1/17 Hand – Anderson – Sullenger – Shields (4th St)

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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4218 N 4th, Enid, OK
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Lot #: 157

Wooden Bookshelf w/adjustable shelves

28" x 13" x 73" tall
Lot #: 158

Wooden Bookshelf w/adjustable shelves

28" x 13" x 73" tall
Lot #: 159

White locker style cabinet w/red plastic handles

18" x 12" x 68" tall
Lot #: 160

Wooden Desk w/top hutch and 2 drawers

40" x 24" x 63" tall
Lot #: 164

Wooden Mission Style Hall Tree w/Mirror and Drawer

16" x 27" x 77" tall
Lot #: 701

Vintage Tack Pieces in Various Conditions

Items hanging on left portion of pegboard wall (Sectioned off, only what is indicated)
Lot #: 702

Vintage Tack Pieces in Various Conditions

Items hanging on middle portion of pegboard wall (Sectioned off, only what is indicated)
Lot #: 703

Vintage Tack Pieces in Various Conditions

Items hanging on right portion of pegboard wall (Sectioned off, only what is indicated)
Lot #: 704

Vintage Tack Pieces in Various Conditions

Items hanging on pegboard wall (Sectioned off, only what is indicated)
Lot #: 705

Wooden Plow Parts, pulling pieces-Red/Green

(Only what is pictured and indicated in grouping; Red 38" in length; Green Wooden Pieces all approx 50" in length
Lot #: 706

4 Side metal tower (Possible base small windmill)

62½" tall; from floor, one leg a little bent, has bolts still attached 19" across at base-Rusty Metal
Lot #: 707

Rusty Milk Cans-2-Both Approx 25" tall; Some holes

both have lids but 1 lid is bent; Marked on handles; 1 marked Superior and 1 Marked Solar
Lot #: 708

Galvanized Milk Can w/some rust; No Markings

About 24" tall-has Lid
Lot #: 709

Milk Can Painted Green-No Markings, Has lid

Approx. 25" tall
Lot #: 710

Smaller Milk Can painted white; Paint Flaking

Possible "Superior" marked on handles (Hard to make out); Approx 20" tall
Lot #: 711

Milk Can w/lid; Lid Marked "Made by Butler Corp"

Approx 25" tall some rust-"KC Miss. And Mnpls, Miss"
Lot #: 712

Milk Can w/lid; Lid Marked "Made by Butler Corp"

Approx 25" tall some rust-"KC Miss. And Mnpls, Miss"
Lot #: 713

Milk Cans (2); One very Rusty, One some rust

Approx 24" tall-Both have lids, unable to read markings on the less rusty can
Lot #: 714

Milk Can; Rusty w/painted on "5" on each side

has lid-Approx 25" tall
Lot #: 715

Milk Can-Rusty and Dented-Unsure of gallons

No Markings; Approx 22" tall
Lot #: 716

Red Metal Square Body Gas Can; some rust; no marks

13" x 6" x 18" tall; Has Cap still attached
Lot #: 717

Green Metal Square Body Gas Can; some rust; "U.S"

13" x 6" x 18" tall; Has Cap still attached
Lot #: 718

Rusty Metal Square Gas Can; "U.S.A." @ bottom

13" x 6" x 18" tall; Has Cap still attached
Lot #: 719

Metal Wagon Wheels on Bar 36" wide-27" dia.

Some Rust
Lot #: 720

Metal Wagon Wheels on Bar -Wheel set only in pic

Items in surrounding area that might be partially in pictures not included; 62" wide and 42" dia. wheels
Lot #: 721

Vendo Coca Cola Machine (Bottle Vend)

w/water fountain; Round Top Machine; Internal Components mostly missing; not in working condition; 18" x 27" x 58" main body of machine
Lot #: 722

Rusty Metal Vintage Gas Pump-Missing parts

No doors, most parts are missing and not in working condition; 20" x 14" x 55"
Lot #: 723

Red Metal Vintage Gas Pump w/number wheels

Not in working condition-missing parts-dents; 22" x 16" x 60"
Lot #: 724

Vintage Metal Gas pump w/chrome like pieces

Missing doors; Rusty metal; 24" x 18" x 58"
Lot #: 725

Vintage Children's strollers-vinyl torn on both

Could be for dolls (2 total); One was floral pattern one was blue; Wheels are all marked "South Bend"
Lot #: 726

