★Pickers Paradise★Antiquities and Furniture Auction #1★10,000 sq ft of Fun★

Friday, November 17, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
33601 Metcalf Rd. Louisburg, KS, 66053 816-682-3255
Note: Heavy furniture may require the high bidder to bring extra help in loading. However, we will have help available.
33601 Metcalf Rd., Louisburg, KS US
If you ever wondered what a pickers paradise looked like, you simply have to be a high bidder and come this this place to retrieve your items!!! An amazing assortment of items under one roof ... a large one at that, with about 10,000 square feet of everything from antiques, home décor, collectables, furniture, and many other items! The trip is well worth it, and this motivated seller is willing to work with you on many items that you may never see in one of these online Estate Sale-Bid auctions ... scrap weathered wood and kitchen sinks, just to name some of the many items she can help you acquire. Bid on several items to make your trip to this location well worth your trip. The location is just south of Louisburg, KS on Mission Road.
Lot#: 6271

Vintage Bicycle

Lot#: 6272

3 Tiered Wood Shelf

Lot#: 6273

Full Size Iron Headboard and Footboard - vintage. Buyer will want to sand and paint. Your bid includes both the headboard and footboard.

Lot#: 6274

Antique Settee - check out the classic feet!

Lot#: 6275

Nice Wood and Upholstered Chair - we believe the fabric is real leather, but no way to verify. A classic look for the living room. bedroom, or office.

Lot#: 6276

Nice Wing-back Chair with Claw and Ball Feet. A classic design and color that will never go out of style.

Lot#: 6277

Antique Wood Table with Lift-out Serving Tray

Lot#: 6278

LARGE (see photos) Framed VOV Italian Liquor Poster

Lot#: 6279

Beautiful Shabby-Chic Armoire - this piece of furniture can also be easily converted into a classy looking bar!

Lot#: 6280

Gorgeous Antique Arm Chair

Lot#: 6281

Antique Rocking Chair

Lot#: 6282

Decorative Stained Glass Panel Wall Art

Lot#: 6283

Pair of Antique Dining Chairs

Lot#: 6284

Ornate Antique Wicker Settee - the cushion is reversible.

Lot#: 6285

Antique Living Room Set NICE!

Lot#: 6286

Awesome Art Deco Wardrobe Closet

Lot#: 6288

Vintage TV Cabinet for Repurposing

Lot#: 6289

Antique Dresser - from the era when furniture was made from real wood!

Lot#: 6290

Pair of Antique Dining Chairs

Lot#: 6291

Amazing Set of 4 Antique Dining Chairs

Casters are missing on one chair.

Lot#: 6292

Ornate King Size Headboard

Lot#: 6293

Cool Full Size French Provincial Bed Frame with Headboard. This one is unique in that the sides are boxed in to hold the box springs firmly in place.

Lot#: 6294

Antique Twin Size Headboard and Footboard

Lot#: 6295

Antique Trunk - in great condition for its age!

Lot#: 6296

Antique Trunk Made in Topeka, KS - for you historic buffs, this is a great addition to your collection!

Lot#: 6297

Antique Cradle - could be used to display your favorite collector doll.

Lot#: 6298

Beautiful Stained Glass Light Fixture

Lot#: 6299

Ornate Plaster and Marble Table

Lot#: 6300

Ornate Antique Table - the surface needs redone; however, the structure is sound.

Lot#: 6301

Primitive Mahogany Table - this ain't no import copycat. You get the real deal on this one!

Lot#: 6302

Nightstand by Glenwood - sorry, only one is available. However, if you are just looking for a single nightstand, this is a real creampuff.

Lot#: 6303

Lighted China Hutch with Fluted Columns - the perfect piece of furniture to show off your most valuable items.

No Shelves

Lot#: 6304

Cool Mid-Century Modern Desk - has a computer tower holder. Really excellent condition!

Lot#: 6306

Awesome Antique Sleigh - let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Your grandkids will absolutely love it when you pull them this winter.

Lot#: 6307

Antique Wall Art in Decorative Frame - the frame alone is worth the bidding. A true antique!

Lot#: 6308

Antique Wall Art in Decorative Frame - the frame is the selling feature! Very unusual and ornate.

