral designed lounge chair with four pillows
Lot #: 215

Red and Brown Bedding

Sheet set, pillows, comforter, decorative pillows. No tags but possible for full/queen bed.
Lot #: 216

Bathroom Accessories & Decorative Towels

heavy duty trash can and bathroom accessories and decorative towels
Lot #: 217

Lamp and Vase with faux floral

small table lamp with floral arrangement
Lot #: 218

Faux Floral Arrangements & Vases

3 separate faux floral arrangements with vases
Lot #: 219

Table Lamps with Leaf Detail

2 table lamps with Leaf detail and cream colored shades
Lot #: 220

Decorative Hat Boxes & Vase w Lid

set of 2 hat boxes and 1 vase with lid. No markings.
Lot #: 221

Box of Books/Novels

2 boxes full of books/novels
Lot #: 222

Glass/Crystal Vase & Dove Dish

1 large glass/crystal vase and 1 glass dove
Lot #: 223

Candles, Candle Holders and Glass Oil Diffuser

Candles, Candle Holders and Glass Oil Diffuser
Lot #: 224

Miscellaneous electronic Equipment

small electrical equipment. BP cuff, multiplug outlet, radio, etc.
Lot #: 225

Wooden Square Card Table

small wooden card table with wagon wheel detail. 27 x 28 x 28)
Lot #: 226

Large Wall Hanging Mirror

large wall hanging mirror with gold colored detailed frame. Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 227

Faux Floor Plant

6 foot 8 in tall bamboo plant in wicker pot.
Lot #: 228

Map of the World

31 x 23? detailed map of the world in detailed frame
Lot #: 229

Floral Landscape picture

22 x 26 in light golden colored frame with floral picture
Lot #: 230

Fruit Picture in Frame

22 x 29 in fruit/music picture in silver colored frame
Lot #: 231

Wooden Frame Only

3 frames of different sizes
Lot #: 232

Greek Style Pictures

2 picture frames (40 x 20 in)
Lot #: 233

Garden Picture with Frame

38 x 46 large picture of garden in Gold tone frame
Lot #: 234

Flower Pot Picture

29 x 36 in picture of flower pot in distressed frame
Lot #: 235

Faux Plant in Faux pottery Vase on Wooden Pedestal

faux pottery vase with faux plant(39 in tall). Sits on top of wooden pedestal
Lot #: 236

Faux House plant in Leopard Detail Pot

faux house plant in red and leopard detail pot.
Lot #: 237

Animal Theme D?cor

Tiger designed side table with 4 risers. 1 Tiger picture in 41 x 29 in frame.
Lot #: 238

Double Wall Mirror

double wall mirror with gold colored frame. 60 x 48 in. Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 239

Westinghouse TV w/stand and remote

tv w/stand and remote. 26 x 18 in tv screen.
Lot #: 240

Afghan Floral

colorful floral Afghan. 46 x 70 in.
Lot #: 241

Black and White bedding

Black and White King Bedspread and 2 decorative pillows
Lot #: 242

Fans and Spot light

1 large fan, 2 small fans (fans work). 1 spot light(unknown if works)
Lot #: 243

Wooden Oval Shaped Nightstand

1 wooden nightstand/end table. 30 x 19 x 30 in. Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 244

Queen Bed, Select comfort Mattress, and Bedding

queen bed frame, Select comfort mattress works with remote, brown/black bedding, box springs. Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 245

Wooden Oval Shaped Smooth Edge Nightstand

1 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in. Must be able to carry downstairs.
Lot #: 246