Metal Stool-Originally red, has some rust

15" x 14" x 35" tall, one bar at bottom is bent
Lot #: 727

Rusty Metal Gas Pump-Parts Missing

Some Components; Non-Working Condition 24" x 16" x 57" tall
Lot #: 728

"Wayne Pump Company" Gas Pump-Red-"Regular"

Chippy "Conoco" sticker on front; Doors and Number rolls are present; 21" x 16" x 55"
Lot #: 729

"Coca Cola" bottle Machine/small retrieval door

Remnant of "7UP" Decal on both sides of machine; Non Working internal components; 27" x 16" x 59" Round Top Machine
Lot #: 730

"Coca Cola" bottle machine w/small door; Round top

27" x 20" x 59"-Non Working internal Components-Cannot open-key is present
Lot #: 731

Vintage Leather Saddles (2) 1 Adult 1 Child size

Wooden Stirrups; Various straps, both have saddle horns; Adult Size Has "Porter and Sons" Marking; Unknown if smaller saddle is marked
Lot #: 732

Metal Cistern Parts-Some areas broken off

2 main Cisterns w/varying parts
Lot #: 733

Various metal wheels w/spokes-2 tires-Various size

Different types, some broken etc.?
Lot #: 734

Bennett small red gas pump. Dented; Red in color

Rusty in areas, missing pieces
Lot #: 735

Long Handled Shovel and vintage post hole diggers

Handles are cracking wood in places
Lot #: 736

Metal Spoked Wheels-6 total, varying sizes

2 are a matching pair; smaller ones could be Tractor wheels

in: 31

Lot #: 737

Wooden Primitive tools/slicer; tin bowl like items

Oblong metal bowl
Lot #: 738

Steering wheels-2 cracked-metal centers; Headlight

Light possibly Model-T-Brass ring around edge
Lot #: 739

Glass Jar w/metal spout-unable to read spout stamp

Spout is rusted metal; entire set-up 16" tall together
Lot #: 740

Metal Rings and Hooks; Various sizes-Tin Bucket

Several shapes and sizes
Lot #: 741

Round Metal Wheel on bracket (Green-John Deere?)

Wooden block and pulley (2)
Lot #: 742

Large Horseshoes (6) some rusty-2 Marked "Leader"

Marked "1" and "2" on some
Lot #: 743

hanging scales-2, Wheel pulley, weighing equipment

"Frary's Improved Spring balance"-50 lb limit-Appears to be brass face; Other scale goes to 120 lb-unable to read brand on scale-Painted black
Lot #: 744

Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer-30" long total length

Board length is 28½" long; some rust-no visible markings
Lot #: 745

Various Wrenches and rusty tools in metal drawer

Some larger open end wrenches; some fixed wrenches 10+ tools
Lot #: 746

Animal tagging and banding equipment-3 tools

round bands in bag, unknown condition; band stretcher and ear tag piercer gun
Lot #: 747

Rusty Metal tongs and tools; 6+ tools; Shears

1 Box
Lot #: 748

metal Drawer w/vehicle hinges cut from vehicles

Some are maroon color
Lot #: 749

Metal Drawer w/small hand tools; hose nozzles

wire saw; wooden handled screw drivers; Pliers; file; rusty pieces
Lot #: 750

Bottom half metal toolbox w/"U" shaped Bolts

Various sizes and lengths 20+ pieces
Lot #: 751

Spiked Metal Items; Concrete sledgehammer (Broken)

Reflector Spike
Lot #: 752

6 Rusty Scoop Shovels; Wooden axe handle

Scoop shovels are intact but several have broken handles
Lot #: 753

3 Scoop Shovels, wooden handles all 40"-42"

Some rust on scoops
Lot #: 754

Various Handheld farm tools; sickle, Chop Hoe

Metal Bar, axe Handles and broken handles included

in: 31

Lot #: 755

2 Spools wire-Both Fairly full spools

Lot #: 756

Tin Buckets and various scrap cast metal

nuts, bolts odds and ends
Lot #: 757

Some type of wheel with gears and turning handles

3 blocks of wood put together-Rusty Metal
Lot #: 758

Rusty Metal Running Boards stamped "Ford" (4)