Lot#: 6309

Huge Chandelier - a classic way to upgrade your foyer.

Lot#: 6310

Large Chandelier - just waiting for the right person to bring it to light in their own home.

Lot#: 6311

Large Chandelier - just in case you need more than one chandelier, this one matches Lot 6310.

Lot#: 6312

Large Chandelier - matches Lots 6310 & 6311.

Lot#: 6313

Large Chandelier - matches Lots 6310, 6311 & 6312.

Lot#: 6314

Leopard Print Pedestal Sink - modern, yet sultry.

Lot#: 6315

Vintage Wood Filing Cabinet - 6 drawers. Made of good old fashioned wood.

Lot#: 6316

Fancy Lighted Mirror - the perfect vanity mirror to light up your make up applications.

Lot#: 6317

Full Size Bed Headboard and Footboard - no frame; however, these two items are made of solid wood.

Lot#: 6318

Vintage Magnavox Stereo Cabinet - if you are looking for nostalgia, you just found it. The cabinet can be easily converted into a serving bar, a serving buffet, or you can install modern stereo equipment if you don't want to play your old vinyl records.

Lot#: 6319

Vintage 4 Post Desk - small enough to use as a home office desk; attractive enough to use as a serving buffet.

Lot#: 6320

Antique Full Size Bed Frame with Rosettes and Spindles - includes the headboard and footboard.

Lot#: 6321

Wood Cabinet for Garage - this one's a workhorse that will keep you organized. Lots of drawers, and a work surface that has been used very effectively for that purpose.

Lot#: 6322

Decorative Wood Frame for Repurposing - antiquity abounds, but you need to decide how and where this attractive item can be used in your home.

Lot#: 6323

Large Decorative Frame - use it to frame another picture that needs a new frame. The unique style will enhance any artwork.

Lot#: 6324

Hutch for Desk - this one came out of an office, but just think of the possibilities in a home as well.

Lot#: 6325

Pair of Antique Quarter-Sawn Oak Dining Chairs - you fix the seats and you will have true antique chairs. One high bid gets both chairs.

Lot#: 6326

Antique Chair for Architectural Salvage or Repurposing

Lot#: 6327

Antique Chair Frame - you add the missing seat and you have a very affordable and attractive antique.

Lot#: 6328

Antique Rocking Chair - the kind your grandmother used to rock your parent when they were young.

Lot#: 6329

Large Antique Chair Frame - complete even with the seat springs. Your magic touch will turn this one into a goldmine for some antique shopper!

Lot#: 6330

Mid-Century Retro Side Table - works well in a corner, or next to your sofa.

Lot#: 6331

Nice Storage Cabinet - and, not your run of the mill version. Note the interior - we ain't talking pressed cardboard here!

Lot#: 6332

Decorative Side Table - you will want to refinish the surface.

Lot#: 6333

Decorate Wall Mirror - the unique frame makes this one very attractive.

Lot#: 6334

4 Drawer Dresser - the perfect size for a small bedroom. Note the side glides.

Lot#: 6335

Entertainment Center or Storage Hutch - need a starting place for your custom made bar? This could be the ticket.

Lot#: 6336

Set of 4 Reception Chairs - good looking; neutral color; great condition. Someone will be getting a true value when they are the high bidder! All 4 goes to the highest bidder.

Lot#: 6337

Set of 2 Reception Chairs - these are colorful enough to use in your home; sturdy enough to stand up in an office reception area; attractive enough to catch the eye of your guests!

Lot#: 6338

Set of 2 Reception Chairs - modern; sleek, colorful. High bidder gets both chairs!

Lot#: 6339

Set of 8 Councill Brand Office Chairs - your conference room will become a showcase for your guests and staff when you install this set of chairs! Excellent condition!

Lot#: 6340

Glass Top Table - this one was used in an office reception area. However, it is attractive enough for any home.

Lot#: 6341

IBM Selectric II Typewriter - Okay nostalgia lovers, this is the original electric typewriter that was an absolute "must" in any office in the past. Today you rarely find them, and when you do they are almost never in this good of condition.

