(Please Note: The first name is the Chair of the Committee.)

  • Budget – Braden McCurdy Cindi Siggs
  • Education – Braden McCurdy, Titus Yutzy
  • Election – Lenny Mullin
  • Exhibitor / Sponsor
  • Fun Auction – Nathan Glessner, Arlin Eicher, Carson Hayes
  • Golf Tournament – Lenny Mullin
  • Governance – Tommy Lindsay Jr, Lenny Mullin
  • Grievance – Tommy Lindsay, Braden McCurdy, Titus Yutzy, Cindi Siggs
  • Kansas Auction Contest (KAC) – Titus Yutzy, Ross Daniels
  • Livestock Auction Contest (LAC) – Jason Schneider
  • Long Range Planning – Tommy Lindsay
  • Membership – Josh Miller, Ross Daniels
  • Promotion – Carson Hayes, Arlin Eicher
  • Summer / Kansas Auctioneer Day – Tommy Lindsay
  • Winter Convention – Tommy Lindsay Jr with Education, Fun Auction, Kansas Auctioneer Contest Committees
  • Technology – Josh Miller, Braden McCurdy
  • Hall of Fame Liaison (HOF) & Scholarship Liaison– Cindi Siggs

Please let us know if you would like to serve on any committees and contribute to the success of the KAA.

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