Metal Piece-unknown use, looks as if it has a plug opening (Holes, see pic)
Lot #: 759

2 Metal spoked wheels, one has wire spooled on it

Bucket with rope/chain odds and ends
Lot #: 760

Various chain and strapping hooks for tying down

Chicken feeder (Painted) -1 Box
Lot #: 761

CB radios in metal tray/tin; 2 radios have speaker

Unknown condition, needs re-wiring
Lot #: 762

Metal Mail Boxes-3; Various shapes-3; Square box

One top rounded box; 1 bottom rounded box
Lot #: 763

Metal Bread Box and Canisters; All Painted Green

2 Canisters; Bread box has 2 Compartments and some rusting
Lot #: 764

Grease Guns 5+ items in Box;

Lot #: 765

Metal Tin Box w/oil cans and funnel;

3+ Oil Cans and various other metal items
Lot #: 766

Empty Cigar Boxes (6+); Red Dot; La Fendrich

Swisher Sweets etc.?
Lot #: 767

Tin Bucket w/Metal Pieces; Hand Saw; Various clamp

Carious cast iron pieces
Lot #: 768

Light Bulb Cages for shop lights-Metal Pieces

1 Box
Lot #: 769

Rusty Bent Metal Bucket (Fred Harvey); Ammo Box

Metal Electrical Box; Ammo Box is missing lid
Lot #: 770

Metal Door Handle on wooden block; Knobs in bowl

Enamel type bowl (Rusty); Metal and wooden knobs (8 total knobs)
Lot #: 771

Newer style Door Knobs w/turn locks) some keys

Metal Hinges; Plastic Tray w/folding handle
Lot #: 772

Various newer style doorknobs

Lot #: 773

Metal Key Plate for older doors; Knob on lock

Lot #: 774

Various Metal odds and ends in Drawer; Chains?

Spark Plugs; Nuts/Bolts; some electrical odds and ends
Lot #: 775

Nuts/Bolts in metal tray; Tin w/metal odds & ends

Lot #: 776

Small Wheels, castors etc.?Ranging in size

Some are Chair castor size and some are big enough to be lawnmower or dolly wheels
Lot #: 777

Metal Can openers. Pulley wheels; Nuts/bolts

Various metal pieces
Lot #: 778

Round Metal Gas Can w/spout-"Deluxe" on lid

"GAS" Painted on in red paint
Lot #: 779

Black Metal Can-"Allied Seal"-Rusty Places

Painted Black w/Orange and White painted accents
Lot #: 780

Metal Jack type object; Red Scaffolding legs

w/wheels; 3 items total
Lot #: 781

Box of Floor Jacks & Floor Jack Parts; Wooden Box

Various lengths, unknown conditions
Lot #: 782

Metal Box w/rake Heads and had garden tool pcs.

Pitchforks, hoes, rakes etc.? Various sizes, no handles
Lot #: 783

Rolling add on for floor creeper; animal trap?

Pyramid shaped cage or animal trap pf some sort
Lot #: 784

Sickles-2; Pick axes-2; 2 metal cutting tools

Handles are cracking and broken in places
Lot #: 785

Metal Shovel heads; Various shapes & sizes; Rusty

1 Scoop shovel; Square shovel etc.?
Lot #: 786

Metal electrical box and some conduit; Large Plug

Light Ballast
Lot #: 787

2 Person Hand Saw; 66" in length; Has some rust

Wooden Handles on either side
Lot #: 788

Metal Tray w/hinges-Rusty and various sizes

Lot #: 789

Ice tongs (2); Kitchen serving utensils, spoon etc

1 Box
Lot #: 790

Protectall 6 volt deluxe Fence Charger

Originally painted red, condition unknown
Lot #: 791

Hol-Dem 6-12V Battery Charger; Weed Chief Charger

Weed Chief is 110
Lot #: 792

Super 12 Electric Fencer (2) Condition Unknown

Lot #: 793

Weed Chief Fence Charger (3); Minnesota

Painted Red; Condition Unknown
Lot #: 794

Wooden Tool Caddy-Painted Red: Various Hand Tools

Hand Saw; Manual Drills; various drill bits etc.?
Lot #: 795

Porcelain Insulators and Fence Grips in tin bucket

marble style spigot on side of bucket
Lot #: 796

3 Containers w/Nuts/bolts etc.?2 tins and 1 bowl

3 Containers total various sizes nuts/bolts
Lot #: 797

Tin Bucket w/metal plow spades; 1 Larger Spade

Several smaller spades, some rusty
Lot #: 798

Various odds and ends/metal fittings

In 2 smaller buckets/containers
Lot #: 799

Metal Toolbox w/older rusty wrenches etc.?

