10/11 Britt Family Trust Auction

Monday, October 11, 2021

Lippard Auctioneers, Inc.
Purchaser agrees above items were sold "AsIs, Where Is" and with all faults. No Warranty or Guarantee is expressed or implied and each item is the sole responsibility of the purchaser from the moment the auctioneer declared the item sold.Signature:_______________________________________________________________
1505 Suggett Ave, Enid, OK
Sterling Silver * Pottery * Furniture * Grandfather Clocks * Models * Glassware * Desert Rose * Toys * Vintage * AntiquesBritt Family Trust Auction1505 Suggett Ave, Enid OK 73703Starts ending Monday October 11th 6PMPick Up: Tuesday & Wednesday Oct 12th-13th 2-6PM15% Buyers Premium will be added to the final bid price.Winning Online bidder please take Note: your card on file will be charged unless you called ahead to make other payment arrangements, or invoice is over $2,000. Call to make payment arrangements. 580-237-7174Any time you are experiencing issues you can have them call 844-775-4774 for help.Pickup only on items over 10 lbs, shipping available for items under 10 lbs that are not furniture; please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements - no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.Online Terms: All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factors. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Lippard Auctioneers Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Lippard Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.
Lot #: 1

Wooden Display Cabinet with Glass shelves and door

42"x13"70"tall; Has key (taped inside to glass shelf)
Lot #: 2

Red Rider BB Gun in Box-Has 2001 Catalog in Box

Has some BBs in gun
Lot #: 3

The Hardy Boys Mystery Books (3) Copyright 1966

"the Short Wave Mystery""The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge""The Ghost at Skeleton Rock"
Lot #: 4

The Hardy Boys Mystery Books Copyright 1951;'62;'6

(4 Books total)"the Mystery of the Aztec Warrior";"The Wailing Siren Mystery""The Missing Chums";"The Secret of the Old Mill"
Lot #: 5

Rusty metal Dump Truck-No Visible Markings

Has all 4 tires; Dump mechanism does work and bed springs backward
Lot #: 6

Various Rock Types in a tin 10+specimen of rock

Boxes marked with names of rock types
Lot #: 7

"Tom Swift and His Subocean Geotron" 1966

Has Some writing in pen inside front cover
Lot #: 8

"Tom Swift and His Spectromarine Selector" 1960

Has writing in front cover
Lot #: 9

"Tom Swift and His Sonic Boom Trap" 1965

Has writing in front cover
Lot #: 10

"Tom Swift and The Visitor From Planet X" and

"Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung" both 1961-Planet X has no writing in cover; Hydrolung has name written in cover
Lot #: 11

Tom Swift Books (3)"?and His Rocket Ship" 1954

"?and His Jetmarine" 1954; "?and His Flying Lab" 1954; Name written in all 3 front covers
Lot #: 12

Youth Novels 1960's;Lassie;Forest Fire Mystery

"They Flew to Fame"; "Famous Investigators"; "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
Lot #: 13

vintage baby Toys; Plastic Doll, Teddy Bear w/bell

Plastic squeeze toys; Toy Soldier; stuffed elephant; Small Plastic toys (some have melted); baby Rattles
Lot #: 14

Thunderbold Plastic Horse Toy; Johnny West Cowboy

Cowboy is in pieces and plastic is crumblng in some places; Horse has accessories (frying pan, saddle, saddle bags, rifle etc?) Box is there but is brittle
Lot #: 15

Lincoln Logs in Box-Box is full of various shapes

17.5"x12.5" Box
Lot #: 16

Vintage Metal and Plastic Wind-up toys

Mouse and Bird is metal; Plastic Hippo, Plastic Chicken; Plastic Dinosaur(Broken Foot)
Lot #: 17

Vintage Plastic Faced Clowns-Orange/Blue

Have bells on hands and feet
Lot #: 18

Wooden Model Boat with sails; Mast is broken

12" long
Lot #: 19

Holsters with toy guns; Metal Gun is cap gun

Black Guns plastic and doesn?t move or function
Lot #: 20

Box of tiny plastic toys and rings 100+

All kinds of miniatures-coins, bull horns; rings, toys etc?
Lot #: 21

Tinker toys in Original Tube; Lid is missing

Instruction Sheet is included
Lot #: 22

Tru-Scale Metal Tractor-has all 4 tires

Red Metal-"Made in USA" stamped on tractor
Lot #: 23

Fisher Price Pull-Along Train"Chuggy pop-Up"

Little Engineer pops up and down as you pull train along
Lot #: 24

Plastic Army Men and Army vehicles

Tanks, various sizes, planes(1 metal) various army men several sizes and poses
Lot #: 25

Platic Cowboys and Indians; Log Cabin; Teepees

Horses, mountain Men, Cowboys, Indians in various colors and sizes
Lot #: 26

Plastic Toy Odds and Ends; Army Figures;divers

Chicken wind up toys(2); Joker, Cowboy etc? 25+ Pieces
Lot #: 27

Plastic Animals-Dinosaurs, farm etc?

30+ Pieces;Various colors and sizes
Lot #: 28

Blue and Silver Army men and Civil War Soldiers

Other shade of blue is police and City workers
Lot #: 29

Tiny army figures 50+

miniature tan and green army men, vehicles and figures
Lot #: 30

Metal Toys (3); Duck works; Bird (missing key)

Wheel lever doesn?t work
Lot #: 31

Wooden blocks-Man, woman, child, cat, mouse, malt

George Jetson Platic Bobble with Astro (1 broken leg)
Lot #: 32

Little Golden Books; Snow White?seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs Find a House; Snow White 1948; 2nd Book Missing the front cover
Lot #: 33

Famous Pirates 1958; Tom Sawyer Abroad 1965

Seven Pillars of Wisdom Paperback; The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table 1961
Lot #: 34

Children's Books; "The Bear Scouts" Bearenstain

"Oscar Owlhoot"; Curious George Gets a Medal; Peanuts Pumpkin Carols
Lot #: 35

"My Picture Story Bible" Printed 1960

Clear Cover is scrunched and folded in places
Lot #: 36

Isaac Asimov Books; "Extraterrestrial Civilization

Foundation Trilogy Box Set; Hardback book printed in 1979; "Foundation?.Printed after 1966
Lot #: 37

Paperback Youth reader Books; Various Genres

"Strangely Enough" "Alvin's Secret Code"; "EllenTebbits"; "TV Favorites"; "Project Apollo"; "Brighty";"Mystery in Pirate Oak"; "Trouble After School";"Frederick Douglass fights for freedom"
Lot #: 38

Vintage Tote; Pencils; Compasses(2);Wallet

Small magnifying Glass on clip; Pencils with decorative bugs on top in plastic
Lot #: 39

Disney Flip Books and Memorabilia; Tickets

Postcards and receipts odds and ends
Lot #: 40

Toys; Flying Discs (3); Nightlight; Big Cigar; Jok

Aftershave box has spring mouse inside; Blackhead extractor in box; Smaller Discs are "Wham-O Frisbee" Brand
Lot #: 41

Children's leather Belt w/"Bill" on strap;Belt Buc

Revolutionary War Belt Buckle; Silver Colored Belt Buckle with Kennedy 1/2 Dollar (1972) in center
Lot #: 42

Odds and Ends-Souvenir type items; OSU Pennant

Little Man erasers; Wax figure; Empire State building replica
Lot #: 43

Postcards and Postcard Books; Various Places

San Francisco; Knots berry Farms; USS Alabama etc?
Lot #: 44

Train Set-Train Cars are Plastic-Engines, Caboose

Flatbed Car, Dump Cars; Metal Train Tracks30+ Pieces in Gold and Black; Electrical Source (Corn needs to be re-done) Break in cord
Lot #: 45

Miniture army men, horses and vehicles

Several hundred pieces some painted, some not?plastic pieces
Lot #: 46

Ceramic basket-"Austria Amphora" markings

Crème colored with gold paint accents; Approx 10" tall and 9" wade at widest point
Lot #: 47

Glass Cake Plate; Green Vase; Clear Glass Compote

Compote has etching; Cake Plate has 10" diameter
Lot #: 48

Glass oil Lamp with Chimney-Hand painting

Red/Green and Frosted Design on base and chimney
Lot #: 49

Red/White Glass Candelabras and Wine Glasses

Glasses have clear stem and etching on glass; Red/White Candelabras(2)
Lot #: 50

Blue Glass Pitcher and 4 Glasses w/Blue vase

Glasses and Pitcher Match; Blue Vase is for a single stem
Lot #: 51

Military Pins for service and commissions

Tie tack, Cuff link etc?
Lot #: 52

Leather Ammunition Case w/metal accents

Has "U.S." Embossed into the leather
Lot #: 53

Patterned Glass-Pitcher, Glass, Stamped Cup

Red Rimmed Glass has Marking "Happy New Year 1894"
Lot #: 54

Metal Buttons; 40+ Various Subjects

Some political
Lot #: 55

Odds and Ends; Train bank; Rocks; Scorpion; Cuffli

bird Décor Bell 'April" made in Germany; Rocks; Arrowheads; Boys State Pin
Lot #: 56

Metal Wall Thermometer with Glass/Merc Tube

"Tru Temp" Brand-Light yellow in color
Lot #: 57

NASA 4"x6" Black and White Cards

backs Have information on the space Program
Lot #: 58

Donkey Planter (broken rim); Odds and ends

Matches "Scheffe's"; Army man; 2 Metal Replica bombs1.75"long
Lot #: 59

Horse Plant w/odds and ends; Repaired tail

Paperclips, air needle; elect Rex Stephens Co. Commissioner dist.#3
Lot #: 60

Presidential Desk Set; Vintage Advert. Pens

Small wooden lidded box, "Britt" nametags
Lot #: 61

Advertising Combs, backscratcher; tweezers; flags

"Indian Hills barber Shop"(2); Elect Orval Robertson for Sherriff"; Abe Preston's Barbershop"; American and Canadian Flags
Lot #: 62

Ammunition-Bullets (UMC 41 LC(8) some .22

Cleaning Brushes-Unknown condition of ammo
Lot #: 63

Vintage Bottles and Cans "Vess Rootbeer""Billy bee

"Taquina""Dos Equis""Cola Cola""Bass and Co Pale Ale" "Pinot Noir"
Lot #: 64

1896 USA Penny in sleeve; 1/2Franc(2);20 Centimes

10Centimes-French Coins
Lot #: 65

Various stamped patterned drinking glasses

17 total stem glasses
Lot #: 66

Various stamped patterned drinking glasses

16 total stem glasses
Lot #: 67

Various stamped patterned drinking glasses

9 tea size glasses; 6 smaller glasses round glass coasters
Lot #: 68

large Crystal Vase with square base

17"tall vase 5" square base w/chip(chipped piece of glass is still present)
Lot #: 69

Thick Glass vase w/etching; ceramic vase w/lilac f

10"tall boat with glass etching
Lot #: 70

Matching Asian vases; "Shibata" Japan

no chips/crack, 12" tall 4" opening diameters
Lot #: 71

Sideboard Buffet w/oval beveled mirror;storage

storage underneath 48"x19.5"x about 63" tall
Lot #: 72

Scouting backpacks' Stamped w/Boy Scout Emblem

Appropriate Wear and Tear-Canvas type material
Lot #: 73

Boy Scout Canteen (no lid); Scouting Books;Patches

Pins, rings, collapsible cup; Compass; Metal Bowl; Wolf Cub Scout Book; Bear Cub Scout Book
Lot #: 74

Boy Scout First Aid kit; BS Hat; Cub Scout Patch

Wooden File Box; Metal Clipboard with metal top cover
Lot #: 75

Cub Scout Plaque w/wood head ceramic; Pinewood

Derby Car
Lot #: 76

Space Derby Champion Plaque; Rockets; Tin Art

Tin Handmade Boy Scout Square; "Space Derby Champion Plaque" is split in 2 pieces.
Lot #: 77

Odds and ends in painted tin; Disneyland tag

Nickel keychain; "London Canada" leather leaf; UN-ONU Guided Tour Pin; Army bar; various keys
Lot #: 78

Pierre Cardin Watch-Quartz in Adolfo Box

Gold Tones with Gold colored face
Lot #: 79

Digital Cameras; IPod; Canon Powers hot A560

Argus DC 1730; IPOD early model-Charging Cords included-Unknown if works
Lot #: 80

Extra Phone Cords; Lightbulbs; odds and ends

AV Cords- tape; envelope opener
Lot #: 81

Dining Table and 8 matching Chairs; Dark Wood

2 of the chairs have arms; Upholstery seating; 3 Crosstitch pillows;Has Leaf; 42"x76"x36" tall-Leaf is 22"
Lot #: 82

Wooden High Chair with Tray; Stuffed Pony Decal

Lacquer is rubbing off-wear appropriate for age; 39" tall-17" back to front
Lot #: 83

Small side table with flat back; Dark Wood

Lot #: 84

Round wooden breakfast table with drawer

Lacquer finish on top coming off-needs repair; 31.5" diameter; 29" tall
Lot #: 85

Framed Canvas with original painting by Bill Burfo

Originally from Waukomis-Western style painting; 45"x33" outside frame dimensions
Lot #: 86

China Cabinet-Dark finish-storage underneath

4 areas for storage on top half-has glass-all intact has keys; 6ft long approx.86" tall
Lot #: 87

Van Briggle Pottery-Maiden Lady at the Lake/Fl.Fro

Flower Frog has turtle on it; Blue/Aqua Color-No Visible Chips or cracks
Lot #: 88

Niloak Frog Planter; Green in color

No Chips and Cracks visible-Marked Niloak on bottom
Lot #: 89

Middleton Plate Co; Silver Plated Tea Set

5 Pieces-Tea, coffee, Cream, sugar, and extra piece-3 w/lids-Cherubs on top; 4/5 have been Engraved with M&SJ to H&HC
Lot #: 90

Serving Tray Marked 2721/2 on back

Unknown silver content-No engravings on front;26.25"x15.25" at widest points
Lot #: 91

