Moving Sale – Sellers need to downsize their estates

Friday, November 10, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
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Bidding Ends: Friday, November 10, 2017, starting at 7:00 pm **Pick-up is on Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 11: am to 3 pm ** at 12150 State Line Road, Kansas City, KS 66209 Your bid is a contract to pay for the items you win. You are responsible for honoring it. The payment deadline for won items is 24 hours after auction closes, unless you are paying by cash at the time of pickup. Please pay your bill promptly! If not paid by deadline, items will be resold. 15% Buyer’s Premium will be added to final bid price by Equip-Bid. If you have any questions about the items, pick-up or payment, or want to arrange a preview of any of the items, then please contact Larry Dean at [email protected] or call the Estate Sales-Bid auction office at 913-291-2981, Tuesday through Saturday 10 am - 6 pm, located in the 1-2 Another consignment showroom at 12150 State Line Road, Leawood, KS. Auction Terms & Conditions Be sure that the pick-up location and time will work for you prior to bidding. Ask any questions you have by calling Larry Dean at the above phone number - prior to bidding. Winning bidders MUST pick up items on the assigned pick-up date, Saturday, November 11, 2017, from 11 am to 3 pm. The pick-up address, if other than 12150 State Line Road, will be provided on the invoice that is emailed to winning bidders. Shipping is available at an added handling charge via UPS. If you are the high bidder on one or more items and you wish to have your items shipped, contact United Parcel Service (UPS) to make arrangements (see related tab called "Shipping"). If you do have your items shipped, all shipping and handling charges assessed by UPS are the responsibility of the buyer. Bidders are responsible for understanding the following Terms & Conditions of this auction: 1. An invoice will be generated for auction winners shortly after the auction ends. Please wait to pay until we email you a copy of your invoice. The invoice will provide the purchase amount, the exact address for picking up your purchase, and the day and hours of pick-up. If you win more than one item your invoice will contain all items so that you can make just a single payment. 2. Payment must be made using your credit card on file with Equip-Bid, or alternatively with cash at the time of pickup. Payment must be processed by the payment deadline listed in our Terms & Conditions. 3. An additional charge will appear on your invoice. A 15% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the winning bid for auctions. 4. Customers MUST pay for auctioned property by 24 hours after auction closes, or by cash at the time of pickup, unless other arrangements have been made. Customers who have not paid by that date/time forfeit any claim to the property and the property may be sold to another buyer. Exceptions to this rule will only be made if the customer has contacted us by phone or email before the payment deadline to make other arrangements which are agreeable to all parties. 5. Customers MUST pick up items at the appointed time and location. Property that has been paid for but is not picked up by the end of the pick-up period will be considered abandoned and subject to no refund. Exceptions to this rule will only be made if the customer has contacted us by phone before the pick-up period ends to make other arrangements which are agreeable to all parties. 6. Bidders MUST be prepared to lift, carry, and load purchases in their vehicle. You need to bring your own boxes/totes, tools, straps, dollies, etc. Bring your help and friends; you will need to carry your items to your vehicle. Items auctioned from a location other than 12150 State Line Road may be on multiple floors of the home, so be prepared. The team at Estate Sales-Bid may be able to assist in the moving, lifting, or loading of items upon request. 7. Everything is sold as is where is. No warranties are given or implied. All sales are final. If you have questions about operational status or the item’s condition, send an email to [email protected] with your question prior to bidding. If you are attempting to contact us on Sunday or Monday, or at a time other than normal showroom hours, of 10 am - 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, a contact phone number to use is 913-909-3749. All Estate Sales-Bid auctions include a time to inspect any of the items, but to do so this must be arranged in advance by contacting Larry Dean as stipulated above. FAILURE TO PAY OR PICK UP Failure to pay for won items will result in items being resold and your name removed from the Estate Sales-Bid database, and potentially you may forfeit your right to make any future bids through Equip-Bid. If you pay, but fail to pick up your items, due to an emergency or need to make alternate arrangements, please email us at [email protected] Estate Sales-Bid is under no obligation to meet any special requests. All late fees (generally $5.00 per invoice) will apply to any alternate pick-up arrangements. Questions? If during the process of the auction you have questions, please contact Larry Dean at [email protected] with a copy of the message to [email protected] or by phone at 913-291-2981. We respond quickly to inquiries, but cannot guarantee a response time of less than 24 hours. Our normal office hours are 10 am – 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.
12150 State Line Road, Leawood, KS US
This auction is a large assortment of furniture, tools, artwork, appliances, collectibles, home decor and many other items, including some depression glass. Items have come from several individual homes; these are items that have been treasured by many, but now they are in the process of downsizing.
Lot#: 1001