Lot #: 800

Unknown pan type part w/long bolt and spout

Some Rust
Lot #: 801

Cast Irons-no Handles-4 total

1 Stamped "Best Made Iron" all are Rusty
Lot #: 802

Shoe Cobblers Equipment-Iron Pcs; 1 Stand

Several shoe forms, children's up to adult sizes
Lot #: 803

Various metal pieces-Odds and Ends; Scrap pieces

2 tins total
Lot #: 804

Metal Tray w/various small metal brackets; Scrap

1 Container
Lot #: 805

Metal Fixed Wrenches in Metal container; Rusty

10+ Hand Wrenches
Lot #: 806

Metal Tray w/long bolts and Size Matched Nuts

8+ Pieces
Lot #: 807

Metal Plumbing Fittings in metal bowl; Bowl

Lot #: 808

Plow Parts (Spikes); 3 Green (John Deere?)

9 Plain Rusty Spikes
Lot #: 809

Railroad Spikes 13 in total; All Have Rust

Lot #: 810

Tin Box w/horseshoes-6+ Rusty Horseshoes

Lot #: 811

Car Parts w/fans etc.?Metal Frame

3 Pieces of car equipment with various parts inside
Lot #: 812

Pitchforks (4) w/wooden handles; Wooden Dowel legs

Legs form a base for something to attach to (Like a sawhorse?
Lot #: 813

Chain Link fence Brackets-Various connections

Lot #: 814

Wooden Crate w/ceramic insulators; Various sizes

10+ Insulators
Lot #: 815

Clear Glass Insulators-6 total, one Flat

Lot #: 816

Blue Glass insulators 14; some marked Hemingray

Some still have wire attached from use
Lot #: 817

Clear Glass Jar, Patent number on bottom

no other markings
Lot #: 818

Metal tin w/Boiler Oil, BandAid, Prince Albert Can

Lubriplate Can
Lot #: 819

Wooden Tray w various metal odds and ends

Hitch, levers, handles etc.?
Lot #: 820

Metal Drawer w/headlights, taillights etc.?

2 Mirrors included
Lot #: 821

Metal Lantern Embury MFG Stamp

Was originally painted green, no glass-Rusty
Lot #: 822

Toy Trucks, Metal; Rusty dented; No markings

Trailer, base for vehicle and green colored construction type vehicle
Lot #: 823

Children's toy guns, holsters-not all complete

Army Hat (Plastic); Revolver style guns etc...1 Box
Lot #: 824

Ford marked Caps for wheels and Oval Ford Plate

Lot #: 825

Greyhound Hood Ornament (Broken in places

Lot #: 826

Dodge Brothers 1918-1928 Hub Cap

Lot #: 827

Metal Tray w/various chromed metal car pieces

Caps, knobs etc.?
Lot #: 828

Various Plastic Play Vehicles; Police Car

Wrecker; Mustang Racing Team; Concrete Mixer
Lot #: 829

Metal Children's Trucks; Structo truck (white)