Serving Platter with Glass insert;Lunt Silver Plat

4-157; 15.5" diameter; Glass dish is divided into 5 sections
Lot #: 92

Oneida Silver tone platter 13.5"x15.5" w/glass

7.5"x3.75" glass dimensions(3); Marked "Oneida" on back with Emblem
Lot #: 93

Henley Oneida Community Ltd; Oval Serving Divided

Silver-tine serving dish with lid and handles
Lot #: 94

Pilgrim Silverplate Ice Bucket 10.25"

Marked Pilgrim Silverplate on bottom of Bucket; 9" diameter
Lot #: 95

Silver tone Candlesticks; Silver tone serving bowl

All Marked "Lunt" on bottom; Rose Style Pattern
Lot #: 96

Silvertone Matching Casserole Dish Holders(2)

No Visible Markings-1 Pyrex Clear Dish included; 11.75"x7.5"x1.75" dimensions; One visible rust spot on Silver-tone piece.
Lot #: 97

Various Silver-Tone Pieces; Lunt Bowl; Gorham Bowl

Oneida Cream.Sugar on oval Tray; W.M. Rogers Tray with Creamer/Sugar (No Markings)
Lot #: 98

Oval Stainless tray-bent: S&P Sterling; Silver ton

"Reed and Barton Silver Soldered" 2800; Hinged Lid Dish-with Glass insert; "FB Rogers Silve Co.
Lot #: 99

Stainless Steel Serving Fork and Knife Set

Knife 14" long; Fork 12" long
Lot #: 100

Flatware pieces(4);Fork/Knife Sterling-Gorham

Knife has Stainless Blade-Stering Handle; Spoons "Your ex xxxx-Special" but no other markings
Lot #: 101

Disney, Mickey Mouse Spoon-Silver Plate

4.75" long
Lot #: 102

Glass "Antiquess" sign-Black Metal stand attached

Can be Hung 19.5" long 7" tall
Lot #: 103

Wooden Carvings-Faces, Painted Black

Animal with Antlers medium colored wood
Lot #: 104

Wooden Chili Pepper Bowl-Made in Philippines

Lot #: 105

Etched Wine Glasses(8)- Grape design

in Box
Lot #: 106

Porcelain Doll with 3 sided face in gown

About 13" long; Has Crying, laughing and sleeping faces, knob on top for turning
Lot #: 107

Grandfather Clock-"Bass" on inside-Chimes

Weights can be wound 17"x7ft tall 11' deep
Lot #: 108

Round-top Grandfather Clock w/rose detail

Chimes, Weights and chains can be wound; 18.5"x76.5" tall x10" deep-Has veneer chip on top
Lot #: 109

Stick Brooms, Storage Closet odds and ends

Lot #: 110

Vacuum/attachments; Hoover Steam Cleaner

Box of attachments
Lot #: 111

Norwood Guitar in Case; Chenoweth and Green

Steel Reinforced neck
Lot #: 112

Storage Armoire-Blonde Wood;shelves inside

Contact paper covering inside; 46"x73"x20; Contents not included-key Present
Lot #: 113

Ceramic Steins; 5 lidded pots; some chips.breaks

No Markings (10 total items)
Lot #: 114

Child Figurine(No markings); Turkey Planter

Child Figurine w/dog with Broken leg
Lot #: 115

Lenox Holiday Vase; Spode 2-Tier Tray; Bell-Nikko

Boxes included for Bell and Tray
Lot #: 116

Lenox Crystal bowl; Glass Bowl; Bell;Candle

Lot #: 117

Glass Paperweights; Daffodil; 1776-1976

Air Bubble Decorated
Lot #: 118

Lenox Vase; Colored Glass Candle Holders

Clear Tapered Candlesticks; Glass Chimney for oil lamp; Etched Glass Vase
Lot #: 119

Pottery Pitcher; Wooden Vase; Royal Albert Rose

Rose Set; Crème and Sugar Royal Albert-American Beauty"; Wooden Vase with Floral Decal/Spider Web design;
Lot #: 120

Decorative Plates;Frankoma; Wedgewood Black Plate

Angus-Scottie Plate; White Plate is chipped; Frankoma is ORU Plate; Blue Clear Plate
Lot #: 121

Oriental Items; White Serving Dishes-Imperial Japa

Resin Style Birds; White with Gold Tone Trim Serving Dishes; "Mason's"-England Mandarin Pattern
Lot #: 122

Glass Vases; Heart box; Glass Rose;

Small Chip on Green Glass Spout; No other visible chips or cracks; no markings
Lot #: 123

Decorative Plates; Monticello; Trafalgar Square

Porcelain Plate; Lewis and Clark Theme Plate
Lot #: 124

"Rhythm" by Homer Laughlin Plates (4)

No Chips/Cracks; 10" Diameter Plate
Lot #: 125

Lefton Christmas Bowl;Spode Lidded Box; Lefton Hea

Spode Chiristmas Tree Pattern
Lot #: 126

Blue and White floral Soup Tureen and Plate

No Markings-Ladle Included
Lot #: 127

Norman Rockwell Decorative plated-Boy Scout

"The Old Scout" (Knowles Stopped in 1990; "Our Heritage" Limited Edition 4088/18500
Lot #: 128

Norman Rockwell Chiristmas Plate; Copyright 1974

"Scotty Gets His Tree"
Lot #: 129

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Winter-Sharing Gaily Vintage Times" & "Winter-Downhill Daring"
Lot #: 130

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Winter-Ski Skills" 1980; "Winter-Downhill Daring" 1972
Lot #: 131

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Spring-Closed for Business"-1979 "Winter-Year End Count" 1979
Lot #: 132

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Summer-Flying High"1972 "Fall-A Scholarly Pace"1972
Lot #: 133

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Fall-A Scholarly Pace" 1972 Limited Edition; "Fall-Disastrous Daring" 1975
Lot #: 134

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Fall-The Coal Season's Coming" 1979; "Fall-Pensive Pals" 1974
Lot #: 135

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Spring-Sweet song so Young" 1973; "Spring- Beguiling Buttercup" 1972
Lot #: 136

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Spring-Day Dreamers" 1974; "Spring-In His Spirit" 1980
Lot #: 137

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Fall-Fondly Do We Remember" 1973; "Summer-Flowers in Tender Bloom" 1973
Lot #: 138

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Summer-Swatter's Rights" 1979; "Fall-Careful Aim" 1980
Lot #: 139

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Winter-Gay Blades" 1974; "Summer-Trout Dinner" 1980
Lot #: 140

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Summer-Fisherman's Paradise" 1975; "Summer-Going' Fishing'" 1974
Lot #: 141

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Summer-Flying High" 1972; "Spring-Beguiling Buttercup" 1972
Lot #: 142

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Spring-Young Man's Fancy" 1975; "Winter-A Lickin' Good Bath" 1975
Lot #: 143

Norman Rockwell Decorative Plate; 1894-1978

"Triple Self Portrait" Feb. 13, 1960 Saturday Evening Post Cover"(1978 Plate Release)
Lot #: 144

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Spring-Adventures Between Adventures" 1971; Winter-A Boy Meets His Dog" 1971; Both have wooden Frames and Hang on wall
Lot #: 145

Norman Rockwell Plates(2) Gold Like Trim

"Summer-The Mysterious Malady" 1971; "Fall-Pride of Parenthood" 1971; Both have wooden Frames and hang on wall
Lot #: 146

Craftsman Style Wooden rocking Chair; Leather

Brown Leather Cushions; Medium Colored Wood stain-Possibly Oak; 29"x38"34 rocker
Lot #: 147

Ladderback Chairs (2); Wooden with woven seats

One w/arms, one without; 41"x21"x17"(chair with arms); 39"x17"x16"
Lot #: 148

Westminster College Chair-Black/Gold

20"x16.5"x33' tall; Broken Leg
Lot #: 149

"Vizio" TV 50"; Has Remotes

Powers on
Lot #: 150

Wooden TV Cabinet; Possibly Oak; Light Wood

Storage underneath; 31"x18"32"-"Riverside" Cabinet Company
Lot #: 151

"Winston S. Churchill: The Second World War"

Book Set-6 Paperback Books in Box
Lot #: 152

"Great Books for Children"; 12 books

"Treasure Island"; "Robin hood"; "Tom Sawyer";"Black Beauty"; "King Arthur" etc?
Lot #: 153

"A Boys' Life Books"-3

"The Boys Life Book of Flying Stories"; Mutiny in the Time Machine"; Outer Space Stories"
Lot #: 154

"Alfred Hitchcock mystery Series"; 3 Books

Book 1-"The Secret of Terror Caste"; Book 3- "The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy"; Book 4- "The Mystery of the Green Ghost"
Lot #: 155

"Alfred Hitchcock mystery Series"; 4 Books

Book 6-"The Secret of Skeleton Island"; Book 7-"The Mystery of the Fiery Eye"; Book 10-The Mystery of the Moaning Cave"; Book 12-"The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow"
Lot #: 156

Wooden Secretary Desk/Bookshelf

32"x59"x11.5" deep; possibly Oak- Door drops down for desk and built in shelves
Lot #: 157

Native American Wall Hangings-2

27"x29" & 28"x44" Dimensions on both; Both have Hanging Bar
Lot #: 158

Covered Wagon Cigar Box; Indian Drum; Dreamcatcher

Small Metal Figure; Indian Drum has tear in Leather
Lot #: 159

Oil lamp; Stamps (ink); Stamps in Box(collecting)

Small Figurine Statue Big Horned Sheep; Small Clock-"Abacus";
Lot #: 160

Binoculars-Leather Case-"Kanto" binoculars

Ha Lens Covers
Lot #: 161

Official Boyscout Flashlight; No Batteries

Lot #: 162

Candles; Votive Holders; Frosted Candle Holder

Brass Owl; Eagle Figurine; Tile Candle Holder
Lot #: 163

Electronics; Motorola Transistor Radio(missing kno

Unable to turn volume on; Sony DVD Player; Woven baskets; Homeoworx; Chromecase isn't complete(no USB Drive)
Lot #: 164

American Books ; War Subjects; Presidents

1 Box
Lot #: 165

School Annuals;"The Hee Haw" "Sagamore"

"Hee-Haw"- 1946 and 1947; "Sagamore" 1945;1948;1949;1950;1951;1952 (2)
Lot #: 166

Enid High School Yearbooks 1972-1973 Quill

2 Books
Lot #: 167

Sony CD Player w/ CD Changer; Speakers; Speaker ba

1 Box
Lot #: 168

Small electronics; VHS Rewinder; Panasonic Tape pl

Mouse; Cords; Plugs; CD Radio; Headphones etc? 2 Boxes
Lot #: 169

Weller Vase 9.75" tall; Floral Design

Marked "F-18" "Weller Since 1872"; 4.25" diameter at top of vase
Lot #: 170

Blue Weller Vase with Flower on front-6.75" tall

Marked "Weller" on bottom
Lot #: 171

Hull Planter; 4"tall x 8.75" long; Pink, Green Flo

Marked W-14-10" Hull USA
Lot #: 172

Roseville Vase; White w/green accent 6"x5"tall

Marked "Roseville U.S.A. 756" Tiny Chip at base-See pics
Lot #: 173

Roseville Bowl w/handles;7" diameter 2" tall

Marked "Roseville USA 4-64-6" on bottom
Lot #: 174

Small vases (3); Green Vase-No markings; Blue Vase

Small White Vase with Turquoise and Floral Decals
Lot #: 175

Desk light-Powers on;

Folds open; Various Light Levels
Lot #: 176

Electronics; Tape Recorder; tape Player; Phone

Small Radio-All older electronics
Lot #: 177

Cords, Computer accessories; Modems

Microphone, joystick-Extra Cords; 2 Boxes
Lot #: 178

Desk Items; medical Dictionary; IPod for Dummies

Mail sorter; Cork board sphere; Paper; Strap in Scrapbook pages
Lot #: 179

Modems; Clip Desk Light; Keyboards

Digital Frame not in box-accessories are in box; 2 boxes
Lot #: 180

Kodak Carousels for slides; Carousel trays

7 Carousels
Lot #: 181

Army Ammunition boxes; "Cal. .30MI"

"400 Cartridges Cal.30 Ball M2l In Captions Lot LC39658"; 2 Ammo Boxes
Lot #: 182

LIFE Magazines With Kennedy Covers; Inauguration

Jackie and Kids at Funeral Procession; President JFK November 1963 Issue(3 total magazines)
Lot #: 183

LIFE Magazines; Presidential Issues-Inaugurations

Feb. 2, 1953 Inauguration; Jan.29, 1965 Inauguration Issue; Dec. 13, 1963 Present Johnson at his Desk
Lot #: 184

LIFE Magazines with Significant covers; The Bible

Churchill's Funeral Feb.5, 1965; The Bible Double Issue; August 8, 1969 Moon issue with photographs
Lot #: 185

Mantle Clock- "Delta Tau Delta Fraternity" on fac

Takes Batteries-Battery Compartment Has Corrosion from batteries
Lot #: 186

Print in Frame; Colonial Style Army on Horses

48.5"x27.5" outside Frame Dimensions
Lot #: 187

Model Kits; Porche 904; American 4-40; Ladybug

James Bond Auto Gyro; P-47 Razorback; AirFix James Bond Kit-6 total models
Lot #: 188

Super 8 Projector; Slide Projector; Super 8 Editor

3 Pieces of Equipment-All Power on
Lot #: 189

Patches; Odds and Ends; Hands Across America Pin

W &E Patches; Taft Tigers Patch; Native American Patch; Oratory Pin
Lot #: 190

Stucto Toys Metal Fire Truck with Ladder

S.F.D. on side of truck-Marked "STRUCTO" on hood
Lot #: 191

"Rossmoyne" Fire Truck; Metal Toy Truck

The Charles WM Doepke MFG Co Inc Model ToysTruck is 37" long from Bumper to Ladder
Lot #: 192

Wooden Bowl with Utensils; Pottery hanging Pots

Basket; Ceramic 12" Plate; Red Flower-Made in Greece
Lot #: 193

Crock; Black Pottery; Metal man holding weights

11"tall with 7"top diameter; Black Native American Pottery Vase; Man rocks back and forth
Lot #: 194