10 drill bits and 4-6 allen wrenches , 5 screw drivers and 14 bits

Lot#: 1005

two pipe wrenches

Lot#: 1011

Drill bits by Black & Decker and Craftman wood boring sets complete

Lot#: 1023

drill bits missing one - but bid includes a hole cutter

Lot#: 1026

hand hasp by stanley

Lot#: 1029

Antique miter saw great condition

Lot#: 1031

large ratchet socket wrench with sockets

Lot#: 1033

2 hack saws

Lot#: 1035

Item deleted

Lot#: 1036

Item deleted

Lot#: 1039

Wooden clogs - authentic!

Lot#: 1040

large spatula, thongs, and fork

Lot#: 1042

spatula and thongs

Lot#: 1045

Chinese Wooden floral arrangement , wooden bird Décor and glass vase - see images

Lot#: 1047

small rubbermaid cooler - just about the size of a 6-pack.

Lot#: 1051

Item deleted

Lot#: 1052

4 plates 4 saucers, 4 cups 4 salad plates.. 3 large bowls 11 soup bowls

Lot#: 1053

This box comes with handle, latch and with bumpers - 18" long 10" wide 9" deep

Lot#: 1056

Costco insulted grocer bag zippered

Lot#: 1061

Cabinet also comes with mirror- cabinet is 18 x 25 tall; mirror - 22 x 18 wide

Lot#: 1062

Item deleted

Lot#: 1063

trash can on rollers with top lid like shredder - it works

Lot#: 1064

has instructions… by Brother IntelliFax 775

Lot#: 1070

inoizer hepa new filter need indicator

Lot#: 1075

miter box metal

Lot#: 1083

Wicker lamp 12" tall base matches shade.. Cute bedroom wicker lamp

Lot#: 1090

Wolf and deer cream and sugar - Big Sky Lodge Stoneware

Lot#: 1092

Aluminum popcorn bowl and Red Franiscan ware pitcher chip

Lot#: 1094

lid is rough like tree bark really neat probably made by a boy scout

Lot#: 1095

Red with yellow and blue design… worn… refresh with a bit of paint with be a great piece

Lot#: 1101

4 matching Fish plates

Lot#: 1109

Brass pot with raised duck décor on side

Lot#: 1112

Nice décor of a bird house cute for the patio

Lot#: 1116

White wicker hamper with liner and shelf

Lot#: 1127

In addition to the bowls, baby shoes, coin purse with keys, little vase and a scarf from the 1939 Worlds Fair

Lot#: 1131

six pieces with pump and slabs to make a pretty desktop fountain

Lot#: 1140

30 " tall brass lamp with cream shade.. This is a heavy lamp very good brand name

Lot#: 1146

with 2 King Pillow Shams and dust ruffle see images

Lot#: 1151

3 angled wrenches`

Lot#: 1152

assorted screw drivers

Lot#: 1154

hole punch/icepick, sockets, screw drivers

Lot#: 1155

assorted lot of prybars screw drivers and leveler… see images

Lot#: 1156

assorted lot of wrenches see images

Lot#: 1157

mallet glass cutter wire cutter and stripper, miter meter / small pipe/tube cutter/ interesting lot

Lot#: 1160

many saw blades.. See images

Lot#: 1161

2 veneer 1 other blade cat No 30-196

Lot#: 1162

Hasp/file brush, file snips file and 2 hammers see images

Lot#: 1169

Portable 5 " TV works on D batteries

Lot#: 1173

Good size wooden box… approx 24" x 15" x 15" h

Lot#: 1174

Greal rolling office cabinet.. See all images

Lot#: 1178

Basket pattern great quilt some damage but not much - vintage

Lot#: 1179

2 items included - Crochet or knit and white check w/purple and white

Lot#: 1186

two shelf corner shelf with scroll work. In nice condition

Lot#: 1188

older coffee maker; does work 12-30 cup automatic coffee maker in box - see images

Lot#: 1189

two shelf cabinet 20 1/2" wide 21" deep by 26" tall; very sturdy. Excellent for garage or to use in your office.