Lot#: 6342

Glass Top Side Table

Lot#: 6343

Waterfall Wardrobe Dresser - retro personified! The beautiful wood grain finish makes this a true classic. Short on closet space in a bedroom - this is the answer!

Lot#: 6344

Decorative Built-in Wall Niche - did someone say the word "unusual"?

Lot#: 6345

Tall Cabinet by Stanley Furniture - one of the best brand names in the furniture business.

Lot#: 6346

Decorative Antique Chair

Lot#: 6347

Decorative Antique Chair

Lot#: 6348

Pair of Antique Dining Chairs

Lot#: 6349

Antique Dining Chair

Lot#: 6350

Decorative Antique Arm Chair

Lot#: 6351

Antique Dining Chair

Lot#: 6352

Desk for Repurposing

Lot#: 6353

Wall Art in Decorative Frame

Lot#: 6354

Antique Upholstered Chair and Footstool - comes as pictured with the extra padding that can be removed if desired.

Lot#: 6355

Divided Light Window 6 Pane

Lot#: 6356

Divided Light Window 12 Pane

Lot#: 6357

Divided Light Window 6 Pane

Lot#: 6358

Divided Light Window 3 Pane

Lot#: 6359

Pair of Single Pane Windows

Lot#: 7004

Antique "The Bruce" Sewing Machine with Base - comes with accessory kit. It's ready for you to put the peddle to the metal!

Lot#: 7005

Antique "White" Sewing Machine with Base - the cabinet alone is a true treasure!

Lot#: 7007

Vintage Metal Waste Receptacle - okay, not too vintage, but you rarely see these anymore, now the plastic has taken over the industry.

Lot#: 7010

Porcelain Nativity Set - just in time for Christmas!

Lot#: 7013

Metal Wall Shelf - can be used as an unusually shaped display rack in retail stores, or to feature your collectibles.

Lot#: 7014

Large Coffee Table - notice the drawers to store magazines.

Opens on both sides

Lot#: 7015

Vintage Luggage Lot - when you use these vintage items your luggage will stand out at the carrousel when you arrive at your gate.

Lot#: 7016

Vintage Luggage Lot

Lot#: 7017

Vintage Luggage Lot

Lot#: 7033

Antique Arm Chair

Lot#: 7034

Vintage Clam Shell Upholstered Chair - bottom cushion is missing.

Lot#: 7035

Vintage Rolling Cart for Repair or Repurposing

Lot#: 7036

Campfire Log - or, this could be your new chopping block. Makes an attractive, yet rustic item for your yard.

Lot#: 7037

Large Knothole Wall Art - did someone say "unusual"?

Lot#: 7038

Architectural Salvage

Lot#: 7039

3 Drawer Dresser - fits the very smallest bedroom.

Lot#: 7040

Vintage Brass Repousse Wall Art from England

Lot#: 7041

Asian Wall Art

Lot#: 7042

Vintage Upholstered Vanity or Kids Chair

Lot#: 7043

4 Piece Wall Art Collection

Lot#: 7044

Presidents of the United States of America Pop Up Book Complete - a great item to teach your kids American history.

Lot#: 7045

Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater - this one dates back a few years ... perhaps farther back than most of our auction bidders!

Lot#: 7046

Hanging Brass Entryway Light Fixture - this kind of quality you will pay a high price for in the retail stores!

Lot#: 7047

Large Antique Frame from Holland

Lot#: 7048

Vintage Embroidered Wingback Chair with Ball and Claw Feet and Griffins VERY COOL PIECE!

Lot#: 7049

Solid Wood Drawer and Storage Cabinet

Lot#: 7050

Vintage Shadowbox Built-in

Lot#: 7051

Awesome Vintage Table Lamp

Lot#: 7052

Lot of Table Lamps - high bid gets them all!

Lot#: 7053

Antique Floor Lamp

Lot#: 7054

Pair of Large Decorative Frames

Lot#: 7055

Lot of Vintage Ladies' Hats

Lot#: 7056

Cast Iron Tea Kettle "T"

Lot#: 7057

Antique Scale Weight

Lot#: 7058

Lot of 3 Left Hand Stair Rail Volutes

2 Oak

1 Pine

Lot#: 7059

Pair of Folding Wood Chairs

Lot#: 7060

Oversized Alarm Clock - yep, it works; we were just working late when the photos were taken!