Burn-Rite Wood Burning Set

Burning Tool inside with some wood pieces
Lot #: 195

"The Churchillian Heritage" Solid Sterling Silver

Still in Plastic Wrapping; Christmas is Peace Christmas is Love Plate by Browning
Lot #: 196

Vintage Round Christmas Ornament balls

Bird Ornaments from 1975; Pink, Blue, red, Green Various Round Ornaments; 1 Ornament Stand
Lot #: 197

Glass Christmas Ornaments-16 total; Goldfish; Rose

Santa; House, Train, Church etc?
Lot #: 198

25+ Glass Ornaments; Floral with stand; Turkey

Santa; 1/2 Moon Santa; Ice Cream; Roses; Grapes Box with ornaments
Lot #: 199

Glass Christmas Ornaments; 8 total; Glass Birds

Birds on Branch-Blue glass orn. With log Cabins; vintage and newer ornaments
Lot #: 200

30" Square Table-Hairpin legs-Memorabilia top

Homemade Table 21" tall
Lot #: 201

Metal Trashcan; Sailing; Plain Bucket w/lid

Popcorn Buckets(2) Metal; One with wildlife stamp, Teddy Bear
Lot #: 202

Air Care Air purifier-Powers on

on Wheels
Lot #: 203

Briefcases (20: American; Leather Case "Lions" Clu

Lions Club Emblem on side of Leather suitcase; American Briefcase has dividers inside
Lot #: 204

Ceramic Presidents; Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson

Ceramic-Painted and Attached to wooden bases; Approx.3ft tall each
Lot #: 205

Tiffany Style Lamp-No Markings; Glass Lamp

Glass lamp with shade; Stained Glass Lampshade has no visible cracks or breaks
Lot #: 206

Pottery vases (2); Blue Glazes

13" tall and 8.5" tall
Lot #: 207

Small Oak Colored Dresser w/3 drawers

34.5"x18.5"x26"tall; Has Brass Colored Handles; Measurements are taken at the widest points
Lot #: 208

"Spirit of St. Louis" Tapestry banner

Approx 54"x20"; Depicts Lindbergh, New York and Paris and the Spirit of St. Louis in the famous over the Atlantic flight
Lot #: 209

Lasko Floor Fan with Remote

Speed Adjustments and Height adjustment
Lot #: 210

Vintage Christmas Décor; Glass Round Bulbs

Plastic battery powered candelabra; Glass Ornaments Garland (2)
Lot #: 211

Angel Tree Topper; Blonde Hair Holding Tree

10" in Height
Lot #: 212

Red Enamel Santa with gold tone accents

Some gold coloring coming off of eye-Very Heavy 8" tall
Lot #: 213

Wooden Village; Church; Barn, Houses

2 Reindeer; 1.55"x5.5" tall
Lot #: 214

Christmas Elves; (6); A Few Have Breaks and Cracks

Have Been Glued back together in some cases
Lot #: 215

Miniature Wooden Nativity; Star Ornament

Animals, wise men, Mary, Jesus, Trees, small family of people 21 pcs. Total
Lot #: 216

Peruvian Nativity Scene(per seller) 12"x16"

Name on the front is the name of the maker
Lot #: 217

Vintage Christmas Ornaments; Wooden, plastic etc..

Raggedy Ann and Andy; Birds, Bells, Elf's, Camels odds and ends
Lot #: 218

Santa Mugs-No Makers Marks on Bottoms

Some Handmade-Bells; Salt and Pepper Shakers
Lot #: 219

Matching Santa Mugs(2); No Marks

Painted the Same-Vintage Style Santa
Lot #: 220

Japan Marked Santa Mugs (3); Santa Candle Snuffer

Candle Snuffer made in china; mall Santa Mugs have 2 different faces painted on
Lot #: 221

Santa/Mrs. Claus Cup from Lefton

Marked Lefton on Bottom; Has Santa on one side and Mrs. Claus on the other 3.5" tall
Lot #: 222

Santa Vase; Irving W. Rice Co. New York

Imported from Japan-Vintage Style Santa
Lot #: 223

Christmas Décor; Sign with Children; Wooden Tree

Wooden Candlestick; mailbox; Santa Stocking; Felt items; Basket Décor
Lot #: 224

Stained Glass Nativity Scene (8 pieces)

Wise Men; Angel, Star; Mary, Joseph, Jesus- Tallest is about 8" tall
Lot #: 225

Hanging Stained Glass on Stand; Hanging Bird

Bird has broken beak-Marked "Perry '72; Stained Glass 1.5" tall; Bird 17" across
Lot #: 226

Silver Plate Cup; Spoons-Silver-Tone Spoons

Mt. Vernon "US" on back, Missouri Spoon marked "Wallace" on back
Lot #: 227

Small Bear Figure; Jewelry Charm

Charm has been Broken an glued together; Marked possibly "Grogonard" in tiny lettering
Lot #: 228

Wedding Cake topper-Ceramic 1.5"x3"

Lot #: 229

"Love is Patient" Plate about 7"x7"

Certificate of Authenticity-in Styrofoam and plastic
Lot #: 230

Michigan State/Iowa Program 1954; Peanuts papers

Disneyland Ticketbook; Hercules Coloring Book; Coca-Cola Ad
Lot #: 231

Christmas Décor; Wooden Goose; Round Glass Orn.

Berry Wreath; Santa Figurine etc?
Lot #: 232

Glass Ornaments and some ornament odds and ends

Vintage Ornaments; 30+
Lot #: 233

Odds and Ends; Trim Pieces(unknown for what)

Glass for lamp; Thankgiving Decorations; Trim Pieces in silver color and Navy Blue (Plastic)
Lot #: 234

Canvas Camera Bag with Vivitar Flash;Canon Lens

Light Meter; Photography Booklet (No Camera)
Lot #: 235

Craftsman style Coffee Table; with pull-outs

Light Colored Wood; 25"x50"x16"tall
Lot #: 236

Bathroom Cleaning items;Trashcan; Plunger, Bucket

Any Loose items in the bathroom
Lot #: 237

Area Rug-Blue/Maroon.Creme

A little over 8ftx10ft
Lot #: 238

Cookbooks; 10+; Betty Crocker and others

Recipe Cars and books 1 Box
Lot #: 239

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware 10.5" Plates

28 total- Some have chips around edge; about 1/2 are chipped at edge
Lot #: 240

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware 9.5" Plates

10 Plates total; At least 2 are chipped
Lot #: 241

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware 8" Plate

22 Plates total-1 Has Chip on edge
Lot #: 242

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware 6.25" Plate

22 Plates total-Some have chips around the edge
Lot #: 243

Franciscan Desert Rose-Bowls 35 Pieces total

4-8" Soup Bowls; 21-6" Bowls 10-5.25" Bowls; Some Chips on all sizes
Lot #: 244

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware-6 Pieces total

Tall S&P Shakers; Small Pitchers(2) 6.5" tall; 14.5"x12.5" Platters
Lot #: 245

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware-53 Pieces

30-Cups 23 Saucers-Some with chips and staining
Lot #: 246

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware-6 Pieces total

Cookie Jar; 12.5" Platter; 14.5" Platter; Coffee Mug; 6.75" Saucer; 10" Serving Bowl
Lot #: 247

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware-8 Pieces total

11" Divided Bowl; Butter Dish; Creamer and Sugar Sets (-1 Sugar lid chipped); Tall Salt and Pepper
Lot #: 248

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware-8 Pieces total

8-Wine Glasses-Printed Design 6.5" tall
Lot #: 249

Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware-6 Pieces total

2-Teapots-One Lid Has crack; Gravy Boat; Flower Bud S&P; Butter Dish
Lot #: 250

Junk drawer items; glues, tape, nails, lightbulbs

Canvas Bag, kitchen and household odds and ends?.
Lot #: 251

Pens, Notepads, small easels

1 Box
Lot #: 252

Small pictures; (8 items); Bird Plate; 10"x7" larg

dogs, florals, kids etc?
Lot #: 253

Phone, Timex clock; Radio; Amazon Speaker etc..

1 box
Lot #: 254

Simplicity Quicksilver Vacuum;Holiday; Foil, cello

Holiday items, small figures; 1 Box of foil, cello, food saver items; swiffer
Lot #: 255

Cleaning Supplies-Kitchen Cleanings items

2 Boxes
Lot #: 256

Battery Charger; Power tools, hand tools

Makita Drill with Battery Charger
Lot #: 257

Wooden chair, Round Seat, Decorative Seat

Back is 34" tall
Lot #: 258

Floor Lamp-Brass Pole-Pink Glass Accent; Stone bas

Powers on-Shade is Broken-also uses a glass chimney
Lot #: 259

Plastic/Paper Plates; Portable Picnic Basket-Red

1 Box plus bag of Red Servingware
Lot #: 260

Metal Oval Bed Warmer Pot-Lids stuck tight

11" long 8" wide
Lot #: 261

Teapots(3); James Sadler-England; Sailboats;floral

Sailboats and Floral"Porcelein" China made in USA; Has some chips, cracks and lid is broken; Floral has lid that has been broken and repaired and broken spout
Lot #: 262

Pottery Pitcher-Deer Decoration-Blue/White

No Maker's Mark; 8.5" tall 5" diameter at opening
Lot #: 263

Metal Sifter; Metal Top-Nut Chopper/Glass Bottom

"Bromwell's' Measuring Sifter" Blue Star Pattern on metal top Sifter
Lot #: 264

Metal Sifter-painted on outside;White w/Red design

5" tall
Lot #: 265

Glass Orange Juicer; Flower Frog; Cork Man;Basket

Frosted Glass basket-no Markings-4" tall; Cork Man-arm moves with lever; Clear Glass orange Juicer and Flower rog-4 items total
Lot #: 266

Pyrex and Oven basics Measuring Cups(2)

Hold 4 Cups each
Lot #: 267

Oblong Dish; Crème with Velvet Ribbon-Cracks

"Manufactured for G.F. Filley St. Louis, MO By T.J. and J. Mayer Longport" Stamped on Bottom; Has Crazing in Bottom
Lot #: 268

Round Glass Bowls; Serving Bowl 9" diameter

small Etched bowls 4.75" in diameter (2); Smaller Bowls 4,5" (1); 4" (3)
Lot #: 269

Ice Buckets(2); Serving Glass Dish;all metal accen

Ice Bucket with Metal handle; Smaller Ice Bucket with metal handle and tongs; Round Serving Dish with metal lid-Dish has round drainage holes in bottom
Lot #: 270

Sterling Silver Silverware Set 61 Pieces-Gorham

Gorham Sterling "Melrose" pattern; In Silverware Box with zipper top
Lot #: 271

Sterling Silver Silverware Set-Westmoreland Sterli

4-Dinner Forks; 4 Salad Forks; 4 Butter Spreaders; 4 large Spoons; 4 Small Spoons; :John and Pricilla"
Lot #: 272

Silverware; Serving Pieces-marked Community

Some marked "Onieda" Some Marked "Community Oneida" Some just marked "Community"
Lot #: 273

Sterling Ladies Compact w/ mirror, change holder

Make up powder compartment-Marked Sterling inside; Monogrammed sEj; 3" diameter
Lot #: 274

Milkglass Bowl and Candlesticks (3 pieces total)

Bowl has 8" diameter; Candlesticks 4" tall Both have Grape pattern and grape leaves Marking on Bottom Wa or MD
Lot #: 275

Corningware-BlueCornflower Casserole, Teapot,dish

White Lidded Dish, White Bowl, Clear Glass Pie Plate-Pyrex
Lot #: 276

Kitchen items-napkin hodler; Plastic Bowls;oven mi

3 Boxes
Lot #: 277

Kitchen Utensils and Everyday silverware

Spatulas, serving spoons, tongs etc? 2 Boxes
Lot #: 278

Stained Glass with Floral Pattern, Glass Beads

Genuine Stained Glass 37"x26.5"; beveled Glass Around Edge
Lot #: 279

Appliances; Toaster, Blender, Coffee Warming Pot

Grease p (4 items total)
Lot #: 280

Kitchen Appliances; Hamilton Beach Waffle maker

Hamilton Beach English Muffin maker; Red Electric Teapot
Lot #: 281

ElecticHand Mixer(No Whisks);Popcorn Maker;crockpo

4 items total
Lot #: 282

T2 Traveller Stainless Steel Flask

12 Loose Leaf Teas and Flask-Black in color
Lot #: 283

Wooden Bread Bowl; Wooden Nut Bowl w/crackers

Bread Bowl 19"x11"
Lot #: 284

Whirlpool Refrigerator -Last worked when cleaned

Unplugged at the time of cleaning; Ice/Water in door; 33"x65.5"; 31.5" deep
Lot #: 285

Metal Tins; Popcorn Tin; Cookie Tins; 10+

Tea tins; Decorative Tins
Lot #: 286

Pottery Cookie Jar 8"; Frankoma RoadRunner Mug

Mint Green Glaze on Cookie Jar-No Markings; Road Runner Mug-Red Marked "CI Frankoma"
Lot #: 287

Plastics; Pitcher; Ice Cube Trays; Ice Bucket

1 Box plus Ice Bucket
Lot #: 288

White Vinyl Chairs (2) Metal Frame-Wooden stool

Small wooden step stool
Lot #: 289

Top Shelf metal Baking items; Bread Pans;Cookie ti

Electric Fryer; Casserole Dishes etc?15+ pieces
Lot #: 290

Bottom Shelf Items; Muffin tins; Bundt pans; etc..

Plastic Molds Springform Pan; 20+ Pieces
Lot #: 291

Glass Cake Plate; Crown and Rose Han Cast Pewter M

Floral Cup and Pitcher all together with pink flowers
Lot #: 292

Calphalon Knife Block w/7 items;Coffee Pot;Tea Pot

Burner style tea pot warmer
Lot #: 293

Hamilton beach Microwave-Power on

Lot #: 294

Canister Set with Birds-Tea, Coffee, Flour Sugar

Lot #: 295

S&P Shakers(3); Tea Towels; Cake Server

No Markings on Server; "Airko" Glass S&P; Scotties; Round Pepper mill and salt shaker
Lot #: 296

Metal Basket, Brown Pot; Bowls etc..

