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Monday, January 23, 2023

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7645 W Purdue, Enid, OK
Fishing Misc - Smoker - Sausage Press- Pressure Cooker - Cowboy Hats - Basketball - Holsters- BucklesStarts ending Monday Jan 23rd 6PMPick up Location: 7645 W Purdue Enid OKPick up times: Jan 24th-25th 1-5PMWinning Online bidder please take Note: your card on file will be charged unless you called ahead to make other payment arrangements, or invoice is over $2,000. Call to make payment arrangements. 580-237-7174Any time you are experiencing issues you can have them call 844-775-4774 for help.Auction Pick up Location 7645 W Purdue, Enid OKDirections: from Atwood's -- 2 miles north to willow, 1 mile west to Wheatridge, 1 mile north to Purdue, 1/2 west to gravel road. 2nd shop on south side. Pickup recommendedShipping available on items under 10#s, no shipping on furniture items.Please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements - no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.Any and All Items sold: Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise unless it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present to preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factor. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Lippard Auctioneers Inc or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. Auction Company reserves the right to bid on their own behalf, on the behalf of a bid left by other buyersOnline Terms: All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factors. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Lippard Auctioneers Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Lippard Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.
Lot #: 1

Old Style Animal Traps

4 sets
Lot #: 2

Little Giant "Still Air" Incubator

110 Volt
Lot #: 3

Dog Radarton system in case

unknown if in working condition; instruction manual included
Lot #: 4

Property posting signs

12+ signs; "private property"; "no hunting"; "warning no trespassing", etc.
Lot #: 5

"Spirit of St. Louis" mini jukebox cassette player

powers on (light); unknown if cassette player works
Lot #: 6

Wire tray; lambs wool polishing cloth; small fans

unknown if fans work - battery powered;
Lot #: 7

Office supply fasteners; work apron; desk calendar

and other misc pieces;
Lot #: 8

Cowboy Hats

Brown Resistol 7 1/8; white/cream Bailey 7 1/8; gray Bradford 7 1/8 in box; black Resistol 7 1/8; and hat box;
Lot #: 9

Bag style Motorola phones

4 bag phones and 2 additional hand held pieces; user manual;
Lot #: 10

Weatherscope; Taylor brand

unknown if it is operational;
Lot #: 11

Clipper sets

at least 2 are dog clipper sets; some have scissors and combs included; brands are Oster, Remington, Wahl, Raycine;
Lot #: 12

Cable converter box; AcuRite future forecast; map

Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Map; Wards paper catalog; 2-way trailer plug; adding machine paper rolls; black tablet zip carrier; other misc small items;
Lot #: 13

(2) Video Computer Systems

Double Dribble game cartridge; unknown if systems or cartridge works;
Lot #: 14

Window Signage vinyl letters

tray of letters for message board;
Lot #: 15

Courier "The Voice of Music" Reel recorder

Lot #: 16

Syringe, clamp, oil filter wrench, extension cord

hand tools
Lot #: 17

Coleman Propane Lantern; propane tank w/base

Coleman 2 burner stove;
Lot #: 18

Remington 490 Power Driver

low velocity powder actuated fastening tool; model 98690;
Lot #: 19

Rifle pieces; Remington rifle base

Beretta barrel piece; unknown rifle base;
Lot #: 20

Gun cases

black plastic case is Protector Series by Plano model 1404; green hard shell rifle case; both have foam filling;
Lot #: 21

Ammo Boxes; 3 are metal; 1 plastic

Centerfire Ammunition 9x18mm MAKAROV 95 gr. TMJ Bullet - 2 boxes; 30+ Caliber .30 match bullets;
Lot #: 22

Hunting, Safety Vests and other gear

hunting vests; rainsuit size XL; 1 hunting vest is XL; jacket is XXL; other various pieces unknown sizes;
Lot #: 23

Hunting Pants and Vests; Overalls

4 vests sizes M and XL; 3 pairs pants size M to XL: 1 pair overalls size 44x32;
Lot #: 24

Wildlife poster prints

all from Stockgrowers State Bank, Ashland, KS; 10+ posters
Lot #: 25

Rifle Cases

9 cases; some are soiled; camo, black, brown and others;
Lot #: 26

Beer signs

"Lite" mirrored sign in wood frame is 23 x 29½; "Schlitz" plastic signs are 13 x 19½; "Corona Extra" glass sign is 16 x 18;
Lot #: 27