Other smaller truck was originally green, rusty
Lot #: 830

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figure - Leonardo

Approx 5" tall
Lot #: 831

Wooden Blocks 10+ pieces

Lot #: 832

Bolt on Hooks for straps-6 total

Lot #: 833

Vintage Rain Gauges-Farmer's Coop Douglas, OK

extra Brackets and glass tubes
Lot #: 834

Old's 1955 Hood Ornament; Cutlass, Oldsmobile

Cadillac Car Badged/hood ornament
Lot #: 835

Metal Pan w/faucet connections; plumbing fittings

Lot #: 836

"Colgate and Co's Barbers Shaving Soap" Crate

Wooden Cigar Box; Drummer boy picture on wood
Lot #: 837

Red Metal Tray w/various car window crank handles

Various Car door handles
Lot #: 838

Wooden bats (One Broken); softball, ping pong

Lot #: 839

Bottle Cart; Plastic Spools; Handle for push tool

Lot #: 840

Crate w/metal braces; Unknown use

Lot #: 841

Coop Anti-Freeze Cans each 1 Gallon

3 total
Lot #: 842

Metal Drawer w/various wheels

for carts, mowers etc.
Lot #: 843

Box of Seatbelts cut from various models of cars

Unknown if all have matching clip, there are at least a few clips included
Lot #: 844

Hydraulic Pump w/handle in metal box

Condition Unknown
Lot #: 845

Metal/wooden crate and red metal dustpan

Crate possibly marked?can only make out partial work "MID"
Lot #: 846

Metal Tractor Parts, seat, Metal tongue attachment

rack; 4 Pieces total

in: 31

Lot #: 847

Wooden Crate 11½" x 16½" x 14½"

"Chromium Trioxide Tech Mfg. 12/70 exp. 12/75
Lot #: 848

Vanity Plates-2 "Chevy Eater"

"Enid Lincoln Mercury"
Lot #: 849

1938 OK PVT Trailer Tag 53-910; 1939 HS-OK Tag 182

2 Tags total
Lot #: 850

1950-1960 Date Range "Visit OK" Tags

17 total
Lot #: 851

(3) 1963 OK Tags; (3) 1961 "Visit OK" tags

(3) 1962 "Visit OK" tags---9 total tags
Lot #: 852

1940's OK License Plates (10 total); Some Rusty

1 Has Bracket attached
Lot #: 853

Out of State License Plates/Tags

7 total - '67 (2); '71 (2); '75 (1); '04 (1); '11 (1)
Lot #: 854

Texas Plates-1 Marked 1989-14 Have no dates

"Don't Mess with Texas" plates
Lot #: 855

25 Modern Oklahoma License Plates

(80's, 90's, 2000's)
Lot #: 856

1976 Oklahoma Tags; (6) Bicentennial; 2 Farm Truck

8 total tags

in: 31

Lot #: 857

1973 Oklahoma Tags; (5) Regular; (3) Farm Truck

8 total tags

in: 31

Lot #: 858

1972 Oklahoma tags (6) regular; (2) Farm Truck

8 total tags-some consecutive numbered tags in this lot

in: 31

Lot #: 859

1971 Oklahoma Tags (6) regular; (3) Farm truck

9 total tags-Some Consecutive numbered tags in this lot

in: 31

Lot #: 860

1964 Oklahoma Tags (2) Regular; 1 Commercial truck

(1) Farm Truck-4 total tags

in: 31

Lot #: 861

50's-60's smaller plates for Farm trucks-Rusty

11½" x 4½" (11 total plates)

in: 31

Lot #: 862

1959,1960,1961-30 Day Kansas Plate; Oklahoma A&M

Oklahoma 1947 yellow smaller plate-3½" x 6"-5 Total tags
Lot #: 863

1970's License plates (11); OK MC Plates (2)

13 total plates-One odd plate is newer from 2000's
Lot #: 864

1961,1962,1963 farm Truck Plates (5 total)

in: 31

Lot #: 865

1970 Oklahoma Tags; Regular (3); Farm Truck (2)

Commercial Truck (1); 2 sets of consecutive numbers

in: 31

Lot #: 866

1975 Oklahoma tags (4 Regular); Farm truck (3)

7 total

in: 31

Lot #: 867

1978 Oklahoma Tags (4 Regular); Farm truck (3)

Commercial Truck (2) ----9 total tags

in: 31

Lot #: 868

1977 Oklahoma Tags (3 Regular); Farm Truck (3)

Commercial Truck (1) 7 total tags

in: 31

Lot #: 869

1979 Oklahoma Tags (1 Regular; farm truck (1)

Commercial Truck (2) -4 total tags

in: 31

Lot #: 870

1965 Oklahoma Tags (3) Regular; Farm truck (3)

Tax-Exempt Tag (1) ---7 Total Tags

in: 31

Lot #: 871

1966 Oklahoma tags (2) Regular; Farm Truck (2)

Commercial Truck (1); Consecutive numbers for Regular Tags and Farm Truck Tags in this group