2 Boxes; Metal Basket; Metal thermos; Kitchen odds and ends
Lot #: 297

Wooden Bread Box; Cleese Slices; Cutting Boards

trays-Floral Glass Tray; Wooden tray
Lot #: 298

Metal Tins; Decorative Fruit; Small Cooler; Tea Po

Everything in corner cabinet; Bring Boxes
Lot #: 299

Serving Trays; Decorative Trays; Metal, wood etc?

Everything in this cabinet several trays
Lot #: 300

Champagne Glasses (11) Clear Glass with Dec. stem

Lot #: 301

Stanley Thermos; Green enamel Thermos

10.5" tall
Lot #: 302

5 Champagne Glasses-4 different types

"Gala 2000 Enid Symphony Orchestra"; 1 St. Luke's Hospital
Lot #: 303

Scottie glassware-Pitcher, Ice Bucket; 11 Glasses

A few different patterns mixes together but all have a Scottie dog print
Lot #: 304

Baking Dishes-Refridgerator Dishes one w/lid

Glass Bowls
Lot #: 305

Box full of Coffee Mugs; Westminster Mugs

"MIKE" mugs all kinds of décor coffee mugs
Lot #: 306

Drinking Glasses; Wine Glasses 20+Glasses

Etched Wine Glasses
Lot #: 307

Round Anchor Hocking Bowls some w/lids

1 Box
Lot #: 308

Plastic and Glass Drinking glasses; Enid High(2)

Plastic batman Glasses Bird Cups etc?1 Box
Lot #: 309

Stoneware items; Oxford Stoneware Bowl Set

Yellow Pitcher "Made in USA" Stoneware Mug with Drawings; Bowls are a set of 5
Lot #: 310

Kitchen Kraft Oven Serve; Floral Pattern

2 Large Bowls 10" diameter; 8.5" Diameter bowl; 11" diameter pattern
Lot #: 311

4 Brown Round dishes(3 with lids); Mason Jars

1 Box
Lot #: 312

Wooden Serving Trays; Casserole Dish; Floral Plate

8 or 9 wooden trays
Lot #: 313

Wicker Baskets; Flower Vases; Clear vases

Everything on the bottom shelf
Lot #: 314

The Golden Book Encyclopedia;16 Volumes

Lot #: 315

Oklahoma License Plates; 1976;1978;1977

Lot #: 316

"Kennedy Killed" Enid Newspaper

Lot #: 317

MASH Book; J.R.R. Tolkein Books (2);

"All the President's Men"
Lot #: 318

Soldier/Eagle Prints for framing

Lot #: 319

Vintage Dress; Leather Binder-odds and ends

1 Box
Lot #: 320

Wooden Crate with Bungee Cords; Spinning Display

File Boxes
Lot #: 321

Croquet Set; "Donkey Party"; Badminton rackets(2)

Lot #: 322

Clock Radio; Motor Oil, Garage odds and ends

2 Boxes
Lot #: 323

Framed awards; Scottie Dog Framed Needlework

Plastic Crate w/several framed prints
Lot #: 324

Badminton Sets (2)

Lot #: 325

Battery Charger (2); Wooden Shelf

Clamp Flashlight etc..
Lot #: 326

Spray Paint; Peg Hooks; Garage items

3 Boxes
Lot #: 327

Electric Heater; Plastic divided Containers; Baske

Everything right of window on wall
Lot #: 328

Red Coleman Ice Chest; Stadium Chair; Red Bedpan

smaller plastic ice chest inside
Lot #: 329

Red/White Tricycle; No Markings

Has bell but it won't turn or ring
Lot #: 330

Covey metal Water Jug with Spigot; Scouts Pack

Pop-up chair for camping
Lot #: 331

All Christmas Boxes and Décor

All Grouped together in garage
Lot #: 332

Rocks; Tiles w/Brick wall printing on them

2 Boxes
Lot #: 333

Models; Bog Box 15+; Mostly Fighter Jets

Some still wrapped in plastic
Lot #: 334

Southeast Beverage Co wooden crate with metal latc

Dividers in the bottom
Lot #: 335

College and Medical Books

2 boxes
Lot #: 336

College Books and Sci-Fi Books

2 Boxes
Lot #: 337

Sci-Fi Books, Paperbacks

3 Boxes
Lot #: 338

Sci-Fi Books; Comedy books-Mash/Lampoon style

2 Boxes
Lot #: 339

Gold Spot Dairy Tin Box; Metal Lock Box with key

Lot #: 340

Sci-Fi Books Paperbacks

2 Boxes
Lot #: 341

Tin Trimming with gold Tone; White Basket

Chiristmas Rug; Accents for décor
Lot #: 342

Monitor-Looks Distorted-very Heavy

Emerson Brand Monitor
Lot #: 343

Painting and household repair items in tub

Roller, brushes, tray + Tub
Lot #: 344

Plastic Shelf in Box; Parts for scooter

Bag of items and Box with shelf
Lot #: 345

Metal Tool Box with tools and various items

Black and Decker Saw; Chain in bucket
Lot #: 346

Lights, Lamps; Straps; Household/Garage items

Lot #: 347

Hand Planers; Numbered Nails; Horseshoes

Lot #: 348

Metal Dewalt Toolbox; Electric Cord

Lot #: 349

Cleaning items; Car items; Pesticide; Power surger

Hand Saw
Lot #: 350

Metal Toolboxes (2) with tools; Pot w/lid

3 items total
Lot #: 351

Power tools; Sander; Electric Drill Powers on

Fishing Net, jars, Light etc?
Lot #: 352

Blow Mold Soldiers;5 total-2 look newer style

3 of them the legs have yellowed
Lot #: 353

paint; Small toolbox with tools; paint tarp

Brushes-1 Box + tarp and toolbox
Lot #: 354

Car Cleaning Supplies; antifreeze

2 Boxes plus the Jugs and Cans directly above
Lot #: 355

Green Plastic Cube Shelf; Pumpkin; Fishing tackelb

Medical items-Pumpkin has broken and been repaired
Lot #: 356

Wood Drop-Leaf Table with Drawer-Items in drawer

20.5" plus 2 leafs 10"each-31"long-30" tall
Lot #: 357

Bed Cane, Clamps; Items in corner of garage

Lot #: 358

Wooden Shelf-Particle Board-Some Warping

Lot #: 359

Wooden Shelf-Particle Board-Some Warping

Lot #: 360

Wooden Shelf-Particle Board-Some Warping

Lot #: 361

Werner 6ft Ladder; Floor Lamp; Handlebars

Items in corner of garage
Lot #: 362

Front Porch Planter and Any items in front yard

Lot #: 363

Rain Collection Barrel

Lot #: 364

Rain Collection Barrel

Lot #: 365

Planter Pots, Patio Table, Long Wire Planter

All Planters in Backyard
Lot #: 366

Rain Collection Barrel

Lot #: 367

Smoker; Charcoal Grill Yard Tools; Shovels, Rake e

Plastic Rubbermaid Trash Can
Lot #: 368

Wooden Glider with metal Frame-needs repair

Lot #: 369

Wheelbarrow, Dolly etc?

Yard tools
Lot #: 370

Rain Collection Barrel

Lot #: 371

Dogloo Doghouse

Medium to small dog
Lot #: 372

Push Lawnmower-Briggs and Stratton Engine

Lot #: 373

Shed Cleanout - Everything in shed excluding mower

Yard Tools; Snippers Decorations etc?
Lot #: 374

Computer Monitor w/CD Drive

Lot #: 375

Padded Lawn Chairs (5)

Lot #: 376

HP Computer Monitor-Large Screen

Lot #: 377

Wooden Shelf-;Bamboo Style

Lot #: 378

Rectangle Curio Cabinet; Glass Shelves

Lot #: 379

Particle Board wood Shelf

Lot #: 380

Wooden Trunk Box and 2 Wooden Crates

Metal Clasp on Wooden Trunk
Lot #: 381

Canvas Army Duffle; Hand Cart; Epson Photo Printer

Straps; Bungees
Lot #: 382

Single File Cabinet-Metal Gray

"Atlantic" Duffle bag
Lot #: 383

Gold Clubs-Wilson Driver maroon/White Bag

Lot #: 384

Tripod; Video Cameras, Camera Bag

Step Stool
Lot #: 385

Red Metal Rolling Library Bookshelf-

2 Level Shelf
Lot #: 386

Rolling Metal Drop Leaf Shelf

Lot #: 387

VCR's Scanner, Printer etc?Electronics

Lot #: 388

CD Player; Stereo with Speakers

Lot #: 389

Christmas Wreath, Pumpkin, Metal Chair

Lot #: 390

Wooden Crates (2) "Victoria Brand"

Lot #: 391

Small metal Figures, Fire Alarm

Double Decker Bus; 1 Box
Lot #: 392

Fishing Items; Coleman Lantern; Fishing Poles

Trash Can; Ice Cream Bucket
Lot #: 401

Dixie Tall Dresser, 4 drawer

46" h x 36" x 20"; some scuffs on top
Lot #: 402

Headboard/Footboard - Queen/Full

no rails; headboard - 55" h x 62", footboard - 48" h x 62"
Lot #: 403

Dixie Dresser, 8 drawer

34" h x 62" x 20"; some scuffs
Lot #: 404

Pottery Vase, 16" - with maker's mark

Lot #: 405

Lamps (4)

Lot #: 406

Books - Racism Theme (3)

Lot #: 407

Books - Children's (6)

including 1932, Frolic and Do-Funny by Pennell and Cusack
Lot #: 408

Books - Landmark Series (3)

1962, 1963, 1968; including John F. Kennedy and PT-109; The Flying Tiger is loose at spine
Lot #: 409

Books - Classics (4)

1919,1942, 1947, 1945
Lot #: 410

1938 Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence

Lot #: 411

1921 Leaves of Grass, Whitman

Lot #: 412

1901 Irving's Sketch Book, Litchfield

Lot #: 413

1960's Magazines - Life, Look, Post (8)

Lot #: 414

Tablecloths- pink, white (5)

Lot #: 415

1960's- 70's - Scale Modeler Magazines

5 binders of magazines
Lot #: 416

1960's Know Your America Booklets

6 boxes + Science booklets
Lot #: 417

1968 A Picture Gallery, Tom Lea

book and prints in case
Lot #: 418

1980's Crown Flight Book Set (8)

Lot #: 419

1959 Indians, Edwin Tunis

Lot #: 420

1955 The New Yorker 1950-1955 Album

Lot #: 421

Books - Science Theme (15+)

Lot #: 422

Books - Religious Theme (20+)

Lot #: 423

Books - Philosophy Theme (20+)

Lot #: 424

Magazines - Modeling Theme - 2 boxes

military, airplanes
Lot #: 425

Magazines - Flight Theme - 2 boxes

Lot #: 426

Magazines - Flight Theme - (10+)

Lot #: 427

Magazines - Recent Fiction - (10+)

The All Story dated 1912 is reprint
Lot #: 428

Magazines - Military Theme - 2 boxes

Lot #: 429

Magazines - Variety - 1 box

Esquire, Newsweek, Time, TV Guide, Mad, more
Lot #: 430

Books - History Theme - 2 boxes

Lot #: 431

Books - Classic Youth Fiction (10)

Lot #: 432

Books - Variety Non-Fiction - 2 boxes

Lot #: 433

Books - Military/History Theme - 2 boxes

Lot #: 434

Large Books - Military/History Theme (10)

Lot #: 435

Books - Military/History Theme - 2 boxes

Lot #: 436

Dining Table, Fold Up Sides

29" h x 46" x 23" - smallest size; 12" folding sides, 12" leaves (2) (not including items under table)
Lot #: 437

Airfix Revenge Ship Model, in box

box is in poor condition; unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 438

Entex '67 Mustang Model, new in box

a few tears in plastic wrap
Lot #: 439

Heller Ship Model, large, in box

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 440

Dixie End Table

27" h x 16" x 13"; some scuffs
Lot #: 441

Weber One Touch Grill

appears to be new in box
Lot #: 442

Hand Mirror, Boxes, Billfolds, Baby Shoes

Lot #: 443


including Star, PG, Monet pendant
Lot #: 444

Women's Watches - Hamilton, Seiko

Hamilton - 10K Gold filled
Lot #: 445

Native American Belt Buckles (2)

36" tooled leather belt - used
Lot #: 446

Native American Belt Buckle

tooled leather belt - used - "Mike"
Lot #: 447

Pinkerton's Gallery Belt Buckle

28" suede belt
Lot #: 448

Baseball Metal Plate

may have been belt buckle
Lot #: 449

Metal Medallions (2)

Lot #: 450

Belts, Organizers, Cuff Links, more

Lot #: 451

Art, Signed, one framed (2)

Nicholas Barnham - Wells Harbour; other piece writing unclear
Lot #: 452

1975 Roye Burgess Original Art, framed

information per seller; 9" x 16" frame
Lot #: 453

Woody Crumbo Spirit Horse Art

frame coming apart
Lot #: 454

1967 Jerome Tiger Art, framed

"The Coming Weather" on canvas, 12" x 10" frame; with provenance on back
Lot #: 455

1966 Jerome Tiger Print, framed

"Tough Times"; 9" x 11" frame
Lot #: 456

1966 Jerome Tiger Print, framed

"Oops"; 9" x 11" frame
Lot #: 457

1965 Jerome Tiger Prints, framed

"Fall" - #20 of 172; "Winter"; 21" x 14" frame
Lot #: 458

Windsor Arm Chair, wood, green

33" h x 25" x 24"
Lot #: 459

Side Table with Storage

25" h x 30" x 20"
Lot #: 460

Fitness Equipment, Weights

Lot #: 461

Tapestry Art, Framed - Paris Theme (2)

Lot #: 462

Mirrors, Framed (3)

Lot #: 463

Art Prints, Framed (3)

including Jim Horton, Redon
Lot #: 464

Art Prints, Framed (6)

Lot #: 465

Patriotic Art Prints; Decor, Framed (12)