2 pics; ship scene; portrait

Ship picture is 20½ x 24½ signed "Anderson"; headshot is 17 x 16 - back says "W.O. Gilbert 1984";
Lot #: 28

Vintage Rifle Case; Bridle; vintage wood hand pump

wood hand pump is 47 inches;
Lot #: 29

Hanging Lamps

1 is white iridescent with painted farm scenes on 3 panels and light works; ; other is painted pastel colors with gold accents and light works;

in: 31

Lot #: 30

Vintage Sausage Press (per seller)

Lot #: 31

Tennis Rackets

3 tennis rackets; Head Blitz in case; Wilson T5000; Head Dominion 660 Double Power Wedge in case;
Lot #: 32

Singer Sewing Machine in case

Touch & Sew Special Zig Zag Model 626;
Lot #: 33

Motorcycle Wind Shield

Lot #: 34

Panasonic OmniMovie VHS HQ with AC adaptor

no battery; comes in padded carrying case; operating instructions book included;
Lot #: 35

Boat Chair and Turkey Decoy

Lot #: 36

Vanity Chair

small vanity chair; iron with turquoise blue seat; 23½ inches tall;
Lot #: 37

Hiking/Camping backpacks; Easy Back Lumbar Support

3 large backpacks; 2 on aluminum frames; other (green one) appears to never have been used and still has tag on it - Ozark Trail brand;
Lot #: 38

2 pairs Binoculars; scent sprays

Galileo brand binoculars model C-2060; Tasco brand binoculars; scent-a-way spray partial bottle; scent killer partial bottle; small burlap sack with deer head on it;
Lot #: 39

Various hunting items

Blackhawk Sportster bipod 9-13 inch; shotgun cleaning kits; Bushnell Rifle Scope; rear rifle grip; dog remote trainer Cabela brand unknown if it works;
Lot #: 40

Poker Set; Shot Glasses

Texas Hold'em Poker Set; 10+ shot glasses;
Lot #: 41

S&H Green Stamps Dispenser

Lot #: 42

Camping/Hunting Bags

camo bag with pockets; camo lunch pack; camo soft side cooler; black case logic bag;
Lot #: 43

Vintage Roller Skates

Kingston and Union Hardware Co. brands; 2 pairs and 1 other piece; adjustment key;
Lot #: 44

Padded Pistol Cases & Fabric Rifle Bags; Belt Bag

5 padded pistol cases Black Sheep brand; 5 fabric rifle bags; belt bag for ammo or other items Bob Allen Sportswear brand;
Lot #: 45

Pistol Bags and bullet holder for belt

2 Bulldog brand padded pistol holders; brown leather like pistol holder; bullet holder for belt;
Lot #: 46

Gun & Knife holsters; belts

black holster by C.M. Leather Inc.; black Safariland brand; two brown holsters; light leather with silver accents knife holster EdgeMark brand marked with: Solingen Western Germany; knife holster with fringe;
Lot #: 47

Scope; Firearm Locks

Prismatic Spotting Scope w/carrying case; 10+ firearm locks;
Lot #: 48

Clothing Irons

3 small irons; 1 regular size iron; General Electric, Black & Decker, Proctor Silex brands; all power on with heat felt;
Lot #: 49


8 flashlights of various sizes and brands; unknown if they work;
Lot #: 50

Vintage Sad Irons

5 irons;
Lot #: 51

Vintage Irons with handles

vintage irons with attached wooden handles
Lot #: 52

Clothes Irons

3 regular size irons; all power on with heat; Sunbeam, Black & Decker brands;
Lot #: 53

Rechargeable Spotlight

Brinkmann Q-Beam Rechargeable Spotlight appears never used; 4 flashlight unknown if work;
Lot #: 54

MOJO Dove decoy; power adapters

decoy in box but looks like might be missing pieces; TDC Power brand adapters;
Lot #: 55