Lot#: 1212

Model 120 in box

Lot#: 1218

in gold tone approx 12" tall with display table of 6" see images

Lot#: 1219

Approx 14" tall - no shades or harps

Lot#: 1223

Collection of a wallet in reptile leather, a trinket box, a shaped candle, a class paper weight with a butterfly

Lot#: 1224

item deleted

Lot#: 1227

Instructions inclued for use of these balls for meditation and calm see images

Lot#: 1229

See images interesting coat hook

Lot#: 1231

Potpourri bowl with lid

Lot#: 1235

Small framed Monet artwork replica with easel stand and stain glass butterfly

Lot#: 1236

Wine & Cheese board with utinsels - see images

Lot#: 1237

Item deleted

Lot#: 1238

Bag of shells and coral collected from Florida and Texas coast see images

Lot#: 1239

Picture of Mt Vernon Baptist Church and Octagon Shaped School House

Lot#: 1241

glue, scissors, screw drivers, hammer, wrenches, box cutter many more items.. See images

Lot#: 1242

one with lid and larger rice bowl red and while

Lot#: 1243

Sony Head Phones

Lot#: 1246

Carrier for poker chips and chips… in box

Lot#: 1247

pinking shears in original box

Lot#: 1248

PRO-NEB Ultra with components used… in box

Lot#: 1255

White shelf kit Item # at Lowes 62640 36 x 9 - never used.

Lot#: 1256

wonderful design metal boxes to line your sidewalk or deck for the holiday season

Lot#: 1259

Brand new in boxes see images great buy

Lot#: 1260

Dresser set three pieces in green glass and one wooden power dish

Lot#: 1262

perfect for that roast.. Chicken and turkey

Lot#: 1263

Glass Frame in box great gift

Lot#: 1310

Beach scene white on white .. Graphic art.. Mystical - …great addition - see lot 1311

Lot#: 1311

Beach scene white on white .. Graphic art.. Mystical…great addition.see lot 1310

Lot#: 1318

Gold frame and soft colors part of a pair see lot 1319

Lot#: 1319

Gold frame and soft colors part of pair see lot 1318

Lot#: 1320

Colorful picture /photograph of Food Market - Great framed picture

Lot#: 136

Athearn Model Railroading Train Set - new, still in box. A Great Christmas gift!

Lot#: 137

Mixed Model Train Lot - complete with transformer & track.

Lot#: 138

Tall Bookcase - 72". Comes with additional shelves, but you will need to supply the hangers. This one is in great shape!

Lot#: 139

Schatz 1000 Day Clock - delecate and functional

Lot#: 140

Solar Comfort Heating System - use this to warm up cold areas of your home, garage or office. Cabinet is in like new condition. A great item with Honeywell controls!

Lot#: 141

Nice Double Socket Table Lamp - the cylinder base is metal

Lot#: 142

Mid-Century Modern Rack - great for storage area as is, or if you replace the top knob this item would look good in any living area.

Lot#: 1422

Complete with lights - you can add more greenery

Lot#: 143

End Table - cherry finish with usable drawer. Subtle scratch mark on surface.

Lot#: 144

Pair of Stools - wicker weaved seats mounted to very sturdy frames. One price gets them both!

Lot#: 145

RCA Victor Tape Recorder - Okay nostalga buffs, this is one you really need! Comes in its own carrying case. You rarely find them in this great of condition!

Lot#: 146

Mink Shawl - a nostalgic item that is sure to draw attention when you wear it this fall. At one time this was perhaps the most expensive item in any lady's closet.

Lot#: 147

Floor Lamp with Glass Table - very sturdy and comes with a lamp shade that is in excellent condition.

Lot#: 148

Antique Chair - small enough to use as a vanity bench; attractive enough to embellish any living area! Note: The photos show a yellow square on the front of the chair. This is only a post-it note; an internal way to track this item.

Lot#: 149

Nordic Track CX 925 - Okay workout buffs, this one's for you! We all know what these things cost from watching those late night TV commercials! A great item to help you not only get in shape, but to maintain your shape. Bring extra help in loading this item - an added workout benefit!

Lot#: 150

Faux Leather Loveseat - the seating surface has a small amount of wear, but otherwise this is a great item. Yes, it is real leather!