Paula Deen, Photo Albums, Gardening Gloves

2 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 247

Black/White/Gold Colored Decorations

3 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 248

Faux leather black studded Stool/Container

4 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 249

Table Decorations and Lamps

5 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 250

Christmas D?cor

6 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 251

White Themed Christmas

7 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 252

Christmas Storage Container with Greenery

8 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 253

King Blanket & Bed skirts

9 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 254

Christmas Wrapping Paper, Storage Containers

10 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 255

Box of Christmas lights

11 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 256

Pillows and Mattress Covers

12 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 257

Graveside Arrangements & Lamp Shades

13 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 258

Fall D?cor & Tulle

14 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 259

Wii Fit in box

15 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 260

Childrens Toys, Books and Crafting products

16 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 261

Vornado & Holmes Space Heaters

17 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 262

Multiple Humidifiers/Fans

18 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 263

Roomba Vacuuming Robot 2.1

19 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 264

Aircast Boot

20 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 265

Metal Poles

21 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 266

Fabric Covered Metal Bench

22 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 267

Adjustable Vintage Wooden Table

23 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 268

Starter Logs

24 wooden nightstand/end table with smooth edges. 32 x 19 x 19 in.
Lot #: 269

Kitchenaid Washer and Dryer

Lot #: 270

Whirlpool Refrigerator/Freezer

working and in good condition.
Lot #: 271

GE Profile Inverter Technology Microwave

working and in good condition.
Lot #: 272

Whirlpool Wine/Mini Drink Fridge

working and in good condition.
Lot #: 273

Brie & Baguettes Kitchen Wall Hanging D?cor

Brie & Baguettes kitchen wall hanging d?cor
Lot #: 275

Drawer Slides and Miscellaneous Tool Pieces

drawer slides and miscellaneous tool pieces
Lot #: 276

Tool Duffle Bag and Hand Held Tools

multiple hand held tools, duffle bag full of products and tool pieces
Lot #: 277

Suddenlink Digital Link and Modem

Suddenlink Digital Link and Modem
Lot #: 278

Rubbermaid Ice Chest and Storage Lids

old Rubbermaid ice chest and 3 storage lids
Lot #: 279

Kobalt Blower

Kobalt blower still in box. Barely used.
Lot #: 280

Wicker Basket, Light-up Reindeer, and D?cor

miscellaneous fall and spring d?cor. 1 light up reindeer and Christmas lights with box.
Lot #: 281


4 assorted door wreaths
Lot #: 282

Floor Cleaning Tools

sweeper, mop, squeegee, duster
Lot #: 283

Tin Boxes, Faux Floral, and Yard Items

2 tin boxes, yard d?cor/items, and floral piece.
Lot #: 284

Assorted Outdoor Pots with Faux filler

7 different outdoor pots with some faux floral filler
Lot #: 285

Metal Pot Stands, Stool and Dollie

2 different metal stands for pots, garden dolly, and wooden stool
Lot #: 286

Gardening Tools and pots

multiple different pots, gardening gloves, garden d?cor, etc.
Lot #: 287

Vintage Metal Clips

large red vintage metal clips
Lot #: 288

Hanging Faux Floral Planter

2 matching faux floral hanging planters
Lot #: 289

American Flag with Pole

American Flag with Eagle tipped pole, ac filter, outdoor rug
Lot #: 290

Metal/Tile Outdoor Table with Chairs

Metal Outdoor table with tile Top, 4 metal chairs with cushions
Lot #: 291

Metal Floral Design Outdoor Chairs & Bench

2 small metal floral theme outdoor chairs, 1 wooden small bench
Lot #: 292

Faux Plant in Black Pot

6 foot tall faux green plant in black pot
Lot #: 293

Green Striped Outdoor Furniture

green metal furniture. 2 chairs, 1 swinging bench. Green striped cushions. 1 metal round table. 1 unmatching black metal table with glass top.
Lot #: 294

Outdoor Clock

Outdoor Wall Clock
Lot #: 295

Concrete Outdoor bench

outdoor concrete bench
Lot #: 296

Faux Pottery Planter and Faux Floral Filler

pot with faux floral arrangement
Lot #: 297

Outdoor Concrete D?cor

concrete stand with fish detail


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Lippard Auctioneers, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.