Framed Bird Prints

2 are 12½ x 14½ inches; 1 is 9½ x 11½ inches; 3 are 5½ x 9;
Lot #: 56

Vintage Rolling Pins

3 vintage wood rolling pins;
Lot #: 57

Various TV/VCR/Cable wiring and components

headphones; unknown if anything in this lot is operational;
Lot #: 58

Gun Holsters

3 holsters; brands are The George Lawrence Co., Hunter brand; other unknown;
Lot #: 59

Belt, Belt buckle, holster w/ Butterfly design

Also a black holster with red butterfly stamped Cowboys Tack Shop Woodward, OK;
Lot #: 60

Dog Booties

2 sets of 4; comes in cloth bag marked Lewis Dog Boot Shop;
Lot #: 61

Masterbuilt Digital Electronic Smoker

Lot #: 62

Globe, USB Arc Lighter, Time & Temp display

globe has no base; USB arc lighter appears to be new in box, time & temp display is in unknown condition - battery operated;
Lot #: 63

100 years of Baseball book; Hockey pucks

500 + page book 100 years of baseball; hockey pucks are stamped "Official" and "Made in Slovakia"
Lot #: 64

Antler Lamps

2 antler lamps - both power on; only 1 has shade;
Lot #: 65

National Rifle Assoc of America Sculpture

man in canoe with moose antlers art piece; autographed and numbered 2927/3000; Havenwood Woodworks;
Lot #: 66

Fishing Poles; Net

some poles have reels and others don't; 10 fishing poles; 1 net; 2 have Zebco reels;
Lot #: 67

Marbles; Radio Flyer miniature

2 jars of marbles; Radio Flyer miniature desktop novelty item in original packaging;
Lot #: 68

Bottle Openers; Meat Tenderizers

metal beer bottle openers mount to wall style; wine bottle openers; handheld bottle openers; meat tenderizers; 15+ pieces in all;
Lot #: 69

Sitex Suit; 75' Nylon buoy line; Electric Knives

Sitex brand fishing top and pant size XXL; 75 ft nylon line; electric knife powers on; other knife hooks up to vehicle battery for power; other misc fishing items;
Lot #: 70

Fishing Reels

4 fishing reels; 3 are Penn 209; 1 has no brand or markings;
Lot #: 71

Tackle Binders; Fishing Reels; Fishing Weights

4 Pro Shop tackle binders all appear new never used; misc fishing reels; 20+ fishing weights; 2 stretch reel covers; 5 Crown Royal bags;
Lot #: 72

Fishing Reels

10 fishing reels of various brands (Zebco, Shimano, Ambassadeur; Bantam; Daiwa); unknown condition;
Lot #: 73

Fishing Reels in original packaging

Johnson Scorpion; Johnson Century; Fairplay Cortland; Rhino Heavy Duty RSC5; Zebco Legacy 11L; Zebco Micro Triggerspin 11T;
Lot #: 74

Pocket Watches

Majestime pocket watch with knife in box appears to have never been used - hunting dogs design; Milan green face pocket watch with deer design; Majestime pocket watch with hunting design; silver pocket watch "The Greatest Dad"; all are unknown condition;
Lot #: 75


10+ watches of various brands (2 are Timex); all are unknown condition;
Lot #: 76

Men's Watch

"Reeter Oilfield Services" custom logo watch; silver tone and gold tone; unknown working condition; looks new in box;
Lot #: 77

Pocket Knives

10+ pocket knives of various sizes and brands;
Lot #: 78

Cigarette/Cigar Lighters

8 lighters of various brands - 2 are Zippo, 1 is Victor; unknown condition;
Lot #: 79

Mack truck hood ornament; Anvil Tool

dog hood ornament for truck; anvil tool
Lot #: 80

Handcuffs; Locks

1 set of vintage style handcuffs; 2 vintage style padlocks; 1 regular style padlock;
Lot #: 81

Belt Buckles

Chambers brand gold tone design; Enbee Company brand "Rocky Mountain Region Smith Tool"; Montana Centennial limited edition 100 year belt buckle 0256 of 5000;
Lot #: 82

Miniature Belt Buckles - National Finals Rodeo

5 National Finals Rodeo miniature silver tone belt buckles; limited collector's series; years of 1986,1989,1990,1991,2004;
Lot #: 83

National Finals Rodeo Belt Buckles

5 buckles; years of 1985,1986,1987,1988,1989; limited collector's buckles;
Lot #: 84