Lot#: 616

Whirlpool Washing Machine - working condition and a brand that you know is excellent!

Lot#: 617

Speed Queen Commercial Electric Dryer - be sure to check out the pigtail connector; if it will work for you, then this is a great buy!

Lot#: 618

Technics Compact Disc Changer - a great way to add music to your life that you don't have to constantly change.

Lot#: 619

Optimus Stereo Speakers - great sound that comes in a small package! A way to extend sound to extra rooms in your home.

Lot#: 620

Tyco Model Train Lot - a whole lot of train parts (many in the original boxes) for one low bid price. Did you hear the word "Christmas" calling you?

Lot#: 621

Wood Filing Cabinet - very functional and with its oak exterior this file can find a home nearly anywhere!

Lot#: 622

Miniature Snowcone Maker - what a way to liven up any party! Cute, practical, and as you know, everyone likes snowcones.

Lot#: 623

Carpenter's Tool Bag - take everything you need to your next job, or use this bag to store your tools.

Lot#: 624

Decorative Candle Holder - this is pretty enough to give away as a gift to someone! Comes in original box; unused.

Lot#: 625

Vintage Anchor Hocking Milk Glass Teacup and Plate Sets - 6 cups and twice as many plates. A way to serve dessert with a flare.

Lot#: 626

Victoria's Secret Travel Bag - new, and you can see the original suggested retail price. Every lady needs a way to store cosmetics, and to have them available when travelling.

Lot#: 627

Gingerbread Cookie Jar - a perfect holiday item! And, as it comes in its original box, you have a way to store it away when not in use. Okay grandma, let's see the reaction of the grandchildren when you offer them a cookie from this jar!

Lot#: 628

Vintage Garay Felt Handbag and Gloves - luxury items!

Lot#: 629

Side Table - a great item to paint to match any decor.

Lot#: 630

Canister Set - one price gets all 4 cannisters

Lot#: 631

Two Table Lamps that complement each other.

Lot#: 632

Lot of Pottery Bowls

Lot#: 633

Vintage Glassware Lot - everything from serving bowls to a telephone resistor. All 6 items for one high bid.

Lot#: 634

Ceramic Figurine Lot

Lot#: 635

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 636

Miscellaneous Vintage Lot

Lot#: 637

Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot#: 638

Miscellaneous Vintage Items

Lot#: 639

Miscellaneous Nic Nac Lot

Lot#: 640

Catholic Pendant Lot

Lot#: 641

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 642

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 643

Blue and White China Lot - some items have a small chip, but most are in great condition. The bid includes the trivet; normally a hard to find item.

Lot#: 644

Miscellaneous Nic Nac Lot

Lot#: 645

Miscellaneous Vintage Items

Lot#: 646

Candle Holders and Picture Holders

Lot#: 647

Western Field 7x20 Scope

Lot#: 648

Desk Accessory Lot

Lot#: 649

Mini Bicycle Plant Stand - painted metal and very sturdy.

Lot#: 650

Candle Holder

Lot#: 651

Manual Scale - this decorator item could be a perfect gift for your lawyer ... oh wait, you maybe feel you have already given your attorney more than necessary!

Lot#: 652

Fireplace Accessories

Lot#: 653

House Decor - metal, including the plate stand serving unit.

Lot#: 654

Lot of Brass Candlesticks

Lot#: 655

Lot of Brass Candlesticks - these are heavy duty.

Lot#: 656

Desk Fan and Trash Receptacle - great vanity trash receptacle, and a fan to keep you cool while you put on your makeup!

Lot#: 657

M&M's Candy Jar - still in the box; a great kid's gift, or one for that person in your life that likes to chew on M&M's.

Lot#: 658

Kitchen Accessory Lot

Lot#: 659

Kitchen Accessory Lot - yes, that football is really a serving dish with a warmer!

Lot#: 660

Glass Punchbowl Set - just in time to serve your egg nog or maybe another holiday cheers drink!

Lot#: 661

Life Gear Exercise Bike - small enough to fit into even an apartment. A great way to workout, especially during cold weather.

Lot#: 662

Sterling Fitness Exercise Bench

Lot#: 663

Sterling Fitness Exercise Bench

Lot#: 664

Fitness Master Exercise Machine

Lot#: 665

Twin Size Iron Headboards - heavy construction

Lot#: 666

Set of Cafe Chairs

Lot#: 667

Solid Wood Coffee Table - antique, so the surface needs a little attention to make this relic shine like it's former days.