Lot #: 466

Art Prints, Framed (9)

including #'d, autographed Moran
Lot #: 467

David Williams Art Print, Framed

Tos-que', Kiowa - Apache, #2386/3000; 27" x 21"
Lot #: 468

David Williams Art Print, Framed

Tos-que', Kiowa - Apache, #1818/3000; 27" x 21"
Lot #: 469

Art Prints, Framed (5)

including Roscoe Misselhorn - The Golden Eagle - autographed; Howard Pyle
Lot #: 470

Books - C.S. Forester - hardback (12+)

Lot #: 471

C.S. Forester - paperbacks, DVDs

Lot #: 472

C.S. Forester Captain Horatio Hornblower

3 book set - 1939
Lot #: 473

Mrs. John F. Kennedy Note / Photo, framed

17" x 13"; note is discolored
Lot #: 474

Vintage Solder Art, Framed

21" x 17"
Lot #: 475

Oklahoma Papers, Books

Lot #: 476

Enid, OK Papers, Books, Memorabilia

Lot #: 477

Nahon Wade British Navy Decanter

Lot #: 478

Handwork Crafted Art, Framed (4)

Lot #: 479

Military Models (5), empty boxes (3)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 480

Pyro The Curler Model

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 481

Verlinden Saturday Night Bath/Vietnam

Lot #: 482

MPC Stutz Bearcat Model

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 483

Military Models, Parts, Supplies - 1 box

Lot #: 484

Military Models (4), empty boxes (5)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 485

Matchbox Airplane Models (2)

unknown if all pieces are included; boxes have condition issues
Lot #: 486

Matchbox Airplane Models, new in box (3)

Lot #: 487

Matchbox Airplane Models (4)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 488

Comet Airplane Models (2), Other

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 489

Swift 1805, Artesania Latina

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 490

Heller Airplane Models (7), empty box

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 491

Revell Airplane/Ship Models (4)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 492

Revell Airplane Models (4)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 493

Revell Airplane/Space Models (5)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 494

Aurora Model Figures (3)

1965 Zorro, new in box; unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 495

Testors, AMI Airplane Models (2)

AMI new in box
Lot #: 496

Monogram Airplane Models (4)

two new in box; EF111 incomplete; unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 497

Testors, MPC Airplane Models (3)

Lot #: 498

Figure Models (2), empty boxes (4)

one new in box
Lot #: 499

Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Phantom boxes

no contents; Phantom is top of box only
Lot #: 500

Train Miniatures, Track (4 boxes)

Athearn is box only - no train; Bachman track sample box is bent
Lot #: 501

Williams Bros. Airplane Models (2)

pieces appear to be intact
Lot #: 502

Hasegawa Airplane Models (8)

three new in box; unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 503

Airflix Models (13)

four new in box; three empty boxes; unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 504

USAirfix Snap Models (2)

Lot #: 505

Aurora Airplane/Ship Models (6)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 507

Frog Airplane Models (10)

unknown if all pieces are included
Lot #: 508

History of Aviation Poster

37" x 26"; torn corner, several edge tears
Lot #: 509

1967 NASA Poster in tube

38" x 25"; good condition
Lot #: 510

1970's Hippy Spiro Agnew Poster

28" x 22"; discoloration, brittle
Lot #: 511

1987 DC Comics Blackhawk Poster

29" x 23"
Lot #: 512

Vida Blue Poster, Autograph, #'d

1670 of 2000; 24" x 18"
Lot #: 513

1950's Army Prints (7), Homer Print

some bends, tears; Army prints - 21" x 27"; Winslow print - 25" x 23"
Lot #: 514

Barbara DiMattio Print, 68/200

Inside Bowman's Tower, 11" x 17"
Lot #: 515

1974 USA Geological Map Print (2)

29" x 41"
Lot #: 516

Frisco, Santa Fe Railroad Posters (2)

22" x 26"
Lot #: 517

Trunk, fabric lined

23" h x 34" x 20"
Lot #: 518

Army Locker, wood

13" h x 32" x 16"; some chipped areas
Lot #: 519

Full Size Headboard, Footboard

with side rails
Lot #: 520

Wood Mounting Pieces

Lot #: 521

Bookshelves (2)

28" h x 25" x 9"; 22" x 8"
Lot #: 522

Organizers, Plastic (4)

Lot #: 523

Bookends - 2 sets, Organizer

Lot #: 524

1894, 1898, 1931 Books

worn condition
Lot #: 525

June 1943 National Geographic

some stains on cover
Lot #: 526

1976 Clymer Mustang Shop Manual

worn condition
Lot #: 527

1891 Footprints of the World's History

condition issues, loose first pages, cover loose from spine
Lot #: 528

Poems - Whitman, Longfellow (2)

Longfellow - 1947, Whitman - missing publishers page
Lot #: 529

Books - Music Theme (9)

including Carl Sandburg, The American Songbag, 1927
Lot #: 530

"B" Bookends, matching Coasters

some coasters in poor condition
Lot #: 531

Books - Military/History Theme - 2 boxes

Lot #: 532

Books - Variety Non-Fiction - 2 boxes

Lot #: 533

Books - Military/History Theme - 3 boxes

Lot #: 534

Books - Fiction - 1 box

Lot #: 535

Craft Paints, Organizer

quality unknown
Lot #: 536

Miniatures in Display Cases (4)

Lot #: 537

Space Prints (2)

19" x 24"; have been taped around edges
Lot #: 538

Wood Chair, Folding Stool

Lot #: 539

Electronics - Variety - 1 box

condition unknown
Lot #: 540

Books - Thomas Jefferson - 1 box

Lot #: 541

Books - Roosevelt - (5+)

Lot #: 542

Figurines, Bell, Ship, Other (

Lot #: 543

1969 Ezra Brooks Churchill Decanter

Lot #: 544

Busts/Figures (4)

hand broken on one Lincoln
Lot #: 545

Patriotic Metal Pieces (3)

Lot #: 546

Goebel Round Glass Eagle Paperweight

Lot #: 547

Metal Vehicles, Figure

including Tootsie, Ferret Scout Car
Lot #: 548

Figurines, Miniatures - 1 box

metal, plastic
Lot #: 549

Figurines, Miniatures - 2 boxes

metal, plastic
Lot #: 550

Wood Dresser, Red, 3 drawer

26" h x 45" x 23"; some scuffs
Lot #: 551

Cases, Suitcases (6)

Lot #: 552

Model/Miniature Magazines, Variety -box

16" h x 13" x 9" box
Lot #: 553

Rocks, Shells, - Variety - box

9" h x 10" box
Lot #: 554

1976 P.H. Roye Print, Framed, Autographed

32" x 26" frame
Lot #: 555

Twin Size Bed Frame, Red, Wood

headboard, footboard, rails, 6 slats, Casper mattress and base included
Lot #: 556

Quilt - likely handmade

approx 82" x 70"; few small stains
Lot #: 557

Quilts/Bedspread (2)

green - 100" x 90" with shams; Bob Timberlake quilt - approx 80" x 70"
Lot #: 558

Quilt - likely handmade

68" x 82"; a few small stains
Lot #: 559

Quilt - likely handmade

78" x 80"; a few stains
Lot #: 560

Military / History Prints, Papers - 1 box

Lot #: 561

Nikon FE Camera, Case, Flash

strap is broken
Lot #: 562

Tools, Variety - 1 box

Lot #: 563

AR-Doll The Bride in box

box has some scuffs/tears
Lot #: 564

Swan Goggles

Lot #: 565

RF 1914-1918 Metal Helmet

Lot #: 566

Lariat Hat, Taft Hat, Band Hat (3)

Taft Tigers felt hat in poor condition
Lot #: 567

Bookshelves (2)

wood shelf - 40" h x 33" x 11"; manufactured wood shelf - 35" h x 24" x 10"
Lot #: 568

1972 Army Poster, Armored Vehicles

38" x 26", tape marks
Lot #: 569

Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth Poster

38" x 24"
Lot #: 570

National Lampoon Nurd Poster

32" x 21"
Lot #: 571

Royal Army, Special Air Service Posters (2)

30" x 20", 35" x 45"; Royal Army - 1981
Lot #: 572

Geographical Survey, Civil War Map (2)

1974; 23" x 29", 29" x 41" - some tattered edges
Lot #: 573

London Concert Flyer

20" x 12", some tears around edge
Lot #: 574

1965 USA Navy Poster/Certificate

minor discoloration, 17" x 24"
Lot #: 575

Military/History Prints (4)

Lot #: 576

1976 Tutankhamun Poster, 1973 Space Poster

Tutankhamun - 38" x 35" - "bends"; space - 23" x 33", two sided - "bends"
Lot #: 577

1968 Moon Print with 2 overlays

29" x 24"; some
Lot #: 578

Military/History Prints (6)

Lot #: 579

Wood Boxes, Decoupaged (4)

3 boxes - 11" x 18" x 9"; one smaller
Lot #: 580

Books - Snoopy / Peanuts Theme (25+)

also comic strip cut outs
Lot #: 581

College/Fraternity Items (6)

Lot #: 582

Bomber Jacket, size S

likely leather but no tag, "TFS" on zipper, zipper works
Lot #: 583

Vintage Medical Uniforms (3)

jacket - size 42;
Lot #: 584

Vintage Military Uniform

jacket, pants, shirt, belt, tie, cap; worn condition
Lot #: 585

Vintage Letter Sweater

tears at wrists, elbows
Lot #: 586

London Fog Trench Coat, size 40R

zip out lining
Lot #: 587

Alexander Kent Paperback Books (20+)

Lot #: 588

Douglas Reeman, Dudley Pope Books (40+)

Lot #: 589

Bernard Cornwell Paperback Books (20+)

Lot #: 590

Books - Military/History - 1 box

Lot #: 591

Books - Military/History - 2 boxes

Lot #: 592

Smith Corona Classic 12 Typewriter in case

Lot #: 593

Brother 340 Electronic Typewriter

powers on
Lot #: 594

Brother 340 Electronic Typewriter in case

powers on
Lot #: 595

Tall Wood Dresser, 7 drawer, wheels

52" h x 36" x 22"; drawer missing a stop, some scuffs; not including items on or under dresser
Lot #: 596

Sherlock Holmes Books, Memorabilia

Lot #: 597

1905 Return of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle

spine partially loose, fade on front
Lot #: 598

A Giannelli Sculpture, 12" x 11" x 4"

probably Alabaster, with signed name; small chip on horse ear
Lot #: 599

Lamp - metal base, stained glass shade

powers on - two bulbs, 28" h, 18" wide shade, 9" wide bottom
Lot #: 600

Art Glass Paperweight

Lot #: 601

Pottery Pieces (2) - 1 marked

Lot #: 602

Niloak Pottery Vase, 5"

small chip
Lot #: 603

Nemadji Pottery Vase, 4"

Lot #: 604

Gotham Austria Vase with Birds, 10"

crack on one side, likely repaired
Lot #: 605

1949 Dryden Pottery Pitcher, 11"

Lot #: 606

Weller Vase, 9"

Weller info per seller
Lot #: 607

Art Glass Vase, 12"

Lot #: 608

Korczak Ziolkowski Crazy Horse Scale Model

1 of 1200
Lot #: 651

Wooden Bookshelf-Dark Stained Wood/Particle Bd

15"x8"x43"; Holds DVDs
Lot #: 652

Small Wooden Side Table with Drawer;Brass Pull

Dark Stain-16"x13"x27"tall
Lot #: 653

LG Flat Screen TV-Currently hanging on wall 42"

powers on
Lot #: 654

Blue Polka Dot Wingback Chair

Lot #: 655

Vintage Legos-Various colors, shapes and styles

Lot #: 656

Wooden Chest of Drawers-Has legs on base/all pulls

Lighter stained cherry color; 40"x20"x55" tall; "Kimball"-2nd Drawer needs track fixed
Lot #: 657

Gingerbread Men Light Bulbs;Cottage Bulb

Small Glass animal;Pig or Dog Possibly
Lot #: 658

Vintage Bracelets; Cameos, 2 Oval Cameos; Buttons

2 Flower buttons, Amber Stone Bracelet costume jewelry;Cameo Bracelet has small Cameos around
Lot #: 659

Straight Razor; "Signal police" whistle; Sardine C

Niagara Falls tape measure
Lot #: 660

Wooden Decorative Hatchet "Pawnee, OK"

Small Wooden drum figurine
Lot #: 661

Porcelein Doll Baby; Baby Shower Bell

Doll has tied on arms and legs; Doll 2" tall
Lot #: 662

Airplane Model;Heli Model; Cammo Painted tank

Plane is 6" long; has all pieces-Landing gear detached on 1 side
Lot #: 663

Military Models(tanks);1 with Army Man

1 with German Military Tank-All home built
Lot #: 664

Acrylic Display Case with 4 Dragon Figures

3 are glued to the bottom of case
Lot #: 665

Canvas Army Bag(Green)"U.S. 114"; Spats

Leather straps on both bag and spats
Lot #: 667

Scottie Dog Whiskey Advert; Scottish Terrier Book

Small Scottie Raised Print in Frame
Lot #: 668

Scottie Dog Items; Card Box; Ceramic Figure

Resin Scottie in Clothes w/hat and scarf
Lot #: 669

Pink Dog Round Jar (Ear Chipped); Paper Mache Dog

Porcelein dog with Basket; Clear Scottie toothpick holder
Lot #: 670

Brass Scottie w/3 Pups; Cast Iron Scottie on Grass

Painted Dogs; one brass dog has link on collar for chain
Lot #: 671

Small Terrier Figurines; Scottie vase(Japan)

5 total figure-Some Painted and some have chippy paint
Lot #: 672

Terrier Dog Band-Accordian, Saxophone, violin

4"tall each
Lot #: 673

Scottie Bell Clear Glass Dogs(2);Black/White Dog

Black and White Dog Made in Japan
Lot #: 674

Resin Dog Figures-Wood Look;2 on log; one

Lot #: 675

Scottie Dogs(6 total); Plastic, Porcelain, Resin

White Begging dogs are S&P Set; 3 Are a plastic type material; Black Single Dog is Porcelain
Lot #: 676

Dog Figurines; 3 Matching on "leash"

Ceramic dogs; Carved Rock
Lot #: 677

Small Dog with heart; Carved Raccoon

Metal Spring Dog File
Lot #: 678

Scottie Bookends-3 Pair-Resin Like material

5" wide 7.5" tall at most
Lot #: 679

Cast Iron Dog Figures; White; Brown; Black

Small Wooden Plaque with 3D Dog on it 3.5"x4.25"
Lot #: 680

Scottie Kerosene Lamp;GE Green Plaid Clock

Battery needs replaced in Clock; Chimney on Lamp reads "Home Sweet Home" and Lamp Base has Black Scotties all the way around
Lot #: 681

Violin In Case; "Copy Of Antonius Stradiuarius"

Has Bow, needs repairs; Leather Case with Purple Lining
Lot #: 682

Model Ship-Needs repair; Glass Box-"The Maine"

HMS Victory Plastic Model-Has pieces that need to be attached
Lot #: 683

Office Desk with CD Storage-Metal Base

Glass Shelf; Desk Lamp-Powers on
Lot #: 684

HP Printer/Office Bundle; Laptop Cases; Ink Cart.