Nat'l Finals Rodeo Belt Buckles; Collectors Series

5 buckles all are gold tone; years of 1978, 1979,1980,1981,1982;
Lot #: 85

Unique Belt Buckles

Heart shape with horse head is German silver stamped; rectangle gold tone scroll design; large oval with cowboy design is stamped "Montana Silversmiths Nickle"; smaller oval has bull rider design and is stamped "nickel silver";
Lot #: 86

Various Belt Buckles with Logos/Names

Farmers Coop; Production Credit Assoc; American Agriculture Movement; Pumping Units Services; ALAN;
Lot #: 87

Fishing Knives and Sharpeners

6 knives; all in its own holder/case; American Angler; Eagle Claw; Gerber; 2 of them made in Sweden; 2 knife sharpeners in original packaging;
Lot #: 88

Fish Knives; Fish Gripper

6 knives of various uses; fillet, utility, etc.; all appear to have never been used and in original packaging; 1 fish gripper in package;
Lot #: 89

Tackle Boxes

3 tackle boxes; all with fishing items inside (lures, hooks, etc.);
Lot #: 90

Fishing Lure & hook storage boxes

3 large and 2 small storage containers for hooks, lures, etc.
Lot #: 91

Large Tackle Boxes

3 large Plano 2 tone green tackle boxes; all with fishing items inside (lures, hooks, etc.)
Lot #: 92

Weights & Measures; Microscope

Cenco weights & measures set; Perfect brand small microscope with slides;
Lot #: 93


Learning Music; The Old Gods Laugh; How to Increase Your Net Value; A Shade of Difference; Biology; Streams in the Desert; loan payment amortization booklet;
Lot #: 94

U.S. Presidents Pocketknife Collector Set

Fighter Plus Lock back pocket knives; U.S. presidents George Washington to Barack Obama except Richard Nixon - this one is missing from the case;
Lot #: 95

DVD's and VHS tapes

3 DVD's; 12+ VHS tapes; most are movies others are instructional or other types of programming;
Lot #: 96

Music CD's of various artists

75+ CD's; Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Johnny Cash, Billy Ray Cyrus, LeAnn Rimes, Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney just to name a few;
Lot #: 97

Music CD's of various artists

80+ CD's; Alabama, Harry Connick, Jr., Jerry Jeff Walker, Christmas Music, Tracy Byrd, etc.
Lot #: 98

Animal Grooming Brush

Sunbeam Stewart Groomer model 61 does not power on - cord has electrical tape; Sunbeam groomer model 84AU - powers on; 3 attachments in boxes; 1 box unopened; 2 boxes opened but look to have been gently used;

in: 31

Lot #: 99

Hand Soap Dispensers

2 hand soap dispensers; appears to be new/never used;
Lot #: 100

Group of Fishing Poles; Net; pole storage

12+ poles; most of reels - some do not; Net with long handle; storage for pole;
Lot #: 101

Square Dancing Skirt

cream color with brown trim;
Lot #: 102

Fishing Equipment

3 fishing nets; Bottom Line Side finder unknown condition or if operational; fishing buckets; 5 wire mesh fishing baskets;
Lot #: 103

Vintage Ice Cream Maker

White Mountain Freezer; hand crank;
Lot #: 104

Vintage Ice Cream Maker

White Mountain Freezer; hand crank;
Lot #: 105

Sirens; Outdoor Heaters

4 Sirens - unknown condition or if operational; 2 outdoor heaters - 1 is Universal Infra Red - both unknown condition or if operational;
Lot #: 106

Misc Fishing Equipment

box of various fishing items; 4 boat rod holders in packages appear new; 5+ storage containers for lures, hooks, etc.; many fishing lures in the storage containers;
Lot #: 107

Sears space heater

powers on and works;
Lot #: 108

Miller High Life wall clock

unknown condition or if it is operational; cord has plug missing;
Lot #: 109

Hand Saws

2 old style hand saws;
Lot #: 110

Pressure Cooker

stamped "The Pressure Cooker Co., Denver, Colorado";
Lot #: 111

Vintage Gas Torch; Vintage Lanterns

4 + pieces of unknown condition and working order;
Lot #: 112

Metal Tackle Boxes

3 metal tackle boxes containing various fishing supplies from lures to hooks, weights and bobbers;
Lot #: 113