Lot#: 7061

Lot of Table Lamps

Lot#: 7062

Lot of Decorative Pottery

Lot#: 7063

Wall Art

Lot#: 7064

Lot of Cool Plates and Glasses

Lot#: 7065

Lot of Candleholders

Lot#: 7066

Lot of Decorative Pottery

Lot#: 7067

Nice Wicker Cabinet

Lot#: 7068

Lot of Miscellaneous Glassware and Pottery

Lot#: 7069

Mid-Century Serving Tray

Lot#: 7070

Large Lot of Glassware (the red light in the photos is just a reflection from another area of the warehouse).

Lot#: 7071

Large Lot of Glassware

Lot#: 7072

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 7073

Paper Log Roller

Lot#: 7074

Large Bottle with Tap

Lot#: 7075

Jewelry Holder - a metal tree.

Lot#: 7076

Mantle Clock

Lot#: 7077

Glass and Ceramic Eggs

Lot#: 7078

Pfaltzgraff Serving Tray

Lot#: 7079

Decorative Wall Art

Lot#: 7080

Miscellaneous Metalware

Lot#: 7081

Stained Leaded Art Glass Lot

Lot#: 7082

Miscellaneous Doll Lot

Lot#: 7083

Decorative Basket and Glass Balls

Lot#: 7084

Vintage Hanging Light Fixtures

Lot#: 7085

Decorative Angel Lot

Lot#: 7086

Various Dinner Plates

Lot#: 7088

Lot of Candleholders and Decor

Lot#: 7089

Glass Table Lamp

Lot#: 7090

Decorative Ornamental Eggs

Lot#: 7091

Pair of Leopard Print Stools

Lot#: 7092

Lot of Pegboard - a chance to improve your garage storage.

Lot#: 7093

Lot of Decorative Eggs

Lot#: 7094

Country Garden Swing Seat

Lot#: 7095

Lot of 3 Mid-Century Modern Stools

Lot#: 7096

Small Decorative Mirror

Lot#: 7097

Lot of Miscellaneous Wood Items for Crafting

Lot#: 7098

Lot of Glassware

Lot#: 7099

5 Tier Glass Shelf Unit

Lot#: 7100

Decorative Blue Tile

Lot#: 7101

Lot of Stretchy Keychains

Lot#: 7102

Heavy Duty Large Metal Rack

Lot#: 7104

Lot of Glass Candle Votive Holders

Lot#: 7105

Two Table Lamps

Lot#: 7106

Lot of Decorative Metalware and Candle Holders

Lot#: 7107

Small Water Fountain

Lot#: 7108

Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot#: 7109

Poker Chip Set

Lot#: 7110

Serving Trays and Wine Glasses

Lot#: 7111

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From.

Lot#: 7112

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From

Lot#: 7114

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From

Lot#: 7115

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From

Lot#: 7116

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From

Lot#: 7117

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From

Lot#: 7118

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From

Lot#: 7119

Box of Collectible Tins. You are Bidding on ONE Choice Box. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 20+ Boxes to Choose From

