Kansas Auctioneer Competition

2022 Kansas Auctioneer Championship
– – All in One Event (Interviews, Preliminaries & Finals) – –

September 14, 2022
Kansas State Fair – Hutchinson, KS


The 31st Annual Kansas Auctioneer Championship Contest was held at the Kansas State Fair in September.

We had 13 highly talented members compete with interview and bid calling sessions to determine who was most deserving of being our champion.

Cody Miller is our Reserve Champion. Titus Yutzy, Josh Phelps and Josh Miller rounded out the Top 5.

Thanks to all who competed and supported our contest!

1991Dan McVey 2011Shawn Terrel
1992Kenny Mangus 2012Jeff Crissup
1993Rusty Taylor 2013Justin Schultis
1994Mike Weimer 2014Lance Fullerton
1995Royce Ramat 2015Lenny Mullin
1996Roger Kisner 2016Yve Rojas
1997Lance Cochran 2017Julia Sparks
1998T.J. Kinderkneckt 2018Tony Wisely
1999LaVerle Pounds 2019Ty Patton
2000Kevin Borger 2020Quest Flesner
2001Larry Gilmore 2021John Kisner
2002Mike Bailey   
2003Bob McBride   
2004Andy Conser   
2005Rusty Rhynalds   
2006Robert Haley   
2007Robert Mayo   
2008Byron Bina   
2009Charlie Cummings   
2010Megan McCurdy