Wall Mount Storage Cabinet

Rubbermaid brand;
Lot #: 114

Horse Riding Belts

5+ pieces; some are leather and others are thick fabric material;
Lot #: 115

Vintage Wood Horse Hames/Harness Parts

10 + pieces;
Lot #: 116

Universal Trailer Lighting Kit; Paint Bucket

Lot #: 117

Remington Blue Rock Targets; Skeet Thrower

75+ blue rock targets; hand held skeet thrower;
Lot #: 118

Coleman Catalytic Heater

5000 BTU;
Lot #: 119

Minnow Buckets

1 large/tall insert bucket; 3 regular size insert and bucket sets;
Lot #: 120

Cast Iron muffin pans

1 is cactus design the other is corn design;
Lot #: 121

Assorted Fishing Supplies

Styrofoam container and small bag with several items for fishing; reel covers, lures, storage containers for hooks and lures;
Lot #: 122

Barrell style wood lamp

shade has leather whipstitch at top and bottom;
Lot #: 123

"Trailblazer" desktop sculpture

"Friends of the NRA 2003 Sponsor #6014"; Rick Terry, sculptor;
Lot #: 124

Fishing Reels

4 reels; 2 are Penn Peer No. 209; 1 is Penn Peerless No. 9; 1 is Penn Peer No. 309;
Lot #: 125

Silver tone Belt Buckles

1 is round leaf design; 1 is floral scroll design with blue-green stone-enamel look; 1 has horsehead insert and is marked "Chambers Belt Co." on the back;
Lot #: 126

Misc Belt Buckles

4 belt buckles of various designs;
Lot #: 127

Places & Organizations Belt Buckles

Virginia City; Alaska; 4H; Veterans of Foreign Wars;
Lot #: 128

Misc Fishing Equip and Supplies

fishing pliers in leather sleeve; fishing line, spools, large 3 prong hooks, large weights, various reels, chain stringers, etc.
Lot #: 129

Fishing Rod Stand; Gun Rack

free standing fishing rod storage; wall mount gun rack with pegs;
Lot #: 130

Bundle of Fishing Poles

some have reels and some don't;
Lot #: 131

Fishing Poles

some have reels and some don't;
Lot #: 135

Hunting Blinds

2 pc Camo Hunting Blinds; 48 x 56;
Lot #: 136

Tent/Awning Frame

large frame for tent or awning;
Lot #: 137

Craftsman Drill

19.2 volt drill with charging station and 2 batteries; unable to test;
Lot #: 138

Shooting Range Silhouette Targets

Silhouettes for target shooting
Lot #: 139

Portable Basketball System

44" fan-shaped backboard portable basketball system; 29 gallon roller base to be filled with water or sand; new in box;
Lot #: 140

Life Fitness Brand Exercise Bike

unable to test
Lot #: 141

Surgical Spotlight on Stand

cord may need repair near plug;
Lot #: 176

Septic Cleaner

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain Inc. brand septic tank cleaner;
Lot #: 311

Dresser & metal chair

Lot #: 401

Nordic Track Ski Exerciser

Good Shape
Lot #: 402

Bird Cage

Has toys and seems to be in good shape.
Lot #: 403

Baby Cradle, light wood color.

Has matress. 41" long, 31" tall, 20" wide.
Lot #: 404

Purple Suede Colored Chair

Good Condition,
Lot #: 405

Metal Frame Coffee Table

Has lower shelf, 54" Long, 19" Tall, 30" Wide.
Lot #: 406

Small Grandfather Clock

Nice, has book and instructions to put back together. Seems like all parts are there.
Lot #: 407

Roll Top Desk, 54 W, 28" D, 45" T

Has key to lock for roll top and screws to connect the top are in top drawer.
Lot #: 408

Water Bed w/Mattress, Liners, Frame

Has to be assembled
Lot #: 409

Panasonic TV, Has DVD Player & VHS

17" Screen
Lot #: 410

Storage Containers

Lot #: 411

Storage Containers

Lot #: 594

Storage Tubs

5 tubs; 3 with no lids;
Lot #: 1541

Ker Ray brand heater

unable to test;


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Lippard Auctioneers, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.