Keyboard; Tablet Case
Lot #: 685

Coffee Table-solid Wood; Light stained finish

24.5X48"x19.5"; Top has detail on ends with small spindles
Lot #: 686

Tabletop Display Case for small items

Lot #: 687

Wooden Display Cabinet w/2 Glass Doors

Heart Detail at the top;46"x13"x55"tall; Has 2 Skeleton Keys
Lot #: 688

Floor Lamp; Acrylic Hexagon shaped case

Lamp Powers on
Lot #: 689

BB Gun; Shoots has BBs-No Markings

Lot #: 690

Kalamazoo Toy Train-Christmas

Has Power source, train tracks; Cars in box
Lot #: 691

Scale Model Magazines; Binders w/Military Images

4 Boxes of Magazines for small models, wings etc?
Lot #: 692

Military Model Magazines(6 Boxes

Lot #: 693

DVD's 2.5 Boxes; Dallas, Wild Wild West; Simpsons

Leave it to Beaver; Looney Tunes
Lot #: 694

Scarecrow Décor; Home Décor Items Halloween

Lot #: 695

Office Supplies; Computer Paper, Envelopes

Paper Clips
Lot #: 696

Newspapers;"Our King and Queen""Yank"

Washington Post-Various newspapers from different times; "Snow White" book
Lot #: 697

Boy Scouts items; Patches; Buckles; Hats; Books

"the Boy Scouts: "The Boy Scouts in the Maine Wood"; Norman Rockwell Boy Scout Book
Lot #: 698

Office Supply Box;Large Clothespin; GE Table Clock

Adding Machine rolls; Pens, Markers, Tape, Crayons etc?
Lot #: 699

Gilbert Erector Set-Metal; with instructions

Lot #: 700

Vintage Board Games; Cootie; Hi-Q; Paints

Tiddly Winks; Flash Cards; Cards; Puzzle
Lot #: 701

Cap Pistols(2); Detective x60 and S. Agent

Lot #: 702

Play Cars, firetruck, car hauler, small metal

Dump Truck, Snow Plow, Fiero, Cricket P-1
Lot #: 703

Vintage Metal Cars(4);Various colors and

Lot #: 704

Dog Towel Holder, Statue of Liberty model;

Wooden tinker toy style toys in Round Box; Bottle "Fulton Bottling Works, Fulton, MO"
Lot #: 705

Jon-E Hand Warmer and Cigarette Lighter

Instructions, carrying bag, Plastic Case
Lot #: 706

Mr. Ed handPuppet with pull string(Copyright 1962)

String pulls but words are garbled, does make neigh sound
Lot #: 707

Vintage Troll Dolls and Pom Pom pets

4 Trolls-1 has 4 legs; 5 Pom Pom pets with googly eyes
Lot #: 708

PlayskoolBuiling Peg Set;Dice;Blocks;Pick-upSticks

Small wooden houses, lincoln log style building blocks; Various sizes, colors and shapes
Lot #: 709

Russ Monkey(Grad Cap); Penguin; Tennis Balls

Baseball and Softball
Lot #: 710

Tiny Army Men(Plastic); Alien Figures and extras

20+ Pieces
Lot #: 711

Heat Gun, Paint sprayer, Dremel Tools

Speed Control for Dremel
Lot #: 712

VHS Tapes; Some Blank; The Rocketeer; Red Skelton

Lot #: 713

Cd's; Tapes; "Old Time Radio Comedy"; Orchestra

Band, Tennessee Ernie Ford; TV's Greatest Hits; Glen Miller etc?2 boxes+CD storage tower
Lot #: 714

Barbie Records;6 Terrific Teen-age tunes

Sung By Barbie and Ken-Records and Lyrics inside
Lot #: 715

"Puff the Magic Dragon; "Hey There itsYogi Bear"

Little Golden Record "Onward Christian Soldiers" (3 Records total)
Lot #: 716

Cassette Tapes; Bing Crosby;String Bands; Hypnosis

"Great themes from the movies";15+ cassettes plus a couple empty cases
Lot #: 717

Gambling Case; Roulette, Checkers, Chess, Chips,

Racing Horse Markers, Cards etc?18"x14"x3.25"tall
Lot #: 718

Postcard Books and singles-Various states

"Heart of Dixie-Alabama" Mini License plate-All unwritten on
Lot #: 719

Postcard Sets/Groups, singles-California

Hollywood 30+ postcards all not used
Lot #: 720

Chicago Postcard Books and singles-Unwritten on

30+ from "World's Fair" and Chicago Area postcards
Lot #: 721

Texas Postcards-Dallas, JFK Assassination

5 Booklets
Lot #: 722

Nasa tickets and Postcards; Florida Gators

Miami Dolphins Postcard-Shuttle Postcards
Lot #: 723

Oklahoma City PostcardsSkirvin,Early Days Land Run

Nichols Hills Country Club;Biltmore Hotel; Union Station, OKC
Lot #: 724

Colorado Postcards; Rocky Mountain Pack

Denver Postcard Groups etc?
Lot #: 725

Yosemite Stamp; Travel Decals; Bumper Stickers

Lot #: 726

Chalk Native American Wall Plaque

Marked "Seminole" on back-Painted; 7.5"x9.25"
Lot #: 727

Pocket Knifes-Boy Scout and 2 Blade knife

Rusty Blades-Boy Scout has 4 hinged blades
Lot #: 728

Lapel Pins;"Ranger"; "US Navy";"Vietnam Airmobile"

USA Special Forces-Vietnam
Lot #: 729

Miniature gun replicas; Keychain. Military Button

"Christopher Reeve Foundation" Superman Necklace
Lot #: 730

Bronze Lion; Military Bar; Crossed Guns Pin

Eagle Federal Seal; Skeleton Keys; Silver "Jefferson"Cup
Lot #: 731

"Marshal Ney's Reargaurd; AFA Pins; OK 1975 Lions

Oklahoma 1975 Lion's Club Pin depicting Covered Wagon; Marshal Ney's Reargaurd Russia 1912 Plaque
Lot #: 732

Frankoma Fish Dish-"Community Bank,, Enid, OK"

2.75"x4.25" Green and Brown
Lot #: 733

Veck Stainless Steel Doctor's Tools

Tweezers, Cutting Pliers, scissors
Lot #: 734

Signed Loretta Lynn-Coal Miner's Daughter Promo

"To Norm, Your Friend Loretta Lynn"
Lot #: 735

"The Beatles 1967-1970-Apple Records

2 Records in Album Cover
Lot #: 736

"Elvis sings The Wonderful World of Christmas"

Winter Wonderland, Silver Bells, Merry Christmas baby, The First Noel etc..
Lot #: 737

Willie Nelson-Stardust

Lot #: 738

Roger's and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma" soundtrack

From the Musical
Lot #: 739

Louis Armstrong All Star Dates 1947-1950

Lot #: 740

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys for the last time

2 Records in Album Cover United Artist Records
Lot #: 741

"I Can Hear it Now" Edward R. Murrow-Columbia

Actual Voices of: Eisenhower, Churchill, Stalin, Dewey; Lou Gehrig
Lot #: 742

Garfield County, OK History Books 1907-1982

2 Volumes leatherbound
Lot #: 743

Soundtracks from Movies and Theatre

"Man of La Mancha";"Sound of Music"; "The Professionals"; Gene Autry-Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer"
Lot #: 744

PatrioticRecords(20+)WWI;Broad StripesBright Stars

WWII; John Phillip Souse; "Stars and Stripes Forever" etc?
Lot #: 745

Chicago, Seals and Croft; Captain and Tenille

John Denver; Anne Murray; 14 albums-1970's era
Lot #: 746

Spike Jones, Eagles, Steely Dan Records

9 Total albums
Lot #: 747

Johnny Carson;Star Wars; Clockwork Orange

11 total records
Lot #: 748

Children's records; Fantasia; Peter an the Wolf

Lot #: 749

Models-Planes, Firestone Drag Race Car; Military

All put together at home
Lot #: 750

Model Airplanes(7); At home built models

Lot #: 751

Military Airplanes-9 total

All home put together models
Lot #: 752

Military Model Planes(6); 1 Fighter Jet

Military Aid Planes-All put together at home models; Large Plane has 16"wingspan
Lot #: 753

Military Ship Models; Aircraft Carrier (4 total sh

Small army men figures and miniature items like trunks and bicycle-Put together at home model
Lot #: 754

Black Plane-Military Jet-Unfinished; Round ship

Unfinished, needs details and stickers-Models
Lot #: 755

Military Model Planes-Unfinished-Need Details

13 total-all Made at home models
Lot #: 756

Military Model Planes-All Painted-made at home

Hover Plane
Lot #: 757

Military Airplanes-Fighter Jets

All home model kits-
Lot #: 758

Wooden Airplane Models; Air Show Trophy

"Powell and Mason" Streetcar
Lot #: 759

Large Model Airplane-USAF

Approx. 38" long
Lot #: 760

Weird-Oh's Rat Rod Racing Models+RF Monster

4 total figures
Lot #: 761

Badminton Racket-Baseball Bat-Golfnballs

14 golf Balls; 2 Badminton Rackets-Red baseball Bat
Lot #: 762

VCRs; Soundbar; Modem; Cords for audio Visual

Some Remotes
Lot #: 763

John Deere Cast Metal Tractor in Box

Model D
Lot #: 764

Coca Cola Trays Oval and Rounded Edge Rectangle

Metal Trays (2) total
Lot #: 765

Blank CanvasPlastic Pop Bottle sheet; Plexiglass

Plexi 16"x34"
Lot #: 766

Wooden Side Chair with Arms and Tan Leather Uph.

Nail Head Trim
Lot #: 767

Kenmore 90 Series Top load washing machine

Powers on
Lot #: 768

Kenmore 800 Dryer; Powers on

Lot #: 769

Sound and Style Personal Tabletop Hair Dryer

Lot #: 770

Kaz Cool Mist Humidifier-Stored in box

Lot #: 771

Laundry Detergent, iron, Ironing board; starch

1 Box of laundy supplies with iron and ironing board
Lot #: 772

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies and Décor

Trash Can, Mope, tissue holder, mirror, cleaning items, shampoo, soap etc?
Lot #: 773

Shoe Shine Box with supplies; small wooden box

Has various size cans in various stages of use inside with rags and brushes plus an extra small box of more shoe polish
Lot #: 774

White metal Vanity Chair with white vinyl seat

Heart style back, , bent metal legs and back with round seat
Lot #: 775

Grandfather Clock-Wood finish; Rosette Carvings

74.5"tall x 19.5"wide x10" deep; Chimes work, has weights and pendulum
Lot #: 776

Terra Cotta Woman Figure with basket on head

Flower pot;28"x6"
Lot #: 777

Eagle Lamp;Broze Table Lamp(Floral motif)

2 Lamps total; 39.5"tallx20" wide (Eagle); Floral 19"tallx7" deep at base
Lot #: 778

Wooden Side Table and Upholstered step-stool

Stepstool has wooden base with a floral material; Table 19.5"x15.5"x28.5" tall; Stepstool 16"x16"x12"tall
Lot #: 779

Cane Seat Wooden Chair with carved back

17"x16"x18"seat height
Lot #: 780

Office Supplies Picture album; Legal Pads, pens

1 box office supplies, Manilla Envelopes; Ticket Book etc?12X12 Scrap Booking Albums (2)
Lot #: 781

Office Supplies Box w/Mailers, smoke Detectors

1 Box
Lot #: 782

Wooden and other material boxes; Cigar/Pictures

Wooden Purse with stamp décor; Wooden boxes (2); 1 paper box for pictures (looks like woodgrain)
Lot #: 783

Shelf Décor odds and ends;(2) shelves(gold)

Blue Glass Vase; metal box with stamps; tiny Bear with tree stump(less than 1" tall
Lot #: 784

Bibles; One inWooden Box; Both King James Version

Box Bible "Dove of Peace" given with sympathy in memory of Alma Gail Walles"; Other Bible given to norman Britt by his wife Artie Britt
Lot #: 785

FujiFilm Camera, Battery Charger, Voice Reccorder

Sony Voice Recorder; Re-usable Shopping Bags(2)
Lot #: 786

Matching Set Nippon Vases Yellow Floral design

painted on gold trim; 9.25"x3" opening diameter
Lot #: 787

Waller Letters for Jackets; Theatre patch

Ruound Wooden Box; Metal Pin; Eagle etc..
Lot #: 788

Pins and Bars for uniforms; Sonic Jewelry Cleaner

Rose Pin, Lapel Pins; Necklaces-No Visible Markings
Lot #: 789

Scrimshaw Marine Tooth "Ship Mercury"