in: 31

Lot #: 872

1967 Oklahoma Tags (2) Regular; Farm Truck (1)

Commercial Truck (1)

in: 31

Lot #: 873

1968 Oklahoma Tags (2) Regular; Farm Truck (2)

Commercial truck (2) ---6 total tags; Consecutive numbers on Farm Truck Set

in: 31

Lot #: 874

1969 Oklahoma tags (2) Regular; Farm Truck (2)

Commercial truck (1) ---5 total tags; consecutive numbers on Regular Tags Set and Farm tags Set

in: 31

Lot #: 875

Gas Pump parts pile; 1 Pump Body; Number wheels

Doors metal parts etc.?
Lot #: 876

2 (PARTS ONLY) Toning Tables; Do Not power on

Lot #: 877

Toning Table; Powers on and moves

Has some vinyl cushions that move around 76" x 24" on table top
Lot #: 878

Toning Table; Powers on and moves

Has foot stirrups that move in circular motion; Needs some adjustment, feet rub against side of machine; 76" x 24 on tabletop
Lot #: 879

Toning Table; Powers on and moves

Has Hand Grips and Vinyl Cushions that move around; 76" x 24" on table top
Lot #: 880

Toning Table; Powers on and moves

Lays Flat and shakes 76" x 24" on table top
Lot #: 881

Criterion Refrigerator w/freezer drawer; Powers on

Water spigot inside door; 36" x 70" x 28"; Dent in top of fridge; Black in color; Handles included; Single Ice Maker in freezer
Lot #: 882

Criterion Refrigerator w/freezer Drawer; Powers on

Stainless steel; Ice and Water in door-2 ice makers; 36" x 32½" x 70; Handles are included but not yet installed; Has dings on doors
Lot #: 883

Criterion Refrigerator w/freezer drawer; Powers on

White in color; Handles are present and attached; Has dings; Water spigot inside door-Single Ice maker in bottom; 36" x 28" x 68½"
Lot #: 884

Criterion Refrigerator w/freezer drawer; Powers on

Stainless Steel; Ice Maker in Freezer; handles are present but not installed; water spigot inside door 36" x 28" x 69½"; Has Dents and Dings
Lot #: 885

Criterion Household Freezer-White; powers on

Has Drawers inside at bottom; 33" x 29" x 66"; Has dents and dings on most panels
Lot #: 886

Criterion Refrigerator w/freezer drawer; Powers on

Stainless steel; Ice and Water in door-2 ice makers; 36" x 32½" x 70; Handles are included and installed; Has dings on most panels; Cannot get screen on ice/water buttons to light up
Lot #: 887

Canon Ten-Key Calculator-Powers on

Lot #: 888

Kimax (No Suggestions) Beakers (9 total)

Lot #: 889

Sharp XE-A203 w/Instruction manual; Powers on

Takes 2¼" x 165 Thermal Paper
Lot #: 890

Rolling doctors Medical Cart M1325A Cart CX

Seller states that all equipment on cart worked when it was unplugged within the last 5 years; Sony Color Video Printer; Dyonics Xenon Light Source; 3 chip Video Camera System
Lot #: 891

Rolling doctors Medical Cart M1325A Cart CX

Cart by Itself, no equipment
Lot #: 892

Miele Professional Instrument Sterilizer

Has cords and Instruction Manual included-Condition Unknown
Lot #: 893

Stainless Steel Therapy Tub w/Hydro Massage Unit

Cords and hoses appear to be present; Condition Unknown
Lot #: 894

Chromophare Double Wall Mount Surgical Light

Unknown Condition; Cord is present
Lot #: 895

Doctor's Examination table w/storage

Blue in color and white vinyl, 27" x 43" x 33" but Back Can be raised higher
Lot #: 896

Lift Chair-Need Battery; Adjusts to sizing needs

Blue in color; Seller states battery can be purchased anywhere you can buy Batteries for a vehicle
Lot #: 897

Valley Lab Rolling Audio Visual Cart

Metal, Blue in color 25" x 16" x 30"


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Lippard Auctioneers, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.