Lot#: 668

Pair of Vintage Floral Chairs

Lot#: 669

Nice Long White Decorative Table

Lot#: 670

Optimus Stereo Receiver

Lot#: 671

Brass Chandelier - life just got a lot more formal at your house with this addition!

Lot#: 672

C-Shaped Table with Drop Leaves - great office item, or a table that will give you distinction at a trade show. Comes on casters for ease of moving.

Lot#: 673

Nice Tall Dresser - they just don't make them with this much quality anymore.

Lot#: 674

Maytag Washing Machine - you shouldn't have to call that lonely Maytag repairman on this one!

Lot#: 675

Gorgeous Baby Blue Desk - wow, you don't find them like this one often! A perfect addition to any home.

Lot#: 676

Reception Chair - in excellent condition.

Lot#: 721

Wood Shelving Unit - handmade and used to store items in the home. Approx. 3 ft wide. Could your kitchen or pantry use some extra shelving?

Lot#: 722

End Table - with it's durable surface this could easily be used as a storage nite stand in the bedroom, as well as a living room item.

Lot#: 723

End Table/ Nite Stand - pattern matches Lot number 673 dresser.

Lot#: 736

Long Dresser with Two Mirrors - they simply don't make them with this much quality anymore.

Lot#: 737

King Size Headboard - matches dresser in Lot #736.

Lot#: 738

Night Stand - matches dresser in Lot #736.

Lot#: 739

Armiore - matches dresser in Lot #736. Fantastic storage!

Lot#: 751

Alford Hitchcock Drop-Leaf Table - a great space saver when not in use.

Lot#: 752

Wilhelm Drop-Leaf Table - this one comes with the added shelf to contain items.

Lot#: 754

Beautiful Chair - great single all wood decorative side chair. Often found in executive offices. Note the design and detail.

Lot#: 755

Red Loveseat - a small amount of thread and needle repair on one of the cushions will turn this into a great value for the high bidder.

Lot#: 781

Teac CD Player - disguised as an older radio, this would make a great gift!

Lot#: 782

Skilsaw Circular Saw with Case

Lot#: 783

Pair of Brass Tipped Citronella Holders

Lot#: 784

Quick Click Ladder Stabilizer

Lot#: 785

Craftsman Power Blower and Bushwhacker

Lot#: 786

Intex Oasis Island - still in original box. Plan ahead now for usage in the pool or lake. Heavy duty.

Lot#: 787

Wood Cabinet

Lot#: 788

Decorative Rocks and Carved Stone Elephant

Lot#: 789

Decorative Jug

Lot#: 790

Artwork - your high bid gets both items.

Lot#: 791

Vintage Lot

Lot#: 792

Tool Lot with Jigsaw

Lot#: 793

Table Saw Push Clamp

Lot#: 794

Black and Decker Edger

Lot#: 795

Antique Footstool

Lot#: 796

Outdoor Extension Cord Lot

Lot#: 797

Weed Eater FeatherLite Plus

Lot#: 798

Gardening Tools

Lot#: 799

Craftsman Jigsaw with Case

Lot#: 800

Kodak Ektagraphic 210 Projector

Lot#: 801

Pair of Tripods

Lot#: 802

Router Table

Lot#: 803

Weed Eater Grass Trimmer

Lot#: 804

Cool Walking Stick

Lot#: 805

Cast Aluminum Jack - allows you to drive on jack to get under the vehicle more easily.

Lot#: 806

Artificial Plant and Accessories

Lot#: 807

Cosco Step Stool - in pretty rough appearance, yet still is as strong as new.

Lot#: 808

Pair of Saw Horses

Lot#: 809

Wheel Barrow AS-IS

Lot#: 810

Hand Tool Lot

Lot#: 811

Sofa Table - solid wood and sturdy.

Lot#: 812

Rotisserie Grill Accessory

Lot#: 813

Wall Art

Lot#: 814

Signed Artwork

Lot#: 815

Signed Artwork

Lot#: 816

Wall Art

Lot#: 817

Office Chair

Lot#: 818

Tiki Torches

Lot#: 819

Yard Tools

Lot#: 820

Office Chair

Lot#: 821

Kitchenware Lot


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Equip-Bid Auctions Inc, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.