4.25"tall-"Captn Dantel Jordan, Green Port, 1862-70
Lot #: 790

Teapot-"For England and Democracy";Has some Chips

Lot #: 791

Coffee/Tea Cup w/whistling handle;Decorative Eggs

Handpainted Glass egg, 2 Metal Bunny Easter Eggs
Lot #: 792

Metal Toffee Tin with Space Needle; Postcards

Travel Guide
Lot #: 793

Dresden Angels (4); White in Color

Lot #: 794

Miniature toys;small bugs, figurines, Mickey Mouse

Little Boys toys, odds and ends
Lot #: 795

Humanitarian Award from Great SaltPlains Boy Scout

40"x9" approx.; Presented to Norman Britt
Lot #: 796

Ceramic Handpainted Pilgrim Set,Turkey,Pumpkns

Pilgrim Boy and Girl Dressed in Orange; 14"tall at Tallest point
Lot #: 797

German Bitters Bottle(Per seller); White with Cork

Lot #: 798

Lefton 1813 Infantry Soldier; Blue Coat with Rifle

Numbered on Bottom; small chip on undreside of base
Lot #: 799

Granny with Apple Peeler; No markings

Lot #: 800

White Glass Bottle with Cork-Spanish Soldier

Lot #: 801

LadyFigurine withWatering Can

Has "1200" Carved on back at bottom; 8"tall
Lot #: 802

French Dancing Figures-Made in Occ. Japan

Marking for Occ. Japan is only on her but they look to be a set
Lot #: 803

Clown Dog Figurine-Miniature

Lot #: 804

Little Boy Figurine, 3" tall-Red hair

Marked "Japan" on bottom of foot
Lot #: 805

Clear Glass Perfume Bottle with Fan top Stopper

5" tall with stopper
Lot #: 806

Lady Pin Cushion tops; (2 total) approx 3.5" tall

Blue Shawl lady is marked "Made in Japan"
Lot #: 807

Blue Hobnail Vase 3.5" tall

Round base and round opening
Lot #: 808

Red/Orange Carnival Glass Mug with Bird Motif

33.5"tall 3.25"diameter at opening
Lot #: 809

Noritake Teacup and Saucer; Handpainted Nippon

ROUEN in Red on bottom
Lot #: 810

Glass Coasters(4); Hand Perfume Bottle

Clear Glass Bottle and Patterned Coasters
Lot #: 811

Gold Ornate Picture Frame; 2 matching Frames

smaller wooden frame; Gold Frame 29"x24" approx.; 18"x22" matching frames approx (outside edge)3 have non-glare glass
Lot #: 812

Picture Frames, Various sizes and materials; 30+

Wooden, Metal, pewter, Flip pages, Whole Box of different types
Lot #: 813

Wicker Baskets10+; Various sizes, shapes

Some have handles, some just sit on tabletop; 1 easel
Lot #: 814

Brass Floor Lamp 5ft tall; White Globe on top

Holds 4 light bulbs total-Works; Green Stone Marble like area in the base
Lot #: 815

Lane Sleeper Sofa with 3 Throw pillows; 7ftx3ft

Floral Tapesty Fabric, Back is faded from sitting in window; Has Arm covers
Lot #: 816

Wooden Coffee table; Medium brown colored wood

42"x18"x20"tall; No visible maker's markings
Lot #: 817

Wooden Side Table with metal Tassle Pulls

20"x24"26 tall; No Visible Markings
Lot #: 818

Children's Rocking Chair with carved décor on back

14"x20"x28" tall; No visible markings
Lot #: 819

Wooden Drop Leaf Side Table; Makes a oval table

Watermark on top;27"x8"29 when closed; top is 39" long when open; moving legs have castors
Lot #: 820

Wooden Plant Stand with spiral pole and 3 legs

36" tall with 12" diameter on top circle
Lot #: 821

Vintage Wooden Cane Seat Chairs (1 needs new seat)

2 Chairs total; 16"wide 33" tall each
Lot #: 822

2 Rotating Floor Fans(Lasko)1 white, 1 Black

Black one has remote-Power on(both work)
Lot #: 823

Folding Card Tables (2) Hunter Green and White

Lot #: 824

Metal Folding Chairs with Upholstered seats/Backs

1 is Black with Black patterned tapestry; 4 are Hunter Green with Green tapestry material
Lot #: 825

Ornate Wooden roll Top Desk:Has locking drawers

Metal Hardware; Tray raises for drafting, multiple compartments inside; 49.5"tall; 31" wide 24"deep; Has key for bottom door, Rolling top has Burl Patter Wood; smaller key hole does not have a key to lock top; Brass knob lifts felted tabletop at an angle
Lot #: 826

Victorian Couch with Red upholstery & wood accents

3ft tall at back, almost 5ft long;Has Castors on feet; Has Newspaper article dating it to 1830 and tells its history
Lot #: 827

Wooden letter desk w/ display storage & drawers

Hand Carved piece on front; Has key and writing surface;12"x48"x43"tall
Lot #: 828

Wingback chair with tapestry panel on back

Floral Design with wooden legs;33"x27"x40" tall at back 19" seat height
Lot #: 829

Wingback chair with tapestry panel on back

Floral Design with wooden legs;33"x27"x40" tall at back 19" seat height
Lot #: 830

Handpainted Nippon Vase w/Floral design

Yellow/Gold trim; 14" tall with 3.5"diameter opening
Lot #: 831

Handpainted Nippon Vase w/Floral design

Yellow/Gold trim; 14" tall with 3.5"diameter opening
Lot #: 832

Handpainted Nippon Vase w/Floral design

Yellow/Gold trim; 14" tall with 3.5"diameter opening
Lot #: 833

Conch Shell 9.5" longx4"tall

Lot #: 834

Metal Cast Mold for Tiny Soldier

Wooden Handles; Clip to hold together; Small soldier holding rifle
Lot #: 835

US Spelling Book (1809); Cast iron Horse/Wagon

US Army Insignia Book (MCMXLI)
Lot #: 836

Cast Iron Canon; Plastic Military Tanks army men

"Freedom is not Free"clip; Metal Army Truck; Plastic Rockets and spare pieces for Army Vehicles
Lot #: 837

Printing Stamps;"Enid News and Stationary"; 5total

French Horn; Missouri Tiger; Greek Letters Organization
Lot #: 838

DUMMY TNT Block-Wood, weighted; Rubber Knife

2 Padlocks-Yale and National; Amber Glass Bottle; Rubber Knife says "Bowie Knife"
Lot #: 839

Large Knife with Stripe handle; Metal end

Leather Sheathe
Lot #: 840

Queen's Guard Soldiers(12); Plastic Rocketship

Soldier men have removable hats and guns/swords and a green base
Lot #: 841

Kaywoodie Pipe Knife with Clover Tamper

Vintage 1950's-In box
Lot #: 842

Ashtrays; 50 Years Calendar; Letter opener

Plaque "England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty";
Lot #: 843

Decorative Plates by Limoges France(2)

3" in Diameter with Outdoor scenes on them
Lot #: 844

Decorative Trinkets-Bell, Box, Birds, Heart(Limoge

small Vase with porcelain flowers(Golden Crown Hand Painted); Heart Made in France Limoges; Bell Made in France "Calvaire"; Brass Box with enamel coating
Lot #: 845

Porcelain Table Figures-Piano with Man/Woman

Lacing detail; Bue stamp mark on floor; all fingers intact;approx 13"x7"x10"tall
Lot #: 846

Porcelain Figures- At tea man/woman

8.5"x5.5"x6.5"tall; Blue and white colors. Lacing detail; Bottom is marked "Limoges China"
Lot #: 847

Porcelain hummingbird w/ flowers;"Andrea"by Sadak

Lot #: 848

Porcelain Figurine"Little Surprise" 1995 Florence

Lot #: 849

Porcelain Figurine"Ebb Tide" 1996 Florence

Lot #: 850

Valentine's Day Decoration;RoyalDoulton Plate 1976

Relpo Flower Vase with Blonde Girl and hearts; Small Decorative Plate; Clown with Heart balloons
Lot #: 851

Jesus Figurine; Hand Made in Spain Lladro-Daisa

16.5" tall-Fingers broken-Holding Tablets
Lot #: 852

Opaque Flower Vase with Green backing.white décor

6"x3.75"wide; Woman with grapes all over;Triangular shape vase
Lot #: 853

Royal Doulton "BeefEater" Cup with handle

Lot #: 854

Christmas Décor; "Father Christmas" Royal Doulton

basket w/Wax covered Pinecones; Dreamscicle"Joy to the World" Small Dog (White)"Belleek"
Lot #: 855

Churches & odds and ends;Rock animal;Wooden spoons

Glass Display Cover; Wooden Church; Gold Colored Trunk; Plaster Church
Lot #: 856

Decorative Odds and Ends;Precious Moments Clock

Porcelain Bird Music Box; Metal Tray with Painted Flowers on it; Heart Shaped Doilie; Felt Colored Egg;Lion's Club Brass Lion
Lot #: 857

Vintage Board Games; Playing Cards; Game Pieces

Aggravations; "Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective"; Red Hot Puzzle; Wahoo Jr. Board; Scrabble
Lot #: 858

Christmas Décor; Glass Trees(3);Angel Plaque; Tree

Metal Tin with Santa on lid
Lot #: 859

Beveled Mirror 16"x24" Oval; Backing coming off

Lot #: 860

Road Atlas; Santa Magazine; Novels 15 items

I Box; "Warlord""Six Frigates""Nelson""I Am Soldier" etc?
Lot #: 861

Novels (9); Gamecock; Trafalgar: Secret London

History of the British Secret Service; Inder Enemy Colors etc?
Lot #: 862

Books; "Hospital Sketches' Alcott; Sheet Music

Bible; "Up Front" by Bill Mauldin
Lot #: 863

Beatrix Potter Books; "Peter Rabbit"

"The Tailor of Gloucester"; "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny"
Lot #: 864

"I am the Flag"1971-"For You With Love" 1961

Lot #: 865

Physical Therapy Books; College Texts

2 Boxes
Lot #: 866

Paperback Comic Strip & young reader books-Peanuts

12 Total; Beetle Bailey; B.C.; Peanuts; Dennis the Menace and others
Lot #: 867

Novels; Abraham Lincoln, Wild Bill Hickok;Mozart

Robert E. Lee; Maryland Adventure
Lot #: 868

Children's Books; Boxcar Children;Light in the Att

American Television; Kids Movies; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; The Golden Treasury of Knowledge etc?
Lot #: 869

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead;Bibliog. Holmes/Watson

The Chess Players; Stars on My Crown; The Outdoor Girls; Texas Chili Book etc?
Lot #: 870

Trunk painted Red/Luggage Holder(folding)

Lot #: 871

Wooden Duck Decoys (2) Painted,one has swivel head

14" long and 17" long
Lot #: 872

Chronicles of Oklahoma and Various Genres Books

40+Books; Top Shelf-Please bring boxes-Books must come off shelf
Lot #: 873

Religious Books, Bible; Pictorial Bible Dictionary

Devotionals;12 Books-Please bring boxes to load books
Lot #: 874

History books; Fun&Fantasy; Napoleon;OK Chronicles

25+Books; Please bring your own boxes to unload books from shelf
Lot #: 875

Antique Pricing Guides;Kovel's; Schroeder's;Nippon

Depression Glass;Hummel; Roseville;30+ Books-Please Bring Boxes to load Books
Lot #: 876

Books; Quilting;Rt.66; Our Country;Nat'l Parks

10+books; Please Bring Boxes to load Books
Lot #: 877

Shakepeare guide;W.C.Fields;Westminister Annuals

20+Books; Robert Gray Series; Please Bring Boxes to load books
Lot #: 878

Odds and Ends Books(6); Baseball; space; ortho

Do-It Yourself manual; Images of the past in the city of roses
Lot #: 879

Vintage Books; Hardy boys, Marco Polo, Wyatt Earp

Sequoyah;Leader of the Cherokees; The Battle of Lexington and Concord; The Story of the Paratroops 8 books total; Mostly dated to the 1950's
Lot #: 880

EERO Wifi Soloution(2); Both have power cords

Must have hook up capabilities
Lot #: 881

Google Chromecase Streaming Device by Google

Outdoor Cord with 3 pug end
Lot #: 882

Amazon Echo; Amazon Echo Dot (3)-Each has a cord

Powers on; unknown Generations
Lot #: 883

Viewmaster; Tin with Wooden Accents

Lot #: 884

Napier; HorsD'oeuvre Servers In Box

8 Mice with tails that hold cheese Hors d'oeuvers
Lot #: 885

Cufflinks;Pocket knifes PT109 Tie Clip;Scout Patch

Swiss Army Knife; Silver Finish Box; India Waterloo Cufflink
Lot #: 886

Glass Hobnail Shoe-White Glass, Cat in Design

6"long 3"tall;
Lot #: 887

Leaher Book "Poetical Works"Alexander Pope;Ashtray

Urine Specimen Bottle; Wire Frame glasses with Case Marked "Paul Weiss 1620 Arapahoe St. Denver"
Lot #: 888

Don Blasingame-S. Louis Cardinals Plastic Coin

1958-St. Louis Cardinals-Has Defect/Damage spot on face
Lot #: 889

Vintage Badger Paint AirBrush plastic Box

Lot #: 890

Glass Decanter with stopper and Shot Glass

Different Glass Patterns-Diamond Pattern on decanter and has a purplish tint 5.5"tall; Shot Glass 2"tall
Lot #: 891

Wooden primitives/Small Utensils and kitchenware

Butter Board; Cheese Slicer; Sieve; Ice Pick(Pure Ice Co.-Phone 44-314 Ellis St.-Save with ICE); Rolling Pin + chopsticks
Lot #: 892

Primitive Wooden Items;Rolling Pins; Wooden Paddle

Paddle Spoon; Long Pin 18" long; Smaller Stationary Rolling Pin with Grooves 12"
Lot #: 893

CeramicSwitch Covers(2);BlueGlassBirds;CeramicShoe

Small Easel with Cherubs Floral Design on switch covers(these are for a double switch) Marked "Japan"; Ceramic Shoe stamped Germany; No markings on birds
Lot #: 894

Enid Army Flying School Flag(Purple); Handkerchief

Drawn Children on handkerchiefs; Floarals; Embroidered Handkerchief, Pink, magenta; Flying School Flas Has Logo on both ends and Fringe
Lot #: 895