Lot#: 7120

Towel or Blanket Holder

Lot#: 7121

Lot of Vintage Hanging Light Fixtures

Lot#: 7122

Cool Wall Art

Lot#: 7123

Pedestal Sink

Lot#: 7124

Antique Metal Base Ironing Board

Lot#: 7125

Antique Wood Base Ironing Board

Lot#: 7126

Wood Shutters

Lot#: 7127

Primitive Ladder

Lot#: 7128

Antique Folding Crib NICE

Lot#: 7129

Antique Full Size Bed Frame

Lot#: 7130

Mismatched Full Size Headboard and Footboard

Lot#: 7131

Large Antique Trunk

Lot#: 7132

Large Antique Trunk Locked No Key

Lot#: 7133

Large Antique Trunk

Lot#: 7134

Large Lot of Stained Glass Pieces

Lot#: 7135

Stained Glass Tools

Lot#: 7136

Table Lamp

Lot#: 7137

Rustic Horseshoes and Step

Lot#: 7138

Kodak Brownie 300 Movie Projector

Lot#: 7139

Lot of Vintage Pattern Glass

Lot#: 7140

Table Lamp

Lot#: 7141

Hanging Light Fixture

Lot#: 7142

Decorative Wall Art

Lot#: 7143

Vintage Telephone

Lot#: 7144

Vintage Ceiling Light Fixture

Lot#: 7145

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 7146

Tiered Wood Wall Shelf

Lot#: 7147

Cast Iron Lodge Cornbread Wedge Pan

Lot#: 7148

Framed Victorian Style Hat Wall Art

Lot#: 7149

Paper Log Roller

Lot#: 7150

Lot of Vintage and Antique Bottles Brown

Lot#: 7151

Lot of Vintage and Antique Glassware Clear

Lot#: 7152

Lot of Vintage and Antique Glassware Green

Lot#: 7153

Underwood Universal Typewriter

Lot#: 7154

Cherub Table Lamp

Lot#: 7155

Large Piece of Burl Wood

Lot#: 7156

Glassware Lot

Lot#: 7157

Unknown Treasure?

Lot#: 7158

Sticker Covered Wood Box

Lot#: 7159

Electronics Lot

Lot#: 7160

Lot of Knobsets

Lot#: 7161

Vintage Decorative Wall Art

Lot#: 7162

Mirror Display Blocks

Lot#: 7163

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 7164

Incredible Antique Photo Album

Lot#: 7165

Glass Perfume Bottles

Lot#: 7166

Antique Picture Frame

Lot#: 7167

Lot of Decorative Plates

Lot#: 7168

Thomas Electric Shelf Clock

Lot#: 7169

Divided Serving Tray

Lot#: 7170

Gold Plated Silverware set

Lot#: 7171

Amber Blown Glass Teardrops

Lot#: 7172

Gettysburg Collector Set

Lot#: 7173

Large 6 Pane Window

Lot#: 7174

Lot of Protractors, Measuring and Drawing Tools

Lot#: 7175

Mountain Canyon Wall Art

Lot#: 7176

Miscellaneous Brass Lot

Lot#: 7177

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 7178

Brass Fireplace Screen

Lot#: 7179

Tall Arched Cabinet

Lot#: 7181

Brass and Silver-plated Silverware

Lot#: 7182

Stained Leaded Glass Working Tools

Lot#: 7183

Vintage Bryant Spotlight

Lot#: 7184

Glacier Bay Toilet

Lot#: 7185

Vintage Icy Hot Metal Cooler

Lot#: 7186

Xyron Personal Die Cutting System

Lot#: 7187

Antique Pulley

Lot#: 7188

Pair of Antique Pulleys

Lot#: 7189

Cast Iron Fireplace Andirons

Lot#: 7190

Hanging Light Fixture

Lot#: 7191

Ceramic Christmas Tree

Lot#: 7192

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 7193

Huge Lot of Glassware

Lot#: 7194

Glass Insulators

Lot#: 7195

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 7196

Dinnerware Set

Lot#: 7197

Antique Wood Crate

Lot#: 7198

Lot of Beads

Lot#: 7199

Oil Colors and Beads

Lot#: 7200

Mirrored Vanity Tray with Glass Perfume Bottle

Lot#: 7201

Bisque Nancy Ann Storybook Doll

Lot#: 7202

Tiger Embroidered Pin Cushion

Lot#: 7203

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 7204

Remington 5 Typewriter

Lot#: 7205

Large Metal and Glass Wall Bracket

Lot#: 7206

Decorative Box

Lot#: 7207

Fabric Lot

Lot#: 7208

Pair of Door Closer Arms

Lot#: 7209

Large Basket of Glass Insulators

Lot#: 7210

Cast Iron Stove Base?

Lot#: 7211

Cast Iron Stove Base?

Lot#: 7212

Remnant and Reclaimed Lumber Lot

Lot#: 7213

Remnant and Reclaimed Lumber Lot

Lot#: 7214

Remnant and Reclaimed Lumber Lot

Lot#: 7215

Antique Metal Ceiling Tile

Lot#: 7355

Western Themed Coffee Table


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Equip-Bid Auctions Inc, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.