Wooden Vase; Bicentennial Plaque; Resin Duck

Vase is 7" tall. Plaque is 6.25" in diameter;
Lot #: 896

Beau Peep Bottle Shaped like a woman;Blue Cap

6.5" tall no chips or cracks; Marked "BEAU PEEP PRODUCTS"
Lot #: 897

Cast Iron Trivets(5); Tree, Shield; Hearts

Lot #: 898

Brass Colored Trivets; George Washington; Hearts

2 total; Wahington 9" long with handle; Hearts 6.5" long with handle
Lot #: 899

Painted Cast iron Irons-Yellow

One with Handle; One is just the bottom and decorated in stamps
Lot #: 900

Round Compact Folding Alarm Clock "Linden"

Marked Made in Japan in Black Case
Lot #: 901

Lewis CarrollBooks(2);Beatrix Potter-BenjaminBunny

"Through the Looking Glass and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Publishes 1946; The Tale of Benjamin Bunny Copyright 1904 and renewed in 1932
Lot #: 902

Christmas Books;"The Night Before Christmas'4total

"Christmas is a Time of Giving"; "Christmas Joys"; "Little Treasure Book of Christmas Traditions"
Lot #: 903

Children's;The CivilWar;Little Red Riding Hood"

"Know Your Scottish Terrier"; "Sarah, Plain and Tall"
Lot #: 904

Color wheel; Glass Ornaments; Santa Toy; Candles

Small Taper Candles with Poinsettia décor; Mary/Jesus Plaque; Centennial Ornament
Lot #: 905

Broom Doll; Office Supplies; Ashtray; Flag

Lot #: 906

Wooden Gavel; Thinker Bookend; Civil War Soldier

Childrens Vintage Mary Jane's
Lot #: 907

Glass paperweight balls (2)

Lot #: 908

Brass Fireplace Set;Poker, Shovel, Brush & Tongs

long and Short Matches
Lot #: 909

Brass Fireplace Suround with mesh Screen+Andirons

One Andiron is missing a small stop piece; Candle Holder and Candles in Fireplace goes with surround
Lot #: 910

Framed Print in Gold and Linen Frame

Woman with 4 Children by lake 39.5"x28.5" total frame size
Lot #: 911

Lava Lamp14.5";Silver with Purple"Lava"Blue Liquid

Needs a new bulb; Unable to test because of need for a different size bulb
Lot #: 912

Brass Candlesticks-Various Heights;Curtains Panels

Sheer White Curtain Panels-Different Weaves and styles
Lot #: 913

Cast Iron Doorstop Terriers-Large Cast Iron Terrie

3 Total- 2 Black 1 White
Lot #: 914

Nursing Books-1 Box 15+; Various Psychology Topics

All for Psychaitry Nursing
Lot #: 915

File Boxes-Wooden Tray/Wall Décor

3 Empty Metal File Boxes
Lot #: 916

Singer Sewing Attatchments;Wooden Boxes; Paper

Wrapping and Contact Paper r partial rolls; Wooden box full of thread etc?
Lot #: 917

Top Shelf Books; Book of the Year1968-1982

American Heritage Series; Medicine Yearbook; CIBA ClinicalSymposia; Please bring boxes to load books
Lot #: 918

PoliticalBooks;Clinton,Colin Powell;Mr. Presidents

Please bring boxes for books, 11 Books
Lot #: 919

Good Decorating and Home Improvement Series(18)

Please bring box to load books
Lot #: 920

Encyclopedia Britannica Set 24 Books including ind

Please bring boxes to load books
Lot #: 921

Various Books andthemes;Grand Canyon,Short Stories

Please bring box to load books
Lot #: 922

Jefferson books by Dumas Malone;6b Books total

Lot #: 923

Boy Scouts Books;"How to Conduct a Meeting"

1983 Price guide to scouting Collectibles; Large US Scouting Collectibles 2nd Edition Book
Lot #: 924

British Picture Books; Jack Russell Terrier Books

Stratfor-Upon-Avon and the Cotswolds; The Palace of Holyroodhouse; Bittersweet Poems 7 Books total
Lot #: 925

Charlotte Bronte Books;Withering Heights;Jane Eyre

1943 Printing on both
Lot #: 926

Books-(5) Dick Van Dyke; I'm Ok, You're Ok

Come Unto Me
Lot #: 927

Sony Cd PlayePortable with Big band Cds

Lot #: 928

Record sets-10+

Lot #: 929

Record Sets-10+

Cliffs of Dover
Lot #: 930

Various Single Records

Everything on left side bottom of cabinet-Bring boxes to load
Lot #: 931

Various Single Reords

Everything on right side bottom of cabinet-Bring Boxes to load
Lot #: 932

Portable Projection Screen;Functional;Metaltripod

Knox Regent Brand; 50.5" wide screen-Telescoping stand
Lot #: 933

Wooden Cane Seat Rocking Chair-Cane Seat and Back

No holes or tears in cane seat and backing; 20" at widest point 43" at tallest point
Lot #: 934

Metal Floor Lamp with ceramic accent; 61"tall

Works, light and shade on adjustable moving arm
Lot #: 935

Wooden Chair with arms; Yellow/Gold Upholstery

Wood is cherry coloring finish; yellow upholstery in great condition; 32"x24"x40"tall
Lot #: 936

Music Stand;French Horn;Metronome

Music Stand with gold tone finish-Decorative; French Horn in Case with mouthpieces and music-valves don't stick; Metronome-Works
Lot #: 937

Johnson Bros."Barnyard King" DinnerSet (29 pieces)

Platter (16"x20") no chips; Saucers (12) 3 have edge chips;Teacups (8) no chips; Dinner plates (8) 2 have edge chips
Lot #: 938

Candlewick Dishes/Tableware-Teacups

Salt and Pepper shakers with holding dish; Candleabras(2)
Lot #: 939

Candlewick Dishes/Tableware-Teacups

Small Bowl 5.5" diameter; Creamer and Sugar; Sugar dish has slot cut out for spoon(no spoon present)
Lot #: 940

Candlewick longstem wine/champagne glasses(8)

One is chipped at bottom-7.5"tall-Beaded stem
Lot #: 941

9 matching Candlewick Martini Glasses(1 chipped)

5.25" tall; Beaded Stem
Lot #: 942

3 Matching Candlewick Champagne glasses;2 odds

All Have beaded stems; Saller martini Glass; Small Liquor glass with decorative etched line
Lot #: 943

Candlewick Plates-Clear Glass 8.25"(14) 7"(2)

No Visible Chips or cracks
Lot #: 944

Candlewick Serving Pieces;Divided Bowl;Butter Dish

Creamer/Sugar and Dish-Bowl 9.5"diameter; 7.5"x3" Butter dish; Under Dish for Creamer and Sugar 7.5" long
Lot #: 945

Candlewick Punchbowl;2 Glass Ladles; Serving Bowl

4 Pieces total; Punch bowl 12"diameter; serving bowl 10" diameter
Lot #: 946

Candlewick Serving Platters and Handled Dish

12 " Diameter-large Round Platters; Round Handled Platter 12" diameter(14" across at handles)
Lot #: 947

Glass Cake Plate with cover-Candlewick Glass

About 13" tall all together-Platter sits at about 5"-Beaded single stem base
Lot #: 948

American Presscut Glassware-Floral/Star Pattern

Pitcher(9"tall); 2 Footed Bowls(7" diameter)' Footed Bowl/Handled Bowl (5.5" diameters); Cake Plate (9.75" diameter); 4 small footed bowls (4" diameters)
Lot #: 949

American Presscut Glasses(15); 2 Cream Pitchers

Votive Holder and sugar dish w/handles(19 pieces total)
Lot #: 950

American Presscut Glassware-Floral/Star Pattern

Covered Footed Dish 5.5"square; Footed Pedastal Bowl 6.5" diameter; Heart Bowl; Wine Goblet (Purplish tint); 4 teacups; Covered Round Dish; 4 small teacups
Lot #: 951

Christmas Teacup and Saucer-Rosina Fine Bone China

Made in England
Lot #: 952

Teacup and Saucer Set-Aynsley Bone China-England

Blue/White floral with Gold accents
Lot #: 953

Mikasa Cake server; Creamer(Wheelock); Heart Box

Wedgewood Heart box with Peter Cottontail Scene; Creamer Made in Germany for Hirsch Bros.
Lot #: 954

Pitcher and 11 Various size;same style glasses

One with Red on top; All have a bubble pattern form 3.75"-5.5_in height
Lot #: 955

Glass Punch Cups (14-2.5" tall)(2-2.25" tall)

Plain Glass no pattern punch cups
Lot #: 956

Lead Crystal Vases with Cut Glass Patterns(2)

Blue Has "Made in Poland" sticker (3.75" tall); Green has scalloped edge top (4.75" tall)
Lot #: 957

Reverse Painted Compote with Roses

7" across at widest point
Lot #: 958

Various Lidded Dishes;Blue/White-2 Clear Glass

No visible Markings
Lot #: 959

Food Warmer Tray with cords

Looks as if it heats and keeps dishes warm; Has the cords, unknown if it works
Lot #: 960

Painting on Canvas by Ian Aldon-"Pacific Moonlight

16"x20 plus Frame
Lot #: 961

Frosted Lace Edge Bowl-Blue; Teacup and Saucer

Saucer has "I dined with Sarah" Set the Table Lunchroom 2004; Bowl 10.5"x13" oblong shape
Lot #: 962

Johnson Bros Platter-"The Gatekeeper" Plates

Birthday Floral Plate; Centenary Methodist Church; Southeast Missouri State College Plate
Lot #: 963

"Oklahoma Jigger" Cup w/Graphics

4"tall and 4" diameter
Lot #: 964

Noritake China Set "Firenze" 4 Pieces

Platter; Gravy boat; Tea Pot; Serving Bowl
Lot #: 965

Noritake Chine Teacups and Saucers 12 each

Lot #: 966

Noritake China Plates-Salad and Dinner 12 of each

Lot #: 967

Noritake China Bowls, small bowl and Saucers 12ea

Lot #: 968

Crystal Wine Glasses and Ice Bucket w/lid

10 Glasses 7" tall; Ice Bucket with Lid-Diamond cut pattern
Lot #: 969

Red Glass Tumblers (8) 5" tall each

Lot #: 970

Platters; Decorative Plates;Christmas Dish

Mikasa Platter-Floral; Scottie Dog Metal Charger Plate; Squirrel 3D Plate; Frosted Christmas Dish; Lenox Off White Platter
Lot #: 971

Etched Wine Glasses (5); Grapes etched on glass

6.75" tall
Lot #: 972

Porcelain Dish-Marked Germany-Oblong

Purple Metallic Floral Dish 12"x5.5"
Lot #: 973

Nippon Handpainted Creamer and Sugar Set

Floral Design Handled Sugar with lid and cream pouring pitcher
Lot #: 974

Decorative Plates; Nippon; Pickard; Burleigh

Handpainted Plate with floral and Cutouts-Edith Graff; Burleigh (1906 per seller); Nippon(orange Roses); Pickard Artist Signed Per seller (see Pictue)
Lot #: 975

Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers-stoppers missing

No Markings
Lot #: 976

Beatrix Potter Figures;F.Warne and Co Ltd.

Squirrel Nutkin 4"tall;The Tailor of Gloucester 3.75"tall(Has been repaired on book; Peter Rabbit 4.75" tall; Benjamin Bunny 4.25" tall
Lot #: 977

J.F. Kennedy and Family Plate

No Markings 9.25" diameter
Lot #: 978

Lefton Rabbits-11" Bunny Planter; 7.25"x7.5" Bunny

Smaller Bunnies (2 marked H880) 1 Has Broken and repaired Foot
Lot #: 979

Royal Doulton Bowl; "H.M.S victory" Lord Nelson

Historic England 6.5" diameter
Lot #: 980

Various Patterned Glass; Basket;Vase;Pitcher, Dish

Covered Dish has chips around edge; Basket has chip on edge; Vase is Crystal; Pitcher (Circle Pattern)
Lot #: 981

Metal Kitchen match Holder with Floral Decal

Lot #: 982

Missouri Sesquicentennial Teacups and Saucers(2)

150th Anniversary-Fine Bone China Staffordshire England "Crown"
Lot #: 983

J.Christin and Gie LTEE; CO Blake's Whisky; Bourbo

Bourbon Supreme Rare by American bottle with Silver tone Lid; CO Blake's Bottle with Imperfections; Green Bottle has Cat and Dog Design
Lot #: 984

Green Glass Heart Dish; handpainted Doorknob;

Tray; Wooden Nickel; Finial; Round Metal Box
Lot #: 985

Green Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers w/metal lids

"Salt" "Pepper" Decals on fronts of shakers 2.25" square and 4.75" tall
Lot #: 986

Pyrex Bowl w/Turquoise Rooster Design

6" diameter at top of bowl
Lot #: 987

Russian Nesting Doll Set (6)

No Markings-Floral Pattern on each doll 1.25" tall-5.5" tall
Lot #: 988

Simmon's Centennial bitters Bottle-Green

Continental General American Army 9" tall
Lot #: 989

Native American Vase; Blue Glazing-9' tall

No Markings but has crazing in glaze
Lot #: 990

Glass Swordfish- 14.5" tall-Blue and Clear Glass

Marked "Iridis" on bottom
Lot #: 991

Metallic Finish Vase with Handpainted raised Flora

Lot #: 992

Small Gravy Boat "W.T. & C. Germany"

7.5" long
Lot #: 993

Black Amethyst(Per seller) Vase w/handpainted Flor

Lot #: 994

Roseville Pottery Pot with handles-Pinecone

3.25" tall
Lot #: 995

Jonquill 1931 (per Seller) Decorative Pot

Floral Daffodils; 4.5" tall
Lot #: 996

Wedgewood Vase and Decorative Plate

Plate 4.5" diameter Vasee 5.5" tall
Lot #: 997

Milkglass Vase with Rose Pattern

6.25" tall
Lot #: 998

Porcelain Flower Frog-No Markings

Lot #: 999

Roseville Pottery Vase-Has Sticker and Marking

10.5" tall
Lot #: 1000

Northwood Custard Glass-Marked on Bottom

Gold Like embellishments-seashells etc 5"x3.5"x5" tall


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